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The New Tenants Part 1

Bill forms a close relationship with his new tenants, Lisa and her daughter Julie
Chapter I.

It had been a tough couple of years and Bill was relieved when he found a tenant for the upper floor of his duplex. This was the final step in the rebuilding of his life after the divorce. On his own for the first time after 22 years of marriage, he had decided to make a new start. A new city, a new job, and the restoration of the duplex had provided a complete and welcome break with the past.

He was pleased with the new tenants. Lisa was a single mom in her late thirties and a nurse who worked in a local pediatrician’s office. She was friendly, kept the apartment clean, and always paid her rent on time. Her daughter, Julie, appeared to be a typical teenager with the buds of her IPod a seemingly permanent fixture in her ears. Lisa was dark haired with an attractive face and a bit on the heavy side. Julie was a younger version of her mom with the same dark hair and also carrying just a few extra pounds.

Lisa and Julie had arrived in late summer and other then some quick conversations in passing while they were coming or going Bill had not had much of a chance to get to know either of them. It was now early October and Bill was taking advantage of the warm Saturday afternoon to clean the inside of his Subaru when Lisa pulled into the driveway alone.

Bill greeted her and she joked that her car needed to be cleaned too. He laughed and they exchanged some small talk before Lisa said, “I finally have an evening free. Julie is spending the night with a friend.”

Bill asked if she had plans and when she said no he said, “If you have any interest you are welcome to join me for dinner.”

When she hesitated he added, “Nothing fancy, maybe some steaks. I just thought it would give us a change to get to know one another.”

Julie realized she really had no plans and decided to accept. He was older than most of the guys she dated but she liked him. Bill was medium height with short dark hair and a medium build. He was quiet and more conservative than most of the men she was attracted to.

At six, Lisa knocked on his door dressed in her jeans and a top that tastefully showed off her ample bust. She smiled as his eyes glanced down to look. Lisa was a bit self conscience of her weight and it was always nice when men noticed what she thought was one of her better assets. He brought her into the kitchen and poured her a glass of wine as he put the finishing touches on a salad.

Lisa was pleasantly surprised by the dinner. The food was good and conversation flowed easily between the two of them. She found herself opening up and sharing the challenges of being a single parent as he related the adjustment of being single after a long marriage. They had moved to Bill’s living room and were halfway through a second bottle of wine when he asked, “How is your love life?”

She laughed and said, “That’s a little personal isn’t it? Maybe I should ask you the same question.”

Bill smiled, “My apologies. Maybe I was being a bit forward or I’ve had a bit too much of this wine. But to answer your question, it is a bit on the slow side.”

“It’s ok. I was just busting you. Not too much going on with me either. And to be honest, I miss it. It is just hard with work and Julie and all. I was seeing a guy for awhile but we broke up a couple of months ago.”

“Sorry to hear that. I have dated a little since my divorce but it is not easy to meet people.”

As Bill talked, Lisa drank the rest of her wine. She was definitely feeling the effects of the alcohol and couldn’t help thinking about sex. She wondered what Bill’s cock was like. How would it feel in her hands? Her mouth? She missed that. Before she could think about it she blurted out, “I could give you a blow job.”

Bill wasn’t completely sure he had heard her right but he felt his cock respond almost immediately. He looked at her and said, “That is just about the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard a woman say.”

“I mean it. Would you let me?”

“I would be forever grateful.”

The next few minutes were a blur for Bill as he watched Lisa undo his khakis and take him into her warm mouth. He moaned as she licked and sucked his hard cock and before long he exploded and she swallowed his full load of cum.

As he caught his breath he said, “My God Lisa that was incredible.”

She looked up at him, “I always enjoy doing that for a man. And you have a beautiful cock. Very tasty too.”

“Is there something I can do for you?”

Lisa was turned on and could feel her own wetness, “I want you to finger me.”

“I would love to.”

She lay across Bill’s lap and he undid her jeans allowing access for his hand. His fingers slipped into her bikini panties and he felt the curls of her pubic hair and then the soft lips of her pussy. He rubbed her lips, teased her clit and then pushed a finger inside. She was very wet and soon, with a little guidance, his fingers gave her a short, but powerful orgasm.

They were quiet for a few minutes and then Lisa said, “I guess you know now that I can be a bit of a slut. Here we really just met and look what I did.”

“Well, I’m not sure about the slut thing, but that was fantastic. You are very sexy.”

They sat and talked for an hour or so, finishing the bottle of wine and then Bill was undressing her and taking her to his bed. Again she was self-conscience but soon relaxed as he kissed and caressed her all over and told her how he loved her body. When his tongue finally made its way to her pussy she surprised herself by cumming again, this time a long rolling orgasm.

He was hard again and Lisa guided him inside her. She sensed his need and loved the urgency as he lay on top of her pounding his cock into her willing pussy. Soon he was there too and she happily felt him fill her with his hot cum.

Chapter II.

It quickly developed into a convenient sexual outlet for the two of them. While married, Bill’s sex life had gone from ok at the beginning to non-existent at the end. His ex had never been too adventurous and he usually had to be content with a quick missionary fuck. Lisa, on the other hand, loved to suck his cock. She had a submissive side and really got off on being needed and satisfying him.

They had been careful at first to limit their rendezvous to times when Julie was not home but one evening Lisa knocked on Bill’s door after dinner and said she needed him. He started to protest and asked, “What about Julie?”

“She knows we are fooling around. I think she is ok with it.”

Lisa undid his pants and her hand found his cock, slowly stroking him until he was fully erect. He moved her to the bedroom, took her pants and panties off, and bent her over the edge of the bed. He admired her ass as he reached between her legs to finger her. She was wet and ready and he wasted no time to push himself fully inside her.

As he slowly moved in and out of her he said, “God, I love your pussy. I love to fuck you.”

“Give me your cock. Give it to me!”

He held her hips and fucked her harder, “Tell me what you want.”

“I want your cum. Please cum inside me.”

He kept pumping and then he came, filling her with hot jets of his cum. She felt his orgasm and it pushed her over the edge and she came with him her body shuddering in delight.

After they dressed she said she needed his help with something.

He responded, “Sure, anything. What do you need?”

“It’s Julie. She’s having trouble in some of her classes. I know you are home a lot in the afternoon and I wondered if you could tutor her.”

Bill taught at the local community college and did some writing but his schedule was open on several afternoons. He felt somewhat obligated given the circumstances and told her he would be happy to help. Lisa agreed to send Julie over the next afternoon.

She arrived on time and they sat at the kitchen table together. Julie was shy at first but slowly warmed as she found that Bill was a smart and patient teacher. Bill could see many similarities with Lisa in Julie both in her looks and her personality. He soon grew to enjoy the sessions and Julie saw some improvement in her grades.

One afternoon, while working on some math problems, Julie stopped and asked Bill, “You like my Mom, don’t you?

Bill said, “Yes, I do.”

“You and her have sex.”

Bill was a bit uncomfortable with the statement but saw no reason to deny it, “Yes, we do.”

“I’ve heard you. Mom can be noisy.”

Again some discomfort, but Bill said, “I guess that is true. She can be. She enjoys herself.”

“I know. It’s kind of cool to hear her.”

“I will admit that your Mom is a very enjoyable woman to be with but I’m not sure this is something we should be discussing.”

“Some of my friends have sex, well, I should say they have sucked guys off.”

Julie’s willingness to talk so openly took him a bit by surprise but it was exciting too. He had met a couple of Julie’s friends and as much as he tried to, Bill had a difficult time shaking the image of one of them sucking on a hard cock. The image was quite erotic to him and he felt himself getting aroused. He responded to Julie by saying, “From everything I read that is not uncommon among kids today.”

“Lots of girls do it.”

“It sounds like you haven’t.”

“Not yet. I’d kind of like to try it. I know Mom likes to do it.”

“I’m sure you will get your chance sometime.”

Bill wasn’t sure how he had gotten into this but here he was discussing blow jobs with the teenage daughter of the woman he was having a sexual relationship with. And despite some feelings of guilt he was very turned on by it all. He was standing near the kitchen sink and he wondered if his erection was obvious from where Julie was sitting. Bill decided the best thing was to end the discussion and he excused himself to check on the laundry while Julie went back to her homework.

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