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The Thorny Rose Part II


Dedicated To My Friend Sir_Jim

The Thorny Rose was only a few miles away from the exit and right at the edge of downtown. Not completely seedy, but not situated in the upscale part of the City either. It was a typical bar that mostly catered to regulars and locals.

Most likely it was the same story as all her other previous dates, if you can even call them that. Always the same fuckin’ scenario he thought. Mom excited that a man wants to take her out and show her a fun night on the town. Guy comes by the house to pick her up and is immediately impressed that she’s dressed up and looking so hot. Then… dinner at a decent restaurant, where Mom proceeds to load up on a couple of drinks. This of course leads to her reminiscing about Dad and basically being a fuckin’ downer to the guy, so the only way he can salvage an almost total fuckin’ waste of his time, is to get sucked off by her, probably in his car, and drop her at the bar, where she’s become a regular of sorts.

Jim pulled into the parking lot and looked around. Not completely empty tonight, but of course it was a Friday night. He was so over all it all and feeling pretty done with this shit. His irritation and flashes of anger, mixed with his unsatisfied horniness and lust for her, was building fast. He could picture his mom sucking that guy tonight and his cock hardened with the mere thought of her swallowing cum, his cum. Tonight Mom wasn’t just going to get a lift home from him. Even though he knew where Mom was coming from, he had enough of this bullshit, and when he dragged her out of this bar, she would earn her ride. So with that in mind, he clicked the car alarm remote and walked up to the entrance of the building.

Sure enough, she was sitting on the stool, nursing another Grey Goose and cranberry. He approached her and did a once over. She was definitely fuckin’ sexy as hell in her tight, black short skirt, with her low-cut halter style blouse that showed her ample cleavage and of course, wearing her trademark of late, the cum-fuck-me black pumps. Her age only really showed when she drank. Her eye makeup was a bit smudged and her lipstick was slightly smeared, most likely from the blow-job she must’ve given the bastard who dumped her here. The lines around her eyes seemed etched in her face and the most tell-tale sign of her state of mind was evident in his mom’s lovely blue eyes that once sparkled, and now seemed deadened and sad.

“Jim, you’re HERE! I wanna go home Jim. Will you take me home?” she slurred. Her glassy eyes gazed at him in almost a blank stare. Her breath reeked of alcohol and Jim could tell that she tied more than a few on tonight. Some “date” nights were worse drinking binges for Mom than others. Obviously, this was a “worse” date night.

“Come on Mom, time to go.” Jim said with an authoritative voice. He grabbed her upper arm and pulled her off the stool.

“But I gotta pay…. fir my.. drinks.” She garbled almost unintelligibly. Where the fuck did the bartender go? Jim wondered as he quickly looked around and saw no one that even remotely looked like an employee, let alone Matt, the usual bartender on duty.

He was getting more provoked by the minute with this situation and wanted to get the fuck outta there. “Mom, we’re going, NOW!” Jim fished in his wallet and threw a couple of twenties on the bar to cover her tab. The customers in the bar watched with intense interest but Jim didn’t give a shit at this point. He was digging his fingers into her arm and dragging her behind him as he sauntered out the door with her in tow. Mom almost twisted her ankle on the gravelly parking lot as she was stumbling behind him. She was barely able to walk in those fuckin' heels drunk and it was nearly impossible for her to stay steady on her feet on the lot’s uneven surface.

When they got to his car, Jim leaned against the driver side door and pulled his mom in front of him to face him directly.

“Jim, open the door, I want to go home.” Mom pleaded. Jim just stood there, giving his mom a penetrating stare. She was a drunken whore and he was rock hard.

“I’m sick of getting your fuckin’ calls to come here and get you. I know you’ve become a cockwhore. You wanna a ride and I can give a part of Dad back to you. There’s a way we both can feel better about this fucked up situation. ” He stated.

“Take off your blouse and bra” He instructed.

His mom, too drunk to fully register that her stepson just demanded she remove her clothing, pulled her blouse over her head and unhooked her front-clasp bra. Her beautiful breasts spilled out and were illuminated by the lot lamp post the car was parked under. Jim could see his mom was aroused. Her nipples were extended and taut, begging for attention. Mom looked so unbelievably hot and so very fuckable with her breasts exposed to him and he reached out and squeezed them. Her tits were firm and perfect in his hands. Jim pinched her nipples and rolled them between his thumb and forefingers. When he gave them a good hard twist and pull, she gasped.

“On your knees Mom” Jim commanded, as he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down before him right there in the fuckin' lot.

Jim could give a hell if anyone walked by and saw his mom topless and kneeling at his feet. His cock ached for relief and he couldn’t wait to have his mom taste his cum.

He had her kneeling on the hard gravel in her bare knees, and before she could even think about protesting, he unbuttoned his jeans and his hard, rigid cock sprang free. He grabbed her long hair and gathered it up in a tight pony tail and shoved her face into his cock.

“Suck it good Mom” Jim demanded.

Her knees were probably getting scraped and cut up but Jim didn’t care. All he cared about was her moist, full lips sealed around his stiff cock. He guided her mouth to the head of his cock and pushed her head down his meat, all the way to the base, driving it down her throat. His mom’s eyes closed and she moaned as she took his cock inch by inch deep in her mouth.

“Look at me when you suck my cock.” He growled.

His mom immediately closed her lips around his entire cock and feeling his hard length slide in and out between them was fuckin’ incredible. Their eyes locked and hers glistened from the tears that pooled and now streaked slowly down her cheeks. Jim held her hair so tight in his left fist, his powerful arm muscles flexed hard, as he controlled her head movement and slowly thrust in her fuckhole. She was making slurping sounds with drool escaping out the corners of her mouth, coating his cock with her saliva. All the years he fantasized about his mom sucking his cock like a fuckin’ cumslut and here he was, in the parking lot of a bar, finally living it out. Watching his mom’s hungry mouth devour his fat cock and seeing her eyes tear up because it was wedged in her throat, almost pushed him over the edge. He plunged deep, abusing her throat and choking her.

“Tell me you like sucking my cock Mom.. ……..Say it!” Jim barked, as he gave her a piercing look when he momentarily popped his cock out of her wet, wanting mouth.

He yanked his mom’s hair that was coiled around his hand ruthlessly hard. Normally, a sober bitch would wince, but she was drunk, and he probably could’ve pulled a chunk of hair out of her scalp without her batting an eye. He jerked her head up waiting for her answer.

“Ye..yes…Jim, I like sucking your cock.” She said in a breathy and hoarse tone with small coughs intermixed as she was in-taking as much air in her lungs as she could.

“You are such a good cocksucker; a fuckin’ slut; MY slut.” Jim sneered, as he grabbed the sides of her head to immobilize her and keep her in exact position when he arrowed his cock in deep and fucked her mouth, hard; pummeling and battering her throat with his engorged cock.

He wanted to cum and shoot his big, creamy load. She was gasping for air, wanting to breathe. He eased up a bit so she could take a breath and then thrust again, forcing her to swallow his whole cock, and holding the back of her head still and pressing it forward, making her take it all the way to his balls.

She was struggling for air and Jim gritted his teeth, sucked in his breath, “Fuuuuuuck” he groaned, as his body tensed when his cock pulsed and his hot cum spurted, what seemed like gallons, down her throat.

When his mom finished milking every drop of his seed from his still throbbing cock, he encircled his fingers around the base of it and slowly eased out of her mouth. He tucked his cock back in his jeans, but didn’t bother to button the fly, figuring a good cock massage was in order for the ride home.

He wasn’t nearly done. This was just the warm-up session. He fully intended on using her more when they got home. After all, his biggest fantasy was yet to be fulfilled, and he’d be damn’d if tonight wasn’t the night he’d finally bend her on all fours and fuck her dripping cunt from behind.

Jim let go of his mom’s long hair that almost resembled, that “I’ve just been fucked like a cheap trailer whore” look, and pulled her up to a standing position. He leaned down and picked up her bra and blouse laying there next to her feet; held on to her elbow and led her to the passenger side door, opened it, and gently pushed her into the car. He of course, was hopeful she wouldn’t puke on the way home. It had happened before when he’d have to pull over the side of the fuckin’ freeway so she could throw-up. Jim walked back around the car, got in the driver’s seat and he turned to look at his mom. A satisfied grin crossed his face. Damn his mom could deep-throat his cock as good, or maybe even better, than his slut, Karen. She really was a sexy and whorish lookin’ woman sitting there almost hooker like, with just her skirt and heels on, her hair tangled, make-up smeared, and her knees all scraped up.

Jim reached over and tweaked her left nipple. He started the engine, put the car in reverse and said, “we’re going home now Mom.”

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