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The Smith Family: Part 2 (Austin's First Lay)

After Austin loses his virginity, he is still dissatisfied. He still wants sex with his girlfriend.
Sandra grabbed Austin's hand and placed it on her left breast.

"Play with my nipple," Sandra said.

Austin did as she told him, and felt it get hard. He quickly realized what was happening and got into it, putting his right hand on her other breast and playing with that one too. He felt his cock growing in his shorts and precum forming, getting him even more excited.

"Go ahead. Lick them," she told him.

Austin was happy to oblige and shoved his face into them. He began to motorboat her then proceeded to kiss her nipple gracefully.

"Mmmmm. Ohhhh yeahh Austin. Yess," she moaned.

Austin, even more turned on, switching from a graceful kiss to a passionate french kissing and sucking.

"Ooohhh yess, Austin, Oh how I love that feeling. Let's continue with something else now," she said as she started to undress Austin.

First his shirt came off, quickly followed by his shorts and boxers, until he was completely naked. She grasped his cock, harder than it has ever been, and began to stroke it. Spitting on it to facilitate her hand job. Getting on her knees she started by licking the tip of his dick. She then moved to his balls sucking on them for a little before licking back up his shaft and putting the whole thing in her mouth. A blow job was nothing new to Austin, except the fact that it was Sandra sucking his cock and not Ali. Sandra. The mature, experienced woman who could do things he never dreamed of when he was with Ali. Her expertise caused him to build up his seed much faster than the few minutes it takes with Ali. Within seconds he felt like he was about to release his cum.

"Im coming!" Austin exclaimed.

But Sandra already knew. She was prepared. She pulled her mouth back and aimed his dick at her bare tits. In a matter of seconds it was over. There was cum all over her face and tits and she looked amazing. Sandra really knew her way around a man's dick.

"I am going to wash off in the shower," she said as she smiled up at Austin, "Care to join me?"

"Sure," he responded, still astonished of what just happened as she stood up.

He followed her into the bathroom and they hopped into the shower. At this point Austin had gotten hard again just from staring at her nude figure. The two naked bodies began to wash each other intimately. Stopping for the occasional kiss. During one of their kisses, Austin's prick was pressed against Sandra's wet, glistening pussy. He got even harder. Sandra then quickly grabbed his hand and shoved it on top of her pink velvet.

"Put a finger in," she said.

Austin did as she told him. With his index finger moving in and out, he used his thumb to massage her clit.

"Ooohh yesss. Mmmhmmm, yes Austin. That feels so good," she moaned.

Austin then placed his middle finger in also, causing the sounds of pleasure to get louder. Soon enough, the juices began to flow. Her liquid honey oozed out onto his hand. Austin got on his knees and, still rubbing her enlarged clit, he took his fingers out and replaced them with his tongue. He drank up all her juices. He then forced her legs open, getting his tongue deep into her beautiful hole of pleasure on the brink of orgasm.

"OH MY GOD!" she screamed as she began to shake and get weak in her legs.

Austin proceeded to lick and suck and kiss her soft, oozing pink velvet, not stopping is her body went out of control.

"That was the best orgasm I have ever had!" she said.

Austin, now even more aroused, did what was logical. He stood up, pushing her against the wall and began to slap the outside of her cunt with his prick. He teased her a couple times, sticking the head in, then quickly taking it out until he plunged with force and power deep into her pussy with his 8 inch cock.

"Mmmm. Oohhhhh yesss'" she continued to moan.

In and out he went. From balls deep, to barely having the tip in, then back again. With every thrust he gave, she screamed with more pleasure. With the jizz building up rapidly inside his huge dick he wanted to warn her.

"I'm about to blow my load, should I pull out!?" Austin exclaimed.

"No! I am on the pill and I want your cum in my hole!" she replied between moans.

Austin sped up, going faster and faster. He and Sandra climaxed at the same time and he released his fluids inside her. His seed dripped out as she finished her second orgasm. Austin was spent and Sandra was satisfied. The two bodies finished washing each other in the shower, continuing to make out between scrubs.

"How did you like that?" Sandra asked as they were stepping out of the shower.

"A lot. That was fantastic!" Austin replied.

"Well there is more where that came from in the next three and a half weeks while your dad is away," she said as she winked and walked out of the bathroom.

Austin walked to his room to get changed, imagining what was to come in the following days.

After changing, Austin just laid on his bed, looking at the ceiling, reminiscing his experience. Suddenly, Sandra poked her head in.

"I am ordering pizza, it should be here in half an hour," she said as she started to walk away.

Austin saw that she was not wearing anything and after a few steps, she turned back around.

"Oh, and you don't really need to wear clothes around the house anymore now that its just me and you," she added.

Amazed and excited, Austin just stared at her bare ass as she walked away.


When he heard the doorbell ring, Austin knew it was the food. He began to undress before he headed to the kitchen. As he walked into the kitchen, he saw Sandra pulling off her sun dress, again wearing no underwear underneath. The two, fully nude, bodies sat down and ate together, never taking their eyes off each other.


Almost a week had passed since Sunday. Sandra and Austin had had sex countless times during the week, fucking the shit out of each other at least once a day. It was Friday night. Austin and Ali were still very tense between each other from what happened that last Saturday night and he hadn't mentioned his thing with Sandra.

It wasn't until halfway through dinner with Sandra when Austin realized that he was spacing out and missed Sandra's question. After some time of silence, Sandra repeated her question.

"Are you content with what we have been doing together?" she asked for the second time.

"Of course I am," Austin responded, with a hint of doubt in his voice, "It's just that..." Austin fumbled for words, "It's just that I still want to have sex with Ali."

"Oh, that's quite understandable," she responded, "You know, I think you should talk to her about it again. Sex, I mean. Calmly and not forcefully this time, though. Just sit down with her, make her feel comfortable, and make sure that she has a damn good reason not to fuck someone as handsome as you. None of this "bad omen" bull shit. Get the truth out of her, then we will go from there," as she gave him a wink.

"Okay. I guess I can try that," Austin said as he picked his phone up and texted Ali, "Come ovr 2 my house. We need to talk..."


Ali arrived by 8:30 and they just started watching TV as usual. Scarcely talking for a while until Ali broke the silence.

"So... What did you want to talk to me so urgently?"

"Oh. Umm. Well, I wanted to discuss what happened last Saturday night," Austin replied.

"Oh, yeah. That."

"So I, uh, was wondering why you won't have sex with me. I don't believe any of that 'bad omen' stuff and I think it's time that we talk about what the real reason is," Austin said in a very composed way.

"To tell you the truth, it has nothing to do with omens, or the universe, or my body, or you. It has to do with experience, and, to put it bluntly, I have none," she responded.

Austin smiled. He knew what he could do.

"Well, my stepmom, Sandra, has tons of experience. She could teach you," Austin proposed.

"Eww. No!" Ali reacted with disgust, "She is so much older and she is your stepmom. Won't asking her something like that be awkward?"

"Not really," Austin responded coolly, "You see... We have actually been fucking for the past week since my dad left and you told me you didn't want to have sex. I had the problem of being a virgin and she helped me. She would be more than happy to help you too."

"WHAT!!! You fucked your stepmom? You cheated on me? How could you?"

"I'm sorry. You just wouldn't have sex with me and I only really did it because I wanted to be able to please you when we finally did fuck," Austin continued, "I love you Ali. I just want to make you happy."

"I suppose it is okay if you only did it for me, and I really do want to have sex, so I guess if Sandra could help me out that would be cool," Ali responded calmly, "When do you think we could arrange this. Her helping me get some experience, I mean?"

Then, a fully nude Sandra stepped into the room from the hall.

"How about now?" she plainly asked...

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