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The new Mistress

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Affair with best friend's husband
Luna opened the front door with the keys that her best friend Celine gave her. Celine’s mother wasn’t feeling that great and concerned Celine decided to leave her home for two weeks while asking Luna to take care of her twin daughters aged five and make sure her husband was okay.

But Luna wanted to make sure that Carl was more than okay and most of all, that he didn’t miss Celine’s absence at all... she got in.. ‘’what a nice house’’ she thought... ‘’Celine doesn’t have the right to be so happy!’’ She glanced around quickly, making sure no one was around and sighed, ‘’good’’ she muttered, ‘’the two little brats are at school and should not be back before 3 hours...’’

Luna walked to the bar, poured herself a nice glass of martini, and lit a cigarette; she then removed out all her clothes on the floor, kept only her hold ups and red stilettos on... she lied down on the sofa, sipping her martini while thinking of Carl’s reaction when he would come in a second or so later from a hard day of work... ‘’Celine should be glad, that she has me for best friend. I am making sure that her husband gets all his man’s needs fulfilled!’’ she thought to herself smiling sexily.

Luna couldn’t help smiling; she knew she was absolutely stunning and that Carl would not be able to resist her. She had the perfect figure a woman could ask for, and sexy as hell! She was beautiful too, with her long fine black hair, olive skin and deep green eyes, nothing could escape her charm! Best of all, she knew she was younger and better looking than Celine, who couldn’t seem to lose her fat after she gave birth to her daughters. ‘’Carl deserves so much better!’’ she couldn’t help thinking.

Thinking about Carl, made her horny. Carl was maybe married, but terribly gorgeous! He always made sure he kept fit and he was always going to the gym for that reason. He was hot, indeed, but very rich and powerful too. He was all, a woman could want...

Luna pretended to be asleep when Carl came in. Shocked he was, ‘’what the hell...’’ he started, before he realised Luna was sleeping. He was not alarmed, for; after all, Celine wasn’t at home... but what was he going to do? He couldn’t help but stare at that sublime body lying naked in front of him. He felt his cock stiffening all of a sudden... ‘’Man I must be dreaming!’’

Luna’s breasts were firm, round, but surprisingly her big tits were swollen...Her long legs were spread slightly apart, but enough to get a glimpse of her pink clit... and her gorgeous feet in those 12 cm high heeled shoes... it was more than he could take!

Without a moment of hesitation, Carl took out her left shoe delicately and started to suck her soft toes one by one... Luna moaned, looked at him straight in the eyes and sulkily whispered ‘’hey you,’’ Carl responded by licking the whole feet, Luna felt her body shot up! The pleasure of having her toes sucked deeply was tremendous; Carl continued licking her with his tongue by moving up slowly to her legs and then spread it wide open before kissing her passionately all around her clean shaven pussy! Luna’s moans were becoming louder, and without warning, started licking ferociously her already so wet clitoris. Carl stuck his whole tongue inside her, making extraordinary swirls while trying to get all her juices. Luna’s body was trembling, shaking like a volcano about to erupt, it was more than she could handle!

‘’ OH fuck, Carl!’’

‘’ I knew you always wanted me, keep going, keep sucking my pussy! SUCK IT!’’

Luna wanted more, and so shifted and went sitting on Carl’s face while holding his head with one hand and the other masturbating her breasts.

‘’I am coming!’’ she screamed, and a second later creamed in Carl’s mouth.

‘’I fucking love your taste, baby! I want more of that sweet juice. You taste fucking good!’’ Carl said muffled while still licking her.

‘’You will have more of my heaven darling, but your turn now. Let me give you the most amazing blowjob of your entire life, that blowjob that Celine can never give you!’’

With that, Luna seized Carl’s waist and unzipped his trousers, she could see that a big bulge was already there, and when she removed his boxers, a 15 cm full erect cock welcomed her.

‘’What a beautiful big cock!’’ , and delicately moistened it with her tongue. She played, she licked, and she sucked cock like a pro! Carl had never experienced such a good cock sucking before. He was now hard as a rock and felt that he would cum at any time, but he too, wanted more and so, started fucking Luna hard in her mouth. She knew how to handle the big cock in her throat without gagging, and that made Carl so pleased. He felt so powerful at this instant while fucking his wife’s best friend in her mouth! And she just sat there, obeying his every pleasure no matter how hard he would keep shoving his dick in and out of her throat. And then, he cum, Carl shoved a big load of hot cum in Luna’s mouth who swallowed it in a very sexy way. Luna then, gently licked the rest of his cum by making tiny swirls on the head of his cock,

‘’God I am in Heaven! You’re sooo good Luna!’’

‘’ I bet your boring wife never gives you that much pleasure right?’’

‘’No, she doesn’t. And that’s why you’re here now, my sexy little slut! You shall give me everything your best friend does not give me.’’

‘’You love that, huh? You love the fact that you can fuck your wife’s best friend as well, ?’’

‘’No, not yet. I am not fucking her yet.’’

Luna then smiled seductively at him, and took his now hard cock and played with it by tapping it to her pussy. She was wet again, and so wanted that big cock inside of her but Carl wanted to play some more. He gently put the tip of his cock head in her pussy and then removed it, to do it again and again. This drove Luna mad with desire! She could not hold it anymore; she bloody needed that cock inside of her NOW!

Carl feeling the same way, then pushed his cock all the way in her pussy fucking her hard, he felt everything exploding within him!

‘’Yes!! Fuck me! Fuck me with all your might, fuck me like you never did before! Fuck me like you can’t do with your wife!’’

Carl’s cock kept going in and out, he felt like in a weird trance where fucking had never been so good. Luna was screaming, her body was trembling and kept moving her waists.

‘’Fuck, Luna you’re such a slut! But my slut, all mine!’’

‘’Yeaah! I’m your slut, I’m all yours!’’

‘’I’m coming!’’ Carl moaned.

‘’Cum inside me! Yes, I need to feel all that sperm of yours! CUM! ‘’

‘’I will cum in you my slut, yeaaaahhhh!! I’M...’’

Carl shot his load of cum inside her and then started kissing Luna...

‘’Haha I wonder what Celine would think if she knew...’’

‘’She won’t know anything, it’s our secret... in fact why don’t we make this a habit? I know you’ve always been secretly jealous of Celine... It’s your turn now, as from now on, You’ll be my official mistress slut...’’

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