The Pump (part 2)

By sublime

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Time to pay another visit to Kelly!
Knock! Knock! Knock!

I stood on the doorstep of Kelly's house again with another bag full of baby accessories that my wife wanted me to drop off to her friend. Images raced through my mind of our last encounter and my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest as I stood there trying to look as calm as possible. The fact that she called my wife and asked if I could drop off a few more things on my lunch break hinted to me that she wanted to play again. But I did my best not to get too excited and ease my hopes just in case it wasn't going to happen again.

I heard the latch being unlocked from inside the door and I stood there waiting. And there was Kelly, looking sexy as ever. Unlike last time she was a little more put together, wearing a pair of very short shorts and a t-shirt. The last time I arrived, I had caught her off guard in the middle of pumping but it appeared this time she hadn't begun yet.

Kelly greeted me with a big smile and invited me inside. She walked me over to the living room where we sat last time and told me to set down the bag next to the coffee table. I made small talk for about a minute not knowing what was to come, and there was a sense of anxiety in the air. I looked down and saw the breast pump sitting on the table next to the couch. Kelly noticed my glance at it.

"I'm about to pump if you'd like to stay a while." Kelly said very casually.

I wanted to shout YES! but I played it as cool as possible.

"Um, sure, if you don't mind, I'd love to watch again, that was a huge turn on last time".

"Okay, cool" Kelly said. "Let me use the bathroom real quick and I'll be right back".

I didn't want to seem too excited or overly eager at the situation so I didn't undress or anything like that. I simply sat down on the couch and waited. A minute later Kelly walks out of the bathroom and joins me on the couch. My eyes were fixated on her little baby blue shorts and nipples that were pretruding through her white t-shirt.

"Well, don't let me stop you... do what you do" I told her.

And then it started. Kelly grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up over her head. She acted extremely casual as if it was no big deal. I tried to do the same as I watched her beautiful tits hanging in front of me as she sat there topless in only those blue shorts. She leaned over to grab the pump when I stopped her.

"Do you mind if I help?" I asked.

"Sure" she said.

Kelly began walking me through the process of connecting the suction cup to the tube and then told me to attach it to her left breast. So... with my hand I gently grabbed her soft breast and caressed it for a second. I then guided her very hard nipple and breast into the suction cup and turned it on. And just like that, the pumped worked it's magic. Now that the pump had taken over the duties I decided to let my hand wonder to her other breast where I began slowly massaging it. Kelly just watched me as I played. I lightly pinched her nipple and watched as a few drops of milk dripped from her nipple on to my hand.

"Oh sorry" I said to her.

"It's okay. It's normal for the other one to leak like that while I'm pumping. You can taste it if you like."

Oh my. I didn't know what to say. I've never done anything like this before and it wasn't even a particular fetish I had before we started this whole thing. But I knew I couldn't pass this opportunity up.

"Sure, I'll give it a try" I casually said back to her.

I leaned over and began kissing her tit around the nipple. With one hand cupping it I slowly moved my lips to her nipple were I first kissed the tip of it feeling the warm milk touch my lips. I opened my mouth a little bit more and guided her nipple into my mouth. I wasn't sure how hard to suck or what to really do, so I used my tongue to circle her hard nipple and slowly sucked. I could tasted the warm milk hit my mouth but it wasn't as overwhelming as I was expecting. I opened up even more and forced more of Kelly's tit into my mouth. Kelly gave a small moan of approval as she watched me. I enjoyed the feeling more than anything of her soft breast pressed against my mouth and face. I would take it out and lick around the nipple then place it back in my mouth to continue sucking.

I was in a bit of an uncomfortable position, hunched over and Kelly noticed.

"Why don't you lay down and put your head on my lap. It will be more comfortable that way".

I turned myself around and slowly laid my head on her lap. We both let out a little laugh at the situation as I found myself looking up at my wife's good friend from college as her beautiful tits hung in front of me. She leaned over and her tit fell into my mouth. I began where I left off and really got into sucking her tit. The pump was taking care of the left one, and I was taking care of the right one. (If I could of high-fived the pump at that moment I would have). I watched as she bit her lower lip as she held her tit and nipple in my mouth like a mother making sure I was fed. I began running my hand over my crotch as my cock grew inside my pants.

"Are you going to stroke your cock again for me?" Kelly said in a low tone of voice.

"Mmmm yes, anything you want" I replied.

With her nipple still in my mouth I undid and my pants and lowered them to my thighs. My underwear were next and now I lay on her lap, sucking her as I stroked my hard cock right in front of her.

"Does that feel good?" she asked.

"Yes Kelly it feels so good. You turn me on so much." I mumbled taking her tit out momentarily.

I was lost in bliss for a while as I masturbated for her sucking on her engorged breast. Then after a few more minutes I heard the pump turn off.

"Time to switch" she said joyfully.

I got up and remained sitting on the couch with my rock hard cock in hand. She cleaned herself up a bit and began inserting her the breast I just worked on into the cup. And before she could turn it on... the phone rang.

"Ugh" she said as she leaned forward to pick up the phone from the table in front of us.

"Hello?... Hi Sweety."

Oh my, it was her husband. Kelly gave me a little coy look and put her finger over her mouth motioning me to keep quiet. Talk about weird, there I was sitting next to my wife's good friend with my pants around my knees, my cock hard as Kelly sat topless talking to her husband on the phone.

But for some reason this invigorated me. I began taking off my shoes and pants to get completely naked. She watched and smiled as I did this. Now naked, I kneeled on the floor in front of her and began kissing her knee and leg. My hands massaged and rubbed up and down her legs as she continued her conversation. I let my hands roam to her hips and under her shorts. She wasn't wearing any panties. Her pussy staring me in the face with only a small piece of blue fabric separating us. This was all happening very fast but as soon as she got on the phone, the sexual tension raised up a notch. My hands felt her soft thighs and I moved them to her lower stomach where I felt the top of her trimmed pubic hair. She made no motion for me to stop, so I continued on. I looked at her and we both shared a little silent laugh as she motioned me quiet with her finger again. I let my hand slide between her legs and finally felt her moist lips touching my fingertips. I grabbed the crotch of her shorts and pulled them to the side, exposing her pussy for me to explore. I opened up her lips and let my fingers gently explore her wet pussy all while she carried on a conversation with her husband. This was getting so hot!

I decided to get up and sit next to her on the couch. I again, lowered my hand under her shorts and slid a finger gently inside her. My movements were slow as not to cause her any sudden jumps or yelps. I sat facing her and began fingering her slowly. Kelly would close her eyes and bite her lip as she tried her best to carry on a normal conversation with her husband.

"Yeah, that sounds good. Why don't we call them tomorrow and see if they can help us." she rambled to her husband as she arched back.

Kelly was dripping wet by now as she spread her legs wide giving me easy access. I couldn't take in any longer, and grabbed the top of her shorts and scooted them down under her ass and onto the floor. To see Kelly sitting there naked on the phone is a site that I'll never forget. I let my hands roam her body as I took in the beautiful site. I began stroking my cock as I sat inches away from her. My left hand stroked up and down my shaft as my right hand made small circles around her clit. Kelly's hand then met mine and she took over on my cock. She sat there talking to her husband and was now giving me a handjob. She had probably been on the phone for about 5 minutes total as this all took place and I didn't want it to stop. It seemed since she picked up that phone it gave us a weird sense of freedom. We were both hot and horny beyond belief now and there was no stopping us!

I put my hands on her hips and motioned for her to stand up. Not sure what she'd do, she followed my direction and stood up, still in mid-conversation. I sat back on the couch directly behind her with my cock pointing in the air. I grabbed her hips and guided her to sit down on my lap. I opened my legs and she scooted her ass down towards my cock. I stared at her beautiful round pale ass as she bent over and grabbed the base of my cock. I had no idea what her and her husband were talking about, but it didn't stop her from lowering herself onto my hard shaft. I wasn't sure if she was just going to sit and grind against me or if this was actually going to happen. I felt her wet and warm pussy touch the very tip of my cock. And then slowly, my entire shaft disappeared in between her ass cheeks as she lowered herself down.

I was completely inside of her.

I didn't move. I didn't thrust my cock in and out of her. Part of me was in shock and part of me didn't want to force any unintentional noises from Kelly as she spoke with her husband. I simply laid back on the couch, staring at her beautiful ass pressed against me and feeling her pussy contracting around my shaft. Her answers on the phone became short and precise. I could tell they were wrapping up their conversation and we were soon to be faced with no phone call blocking our inhibitions.

"Okay... I gotta go, I need to finish pumping. I'll talk to you tonight. Bye!" the phone call had ended and Kelly leaned forward to put down the phone.

Her ass bent over exposing my cock buried inside of her. It was incredibly hot to actually see her pussy stretched around my shaft.

"You naughty boy!" she said breaking the ice.

I didn't say anything and just watched as Kelly put her hands on my knees and began gyrating her ass. She was so wet she glided my cock in and out with ease. With my hands on her hips I began thrusting and syncing the rhythm of our bodies together. What began as some fun breast play had turned into complete lust between the two of us. This girl I had known since college was riding my cock in her living room, just pounding her sexy ass against me with a fast but steady rhythm. I then pushed her forward gently until her hands met the coffee table and I was standing behind her, fucking her at a faster pace. I saw drops of milk dripping on the dark wood of the coffee table each time her ass slapped against my stomach. Our moans were no longer discreet. My wife's friend was letting me fuck her doggy style with all my might and I couldn't believe it. Hearing her moans was something I never thought I'd hear. She pushed back forcing my deeper inside her with every thrust. I spread her cheeks apart letting her know that I could see all of her and watched intently as my cock penetrated her. Slow then fast, we enjoyed every second of it. I grabbed her hair and pulled it back towards me for leverage I continued fucking her from behind. Watching her ass shake with every thrust and watching the milk drip from her bouncing tits was bringing over the top. I new I was going to cum soon.

"Oh Kelly, I'm going to cum" I moaned to her.

"Come on my ass baby, come on all over me" she moaned back between thrusts.

Those words drove me over the top. I pulled my soaking wet cock from her pussy and began cumming all over her back and round ass. I couldn't believe how much she made me cum, but she was covered after multiple streams of cum covered her backside. I squeezed my cock and watched until the very last drop fell onto her ass. We slowly came to halt and only our heavy breathing could be heard.

I fell back onto the couch but only for a moment as Kelly asked for a little clean up help. She was still bent over so I grabbed some towels and returned to help clean her up. She walked to the bathroom to finish up the cleaning as I collapsed back onto the couch.

A moment later Kelly returns around the corner walking naked towards me. Such a sexy site to see. She had a clean towel which she used to clean the cum off of my cock. I just laid back and enjoyed her eagerness to help.

"Well, where were we" she said as she reached for the pump. "I'm too tired to get dressed" she said as she attached the pump to her nipple and turned on the machine.

I ended up staying another 15 minutes or so as we both sat naked on the couch talking while Kelly pumped her breast. Eventually, I told her I should be getting back to the office and I got dressed, gave her a big hug, a little kiss on the cheek and then made my way to the door. I turned around one last time to say goodbye and she just smiled and waved as she sat there naked on the couch with that magical machine attached to her breast.