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The Thorny Rose Part IV


Dedicated to Sir_Jim


He put both hands on her shoulders to steady her and nudged her along the hallway into her bedroom. He pushed her back against the wall and stepped back facing her.

“Take off the skirt and panties but leave your shoes on” Jim instructed.

His mom unzipped her skirt and because it was so form-fitting, she had to remove it by raising it over her head. Next, she stepped out of her thong panty one leg at a time, almost tipping over from being intoxicated, when she tried to slide it over her heels.

Jim leered at his mom and took in her glorious naked body all for him to fuck and use at his will for as much as he wanted tonight. He grabbed her arm again and flung her with her back landing on the bed and turned her body so her head was hanging over the side upside down with her long hair touching the carpet. Jim left her laying there and walked to his room and opened his dresser drawer to take out his camera and came back to his mom’s room and placed it within arm’s length on her nightstand.

He approached and leaned down over her and put his hand over her shaved mound and dipped his fingers in her cunt coating them in their sticky and slick cum. “What a good slut Mom; always wet, always ready” he voiced.

Jim then slid his hands up her body to her tits and played with her nipples by teasing and rubbing them with his fingers in tiny circular motions. His mom wantonly writhed and rolled her hips. She let out a seductive cry and bit her lower lip. Mom was acting like a cat in heat; completely feral and uninhibited.

Jim stood upright, kicked his shoes off and removed his already unbuttoned jeans and t-shirt. Naked and holding the base of his partially erect cock he approached her, “Clean my cock dirty cumslut. Make it hard Mom so I can fuck you again.” He ordered.

Her mouth opened wide and he fed his mom his half-hard cock for her to suck and clean off their special mixture of cum and sweat. She emitted soft moans as she laid there with her mouth like an open gate accepting his cock for entry. His mom’s mouth didn’t move but was just an open portal for Jim to pump his cock in and out of. He slowly pitched his hips forward and then back with his legs straddled. Jim thrust his cock deep in her throat then retreated slightly without extracting his cock entirely out of her saliva filled fuckhole. Small muffled popping sounds from the suction her lips created as his cock slid in and out between her tight seal, sounded much like a cork being popped on a champagne bottle wrapped under a white cloth dinner napkin. The intermittent groans and occasional “fuck” Jim echoed, resonated in the room.

Jim reached over to the table and grabbed his digital camera. He looked down at his whorish mom sucking his cock like a fuckin’ prostitute and aimed the lens on her face with his cock wedged in her throat and stopped thrusting so he could snap a few photos. This was a night he would never forget and he’d be damn sure his mom would be reminded. After taking some pics of Mom’s mouth being face-fucked, Jim tossed the camera on the bed.

Mom looked so fuckin’ tore-up yet so fuckin’ hot at the same time with his cock lodged in her mouth; it was quite a paradox. Her hair was tousled and tangled, her makeup streaked from tearing up multiple times as he slammed his cock down her throat choking off her air. Her look almost resembled a DUI mugshot photo, like the kind plastered on internet newsfeeds after an arrest of a sexy movie star.

When Jim was hard again he guided his cock out of her mouth and said, “Good job whore, now get in the middle of the bed on all fours.”

His mom raised herself off her back and scooted to the middle of the bed and got in position. Jim got behind her on his knees and pushed her shoulders and head down flat on the bed.

“Grab the headboard” Jim directed.

His mom extended her arms and she gripped the slats of the headboard. Jim lifted her hips and he smacked her ass cheeks hard, sending her a clear message not to move. Holding her still using his palms on her ass, he spread her cheeks and arrowed his fat cock at her sodden and dripping cunt. Jim stuffed his mom in one single thrust and she encased his cock like a blanket swaddling a baby; all snug and warm.

Jim’s head was buzzing from the feel of mounting and fucking his mom from behind just like the image he jacked-off too so many times in his life. He tightened his hands on her hips to keep her immobile and in rough, even strokes he pounded her cunt. Jim’s balls were slapping against her ass and his thigh muscles flexed as he fucked her like an animal. Not gentle love-making, but raw and primitive as he plundered her cunt like a battering ram bruising and enflaming it as he drove into her.

His mom lifted her head up and turned to glance behind her, “Uh…Uh….Jim, Oh Jim, fuck me! Yes….you feel so good!” she panted and pleaded as she tried to grind and back her hips into Jim, goading him to ride her even harder. Jim pushed her head back down and shoved her between the shoulder blades to send her upper body and the side of her face, planted, flat onto the bed, “down and shut it bitch” he sneered.

He didn’t want a word or groan uttered from his mom, he just wanted her body to serve as his slut and cumdump, and to feel his cock sheathed deep in her pussy. Jim also clued in the fact that his mom was sobering up and was now aware that she was being fucked like a cheap whore by her son, but powerless to stop it. Jim was pumping her sore cunt like a sledge hammer and fuckin’ loving every minute of it.

The camera was right near his left knee, so he grabbed it and looked down at his cock buried deep in her cunt. Jim snapped multiple pics of her ass and of his rigid shaft fucking her hot hole.

When Jim felt he documented enough, he put the camera down and slammed his cock into her like a mallet. Mom was gripping the headboard with white knuckles from the onslaught of Jim’s hard use and trying to muffle her whimpering sounds. He threw his head back and closed his eyes as he knew he was about to cum and dump another load in his mom. Jim slowed his pace and backed off the thrusting to a minimum.

“You want my cum Mom?” Jim asked in a terse tone.

“Yes Jim, I want your cum, ….please” she stifled.

Jim flexed his muscles and his thighs tensed as he poured his cum deep in her cunt filling her womb. He heaved his head and his sweat covered chest onto her back as his cock still pulsed inside her. His mom’s arms went limp and her breathing turned shallow. Jim realized that she had passed out cold with his sticky cum still oozing out her cunt and making a wet spot on the blanket. He extracted himself from her body and got off the bed; camera in hand. Jim leaned over her and brushed her hair away from her face in loving, gentle touches, kissed her on the cheek, and whispered “sleep good Mom”. Oddly enough, she let out a contented sigh even though he knew she couldn’t consciously hear him. Jim picked up the comforter that was askew across the bed and draped it over her nude body and closed her bedroom door behind him.

The morning sun shown through the bedroom window bathing the room in light and Nicole clenched her eyes tight and rolled away from the window. Too late; turning over did little to help the throbbing, pounding headache.

She threw the cover off her body and assessed the damage. Fuck, I feel like shit she thought. She was sore everywhere and had noticeable bruises on her breasts and a dull ache in her cunt. When she threw her legs over the side of the bed, she couldn’t help but notice the scrapes on her knees that were covered in crusted blood. Nicole felt like she went through a meat-grinder. She had some vague memory of last night, least of which getting drunk, again, and most likely calling Jim to pick her up since she awoke in her own bed. Funny, she seemed to recall more about Jim than the usual ride home but it was hazy and a blur in her mind like a blender whirring in her mind. The room was still kind of spinning and she knew from the slight nausea she was feeling that she was having a wretched hang-over.

Coffee was indeed in order along with motrin to try to knock the screaming headache out. Nicole stumbled in the master bath and looked in the mirror. What a train wreck she noted, as she saw her fucked up hair and makeup that had streaked and dried on her face.

First a hot shower to get cleaned up. Nicole got the shower going and jumped in, lathered up, and cleaned her body and washed and conditioned her long hair. She stepped out, dried off, put her favorite robe on and wrapped the towel around her head. She brushed her teeth since the filmly taste and booze breath was making her even more sick, and then padded to the kitchen to get the caffeine pumping in her tired veins.

Thank god Jim started the coffee and had the pot on timer, Nicole noticed. Where was he this morning? She pondered. Jim must’ve had a fishing charter gig this morning for him to be gone this early in the day, as Nicole glanced at the microwave clock that displayed 8:12am. She poured herself a cup of coffee in her favorite mug and headed for the couch in the living room.

When she reached for the t.v. remote she saw the family album sitting on the coffee table. That’s strange, Nicole thought, the album hadn’t been pulled out in years. Last time she could remember was right after Dan’s death five years ago and her and Jim sat at the kitchen table like old times and talked and looked at family pictures of all them together; swapping stories of their shared memories as a family.

On closer inspection, Nicole saw that the album wasn’t open to pages she recognized right off the bat. In fact, the album was open to the last couple pages and the photos were graphic in nature. A gasp escaped her lips as she looked and saw that the pictures were indeed of her sucking cock and of her ass with a hard cock penetrating her cunt. Her hands shook as she flipped through the two pages of snapshots taken of her in various stages of being fucked. The last photo was Jim holding his hard cock in a full frontal nude shot and there was no mistaking in Nicole’s mind who she sucked and fucked last night. When she tried to replay the events in her mind, the fragments started to piece together of what happened and the pictures served as vivid reminders.

Nicole closed the album and put her feet up on the coffee table, took a long sip of her coffee and smiled.

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