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The Thorny Rose Part III


Dedicated To Sir_Jim

He merged onto the freeway, heading home. Jim extended his right arm while his left was managing the wheel, and pulled his mom’s head down right onto his cock. She was a willing and eager slut, leaning over him with her hair fanned all about her and her magnificent tits smashed on his knee. Damn, it wouldn’t take much sucking for him to get hard as steel again. He couldn’t drive home fast enough and race inside to fuck her brains out.

Her warm, wet mouth felt so fuckin’ good on his cock and he threaded his fingers through her hair, “such a dirty whore, sucking your son’s cock” he said, encouraging her to suck with more enthusiasm.

She was bobbing her head up and down his shaft, slobbering all over it; alternating between taking him deep in her mouth and then licking up the shaft and tonguing the head of his cock. Mom wrapped her fingers around the base and as she increased her pace, she stroked his cock in rhythm with a slight twisting motion as she laved and rolled her tongue on the tip and rim of his cock. God, his cock never felt so fuckin’ good!

Mom was doing her job well, and he was hard as a fuckin’ rock. Thank God the exit was approaching. Luckily, their house was less than ten miles from the freeway. He wasn’t sure he’d even be able to open the front door quick enough before wanting to take his mom, bend her right over the hood of the car, in their driveway, and plow his cock right in her yearning and soaked cunt.

Jim turned the corner, pulled into the driveway and turned the engine off. His mom was still sucking away not even paying attention that he had stopped the car and they were home. He tugged his mom’s hair, lifting her greedy mouth off his stiff cock and made eye contact. Mom gave him a slight smile, with spittle dripping off the edges of her lips. Her nipples were pebbled and looked like tiny mountain peaks. It was evident that she was horny and craving his cock. He released the seat lever, reclining it all the way back and pulled his mom on top of his lap with her legs straddling his thighs.

“You want your son’s huge, hard cock Mom?” Jim asked. No reply. “Answer me!” he snarled.

“Yes” she uttered, as she turned her head to face away from him.

“No Mom” Jim stated, as he squeezed her throat with his right hand, applying the needed pressure to rotate her head back to compel her to directly look into his eyes.

“Tell me want your son’s hard cock to fuck you” he demanded, as he twisted her left nipple hard with his free hand, while still holding her throat, to prod her to respond appropriately.

His mom let out a small moan and he felt her cunt gush her pussy juices all over his cock and trickle down her inner thighs.

“Yes, I want my son’s hard cock to fuck me.” She barely whispered. Jim wasn’t entirely sure she comprehended what she was saying since she was still out of it and pretty loaded, but he could give a fuck. He was going to use her till he was satiated and spent.

He let go of her throat and Jim mashed her breasts together. He grabbed her tits with both hands and pinched and rolled her distended and fat nipples between his fingers making his mom flinch, yet at the same time, she pressed her body into his and ground her hips on his cock. He hungrily latched and suckled on each nipple with his mouth, like a starving baby nursing from his mother. Jim was bruising her breasts from the hard sucking and biting on her sensitive nipples and he loved the visible evidence on her soft skin. His mom clutched his shoulders and she looked so fuckin’ sensual and erotic with her head thrown back and small moans escaping from her lips.

Jim lifted her hips, moved the red silk thong panty to the side, and impaled her on his swollen cock in one motion, quenching her needy cunt with his steely length. He filled her entirely and deep inside as her cunt walls closed in, and enveloped his cock in her steamy hot channel. His mom sucked in a breath when he invaded her and he dug his hands into the sides of her hips as he rocked her up and down, ramming her with his cock and assaulting her fuckhole over and over again. Mom’s fingernails cut into his shoulders, her thighs quivered, and her cunt walls contracted. Her breath turned ragged and Jim could tell his mom was close to a mind-blowing orgasm so he pushed her down on his cock, wrapped his arms around her back to hold her still, and stopped thrusting as the ripples of her climax were taking hold.

“Cum for me Mom; all over my cock. I wanna feel you cum” He quietly commanded in her right ear.

She screamed out her orgasm as his mom spasmed and bucked when it surged and crashed into her, like thunderous waves through her entire body. Fuck Yeah! Jim thought, as he felt her convulse in his arms and watched her in the throes of a shattering climax. She shuddered as the tremors were leaving her and Jim clenched his teeth, and with animal lust, lifted her hips and mercilessly slammed her down on his cock in quick, rapid pile-driving thrusts. The car windows were steamed up, and Jim was covered in sweat from fucking his mom; pumping his cock in and out of her with powerful strokes; his hips lifting off the seat. Mom’s tits were bouncing and swaying to the relentless pounding and his thighs tightened with the telltale tingling burn in his balls.

“Get ready for my cum Mom. I’m gonna fill your fuckin’ cunt” he rasped.

Jim held his Mom’s hips steady; “Fuck”, was all he managed to grunt, through gritted teeth, as he came; jetting his creamy load deep inside his mom’s drenched cunt.

His mom collapsed on his chest as she heaved heavy breaths from the hard use her cunt endured from Jim’s cock hammering into her. It took a few minutes for Jim to catch his breath too, and they just sat in the driver’s seat of the car until they both regained a calm breathing pattern.

He raised her off his cock and pushed her into the passenger seat. Jim opened the car door and got out and looked down at his cock covered in their cum. A smug smirk crossed his face and he couldn’t wait to get inside and have her clean and suck his cock till he was hard and ready to fuck her again. He walked around and opened the passenger door and Mom almost tumbled out. He grabbed her arm to keep her from falling onto the cement driveway. He held onto her elbow and in a brisk pace, led her to the front of the house, turned the lock and opened the door.

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