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the photo shot

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she was young, and he was smart, he was ritch,she was so sexy

Her name was Emily, she was 17 with the body of a 20 year old. He saw her at school one day while he was tacking some photos. She was very sexy, in a school dress, Blond with the sexiest blue eyes u could get. She was walking over the school oval and didn't see him,  So he took a few shots off her. He only meant to take one or two, but she just looked so sexy he had to take a few more, Click click, then she dropped some thing and as she bent down to pick it up he snapped away, He got the perfect shot. He took a few more then she was up and walking away.

Dame she was hot he thought  but he was there to do a job, and if he got busted taking picks off school girls he would be in so much trouble, but to him it was worth it, the day when' t on as normally and he got the stuff he needed.

Back at his house later that day he was going over the photos he had taken that day, and he got to her shots, He put them on his computer , All up maybe ten good ones. Mostly off her face and boobs, but the one when she bent down was by far his favorite one, He could see her pantry's, and could zoom in very clearly on them, 

he got hard just looking at them, Thinking about how nice it would be to grab hold of her ass, And rip off them pink pantry's she had on, He had no choice but to pull out his now rock hard cock and play with him self.

He had all her shots up on his computer as he pulled his cock,, He just couldn't help him self, she was just that sexy, he was a married man and his wife was not to bad 4 her age, But ow how it would be to put his cock deep in side her pussy, them sweet pink pussy lips.

He had to be fast before his wife would be home, if she saw what he had done he would never heir the end off it, But then if he waited till she got home he could fuck her, But he just couldn't stop him self looking at her pictures on the computer screen, He had some very good ones, There was this one that he got of her walking from the other side of the oval,  And when he zoomed in on her, U could see her nipples,

Ow how nice it would be to suck that hard little nipple, All these thoughts were running through his head as he was pulling on his cock, it wouldn't take long before he shot his load all over the place.

There  was this one shot of her walking that had a good shot of her bum, , She had this small pet teat bum, one u could just kiss and bite in to, ow how nice it would be to slap it a few times, and blow his load all over her ass, he was just about to blow his load when he herd his wife pull up the drive way," shit he had to hurry up and shut down the computer before she would see it all "  he quickly pulled his pants back up, his cock still hard as a rock, when his wife came through the door.


Hi hunnie  she said, hi babe he said back, how was your day hunnie, ow it was ok he seas, and she leans in for a kiss,  She walks in to the kitchen and he follows behind her.

Now his wife's 35 and has a very nice body for her age. she has nice size boobs, a big bum that jiggles just the right amount, he walks right up behind her and presses him self up against her,  Hmm  some ones a happy boy today.

He slides his hands up her legs all the way up to her soft warm spot and rubs it hard, Hmm some ones in a ruff mood today, He rips down her pants and slips his hand right in to her pussy, Its all ready getting wet for him, but that's nothing new, She always seams to be wet,  He pushes two fingers in and rubs her clit at the very same time, hmm she like' s him in these moods, He tells her to pull up her top, I need to see them boobs baby, and she is only to happy to, When she pulls up her top, He is right on her nipples, She has nice big brown ones, he sucks on them, he sucks on them so hard, just the way she likes it, at the same time as he is jiggling his fingers in her now very hungry pussy, She is working up a very hungry taste, She need' s him to fuck her hard and fast .

With out warning he slips his own pants down and rubs his cock over her waiting pussy lips, Making his cock wet, He pushes his wife over the table and pushes his cock in as deep as he can, all 7 inches, And with out even slowing down just starts fucking her.

He ram's his cock in her as deep as he can, slapping her bum and pulling her hair, she loves all this, She pushes back to met his thrust not long and she is ready to cum.

Its at this point he pushes his finger in her bum hole, That sends her over the edge, Her pussy grabs hold of his cock and starts to shutter all over, her orgasm is going to be a big one, With his fingers deep in her bum hole she is going off and its all he can take, He shot's his load off cum right up her waiting pussy,, She sucks every drop of his cum out his cock right in her.

He clasped on top of his now fucked wife, Who is still trying to calm her self down.


they layed on the table for over ten minutes, His cum leaking out off her pussy on to the floor. He pulls his cock out of her now and sits down,

Wow, Jill seas, That was hot, U can do that any time u want , But now i have to go clean up
and with that she walks off to the shower, And Tim dose his work that he was  ment to be doing for the school.

His mind wonders back to that sexy little women he saw earlier today, he just cant shake her from his head.    He starts to thinking how he could get close to her, and starts thinking of how nice it would be to fuck her.





To day is the day my plane come' s in to play.

Sorry i didn't get all the shot's i needed the other day, So if its ok id like to come in an take some more, ok that would be fine, is there any thing u need, Well i think it would be good if i had a student to help me out for the day, and maybe i could put him or her in some off the shot's.

Hopping that he gets that girl, But any girl would make him happy at this point.


Ok that would be fine, u will have to pick some one that u think will take a good photo, Yes that's ok, i think i no one that would be perfect,  HE HE .

Ok well come down.

11 am.........

Hi, i don't no her name, But she will take a perfect photo , i have a photo off her,

ow that's Emily, she is a year 11 student, ill go get her for u,  Thank you i say, and i wait.

ten or fifteen minutes later she shows up, Just as sexy as i remember her, Hi my names Emily, but u can call me Em if u like, ok, well u can call me Till, I'm going to need u for the day, Is that going to be ok with u, Um yes it will be fine, But what is it u want me to do, Ow its ok ill show u as we go, Ok and off we go, i asked Em to show me the way to the school oval,


Full well knowing how to get there but i needed to walk behind her, I had to see her bum up close, Ow and what a but it is, not to  big not to small, tight and perky, Her school dress clung to it so well, she leads the way out to the oval, I drop all the things in a bunch, and i sit down, She sits down next to me, I ask her to hold some things, And we talk as i set things up.

i tell her that she is very pirty and that i want to take some photos of her for my book, But she just lets it slide for now, Any way lets start, i get her to hold up a few things for my shots, as she is doing this i' m taking photos off her tits, with out her knowing, every now and then ill move spots and use those chances to touch her, nothing to obverse but any chance to touch her ill take, I get one shot off her face and show her how beautiful she is on camera. See u are very beautiful Em, now u can see why i want to take a few photos off you, I will even pay u for u'r time.... How much she ask, a few hundred, that got her attention fast, "she likes money i must remember that" if u want just come round to my place and i leave it at that , and go on with the days work, every now an then i get a good shot off her ass when she bends down.

To day she has white panties on no bra that i can see, but ill no for shore soon enough hopefully.

130 pm,

well Em thanks for helping me today, u have bin a big help to me, And i do mean it i would love to take some shots off u, What do u think,

Well if u are going to pay me then id be very happy to.

Ok well come to my place tonight, after school, Ok and she just walks off, i watch her walk away shacking her sweet ass, wow i so wana fuck her hard.

i race home to prepare for her, I set up a room at the back off my place just for her, Even thou i have the house to my self, My wife is out for the night, Its all coming together.

5 pm and she has finely arrived, she comes in  wearing  jeans that work very well for her, and a loose fitting top, Wow ...........

i race her back to my room that i set up, i' m all set up 4 her, I offer her a drink, and to my pleasure she wants one, she picks out a strong drink, even better i think to my self, i let her drink it and offer her another one fast. After she has a few i start taking a few snaps,  Just the set the mood, She seams to be a little tipsy  now  but ill let her go a bit longer, i flirt with her as i' m taking shots after her third drink i start to ask her how far she wants to go, And all she asks is how much am i offering her, Well that depends on how much skin u wana show, And how sexy u can look, Ow i can do sexy but u no that now don't u.

well few more hundred how's that, Well lets see what that gets me, and i get her a another drink to help her relax some more, ok lets see u being sexy, She gives me a few poses showing me her but in the jeans,  And pushing up her boobs etc,  Not what i expected but i' m not going to complain, Nice baby, but how about u pull down the top a little, and with out any more talking from me she pulls her top down, nice cleavage shots, pulls up her top to just under her boobs, showing me all her flat tummy.

that's when i take the chance and walk up to her, i' m going to show u a pose , I hold my self up close to her so she can feel my hard cock as i direct her, i get her in the spot i want but i can smell her sexual needs building, I take a few more shots then i say its brake time, Would u like a another drink, but she declines, I'm a bit drunk , Are u, Ow well then we should stop then NO NO LETS KEEP GOING PLEASE.


Well Em how about we lift this up all the way, how's 500 bucks.

and what do u want for that, Well any thing i want i say, yes i would wana see some skin.  And she said would you like to see me naked would u, Would i , Hell yes, Ill have that drink now so i get her one, when i come back with her drink i made it a little stronger this time. ok lets get this show on the road, ok ,And with that she starts doing some sexy poses showing some skin, how about some boob, How about i take my top off, ok yes that works, i keep taking snaps as she removes her top, Ii stop taking them thou when i saw her little boobs, pink nipples  on her silky smooth boobs,

hang on and i walk up to her and just pinch her nipples to make Em hard, As i do i heir a moan come from her, U have very beautiful boobs hunnie, id love to kiss them. Shit i cant believe i just said that, Ow its ok i can see u are hard as a rock, the boys at my school all like Em to, i can see why i' m still standing in front off her, and from no where she said suck on my nipples please, Would i i have her nipple in my mouth before she new what was going on, i think that last drink had a good effect on her, cos now i have this 17 year olds tit in my mouth, i' m sucking on her nipple so hard and yet she starts moaning, i take this as a good thing, I start to run my hands over her body kissing every part i can get to, while i' m sucking on her pink nipples my hands are on her ass, i keep sucking her nipples in my mouth and rubbing her ass hard, my hand slowly makes it way to her pussy and she lets me, she is moaning no stop now, she's putty in my hands now, its not long b4 i have her remove her pants and see what i' m making so wet.


its the first time in years iv seen such a perfect pussy, young wet and wanting my cock, i keep paying lots off attion to her boobs, and my hand finds it's way to her hot little box, i run my fingers along her slit a few time, and she quivers to my touch, mmmmmmmmmmm is all she can say, i lay her down on the table that i prepared earlier and i cant wait to taste that sweet nectar, It looks so dame nice, I grab my camera and take a few more shots and as i do so she starts playing with her self, i got a few shots of her fingers deep in her pussy.

I have to taste her, i drop down to her legs and kiss my way up her thighs going from side to side, teasing my self just as much as her self, Its not long b4 i reach the honey pot, The smell is driving me wild, The first taste was so nice, sweet warm, Perfect, I run my tonge from the top to the bottom and back up again, Letting my toung dip in to her hole and back up to her clit.

i pay lots off attion to her clit nibbling on it driving bolts off electricity through her body, Its not long before she is Cumming in my mouth, I can feel her body go all tense on me and shaking all over, Wow she said iv never cum so fast, Well its just the start baby i want my money's worth.

Ow u will. i stand up and pull down my pants to show her my cock, She is right on it, This girl has had a few in her mouth i can tell that. She sucks the tip in and works her lips over and around my head, before she sucks at least half in her mouth, i ask her to lay across the table so i can still play with her pussy while she suck' s my cock, all she ask me is to be gental, Ow ill be gentle baby.

So as she has my cock now as deep as she can take it i slip my finger in her tight pussy, its well lube up but yet i still have trouble getting more then one finger in her, So i work with one finger in and out as she sucks my cock like a pro. Its not long before i have two fingers buried deep in her pussy, i' m working them in nice a slow, She is so fucking good at sucking my cock, she nose how to work it very well, holding my balls in one hand and my cock with the other.

I cant let her keep up the pace she is going at or ill be Cumming  in her sweet little mouth in no time, I think i need to fuck u now baby, i pull my cock out her mouth and spin her around.

I'm standing in front of her rubbing my cock up and down her slit, i can feel the heat off her pussy, i push the head of my cock in her tight pussy, I take it very slowly so to enjoy the felling of her pussy lips rapping around my cock, I'm working my cock in her little bye little, Its not long before my cock is all the way in her i start pumping in and out her. She looks so sexy now, spread out over the table with my cock deep in her, with her glassy eyes, As i push my cock deep in her i make shore to rub her clit, i'm driving her nut's, And its not long b4 her little body is begging for more.

faster faster  faster , but i wana enjoy her a bit longer  yet, I rub her clit harder and faster, i can feel her pussy contracting on my cock she is getting close to Cumming for the second time to night, when she start screaming at me to fuck her hard and not to stop i no she is Cumming, I can feel her juices sparying out over my cock, all over my balls , its running every where, she's Cumming hard this time, i flip her over so i can fuck her doggy style, with out asking i just ram my cock back in deep as i can go, She is still getting over her last orgasm, but i just want to fuck her hard now, she beg' s me not to cum in her, but i tell her its ok, I cant have kids any way, she is ok with this, I slam back in her and pull out, i'm fucking this school girl like there is no tomorrow, her ass is sending me over the eag, And its not long before i feel my cum building up, i start to rub her bum hole, Just teasing her for now, that will cum later, After a few minute's i feel her pussy starting agane,  that's all i can take, i start to blow my load, i hold my cock in her pussy as deep as i can, making dame shore all my cum fills her up, this sends her over the edge and she is Cumming with me, Her pussy sucks my cock sucking all my baby making cum in her little body.

after my orgasm passes i collapse on top off her,  leaving my cock in her for as long as i can.

Fuck baby u'r a grate root, and she seas i'm the best she has had so far, i ask her how many guys she has fucked, she said i'm number 3, ow crap, i need to keep u around i think to my self, To bad she will be pregnant soon,  but ill still fuck her for a few more weeks, we both fall asleep i wake up and carry her to my bed 4 sum rest,              

to be continued

this is my first story, so please be nice and give me some feed back on how i can make them better

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