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The Thorny Rose Part I


Dedicated To My Friend Sir_Jim

Jim looked down at Karen on her knees, sucking his cock. What a fuckin’ slut he thought.

They had gone out to a nice late-night dinner and he drove her to the house after, to fuck, and here she was with her lips wrapped around his hard cock. His left hand with a fist full of her blond hair was pushing her head down, lodging his entire cock in her throat, gagging her. Her body was tight, with perfect tits, small waist, an all over tan, and a sweet little ass. She looked so fuckin’ hot bent over with her tits hanging down as she looked up at him with his cock in her mouth. Her pink nipples always hardened like small diamonds when she was sucking him and that shaved cunt of hers was dripping wet.

“That’s right Karen, take it…….take it all, you fuckin’ whore.”, he ordered as he held her still by pulling her hair and controlling her movement as he pumped his cock in and out, forcing her to spittle and drool as he thrust it past her gag reflex.

Just then the phone rang. Aw fuck he thought. I’ll just ignore it and let the fuckin thing ring as the familiar click of the answering machine could be heard, and then the slurred “Hello? Hell..llo? Jim you there? Jim…Jim pick up the phone, I need …a ri…ride” was being recorded. Shit, its Mom again. Staring down at Karen as she was deep throating his cock like the good girl and cunt she was, he sighed and pulled her head off his hard cock.

He walked over to the table and grabbed the phone. “Mom, what the fuck? I thought you were on a date.” He cursed into the phone as it stopped the recording since he interrupted the message.

“I was, but now I’m at th ..the bar and ne..need a ride. Will you come ….get me?” She was practically incoherent in the receiver.

This wasn’t the first time, shit it wasn’t even the fourth or fifth time anymore that his mom had done this. Seemed almost every few weeks he was picking her drunk ass up at the bar to bring her home. Tonight especially he wasn’t in the mood for this shit. He shot a look to Karen still kneeling in the same spot and cursing that his mom called and killed the mood to fuck his bitch.

“Better get dressed babe, I gotta run you home and then go get Mom.” He reluctantly grumbled to Karen.

She stood up and put on her sexy black bra, lace thong panties, and shimmied into her tight black dress that showed off her delectable curves. She was already wearing the black patent come-fuck-me pumps while kneeling at his feet. Karen really was a hot piece of ass and was one of the best cocksuckers he’d experienced so far in all of his twenty-five years of living on the planet. So he was definitely royally pissed-off that his mom cut into his action tonight. Not to mention the fact he’d have to drive into the City to get her, which was a pain in the ass from out here, in the burbs, where they lived.

Jim wasn’t even in the mood to have Karen suck him off in the car on the ten minute drive back to her apartment. He dropped her off and headed in the direction towards the City to get Mom.

His mind drifted and reflected back on things. His mom, Nicole, wasn’t really his biological mom, but to him she was as close as any birth mom could be in his book. She wasn’t always the drunken cocksucking whore she seemed she was transforming into since Dad’s death five years ago. God knows how many cocks she’d sucked and maybe fucked this past year, but it was lot fuckin’ more than just a few, considering how many times he’d driven to the bar to pick her up.

He was driving but not really paying attention to the route and seemed to be on auto-pilot on the freeway. He thought back when he was six and Dad married Nicole after the divorce from his real mom, who basically abandoned him when they went their separate ways. Nicole took to bonding with him right away and treated him as if she’d given birth and was his natural mother. It never occurred to him to call her Nicole instead of Mom. The three of them were like the fuckin' Cleavers and it was almost sickening how they were such a happy, close family; how much she loved him and Dad. She raised him from a small child, embracing the role, and was more a mom to him than some of the fucked up mothers that were even somewhat abusive to a few of his buddies while growing up.

His mind suddenly skipped ahead to when he was sixteen and already sexual. In fact, his first experience was at fourteen banging some senior cheerleader in the backseat of her car that her parents bought for her. He was a freshman at the time but already he was taller than most in his class and definitely not a gangly or awkward looking teen. At fifteen, he was good enough to play varsity football and it was like a chick magnet being on the team. He was fucking girls as easily as opening a bag of Doritos. By the time he was sixteen he’d even graduated to fucking college girls in their dorm rooms after the games.

It was around this time in his life he started noticing mom in a different way, as a woman, and a good-looking one at that.

Mom and Dad were always openly affectionate with each other; kissing and hugging or cozying up on the couch to watch t.v. Dad loved to swat or pinch her ass as she walked past him and she would do small, subtle things like brush up against him with her breasts when he was doing something like cooking or taking a phone call. To please dad she would often wear sexy, low-cut blouses and tight skirts or form fitting jeans that hugged her figure. Mom was a shoe whore and had a huge collection of high heels that she’d wear with her outfits even if it was just around the house. He rarely saw her in simple sandals and never flip-flops. Her hair was reddish-blond and long to the middle of her back and her body was in great shape, considering she was nineteen years older than him. She had nice tits and a round ass with a decent pair of legs that looked pretty fine in those heels of hers. To him she looked fuckin’ good, considering the moms he knew of when he’d visit his buddies, all frumpy and beat-down looking, like the life had been sucked out of them. Mom’s blue eyes always seemed to sparkle, and when she laughed, which was often, her entire face lit up.

He always tried to ignore Mom’s appearance when she’d glide up to the dinner table as he was snacking on something from the fridge after school. When Mom would get up to open the fridge to get a cold drink to join him, it’d make him shift slightly in the chair because of his instant hard-on. Looking at her luscious ass as she was reaching in for a bottled water gave him the single thought of bending her over the fuckin' table and pounding the shit out of her. She always took time from her day to sit a few minutes and ask about his football, his buddies, details about his latest conquest or girlfriend. It was hard not to notice her tight nipples pushing against her blouse or t-shirt when sitting there chatting away with him oblivious to what it was doing to him. Fuck, he wanted to suck on her tits and bite those nipples. Then, right before she’d leave the table to resume to her usual routine and daily business, she’d squeeze his hand and give him a smile and a wink, which would turn his already hard dick into granite.

In bed, on nights he wasn’t out with the guys, playing football, or screwing some girl, he would stroke his cock and think about what Mom looked like naked in the shower or fantasize about her sucking his cock. It never failed; the image of his mom on all fours in the middle of the bed as he mounts her from behind and fucks her hard and deep in her wet cunt, made him jack-off in his hand almost instantly.

Shit, the exit Jim realized, as he cut across two traffic lanes on the freeway before he missed it and would have had to turn around.

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