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The Maze

What happens when you make it out, but your girlfriend doesn't?
Each year the Lush City Council holds their annual Maze Race. The objective is to get through the maze the fastest to win the prize that year. This also comes with a catch - the maze changes each year and there are little traps and surprises that may pop up every now and then. If you can successfully avoid as many of these distractions as possible, you'll be just fine. Once you exit the maze, all information about the maze and it's contents are banned from leaving your mouth until everyone who wants to participate has done so. Couples can enter the maze together, but are not allowed to help each other out. This is where the story begins.

Sarah was very excited to get the chance to participate in the maze this year. Different circumstances have render her from going, whether it has been family related or work. This year she made sure to schedule the time off so she could actually participate. She heard of the various traps and surprises that the citizens of Lush had endured over the years. The occasional man or woman who had 'given directions' to get you through the maze, so called secret short cuts in the hedges and other surprises that weren't expected that change every year. The maze was like what any county or state fair would be like. In fact, the maze was the highlight of the year for the town of Lush, including Sarah.

Her boyfriend, Brian, was never too keen on the whole maze festivities. He was more into the attractions, foods, beers and whatever else would come to town during The Maze week. He always felt the maze was a waste of time and money ever since the first time he made the attempt to go through it. He enjoyed bouncing around the different exhibits and seeing what other vendors had to offer each year. His particularly favorite place to be, is the beer tent. The beer is catered and served by Rumplations: honky-tonk & cyber bar.

It was about three years ago when Brian went through the maze. He had just turned 18 and was just excited as anyone else to see what the maze had in store this time. He paid the necessary five dollars to enter and began his journey, alone I might add, through the famous maze. The first couple of corridors seemed quiet and safe. He almost forgot about any potential surprises before a creepy looking clown jumped out from one of the narrow openings in the hedge and scared him shitless.

"Hiya boy! Where do ya think you're heading?" The creepy ass clown asked in a very fucked up and eerie voice.

"What the fuck? I'm getting the hell out of here!" Brian took off running, pushing his way passed the fucked up looking clown; just trying to quickly make it through the maze alive. He made it to the end of the corridor before making a sharp turn to the right. He looked back and to his relief, the clown wasn't following him. "What the hell was that about?" He asked out loud, not thinking about anyone else being around. Then he noticed the beautiful girl smiling at him then ran around the corner.

Brian chased after her. He wanted to catch a glimpse of this beauty once more. He turned the corner and saw her standing there, waving at him as if telling him to follow her. He knew it was a trap to get him lost and forget where he was going, but he didn't care. He wanted to know who she was. Against his better judgment, he let this mysterious beauty lead him around three turns until they reached a dead end. The beautiful girl turned around, gave Brian a small giggle and pushed open a secret door in the wall, locking it behind her. He was so frustrated he wasn't able to even get her name, let alone speak to her.

Realizing he had no idea where he was, he began back tracking, trying to see if he could find his way out of this damn maze on his own. He rounded another corner and saw a sign that read 'exit this way'. The sign was pointing to his left. He followed the sign and came to another dead end.

Brian was getting very frustrated with this maze. First the clown coming out of nowhere, then the missed opportunity with the beautiful girl. He turned around and began walking back until he found the sign once more. This time, he went in the opposite direction until he was faced with the dead end where the girl had left him. He went to turn around when the door opened and someone drug him inside. It all happened so quick that he wasn't able to take in his surroundings before a potato sack went over his head, causing everything to go dark.

"Where the hell am I? What are you doing to me?" Panic rising within him.

"Be quiet and I'll let you go." A female's voice rang in Brian's head. He heard this voice before. He just couldn't quite place it to a face. "Don't say a word and I'll tell you how to get out." She took his hand and began writing something on the palm of his hand. "Follow these instructions and you'll get out." She opened the door and began to push him out before he stopped her.

"Can I at least get your name, if you're the one I'm thinking of?" Brian desperately wanted to know if this was her or not. She wouldn't let him take the sack off his head no matter what he did.

"Just go!" She pushed him out the door and locked herself back inside.

Brian was beyond frustrated. He looked at the palm of his hand and all that was written there was 'follow your heart and you will find your way'. "What the hell does this mean?" He asked out loud. Very frustrated, he began walking, not even paying attention to where he was going when he ran into another dead end. "Wow! This is ridiculous!"

Brian kept walking through the maze. He was so pissed off that he hadn't paid much attention to anything else and was soon out of the maze.

"How was the experience in the maze, son?" The chief operator of the maze asked him.

"A waste of time and money..." He mumbled and continued walking.


Lush usually has the maze set up depending on who's going through it. If a man is going through, the distractions are usually related to what men are distracted by. For instance, a beautiful woman may be brought in to divert his path or something beer and sports related may catch his attention just enough to make him forget where to go.

As for the women, well it's what distracts women. Shoes, purses, clothes, jewelry and a good, no, great looking man. Like the men, it's just enough to slightly distract the women.

If a couple is going through, The Maze can get a read of what each other is like. It will try to distract each person, in hopes of splitting them up. Usually The Maze is successful, but sometimes the couple does prevail.

Brian wasn't too thrilled about Sarah going through the maze for that reason. If a beautiful woman was his distraction, would a handsome guy be hers? Granted he was single at the time and didn't have to worry about his 'significant other' getting pissed off at him for that, but he couldn't help but to wonder how she'd react. Would she be just as distracted and curious as he was? Or would she do the right thing and stay on the path? What if he takes her into another room? Oh that thought caused his blood to start boiling. He better not touch her..

'What to wear? Do I wanna look sexy or somewhat conservative? Hmm..' Sarah began flipping through the assortment of clothes she had somehow managed to acquire over the past few months. 'A short skirt with this white tank top? No, too risky. I don't need an accidental spill on me.' She smirked at that thought. 'Hmm.. or this tube top with those short, white shorts. No, I don't need a little kid pulling my top down and exposing my breasts to everyone. Or do I?' A sly grin came upon her face, then she remembered Brian. 'Never mind. Ah, here we go. I'll go with the sun dress!'

Sarah plucked her red sun dress from her closet, put it on and began modeling if for herself. She loved the way the dress fluttered over her slender body with each twirl and sudden movement she made. The dress went to her knees and flared out slightly at the bottom. It's only support clung to her shapely shoulders, revealing her wonderful cleavage and enhanced her ample breasts. The red fabric helped show off the tan she had been working on all summer. She went to her closet and put on her white heels before giving herself one last inspection. Admiring the way she looked, she grabbed her purse and headed out the door to meet Brian at The Maze.

"Do we really have to go through the damn maze?" Brian seemed annoyed as they walked through the entrance of the park. "You know how I feel about the fucking thing."

"Yes, baby! I've never gone through it! Besides, I think you just had a bad experience." Sarah playfully grabbed his sides before wrapping her arms around his torso. "Do it for me, please?" She stuck out her bottom lip, making a pouting face.

"You're killing me! And put your damn lip away." He was annoyed and pissed off. He didn't like the maze and she knew it. "Okay, just this once. I'm doing this just for you!"

"Yay! Thank you baby!" Sarah was jumping around like a little kid excited to go to the amusement park for the first time. "You won't regret this!"

Brian and Sarah made their way to the small line that began to gather by the maze. The walls of the maze rose about twenty feet in the air. The hedges were so dense, you couldn't see into the maze to know what was going on in there.

"Good thing we got here when we did." Brian looked back at the line that had gathered behind them.

"Yeah no kidding, the line is reeaaalllyyy long."

Brian and Sarah inched their way through the line before finally reaching the entrance. It was now the moment of truth and there was no way he could back out on her now. He reluctantly paid for both of them to enter.

They entered the maze and began walking down the first corridor. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but Brian was on edge. Sarah noticed this and began to poke fun at him.

"What's wrong, baby? You seem so tense and paranoid." She gripped his arm a little tighter.

"I'm okay." He lied as he kept an alert attention. 'I swear I'm going to hit that fucking clown if he pops up again.' He thought to himself with a clenched fist.

"What was that?" Sarah pointed to the end of the dark corridor.

"What was what?!" Brian looked with intense curiosity.

"Aaaahhhh!" She screamed. "Did you see that?" She gripped his arm very tight. "It was big and scary and.....okay I'm just playing around, calm down!" She began laughing, but Brian was pissed off and she didn't want to keep the joke going in case he did something stupid.

"Don't do that! I about had a heart attack!" He wasn't too happy.

"Calm down! I was just joking.." Sarah tried to plead with him, but he just ignored her. They continued to trudge along through the maze in silence. "I'm sorry, I won't do it again."

"You better not or I'll leave your ass here." He just kept on walking.

Sarah was laughing to herself. She couldn't help but think it was funny to see Brian all tensed up and scared like a little kid going through a haunted house during Halloween. It was just a maze for crying out loud! 'Something interesting better happen or this trip through is going to suck!' She began wondering what else might happen the further into the maze they get. Her question was quickly answered.

The couple rounded the corner and in the wall at the end of the corridor, appeared to be a beer and food stand. Suddenly lights and sports music began playing. This caught Brian's attention almost immediately. He rushed up to the counter to see what was going on. Out of nowhere, a short, burly man came out from the back.

"Welcome to my sports bar! This place is in fact named The Sports Bar!" The short man produced a business card and handed it to Brian. "Also here's a menu of the beers and food that my customers keep coming back for! As you can see here (pointing to the bottom of the menu) is a list of all the beers I love to serve... just take your pick." He handed Brian the menu.

This pissed off Sarah. She didn't want to deal with Brian's cocky demeanor after he's had a couple of beers. She began wondering around the corner to see what else the maze had to hide. She saw another display set up at the end of the next corridor. Once again, lights came on and an incredibly good looking woman stepped out, revealing a wonderful selection of shoes behind her.

"I see you could use something a little more comfortable to walk in." The sexy woman said as Sarah quickly approached the display.

"Yes I could!" She was beyond excited that she forgot about Brian who was still at the bar drinking a beer.

"Come with me." She gave Sarah a wink and the two went into the display to look at shoes.

At this point, I'm sure you're thinking 'how can you possibly be that distracted by something so simple?' Well I'll try to answer that question the best I can. You see, when you have someone like Brian who never wanted to go through the maze in the first place, then usually that person is going to find a quick and easy way out. The Maze got a sense of this when the two entered it's confines.

The Maze also had an idea that Sarah wouldn't be too thrilled with the actions of Brian, so to keep her entertained and wanting more of the maze, a shoe store came out. Both Sarah and Brian weren't thinking of each other at this point. This enabled The Maze to get at least one of them out, so they couldn't or wouldn't finish the course. As long as Sarah was still entertained, she'd be all right.

"What's in the beer? I'm already feeling pretty good and I haven't finished this one." Brian began inspecting the contents of his glass to see if he could get any information out of it.

"Only the best beer in the world. Trust me, you'll be wanting some more later." The bartender gave him a wink as Brian downed the rest of his beer. "The exit is this way." He pointed to the back of the bar.

Without thinking about Sarah or the consequences of his actions, he got up and followed the bartender to the exit and was pushed back into the real world, leaving Sarah behind to go through the maze alone.

Sarah forgot Brian, or she just didn't care at the moment, while she began trying on shoes. She found the pair she wanted and made the attempt to leave when a handsome man stepped in front of her.

"Where do you think you're going, pretty lady?" He gave her a wink and a smile.

Sarah began blushing and fumbling for words, "I need to finish the maze, oh and I need to get back to my boyfriend, he's over there." She pointed back towards where the bar used to be.

"There's nothing over there. Just a blank wall." This scared Sarah as she ran back to where Brian was.

"He was just here a minute ago! Why would he leave me here?" She began to panic and tears started welling up in her eyes.

"Calm down, Ms. I'm sure he's around here somewhere. Come with me and I'll help you find him." He gave her a reassuring smile that made something tingle down deep within her as she took his hand.

This mysterious man led her down the corridor, passed the shoe shop and around the next corner. Sarah had no idea where she was or how she was supposed to get through the rest of this maze. She was trusting this gorgeous man to help her make it out safely, so she could meet up with Brian again. He reached over and put his arm around her, guiding her through the maze. A warm sensation began to flood between her legs. Was this stranger really turning her on?

She was so distracted by the presence of this man, she hadn't noticed that they came to a dead end and that just stopped. He slowly turned around with a seductive smile across his face. This slightly worried Sarah because she didn't know what his intentions were, yet it also excited her at the same time. Brian had been the only guy she's ever been with, so she began to become curious. 'No, I can't do that to him.. But he looks so inviting.. no...unless he comes on to me.' She shuddered at this thought and was pretty confident a wet spot was growing between her legs.

"Follow me." The man said as he turned he opened a door that she hadn't previously seen.

"Where are we going? I can't be long, my boyfriend will get worried." She still followed him inside.

He closed and locked the door behind her. Sarah was slightly startled and didn't know how to react. She felt turned on, but the thought of Brian kept coming back. She felt foolish for even thinking this guy was going to try and seduce her, but she had felt more promiscuous lately and Brian wasn't exactly helping her scratch the itch that was slowly growing. If this guy was to come on to her, she'd be willing, but she didn't want to make the first move, in fear that she was completely misunderstanding the situation. Then it happened.

The mysterious guy grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her up against the door, his lips locking with hers. She let out a startled moan, but kissed him back. Her panties were instantly soaked as some of her juices began to run down her leg. He roughly ripped the straps of the dress off her shoulders, freeing her ample breasts. He took one hand and began kneading her left breast while roughly kissing her. He moved passed her cheek, to her ear and lightly bit her ear lobe.

"Ooohhh my god!" Sarah moaned out loud.

He moved down to her neck and gave her a nice bite before kissing and licking the area he just bit. His right hand began pinching and pulling on her very erect nipples. She could feel the juices from her cunt running freely down her right leg. She wanted to beg him to fuck her right there, but she didn't want to come off as needy or slutty. She just continued to let him do what he needs to do. He'll eventually take her when he's ready to. In the meantime, her moans were all the encouragement he needed to continue ravaging this beauty.

All her writhing and moaning had caused her dress to fall around her ankles, leaving her with nothing but her cunt soaked panties. He continued to roughly kiss her neck as he made his way over her collar bone before reaching her breasts. He took her left nipple into his mouth and began hungrily sucking on it. Her chest was heaving under his mouth. This caused him to suck with more enthusiasm as the pitch and tempo of her moans increased.

Feeling him suck on her nipple, sent a jolt of energy straight to her sopping wet pussy. The sensations almost made her cum. She was internally begging for a release, but she didn't want to give this guy the satisfaction he was looking for. She just continued to revel in the pleasure that Brian had never before gave her.

He went to her other breast, kissing in between her glorious peaks along the way before coming to a stop over her rock hard nipple. He gave it a flick with his tongue that sent shivers through Sarah's slender body. He clamped his mouth around it and began sucking on her nipple like a new born child whose breast feeding. Hearing her moans only increased his arousal and need to take this tan beauty the way he wanted her, regardless of her boyfriend knowing or not.

He dropped to his knees and made his way down her toned stomach, placing wet kisses as he went. He reached her panties and roughly ripped them away from her. Seeing her soaked pussy made his cock throb in his pants. He softly rubbed on it to ease some of the pressure. He knew he would eventually get to ram it as far as he could in this beauty and that alone was enough to keep him on task of teasing her. His gaze was fixated on her wonderful looking cunt, that he almost forgot why he brought her here. Snapping out his gaze, he dove straight into her pussy. Sarah almost collapsed, but he was there to brace her. He flattened his tongue and began massaging her clit with it. She began bucking her hips, trying to hurry up the orgasm that was beginning to strongly build. He sensed this and pulled away.

The feeling of this man's tongue on her clit was almost too much. Sarah needed a release, but didn't want to wait. Involuntarily, her hips began moving on his face. The pressure within was rapidly growing and then all of sudden it just stopped. He pulled his tongue away and gave her a knowing look. She was frustrated beyond words and just stood there waiting for this guy to finish what he started. She made eye contact with him once again and decided to be bold. She placed her right leg over his shoulder and sat on his face. Instinctively, she started grinding her pussy over his lips until she felt his stiff tongue dart inside her. Her knees almost buckled again, but she kept her composure and continued to use his mouth for her own satisfaction.

The mystery guy wasn't expecting her to take control the way she did. In fact, he thought she was going to be reluctant and needing to be coaxed into this. He didn't think she would be as willing as she was. He forced his tongue as deep into her wet pussy as he could possibly go. He felt her increase her grinding, so he made sure his nose was directly on her clit to further stimulate her wanton pussy. Her moans picked up as he sucked on her protruding lips, wanting her to cum all over his face. She was writhing even faster and he knew it wouldn't be long until she exploded all over him. He clamped his mouth over her opening and felt her shudder, releasing fluids into his mouth.

"Oh my god!" She gasped, "I've never felt anything like this before! Don't stop, don't ever stttooooppp!" He drank and drank as the orgasm crashed through her sexy body. He released his mouth from her pussy and stood up. He scooped her up in his arms and laid her on a cot that was conveniently placed in the room.

Her head was a wreck. That was the most violent orgasm she had ever experienced up to that point. She needed more from this man. She needed to feel his hard cock deep inside her pussy. 'Whatever happens in this room, stays in this room.' She told herself as he laid her down on the cot.

"Sit up." He told her as he removed his clothes, revealing an impressively good sized cock.

She eyed it with hunger and anticipation as she sat up on the bed. She went to reach for it, but he quickly slapped her hand away.

"Not yet. You'll get it when I say you can." This order caused her pussy to become even more slick. "Put your hands behind your back and get on your knees." He looked straight into her eyes and saw nothing but lust for him.

Sarah dropped to her knees and placed her hands behind her back like she had been instructed. He roughly grabbed her hair and forced his throbbing cock between her luscious lips, causing her to gag when he hit the back of her throat. She had never had a cock this size in her mouth, so she wasn't quite sure what to do. Her instincts took over as she opened her throat and surprisingly, he slid in further. She wiggled her tongue, the best she could, on the underside of his cock, fighting her gag reflex. She enjoyed having his cock in her mouth, but definitely wanted it deep in her cunt as soon as possible. By now, Brian was the furthest thing from her mind as possible.

This man was impressed with her cock-sucking capabilities. She seemed like an innocent girl when she and her boyfriend first entered the maze. He hadn't anticipated her to have a dirty mind. He was by no means complaining either. He tightened his grip on her hair and began thrusting his massive meat pole in and out of her mouth. He felt her throat open up and take the head of his cock deeper. He almost shot his load down her throat, but needed to hold on because he had another place in mind to deposit his seed. Feeling her tongue work the underside of his cock was amazing. He didn't think she would know what she's doing. What he wasn't aware of, is that she was improvising.

He removed his dick from her warm, wet mouth and lifted it with his hand. "Suck on my balls." He ordered. She began bathing them in her warm saliva. She sucked each one into her mouth, then released it with a 'pop'. He began stroking his wet dick to keep it hard, even though the attention his balls were receiving was enough to keep the blood flowing through his throbbing member.

Sarah has always had a dirty mind and is constantly thinking about sex. She had witnessed a girl licking the ass-hole of a guy in a porno that she has. She always got off to that part, seeing the guy stroke his cock with the girl's tongue buried deep in his ass, then blowing his load over his knuckles and drip onto her face. She wanted that to happen to her, so, unbeknown to him, she worked her mouth under his sack and found his ass-hole with her tongue. He let out a low moan at the sudden intrusion of his most private orifice.

He had not expected her to want to lick his ass. It's like she read his mind. He was going to order her to do it, but she beat him to the punch. He increased his stroking as he felt her nimble tongue work it's way past the opening of his ass and wriggle inside. Feeling her warm, wet tongue was just about too much to bear, so he slowed his stroking.

Sarah noticed this and dove deeper into his puckered star to get him to stroke faster. She wanted his cum all over her face. He picked up on her cue and began to stroke his cock relentlessly.

"You're a dirty girl, you know that?" He said to her as he felt his orgasm approaching. "I'm gonna blast all over your face."

"Uh huh." Was all she moaned as they made eye contact, her eyes begging for his cum.

His anal muscle contracted around her tongue, so she waited for the fountain of cum to pour over her face. Soon enough he was grunting and she finally felt the hot cum splash onto her pretty face. She came again as her fantasy had finally been fulfilled.

Seeing Sarah eat away at his back door, sent him over the edge much sooner than he wanted to go. He loved the view he had as his cum raced through his cock, ran over his knuckles and splashed on her waiting face below. Just replaying that image again, kept his cock hard as steel. He wasn't by any means done with her yet. He wanted to send her back to her boyfriend with a feeling that she would never forget. He knew her boyfriend wouldn't be able to please her the way he will tonight.

He reached down and lifted Sarah up by the hair and threw her back on the bed. He climbed up on top of her, spread her legs and thrust his cock deep inside her pussy with one thrust. He didn't waste any time as he began pounding his cock in and out of her. Her moaning getting louder with each thrust of his cock. She was really tight and felt incredible.

Sarah locked her legs around his ass, trying to pull him deeper into her cunt. Brian hadn't been able to go this deep before and she was reveling in the incredible sensations that were reverting throughout her body. She wanted this stranger to use every fiber of her body. She wasn't sure if she even wanted to go back to Brian after this.

The mystery man propped her legs up on his shoulders, allowing him to go deeper and really laid it to her. He pounded her cunt with everything he had until he felt her inner walls contract and squeeze around his pulsating shaft.

"Oh, god! I'm cumming again! You feel so fucking good inside me! Oooohhhhh!" She screamed and he was blasted by her cum. She soaked the cot below them.

He slowed down his thrusting as she came down from her powerful orgasm. He could still feel the walls of her pussy contracting around his cock. He pulled out and turned her over before re entering in her wet hole from behind. He thrust in and out of her with a fluid motion. This girl is incredibly turned on. This only increased his arousal. He grabbed a hold of her hips and fucked her with hard, steady movements. She began meeting his thrusts half way as he felt her tense up again with another orgasm. He reached up and grabbed her hair, pulling on it like they were reigns.

He kept eying her ass-hole with an interest. 'If she's already done the other dirty things tonight, then I'm positive she'll take it in her ass.' He thought as he continued staring at her ass. He stuck his finger in Sarah's mouth and she instinctively closed her lips around it and began sucking on it. Once his finger was coated with her saliva, he removed his finger from her mouth and began rubbing it over her pink rosebud.

"Oh that feels weird...I've never had anything in there before.."Sarah chimed in as he placed more pressure on her hole, working his digit around her ass to lube it up.

"Just relax and everything will work out just fine." He instructed her.

"I'll try." For the first time tonight, Sarah was somewhat nervous. She wanted him to use her ass, but she didn't know how it would feel. She somehow trusted this go though.

He dropped a little bit of spit over the finger that was embedded in her ass and began working in the natural lube. He inserted a second finger to make sure her ass was stretched a bit to allow his dick to enter. He work the two fingers around for a few minutes while listening to Sarah's moans. He left his cock in her pussy to keep it wet for when he decided to impale her ass with it.

The mystery man pulled out of her wet cunt. She felt empty once he was fully removed, but she knew where he was going next. He removed his fingers and guided the spongy tip of his dick to the opening of her most private orifice. He dropped a little bit more spit on his dick to make sure it was lubed enough to enter her ass more efficiently. He pushed until the head of his dick went into her ass.

"Oohh...go easy...this kinda hurts..." She cried out as he began to feed more of his shaft into her ass.

He went in and out with slow thrusts until he was fully embedded in her ass. He held still for a minute to let her ass get used to the new invasion. He could feel her rectum throbbing around his shaft. When he felt she was ready enough to be taken, he slowly backed out and thrust in. She cried out with each thrust until she was able to withstand the pain enough to get some sort of pleasure from it.

"Play with your clit. It'll help take some of the pressure off." He instructed her as he began to increase his pace inside her impossibly tight hole.

Sarah reached down and began massaging her clit. Stimulating her clit with the feeling of a dick in her ass, soon became much more bearable for her. She was soon getting into and meeting him thrust for thrust until they had a steady pace going. She rubbed her clit faster as she felt another orgasm building.

"Cum with me.." Sarah pleaded to her mystery lover. "Make me cum and cum in my ass..." She hissed at him.

He picked up his pace as she began frantically rubbing her clit. He kept pounding away at her ass until he felt her rectum almost squeeze the life out of his cock. Feeling her anal induced orgasm was enough for him as he unloaded a torrent of cum deep inside her ass.

"Oh that felt so good! Lay with me and don't pull out!" Sarah ordered him as they fell over, both totally exhausted.

They lay on their sides with his dick still planted in her ass until he was too soft and slipped out. She could feel his cum moving around in her lower bowels and just smiled. She had the best sexual experience and it wasn't with Brian. Oh shit, Brian... She began to feel guilty for what she had done, but then again, she also felt satisfied. He didn't have to know about what happened in the maze.

"How long have we been in here?" She turned to the mystery guy.

"We've been in here for like two hours." He replied.

"What?!" Sarah began to get up and scramble for her clothes. "I have to go before my boyfriend gets someone to look for us!" She began to panic now.

"Hey calm down. There's nothing to worry about. You obviously don't know how The Maze works. We've been in here for two hours, but out there it's been a few minutes. Don't worry, he won't think anything of it." He explained.

"I'm sure I look like a mess! How do I explain this?" She asked him.

"Well when you leave this room, you'll look just as you did when you entered. It's like nothing ever happened." He had a smile on his face. "You may wanna go before something else happens." He got up and unlocked the door.

"Who are you?" She was burning with curiosity to know who she just fucked.

"That doesn't matter. You won't ever see me again, I promise. Now get dressed and go." He said, pointing at the door.

Sarah quickly dressed and tried to fix her hair just in case he was lying about her appearance when she left. She opened the door and stepped out into the maze. It was deserted, thankfully, so she proceeded to find the exit. She hadn't realized that the exit was just a few turns away. She quickly exited and found Brian waiting by the exit with a very confused look on his face.

"What in the hell happened?" He asked Sarah as she came out of the maze. "I remember seeing a bar and then everything goes blank. What happened to you?" He looked very confused.

"Well, I wasn't too happy about the bar so I went on and found a shoe store. I lost track of time and when I came back, you were gone." She began. "Some guy came out of nowhere and said you already left the maze and that I needed to go this way. He led me right out, but disappeared as I exited." She lied..

"I don't remember leaving the bar and I only had one beer. I feel like a light weight!" He was not happy with what happened to him.

"Well whatever, we're together now, so let's go." Sarah still felt the effects of the sex she just received, but she wondered if that was actually real or not.

Brian and Sarah left the park and headed to their respective homes. Sarah never once told Brian about her experience in the maze, but the mystery man often came up when she was masturbating alone. She tried to picture him while having sex with Brian, but it just wasn't the same. Oh, how she longed to feel him again.

As time went on, the memory of that guy pretty much took over. Her and Brian broke up about a year after they went through the maze. She wasn't satisfied with the way things were going and longed to have something more and he couldn't give it to her. Oh what she'd do to be with that mystery man once again.

Sarah went through the maze every year to find that guy, but each time she would leave disappointed. She decided to give up on the lover of her dreams, but his memory still lived on inside her...

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