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The Needy Nurse Takes the New Patient

Her investigation leads her to her knees...
It’s been one of those seasons. I haven’t been laid in nearly two weeks and haven’t used my vibe in that special place in what seems like forever. My husband and my schedule just haven’t meshed lately and it’s getting to be where it’s almost painful. My libido is running overtime and I can feel it. I’m a nurse practitioner that is employed by a popular cruise line. I don’t feel it necessary or wise to divulge it’s identify. Though I’m a married woman, you might find that surprising after reading my story. I just got a little carried away that’s all.

So here I am, my fifth day at sea on a 10 day trip, when a nice looking guy enters my office. He’s complaining of canker sores in his mouth. Other than that he claims a clean bill of health. I’ll say. He looks good enough to eat! He is a little bit older than me, tan, extremely fit, with nice arms and a well defined chest. I love the way his eyes crease as he smiles at me. I swear my panties just got damp.

I determine rather quickly that his condition is no big deal but I decide to take my time with him. I like to be thorough. Though there is no need to, I check his vitals. As he pulls up the sleeve of his polo, his bicep looks incredible. It’s very large and I can see the blue vein just under the surface, just the way I like them. I soon recognize that the excitement growing between my legs. In spite of my diligence I can find nothing wrong with him. And I mean absolutely nothing! He’s perfect!

Next, I ask if he gets them often and how he thinks he acquired them. “Are they stress-related or perhaps something you ate?”

“I have eaten a lot of fresh pineapple on this trip. That’s probably the only thing that has deviated much from my normal diet,” he says. “And I guess there’s a lot of acid in that. Could that be it?”

“Perhaps,” I respond. “Let’s just take our time here so we can get to the bottom of this.” I start to think I have this all figured out and I feel my heart rate is rising. Mike is wearing shorts and as I look down at his bronzed legs my nipples start to peek though my blouse. His brown limbs look like those of a tennis or basketball player. “Do you eat cinnamon regularly? And if so, how often do you eat it?”

“Well yes,” he answers kind of puzzled, “I have cinnamon at least once every day. Why do you ask?” I can sense a bit of bashfulness as he asks.

“I see. Let me continue my investigation before we draw any conclusions.” I place my hand on his right thigh then check his reflexes with my tiny hammer. His flesh is warm to my touch. I walk around and do the same to his left. I notice my hand is beginning to tremble ever so slightly.

“May I ask why you eat that on a daily basis?”

“Oh, I just heard that it’s good for you,” is all he says. I can tell he’s growing more uncomfortable with each new question. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

I spread his legs kind of forcefully and wiggle my hips through them under the guise that I need to inspect his thick, manly neck. I place my hand under his chin and slowly lift his head. I can see the vulnerable underbelly of his neck. I’m so close now I can smell his manly scent and it’s having its effect on me. I keep thinking how I’d love to lean in a place a nice, wet kiss on his neck and ears. I turn his head first to the right and then to the left, pretending to inspect his eyes with my light. Not so. I just wanted to get closer to him and look into his gentle eyes. Damn, I love the way he smells…

My pussy begins to tingle now as I ask him to remove his shirt. I walk to his side as he peels it over his head. His torso is exquisite, a combination of lean and well muscled, if that makes any sense. It is also tan with just a speckling of hair on his chest. Just as I had hoped, his nipples are hard. I breathe onto my stethoscope to warm it and place it on his left pec and then his right. His heart is racing a little at 88 BPM. I wonder if it has anything to do with me unbuttoning my top two buttons on my blouse when he was taking off his shirt. I sure hope so…

At the risk of being unprofessional, once again I work my way between his legs. He tells me where the sores are.

“Can you open your mouth wider for me hon?” I ask while holding his jaw firmly in place. I can’t believe what he’s doing to me. I am so damn horny. I’m a married woman but I really want this guy. I’d love to just grab him and drive my tongue inside.

“Sure,” is all he says.

“Okay now, stick out your tongue,” I demand. Again, hoping he doesn’t notice the poor protocol, I grab his tongue with my right hand and lift it up to look inside. His mouth is very warm and sensuous and his breath is sexy hot. Sensations are coursing through my pussy that I haven’t felt in way too long. I realize at this moment that I’m very vulnerable. I’m so excited I would fuck this man right here on the table if I could. I need to come and I need to come soon!

“I’d like you lean your head forward so I can look at the top of your scalp now.”

I place my hands on top of his head, pretending to inspect it while rubbing them through his thick brown hair. I have inched just a little closer to him now as he lowered his head. If I’m guessing right, he is looking down my blouse at my beautiful 36 C’s right now.

“That seems good. Stand up now and drop your shorts if you would, just one more thing to take a look at,” I say nonchalantly, or at least attempting to do so.

“You want me to just take off my shorts?” the puzzled man asks. Gathering himself he continues, “I assume I leave my boxer briefs on right?”

“Yes, that’s right.” I wonder if he can hear my heart pounding. The sound has filled my ears and it’s hard to hear anything else. My breathing has grown very heavy as well. He pulls off his shoes and socks and next his shorts drop as his black briefs come into view. They are the silky UnderArmour ones that sexily hug a man’s body. I can see the outline of his cock but he must have more control than me. It is only semi hard whereas my panties are now drenched. But I am encouraged. I do see a dark spot where his tool has been leaking. This is having an even greater affect on me. My nose is now taking in the lovely aroma of the juices that my slit is secreting. I love the faint smell and taste of pre-cum.

“So why have you eaten so much pineapple Mike? Is there any correlation between the pineapple and the cinnamon?” I ask as casually as can be. I know the answer before he says a word.

“Well, uh...I heard that...ah...those two foods can affect a man...uh... in a positive way.” There, now we’re getting somewhere.

“Huh, I haven’t heard that,” I lie. “What’s it supposed to do?” I ask. I know he is referring to the medical studies that found those two foods are the best at improving the taste of a man’s cum, helping to take out the bitterness and saltiness and making it markedly sweeter. I’m getting hungrier by the second.

“Well, um... I guess you could say it’s supposed to make a man healthier.”

“Huh, healthier? I haven’t heard that. How so?” Damn, I think my nose is actually growing the more I talk!

As Mike sits there on the bench, fidgeting non-stop, he is so uncomfortable it is pouring out of his body. My goal now is to ensure that within the next few minutes something else is pouring out of his body. I decide it’s time to take matters into my own hands.

“Well it’s obvious I’ve made you uncomfortable. Believe me, that’s not my attention Mike. I apologize. Would you mind standing up for me?”

As his body rises mine lowers. I’m now on my knees while looking into his blue eyes and casually unbuttoning my blouse as I speak.

“I think I have heard of the fresh pineapple and cinnamon studies now that you mention it. And I do believe there is some hard evidence that it works. Lets just see if the studies aren’t right shall we?”

You should have seen the look on his face when the word ‘hard’ came out of my mouth. My blouse is wide open now and I unclasp the front of my bra, causing my beautiful breasts to pop into view, accompanied by my rock hard nipples.

“I guess it would be a bit more professional if I asked my patient his permission. So, Mike, would you mind if you and I take part in our own little study?” I don’t hesitate a second as I quickly place my hands on his hips and slowly pull his underwear down. Right there, just inches from my face, is the cock I’ve been longing to have for the better part of an hour and have been picturing in my dreams for years. It’s long, thick, shaved and its large tip is oozing his clear nectar for me. As my left hand takes his shaft in hand I look up at him and I draw him to my lips. A low moan escapes past his lips as I extend my tongue and lap at his little slit.

“Uhmmmmmm, so far so good. I think the scientists just may have something there!” I smile. “Do you think we should join an R & D group?” and with that said I slide him balls deep into my mouth. I love the way he’s whimpering. It’s so damn sexy to please a man and have him appreciate it. Our breathing has grown heavy as I let go of his shaft and just power it back and forth into my mouth. Leaving my left hand uninvolved is a strategic move as I slide it under my skirt and into my drenched panties. My hard, engorged clit is easy to find as I begin to work on my own come.

All kidding aside, the taste that is coming out of his tool is exquisite, the best I’ve ever had. And damn is it flowing. As I continue to bath the underbelly with my tongue and deep throat him the best I can, apparently he’s grown rather fond of my work. He is getting close now and there is urgency in Mike that is driving me crazy. From the very second that he grabbed the back of my head and started manhandling me- he’s forcefully fucking my mouth now - my cunny starts to beg for release. I have three fingers fucking me in rhythm to his thrusts and my thumb is flicking over my clit.

“I’m going to come babe, where do you want it?” he gasps as sweat drips from his pores. My answer is to simply hum on his throbbing cock as he impales my mouth. That’s it. That little vibration is the catalyst to the biggest and most delicious load this little lady has ever had.

“FUCK!!!!” he screams, loud enough for my neighbors three rooms over to hear. I didn’t give a fuck. My pussy is exploding now too. There’s just something about a man who takes control and Mike has a death grip as he continues to pummel my aching mouth. He is rough and he is getting nasty, murmuring dirty little words as his giant cock ejects seven or eight streams into my hungry mouth and eventually down my oh-so willing throat. My fingers continue to travel rapidly and frantically in and out of my cunt. The release was amazing, just what the doctor ordered. It took several minutes to finally calm down and recover. I just rested, sitting back on my heels, which were soaked from my pussy.

“Now that was amazing!” Mike says, finally breaking the silence.

“You taste amazing!” I coo.

“Can you do me a favor? Would you mind cleaning me up?” he asks me, in a rather gentlemanly tone.

“Not at all!” I beam, not needing to be asked a second time to taste him again. I lean forward and lick him clean and suck every morsel out of his glistening tube that is possible.

“How’s that, lovely patient?” I smile.

“That’s perfect! I knew you would do that! Now, feed your cum into your mouth!” he directs.

I’m a little taken back. He’s being rather demanding now, something I really didn’t foresee in him before. I’m not sure how to respond.

“Come on, get to it!” he says even more forcefully, this time standing over me as he leans down to his shorts and picks them up. Okay, he’s just playing around a bit. That’s cool; I actually like that in a man. With my eyes locked on him for effect I slide my fingers inside my sultry walls and draw my nourishment out and suck it into my mouth.

“Hmmmmm,” I say and then drop my hand to gather some more.

“I knew you’d like that!” he says as he grabs the belt and pulls it from the loops of his clothes. “And there’s more you’re going to like just as much!” he says, holding the belt in one hand while leaning over and lifting my face with the other so that I’m looking into his eyes.

“I know you like sucking cock, I sure hope you like getting fucked by one!” he states as he pulls me to my feet then lays me face down over the side of the bench. My bare breasts are in touch with the paper covered vinyl and I can feel the cool air hit my pussy through my soaking wet panties. I’m in a very vulnerable position, something I’m not accustomed to. My hubby, bless his heart, is rather milk toast when it comes to sex...very vanilla.

“Nice, very nice!” he says as he circles the table and eventually ends up behind me, just staring at my ass. “Oh honey, these are soaking wet! Let me give you a hand with that.”

He’s confusing me again. Gentleman Mike is back, kneeling behind me now and peeling my panties down my body to make me “feel comfortable.” I lift my feet so he can take them completely off and then I feel one of the most sensual things I’ve ever experienced. I can sense Mike right behind me, kneeling almost between my legs. Next I feel the warmth of his breath as it lingers on the back of my thighs and is rising up until it is camping over my ass. It’s hot and it’s heavy and goose bumps have formed on my flesh. This is so fucking erotic! And then it happens. His tongue is sliding across the globes of my ass and begins to fish inside my crack, licking a trail into the deep. I never intended it to go this far. My plan was to suck him off, taste what I presumed would be his delicious cum and send him on his way.

Well Mike has other plans and I can’t bring myself to do anything but succumb to his will. My tender lover is seducing me and he can do whatever he damn well pleases. As I sense him inching toward to dripping folds, he stops in his tracks. Suddenly my anal cherry is popped as he slides his tongue over my rose bud. This is the first time I have been rimmed…OMG!!! My body shudders at the intense pleasure he is giving me and it increases all the more when he plunges two fingers straight up my snatch. My body is about to explode in this erotic dance when all of a sudden the music stops and he rises to his feet. My mind is racing. I can’t help but wonder where he is taking me now? In seconds the future comes starkly into focus.


The first swing of his belt echoes throughout the office.


The second swing is much, much harder, almost blistering my ass. I am in complete shock. No one has ever spanked me before, ever! I can feel the juices from my pussy streaming down my legs and a powerful orgasm building inside of me and I haven’t even been touched.


Holy fuck, what in the world have I gotten myself into?

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