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The Locker Room

I still get a rush just thinking about the events that took place on that electric night.

We were about 16 years old at the time and it was Prize Giving Night at school. This was an annual event where pupils and staff at my school were rewarded, in front of parents and dignitaries, with trophies and certificates or acknowledged in some way for their efforts during the course of the year.

these occasions were conducted on the school greens but on this particular day Mother Nature was unforgiving. The heavens opened up into a torrential downpour. As you would expect there were arrangement in place to facilitate such an eventuality. The parents were ushered of into the school Hall which had capacity for all the parents, staff and the very senior classes. There was just room enough to seat all the prize winners.

The plan was get the rest of the pupils into the class rooms where they could entertain themselves with a good book and some revision. Yeah right. Soon events were underway as planned in the Hall and we were making plans of how to exit the classroom we were in.  

We sneaked out having instructed the girls to meet us in the locker room. The locker room was a horseshoe shaped building with lockers facing inward. Another couple of horseshoe shapes were formed by the second and third row of lockers. The room was pitch black because they had not bothered to install any lighting.

We arrived at the locker rooms unnoticed by the security. Entering into a totally dark room you had to hold your hands out so that you did not knock into any objects.   The idea was to feel your way onto a girl and it did not matter which girl. The girls had to stand still and wait to be found. We started hunting. I went to the far most lockers and almost like a hook to a fish I fumbled across some breast. They were full and firm. I quickly drew the girl close me our mouths met instinctively.

The mystery of not knowing who it was, and the possibility of being caught was enough to get me into frenzy. It was the case for everyone at this giant orgy in the dark. I continued to kiss my catch passionately and felt her pert ass, squeezing it and rotating her but cheeks in a circular motion while kneading it seductively. From time to time I heard a whimper and heavy breathing from me her and from all around me. I bit her lower lip. They were quivering with desperate anticipation.

I started undoing her bra and the inexperience showed. She could not wait for me to fumble around like that; she wanted me so badly that she got the bra off leaving her blouse on in what seemed to be one swift motion. Her buttons were undone with the same urgency. I started sucking her left nipple while squeezing her right breast.   They were solid forming little buttons on her breast. She let out a long sigh and an “uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh”.  She let out another sigh of appreciation when I served the same treatment with my wet hot tongue onto her other nipple. I then gently grabbed her nipple with my teeth and flicked it repeatedly with my tongue.   She shuddered slightly and held my bald head in a firm grip as if she was about to pop it.   She had what seemed to be a little orgasm.

By now I engaged both my hands one on each breast and softly twisted her nibbles. I was on my knees at this point and I had run my tongue down onto her belly button to get there.   There was a bit of fluff just below it, I imagined it to be golden, and this made me crazy. My penis was frenzied and throbbing in my school trousers and I noticed that the sounds of passion I had heard around me had disappeared. Not because they were not there but my senses were totally focussed on feeding on my prey whom I could hear with crystal clarity. I was in the zone.

As I work down from her stomach towards her vagina I was instinctively undoing the zip on her skirt. This came off with ease and dropped to the floor. I pulled her knickers down instantly and there was sweet smell of vagina. I followed the trial of closely shaven pubic hair that lead down to her clit. All the time with my tongue stuck out as a descended. I used both my thumbs to partially open the top of her slit and started playing with her clit using my full lips. She started shaking violently letting out a muffled “ooooohhhhh”, I started flicking her clit then moved my hands round her hips to firmly grab each but cheek and pulled her close to me while sticking my tongue as far into her vagina as it could go. When it got unbearably intense for her she tried to pull back and every time this occurred I pulled her back onto my tongue. This motion resulted in her having a burst of juices out of her pussy. It tasted good and I loved it.   She was shaking and struggling to hold herself up so she propped herself on my shoulders.   This restricted access to her pussy so to control her from writhing back I grabbed her in a firm vice like grip and I squeezed her towards me making her bulging pussy mound more available to my hungry lips and tongue. I even used my chin on her clit shaking my head from side to side and brining her to climax.

After that I used my flat right hand with thumb sticking out and slid it gently up her inner left leg into her crevice.   It was totally wet.   The wet walls of her tight pussy urged my thumb up into her. I could feel her juices flowing down slowly my hand as I penetrated her with me thumb. The rest of my long digits wrapped round and grabbed her bottom and my index finger ran past her anus caressing it as I gave her the thumbs up. “Sto, sto”. She almost found this much pleasure unbearable. I could feel her anus contracting as my thump played with the inside of her vagina. Her hands were on my head and they were trembling in response to the sensation she was receiving. She was having an orgasm. A violent one. Her but cheeks clenched and i nvoluntary spasms had taken control of her body and she frantically tried to remove my hand and quickly gave up and forced a muffled hoarse squeal while gasping for air. Her knees were bent into a half swat.

Using my thumb and index finger I got to work on her clit with my thumb and her G spot.   As soon as I started to recklessly explore her depths she lost control and fell. She fell gently because I managed to easy her fall with my free hand. I then lay down with my head supported by some bags that were lying there. We were in the 69 position with me sucking away eagerly on her opening. I don’t think she knew her side the deal because as I sucked on her she did not reciprocate. I didn’t hold it against her because giving her pleasure was almost as pleasurable as getting it myself. I continued with dogged diligence on her pussy until she started squeezing my head with her inner thighs and every part of her boby tightened up and shuddered violently. She was having another one. I knew it and I loved it. It intensified, my ears were totally muffled by her thighs but I was able feel every contraction in her vagina and even the spasm up and down her inner thigh.

She then totally relaxed and lay still for a second with my head still between her thighs but I was not licking her as I did before. At that moment it seemed like the whole world had stopped then I noticed that my penis was still entrapped in my trousers and my sacks were heavy. Because her head was near my groin area she felt my penis throbbing like a frenzied caged gorilla shaking the bars at the zoo . With renewed focus she undid my zip and my cock sprung out. It was pumped up and viricous with its head bulging with the restricted blood making it rock solid and hot.

She wasted not time in putting my dick into her mouth. She peeled it and pulled the foreskin completely back then began to lick as if she was having a lolly. It felt like heaven. Wet tongue, hot too. I was trying to kiss the back of her leg while she sucked my pulsating cock. She somehow grabbed my foreskin with her full lips and she nodded rhythmically moving her head up and down, like a calf greedily suckling a nipple. I clenched my toes and pressed my legs on the floor. My knees then shot up uncontrollably as an eruption took place deep her mouth. The electric feeling possessed every part of my body and I let out a deep moan. She didn’t stop she kept sucking on my now very sensitive member. I tried to free myself because the sensation was intolerable; she was now the clamp that stopped me from escaping. When I dried up she still had her mouth over my shaft. It was still solid. She made sure that it was all sucked up and swallowed.

She turned her body around and sat on my stiff penis. Her vagina was warm and it gripped my cock like a wet warm glove. She took a moment to enjoy the position and fully appreciate it. I leaned forward and we started to kiss as passionately as we had when I had found her. The buttons on my shirt had been opened, I can’t remember when that happened but as we kissed she drew herself onto me so that her nipples were against my muscular chest like pins. They were firm. It made me stiffer.

She started to rhythmically move backwards and forward. I could feel her pelvis from within her and her clit was rubbing my pelvis. With my tongue inside her mouth I had my finger stroking her ass. She started moving faster and faster.   I found out I could move too and so I did, in the opposite direction to her. Our mouths were still together and I could hear her making a sound, that came out of the back of her mouth. We kissed and stroked each others sweaty bodies. As it got more heated and rhythmic she suddenly released herself from the snogging and sucked in air with her mouth and started breathing in short bursts with her mouth. She then held my head, drew it between her perfectly shaped breasts with such strength I could not   have pulled away even if I had tried. Her legs wrapped around me and with my shaft I could feel the contractions again. They were more vigorous and prolonged. This time I felt her heart pounding this brought me to another violent eruption deep inside her. Her contractions squeezed my shaft and everything in it flowed out. Any attempts of control were eclipsed by the massive orgasms that were having. We moaned and groaned, sighed and grunted like starved vultures at feeding fest. We moved in unison for what seemed to be an eternity until the final burst of energy drained from us. We had hugging each other very tightly as bodies responded to the feed of our orgasm and now we were still.

 We held each other for while before we got a sense of where we were and what brought us there and that we were hardly dressed. My penis was half on and still inside her. We struggled to get dressed. It would have been definite expulsion if we had been caught.

 We were never supposed to know who our partners had been. That had been the agreement, but for me it could have been one of 2 people.   The next day one of the 2 girls I had suspected and hoped it was approached me handed me my name tag. She said she had found it somewhere. I asked her where and she smiled, a huge smile of satisfaction and she said “around”.


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