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The Teacher Gets Tested

Mike takes Becky…in the back of the school bus!
I can’t get Becky out of my head. Within hours of landing at LAX I’m on the phone with my realtor. It took but two days to ink the contract and get the sign out in the yard. I’m moving, and there is an urgency in me I’ve not felt in years.

Long before the house has sold the family and I are flying eastward. The five hour flight is the usual fare: the kids and I have a great time together and my wife doesn’t interact with any of us. By now I’m used to it but I can tell they are growing more and more perplexed by what they observe. Their eyes often betray that they are wondering what the deal with mom is. I’m looking forward to a new start for me and my kids.

It takes a little while to get us settled and unpacked but we’re finding that we really like the area we just miss our times at the beach. I’ve started the job, however, and it’s actually worse than I thought it would be. I realize that over the years I’ve become more independent than I first thought. I’m finding that I’m a guy who really needs his freedom and, unfortunately, for at least a season, it is gone.

It’s all worth it, I tell myself. I’m living here for one reason and one reason only: I want Becky!

I make it a habit to drop off and pick up the boys every single day. After all, junior high boys need daddy to do that for them right? Oh I know it’s only about a four minute walk to school but the dangers... Yeah right! I’m just trying to create opportunities to connect with my girl. It’s a challenge to make that happen with my schedule and employer. I just eat lunch about two hours after I’m already starving every day and it works. It’s not ideal. It’s not comfortable. But it’s what I need to do to try and see her.

It’s odd but I’ve seen Becky a few times now and she seems rather cool to me. I thought my kids were perplexed by their mom! Soon I start to wonder if moving here was such a great idea after all. Ironically it is Jeremy’s teacher Leslie who greets me very warmly with a big smile on her face every time I see her.

After nearly two weeks of frustration I finally meet up with Becky as she approaches me. I’m sitting out in my car in front of the school waiting for the boys. She walks over and hands me a piece of paper and says, “Text me!” and quickly walks away. By this time I’ve grown from frustration to being a little bit pissed. What in the hell is going on?

The first thing I do with her number is simply ask a question: “Are we alright?” I’m dumbfounded by her response.

“Oh yeah, we’re great!” she responds. “I can’t believe you actually moved here. I didn’t think you were going to. How did that happen? Did you get the perfect job offer?”

“No the job sucks,” I punch in the key pad.

“Oh, I guess I’m confused then…you just fell in love with the area?”

“In a way,” I quip.

“What does that mean?” comes her puzzled retort.

“I did fall in love with the area...the area between the top of your head and the bottom of your toes!” I type. It takes a full two minutes for her come back.

“Oh my! We do need some time then… Can you ditch work on Thursday?”

“I’m not sure, why?” I ask.

“Leslie and I are taking our classes to the Natural Museum…Maybe you could tag along, you know, another parental chaperon? At least we’d be close!”

“I’ll see what I can do,” I write while wondering what in the hell that would accomplish. I finally figured why not and asked the powers that be for the day off.


I’m riding the bus with my son and the woman I’m falling for is sitting just two rows away. The day is rather surreal. We need to keep our distance so no one can detect our mutual interest. There are a number of stolen glances as we walk the halls of the humongous buildings followed by a passing touch when I reach out and glaze her arm with my fingers as I walk by her on the way to the restroom. In a millisecond I can detect just how soft and warm her skin is. There is an electricity, an overpowering sexual tension between us that is screaming for release. I can’t believe how desperately I want her. I’m begin to wonder if this is all that will happen today, stolen glances and a growing passion that’s making me very uncomfortable in my slacks. I hope there’s more in store for us than this.

As the students break for lunch in the cafeteria she walks by and whispers faintly in my ear, “Wait until I’m out of sight then follow me!”

She walks from the dining hall and as soon as she’s gone I’m bee lining it for the door. I follow as she exits the building and makes the several minute trek up toward the bus. I finally catch her about 50 yards before she reaches it.

“What are you doing?” I ask as I walk beside her.

Just then she begins to slow down dramatically and grabs my arm, as if for support. “Just follow my lead babe,” she says quietly. I have no idea what she specifically has in mind but I love the way this woman thinks. Whatever it is, she’s got this all mapped out!

The knock on the windows of the bi-fold door startles the driver. He’s been reading the newspaper uninterrupted for nearly three hours now and he’s a bit startled. He opens the door, looking a little put out, puzzled look and all.

“I thought we weren’t leaving for a few hours yet?” he interjects as she stands there, still holding my arm.

“That’s correct, but it seems I’ve taken ill. Mr. Monroe has graciously offered to escort me back here so I can lie down in the back of the bus. Do you mind if I come in?”

“Heavens no sweetheart, you climb on in here,” the old guy says with genuine concern for her as he reaches out and helps her up.

“Mr. Monroe, would you mind terribly staying with me? I’m feeling increasingly feverish and am not sure where this is all going,” she says as she looks up at me, a wild lusty look in her eyes.

“Sure, if you need me I’d be glad to,” I say quietly and then turn to the driver. “Do you want to go take a lunch? It looks like I’m going to be staying here with her for the duration anyway.”

“That would be great if you don’t mind. Company policy demands that I stay with the bus for security reasons but, if you’re okay with it, I’m absolutely starving. Thanks! I’ll be back in an hour or so.”

“Hey, just take your time. We’re not scheduled to leave until 3:00. We’ll definitely be here when you get back,” I say and turn to look at my watch. I have until at least 1:15 and I’m going to make the most of every single minute till he returns. Just as the door closes I turn around and face the back bench where Becky was heading. She’s facing me now and has a giant smile on her face. She raises her hand and motions me to come back to her by curling her tiny index finger over and over again. I can’t wait to kiss her lovely lips for the first time.

I raise my hand to her face and, as I softly pet her cheek with my thumb, I tilt her head a little and bring my lips to hers. Talk about electricity! We act like starving kittens who’ve found a fresh bowl of milk. Our tongues are going wild and our hands are all over each other. She’s caressing my back and arms and I’m doing the same, only mine are wandering down to the juicy ass hidden under her skirt. Whenever I saw her walking today her perfect mounds had been driving me crazy and now they were captured in my hands. My cock pushes against her belly as I knead her firm flesh. I know she can feel how hard I am.

“What have we here?” she says playfully, rubbing the length of my shaft up and down through my pants while biting my lower lip.

“You said you were sick with fever,” I say as I turn her around to face one of the benches. “I fully intend to take your temperature and see just how hot you are!”

Becky moans as she hears these words. Apparently she is pretty hot! I raise her dress, exposing her perfect ass that’s covered by her sexy black boy shorts.

“My, my, look delicious!” I say as I bend down and take a swipe of her right ass cheek with my tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I so need you!” she purrs. I’m kneeling behind her now, my heavy breath falling on her tender skin. My heart is racing with anticipation. I haven’t felt this excited - or wanted - in years. As she stands in the aisle I lift her right leg up and place her foot down on the bench seat. From my vantage point I can see a dark spot on her panties where her pussy has dripped its’ savory juices. The muskiness of her moist folds is driving me to the brink of insanity. I move up and extend my tongue, forming a trail along her skin at the edge of her panties. It is moist and it is tasty and her body is reacting. Her breathing is slow and deep and exaggerated. She is practically panting now and my tongue has barely touched her skin. She’s hotter than any woman I’ve ever known.

“Do you like that babe?” I ask as I continue to lick her to the very brink of ecstasy. She gives no response save for a low moan. I look up to see her reaction and I watch in amazement. Her head is tilted back and she has unbuttoned her blouse. Her tiny palms are dwarfed by the massive mounds of flesh that were once in her bra and are now spilling out over her fingers as she cups them and squeezes her nipples. It’s one of the hottest things I’ve seen in all my life. I look around for something to help her. There’s a lunchbox that was left by one of the kids on the bench she’s resting on. My eyes widen as I look inside of it. A vegetarian I see...this will do nicely I think to myself.

I rise up a bit and, as my fingers pet along the folds of her panty-covered slit, I hook my front teeth inside the waistband on her hip. Slowly and methodically I pull her panties down her long, tan legs, moving from one hip to the other as I go, playing with her sex as I pull them all the way down. My mouth is leaving my own lustful drool behind on her hips and thighs. Her panting and moaning continues as her body builds toward a powerful release. She’s awfully close now as she groans in incoherent nonsense. Finally she says something I can understand.

“My purse, my purse, grab my purse!” she demands, her orgasm just about to overtake her body. As it opens it is obvious that she’s had this day planned out well in advance. There’s a five inch vibe and a personal lubricant. Based on how her cunny is flowing she’s got no need for any such help. Maybe it wasn’t intended for her honey pie I say to myself. Oh my, Becky is a nasty one...

“I don’t think we’re going to need that right now honey,” I say to her in an exaggerated deep voice. I push the napkin, salad and knife aside as I reach into the box and pick up the Italian dressing. She coos as I slowly pour a few ounces down her ass until it and her lips below are dripping in the sauce. I slip two fingers up inside her cunt and begin to work her box hard. She is seconds away from exploding as I begin to torture her.

“You like that baby? You look delicious...Do you mind if I have a taste?” I ask as I begin to lap from the base of her pussy up to her tightest hole. As soon as my tongue touches her rosebud all hell breaks loose. Her body quakes magnificently with an earth shattering, teeth-jarring orgasm. As my fingers continue to vigorously work her steamy box I reach for the cucumber in the other box. My tongue has pierced her hole just an inch or so when I pull it out to add some more dressing. She hasn’t really come down from her orgasm and, in fact, seems to be building to the next one as her hips join in a grinding motion.

“You like that girl?” I ask rhetorically as she builds to her second come. “Yeah, I don’t think we’re really going to need this vibe honey. I think we’re doing just fine without it!” I tease as I lick all around her sensitive brown eye. Just when she’s about to scream I suck the cucumber in my mouth to get it wet and position it at her rear hole. Her ass cheeks are still dripping with the dressing, completely covering our home grown toy. With a hard grunt Becky pushes back onto the vegetable cock and loudly screams out, attempting to mask some of the noise by biting down hard on the thick cotton Thompson Junior High sweatshirt gathered on the seat in front of her. It definitely helps camouflage what would have been a 140 decibel scream but I’m sure it could still be heard 100 feet away. I keep slicing her ass and pussy with the green cock and my digits until her body just gives out. Finally she lies exhausted over the top of the vinyl seat.

“Well, well, well, it seems my Becky is multi-orgasmic...” I say playfully as she struggles to bring some normalcy to her breathing. “I hope you don’t mind but I need some too!” I quickly strip and am about ready to position my cock near her steamy lips when she reaches her hand to my throbbing cock.

“Damn that was amazing...May I?” she asks and motions for me to come around to face her. “I want a taste first!” As soon as I am within striking distance she lunges her head forward and takes my drooling shaft into her mouth. She feels incredible! She is a master at oral and within a couple of minutes I am about ready to blow my load.

“I’m going to come, I’m going to come,” I say excitedly. “Let me take your pussy now!”

She climbs off the bench and falls to her knees in the middle of the aisle and resumes sucking me. She pulls my cock from her lips with a loud pop and says, “Oh you’ll soon have my pussy honey, but first I want to drink your cum down my throat!” As her hand feverishly strokes my cock she continues. “Fill me up Mike. I want it all!” and she swallows me again and doesn’t let up until I’m completely satisfied. My hips join in the action as I grab the sides of her head and fuck her mouth as hard as I can. She is unbelievably talented as she deep throats me until I’ve shot the biggest load in memory down her hungry and willing mouth. She takes every last drop with a gleam of pleasure in her eyes. As I finally release her head and slow down my thrusts, sweat is dripping from my brow and sideburns then down my face. I watch as it continually drops onto the lovely face of the beauty below me.

She doesn’t miss a beat as she continues to work my cock back to life. When I’m ready for round two she opens her mouth, showing off the empty cavity that minutes ago was filled to the brim with my thick milk. Then she seductively smiles at me.

“That was perfect,” she beams. “It was the best tasting cum I’ve ever had. But now I want you to fuck me with this!” she says and she slowly licks my cock from balls to tip.

I pull her to her feet and kiss her deeply. Her tongue is long and swirls around inside my mouth. We continue to kiss deeply and I can taste my own cum as I cradle her luscious ass in my hands.

As we break from the kiss I finally respond to her and simply say, “gladly!’

I check my watch and its 12:45. I figure we have at least 30 minutes before the driver returns. I bend her over the seat again so that she’s facing the back of the bus. As I kneel down behind her I place my hands on her ass cheeks, spreading them, lean forward and lap at the nectar of her cum soaked pussy. In no time her body is writhing again. It’s kind of hard to fathom that she’s already that close to another come. She’s like a sex machine. As I stand up I slide my hard cock through her wet lips and then begin to tap it on her clit, careful not to enter her. You can tell she loves this. I want her so bad I can taste it but in the back of my mind I feel like she wants something more...

Ah yes, I think to myself. I reach over and grab the dressing. Damn! Italian is definitely my new favorite! A generous portion is running down her ass as I slip my cock slowly inside the walls of her needy vagina. Her response is to die for.

“Damn, I love how you just take control. My husband would never dream of doing that. Fuck!” she cries out.

A deep, sexy moan escapes her lips as I penetrate her silky folds for the first time. She is so fucking tight I feel like I’m going to come immediately. I manage to roll my index finger in the oily mix and poise it at her rear entrance, just playing around with her puckered hole.

“Don’t do that, I really don’t like anal!” she says rather vehemently.

“You could have fooled me honey but hey, I didn’t like being ignored the last two weeks either!” I retort as I decide to ‘take control’ once again. I begin to thrust my hips forward, pounding my cock in and out of her cunt, as I slowly slide my index finger deep inside of her ass. You can tell she’s not crazy about ass-play but the sensations my cock is giving her dripping slit is beginning to make her forget that my digit is fucking her back door. It is obvious that her come is fast approaching as I witness the long, slow build in her body. She looks to her right and picks up the vibe and lathers it with her saliva and with great urgency places it on her clit. While I love how she has reacted to my cock inside of her it doesn’t come close to rivaling the sound she makes when she turns the vibe on. I’ve never heard anything like it as I grab her hips and begin to fuck her as hard and as rough as I possibly can. That’s all it takes as she screams out and her body trembles in a powerful, body wrenching orgasm. She’s contracting her sultry lips around my shaft, just begging me to dump my jism into her. In all my life I’ve never had a hotter, more pleasurable fuck and I haven’t even come yet. She is pulling her nipple so hard now it is sticking out an inch and a half from her heaving breast as she rides out her come for literally minutes.

I’m just about to shoot my cum inside of her when I hear the door open behind me. I’m almost there and after a brief second of debate I decide I’m not stopping even with Buford, or whatever his name is, watching us! My pace quickens so I can come, knowing the ambiance of the moment will soon be shattered. I hear his footsteps as our voyeur visitor rapidly approaches. Finally my cock releases its spunk, even as Becky continues to enjoy the world’s longest come. We are both screaming with eyes clenched shut, as we sense the presence beside us. What a great fuck...but now comes the awkward part.

As we begin to gather ourselves Becky and I simultaneously turn to our observer. We’re a bit shocked at what we see. Leslie is standing there, mouth wide open, scanning up and down our naked bodies. Buford would have been bad but this is far worse!

“Leslie, what are you doing here!?” Becky says frantically to her closest friend. “Please, please don’t tell anyone. Rob would kill me if he ever found out. I won’t do it again, I swear! I’ve learned my lesson. I know, I know, I could even lose my...”

Leslie cuts her friend off before she finishes. “Yes, you could lose your husband and your job. But don’t worry Becky, you’re not going to lose either. I'm not going to tell anyone. However, today you are going to learn something!”

As she reaches for my shiny cock she stares at it and licks her lips, watching it grow in her hand. “Today is the day,” she says as she looks up and over to Becky, “that you my friend are going to learn how to share!”

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