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The trip home

Some people are just destined to join the club!
As I got of my taxi cab, I was dreading the flight back hometo California. Not so much because I was headed home, but instead, because of how long the 6 hour flight from Boston was going to be. I quickly make it through baggage check and approach the seating area to wait for my flight when out of the corner of my eye, I notice you standing there behind the counter. You seem to be about 5 feet, 7 inches with dark, wavy brunette hair dropping just past your shoulders. Your size D breasts make quite the impression in your firm fitting uniform that hugs your tight waist with your skirt dropping off just above your knees, leaving anyone with an imagination to wander in their thoughts. As I finish looking you up and down, I notice that I’ve been caught staring at you lustfully. You let out a semi-devilish smile, almost as if you dare me to start something on this journey home.

Next thing I know, the boarding call announcement is made and everyone at the back of the plane is requested to approach the gate. I check my ticket and notice that my row has been called. Finally, I’ll be able to speak to you and examine your beauty closer. As I stand in line, I notice you glancing up ever so quickly, each time stopping at a different part of my body. By the time I’ve approached you, I can tell your starting to get curious about what sort of fun you could have with me – either on the plane, or in your room in California.

“Your ticket, sir?” you ask politely, staring into my eyes lustfully.

“Here you are.” I respond as I hand you my ticket, noticing that you have the most beautiful green eyes, and thick lips.

“Thank you, Steve” you say as you hand my ticket back to me, informing me that I’ll be in the last row in front of the stewardess’ area.

As I make my way back to my seat, I can’t help but wonder what you’re thinking. We’re you an interested member of the mile high club, or just a sex deprived young 20’s something looking for an adventure? As the last of the passengers boarded, I noticed you walk through the door and start heading for the back of the plane. You make your way past my seat, brushing up against me and apologize for accidently bumping into me. As I read between the lines of your motion, I can sense the flirtatious ride home that I’m about to have. Finally, after what seemed like hours, the plane is ready to begin taxiing for takeoff.

Once in the air, I notice the seat belt fasten sign dim, notifying the passengers that we can freely move about the cabin. I take this quick opportunity to go use the restroom. As I go to stand up, you step into my way, allowing me to bump into you.

“Oh gosh! I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you!” I exclaim embarrassed that I’ve encountered this situation.

“It’s quite alright, Steve, it was my fault.” You respond, trying to downplay my embarrassment.

“No, no, I should have been paying more attention as I got up.” I say awkwardly, unsure of how to actually respond to such a gorgeous woman.

“Would you like a drink?” You ask, shooting me a shy smile.

“Sure, I’ll take some Dr Pepper and rum.” I respond, hoping you’ll be able to produce the mixture.

“Perfect, I’ll have it ready in a few.” With a wink, you turn around, allowing me watch your firm ass as you walk towards the back of the plane.

As I watch you, a bulge begins to grow in my pants, which I know will be frustrating to deal with for the next few hours as I play a sexual game of chess with you. A few minutes later, you return with my drink in hand and some napkins on which to place to my drink. I thank you, and carry on about my business as you continue to take care of the other passengers. Once you’ve walked away, I notice that I have more than a fair share of napkins under my drink. I lift them up and notice that one of them has a note written on it.

I couldn’t help but notice the rather excessive bulge in your pants as I offered you your drink. If you’re interested in getting seconds, watch for me to use the rear restroom across from you during the flight. I’ll leave the door open, and be ready to go.

- Susie

Just seconds after finishing the note, I catch you staring back at me with lust in your eyes, and I can’t help but grow another inch or two in my pants. I’ve grown so stiff; I’ve had to readjust myself several times. You manage to take note of my actions, and you begin to grow wet at the thoughts you’re having of sex with a random airline passenger. Finally your stewardess duties are done, and you settle into the rear of the plane, allowing your panties to soak as you think about what you’ve caught glimpses of. Another half hour rolls by, and you finally decide that you’ve had enough of playing the waiting game with yourself and proceed to the restroom. I notice you enter from across the aisle as you discreetly close the door, now waiting for my move. My dick hardness a little more inside my pants and I begin to pulse with excitement as I proceed to stand up and head for the lavatory where you’ll be waiting for me.

I open the door to the lavatory, and just as you promised, you’re waiting for me, ready to go. You’ve got your skirt pulled down past your ankles, with your vest and blouse unbuttoned, displaying those marvelous D breasts under a light blue lace bra. I look down on the ground, and notice the matching panties sitting there, laying across the skirt. Horny and in a slight rush, you waste no time unbuttoning my dress shirt and kissing me as I fumble to get my pants unbuttoned and down. Finally my pants drop to the floor, and in no time at all, you’ve got my rock hard dick in your hand as you stroke it, preparing it for your moistened pussy. Quickly, you position yourself so that you can take hold of my dick in your mouth, and you begin bobbing your head, licking all my pre-cum off the tip of my dick.

“Sit back up on the counter.” I instruct you, as I go to push my dick into your waiting pussy.

As my head enters through your tight lips, you let out a light gasp.

“Oh Steve, your dick is so thick!” You quietly moan in my ear as I start to push my shaft further into your shaved pussy.

“I’ve been waiting for this since I first saw you at the airport.” I respond, panting.

You then position yourself on the counter top so that you’ve got your back against the mirror, allowing me to put my dick as far into your pussy as it can possibly go. I let it stretch you out, as I’m able to tell that it’s been quite some time since you’ve been pleasured. Once you’ve gotten comfortable, you start to be me for more.

“Faster Steve, please!” You beg, to which I respond to your request by picking up my pace, with each thrust getting harder and harder until I’m nearly pounding into you loud enough for a passerby to hear.

As I continue to thrust into you, our panting picks up, and we both can’t help but start letting out slight moans as we work in rhythm together to bring one another to spectacular orgasms. Finally, after a few minutes of thrusting as fast and hard as the space allows, I can feel your body tense up.

“Steve, I’m about to come all over your dick!” You moan loudly as I feel a warm juice cover my dick, allowing for more natural lube.

Giving you second to rest, I pull out. As you wait for your pussy to stop throbbing, you manage to get into a position again and have my dick down into your throat in no time. You begin to fuck my dick with your mouth, much like I fucked your pussy. In the interest of time, we both decide that we can meet up in your hotel room later, and decide to finish me off with a blowjob.

“Susie! I’m about to explode in your mouth!” I exclaim.

I see your lustful eyes look up at me, begging for my warm cum to hit the back of your throat as you drink it. Finally, I can’t hold myself together anymore and let out a rather loud moan as I shoot load after load into your mouth, hitting the back of your throat. As I finish my last pulse, you take your tongue and swirl it around my dick, running it gently over the tip of my head to soak up any last remaining drops of cum that may exist.

As we both get dressed, we gently kiss one another, egging each other on for another encounter, but next time, with a longer time frame.

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