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The Teachers Learn How to Share

He turns the veiled threat into a good thing!
Leslie cuts off her friend - the one she has just caught fucking me in the back of the school bus- before she can finish her sentence. “Yes, you could lose your marriage and your job,” she says to her, “but don’t worry Becky, you’re not going to lose either. However, today you are going to learn something!”

As she reaches for my shiny, pussy juice coated cock, she stares at it and licks her lips. It’s growing long and hard in her hand. “Today is the day,” she says as she looks up and over to Becky, “that you, my friend, are going to learn how to share!”

In no time flat Leslie is on her knees, stroking my cock in her right hand while her left deftly unbuttons her silky blouse and attends to the front clasp on her bra. As her beautiful tits come into view a devilish smile spreads across my face. All I can think is holy fuck, now I have two beauties to play with! I look over at Becky and she has gotten up off her knees and is reclining naked on the back bench seat, just watching us. She slowly strokes her clit with her index finger as she pierces me with her smoky eyes. She looks so damn hot. However, my attention quickly turns back towards Leslie as her mouth completely engulfs my proud member. I watch her bob up and down on me, her expert tongue bathing the bottom of my cock with each passing stroke.

I plan to just sit back and relish the moment but then she unzips her skirt and pulls it down her athletic legs. This reveals her silky thong and tantalizing ass and I can’t bring myself to just lay there. As her hand slides into the front of her waist band, I can tell by the look in her eyes when she has arrived at her moist slit. I lean forward and reach for her rear. The need to feel this beauty is tremendous. As I rub her ass cheek a low moan escapes her lips. The sound of her need escalates as I snake my fingers down her crack and over her panty-clad pussy. I can feel her fingers diddling her clit inside the soaked fabric. I grab the blue satin and slide it down to her knees. I can hear her pussy sucking her fingers deep inside her cavern as her hips begin to thrust forward to meet them. I look over at Becky. Her legs are spread wide now and she’s working feverishly to get herself off again. She’s looking right at me while frigging herself. The whole scene, including her beautiful eyes that make my heart leap every time I see them, is captivating. She looks like she’s about to come for the fourth time this hour. Damn, what a sexy, lovely creature.

As Leslie’s body makes the steep climb toward Mount Orgasm, her lips remain enthusiastically glued onto my shaft. Her not so veiled threat to my lover Becky hasn’t set too well with me. Moments ago she acted as if she was in complete control, telling my lover what she was going to do and the consequences of her actions. I figure its time to retake control and so the bantering begins.

“Do you like that Leslie? Do you like sucking cock?” I tease.

She simply moans around my cock in response.

“Well I do think you should take me a little deeper don’t you?” I ask as I grab her hair on both sides of her head and really start to deep fuck her face. Even though she’s gagging she’s giving excellent head.

“Wow, you’re a wicked little thing aren’t you? Tell me, do you often finger your nasty snatch while blowing one of your student’s parents, right in front of your best friend as she lies naked in front of you? It seems we’re learning something new about you today aren’t we Leslie?”

Leslie’s hips are really fucking her fingers now as her body draws ever closer to its needed release.

“You’re beginning to realize just what a nasty girl you really are. And, at the very same time, Becky’s about to learn what happens to a naughty girl like you when she tries to put her nose in places that they don’t belong!”

The dialog, mixed with her fingers and her view of the gorgeous Becky fingering herself, has her panting now. Her body begins to violently quake as she slides right over the edge. She spits my cock out of her mouth so she can try to gather her breath. I watch as her body shakes uncontrollably from her massive come. This woman’s extremely vocal and damn is it sexy. So sexy, in fact, that Becky’s body can’t help but respond to her friend’s primal scream of pleasure. I watch as the clear fluid dribbles out of Becky’s spasming flesh as she joins her friend with her sexy moans. It is so fucking hot!

“And here’s what happens to a bad girl who’s in over her head,” I say as I smile at Becky.


The slap on Leslie’s ass immediately causes her body to shake, either in a brand new come or a prolonging of her first. I grab her hair again and force my cock back into her mouth. I’m actually a bit nervous as it slides in. Her body is so frantic I fear she might bite my dick right off. In spite of my trepidation I begin to really plow the depths of her mouth. I need to come so badly. I lean forward and smack her ass several more times as I rock into her warm cavern. It seems the stinging in her backside has created a stimulation in her loins that drives the need to come again. She takes my cock in hand and pulls it from her mouth.

“Fuck me; fuck me Mike! I need it so bad!” she pants.

“Oh the nasty girl is finally coming around is she? Do you promise to do as I say?” I ask while turning back and looking straight into Becky’s eyes and smiling again.

“Yes! Yes, I’ll do whatever you like, just put it in. I need a cock in me so bad!” Her arousal has almost made her delirious. “Give it to me now!”

I stand up and move behind her. She’s still down on all fours and we’re both facing the lovely Becky, whose naked body lies just beyond Leslie’s head. Becky is still playing with her swollen, dripping pussy through her labored breathing.

“Okay Leslie, I’ll fuck you. You just need to remember what you agreed to. Remember that you said, ‘whatever I like.’ ”

“I know what I said damn it,” she says with considerable frustration, “Just drive that thick piece of man-meat inside of me!” Her hand is still frigging away on her clit as another orgasm is fast approaching. I just about shoot my load at the sound of her erotic moans as my tip penetrates her hot, parted lips. “Yeah....yeah...that’s it!” she moans. “Fuck yeah, stick it in me. That feels so good!”

“Well I’m glad you approve honey,” I say with a hint of sarcasm in my voice. “Now it’s your turn to learn a thing or two. I’m not getting you off until you suck Becky to a nice hard come. So let’s get to it!”

“No way! I’m no fricking lesbian! I’m not doing that!” She literally spits out the words.

“I know you’re not a lesbian, any more than Becky is. What you both have in common however is the need to come. Just make her come and I’ll make sure you get yours too,” I say.

“I’ll say it again, and a bit slower for the mentally impaired, I’m not going to do that...ever!” she fumes.

Immediately my cock is pulled from her slit and I turn to Becky and point my pole straight at her.

“Fine! She doesn’t want it babe. Would you like another go at it?” I tease. Becky moans in response. “Move your fingers aside and I’ll fuck you good and hard baby!”

“NO!!!! You can’t do that! That’s mine!” Leslie screams at me.

“It’s only yours if you do as I ask. Now, do you want to come or shall I give it to your friend over here?”

Immediately Leslie cowers her head. You can sense the wheels turning as she debates just how much she needs a nice, hard cock inside of her. Finally, she’s arrived at a decision. Leaning forward with extended tongue she begins to lower herself down toward my lover’s clit.

“Eat it like you mean it you blackmailing little wench! Suck her good!” I bark as my hand grabs for the back of her neck and shoves her head forward. In concert with my pushing hand, my cock is tapping on her drenched slit.

“That’s it Leslie, eat it up! Wow, talk about putting your nose in places where it doesn’t belong, damn, I think yours is buried inside of her snatch honey!” I spew as I push her further inside Becky’s cunt, who is gasping in approval. Finally, and with great abandon, Leslie is heartily sucking Becky’s pussy toward another come.

“Stick your fingers inside her!” I direct. She repositions her body a little so that she can drive her right hand towards the moist slit. As soon as her two fingers slide inside of Becky’s cunt my cock once again invades Leslie’s pussy. It’s just a matter of minutes before all of us are going out of our minds, each on the verge of yet another come.

As my cock is about to shoot inside of her I reach for the salad dressing, catching Becky’s beautiful eyes again as I do. I nod and smile at her as I allow the cool liquid to dribble onto Leslie’s ass crack and down onto my penetrating stick. The added, cool sensation is enough to cause Leslie to begin to come hard. As I fuck her pussy she works her tongue and fingers in and out of Becky’s writhing body.

At the first sign of her come, while her body grows tense and contorted, I slide my oily thumb right inside of Leslie’s ass and start to fuck her back door too. I’m pounding her aggressively now in both of her needy holes.

“Remember,” I gruffly say, “from this day forward you are mine Leslie!” My cock begins to explode, shooting rope after rope of hot cum deep inside her pussy just as Leslie’s face is being washed over by Becky’s cum.

“That’s it, you dirty little girl!” I say as I witness Leslie nearly drowning in her cum-bath. “For now on I’m going to take you whenever I want. I’ll even feed Becky’s cunt to you if I feel like it! You will forever remember this day woman,” I warn as I smack her ass several more times.

”Yes! YES! YES!!! Holy fuck!!!! Leslie screams as she rides out her come, my hand continuing to pummel her ass. “I’ll do whatever you say. Just don’t stop fucking me!”

I don’t. I‘m still fucking her good, pounding her pussy with my cock, her tight hole with my thumb and her ass cheeks with my other hand. It’s one of the best fucks I’ve ever experienced. Finally I lower my body weight on top of Leslie’s back and as I do so I drive her face forward still so that it is completely smeared and covered with Becky’s creamy cum. We collapse in a heap, laying there for a few minutes, completely exhausted yet thoroughly satisfied. At least I thought we were...

“Damn, get off of me. You’re making me claustrophobic!” Leslie blurts out rather abrasively.

“Why the attitude honey? Didn’t my lovely pet have a nice, long come?” I ask.

“Don’t call me that; you sound as if I’m some sort of possession now. I’ll have you know, I’m a married woman. I belong to only one man!” she says with surprising venom in her voice, especially for someone who only minutes ago was so thoroughly enjoying herself.

“Hmmm. Well I thought I made myself perfectly clear honey. You will do as you’re told,” I respond matter-of-factly.

“Yeah right! I just said that in the heat of the moment. How did you ever think you could get me to...”

Before she finishes her thought she watches in confusion as I pick up my phone and she sees me manipulate the screen. Soon I’m smiling back at her as I press the ‘play’ button.

Yes! YES! YES!!! Holy fuck!!!!” blares out of the tiny speaker. It is soon followed by, “I’ll do whatever you say. Just don’t stop fucking me!” Then you can plainly hear Leslie sucking loudly on Becky’s soaking wet pussy and as both women moan until their bodies erupt in orgasm.

Leslie’s countenance falls even as her jaw drops. Her lower lip begins to tremble in a combination of anger and lust. On the one hand she feels betrayed but the audio is so fucking hot!

“It’s okay babe. Just bring your pouty lips over here and clean my cock like a good girl,” I say authoritatively.

As if in a trance Leslie leans down, taking my cock first in hand and then in her mouth. She begins running the length of my shaft with her tongue, drinking down her pussy juices and finally the cum from my slit. I look over at Becky and we smile at each other. The threats of her friend have been adequately suppressed.

“Today is indeed a memorable day,” I say to Leslie as I gaze into Becky’s beautiful, satisfied eyes once again. The world is as it should be I think to myself as my cock is being exquisitely taken care of by the beauty between my legs. Becky gets up off the bench and leans forward, joining her best friend by licking me, from my shaved balls all the way up the side of my shaft. As they meet at the tip the two women gaze into the other’s eyes and you can see the smiley lines out of the corners of their eyes. In unison they go back down and comb my cock again with their tongues.

“For today is the day that you learned not only how to share, but you also learned how to play nicely with others!”

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