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The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living!

The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living!

Never let morals stop you doing what's right!
Carol was glad to be back home in her cosy box bedroom. It was tiny, but it was hers and it was private. It had been a long day, she spent all morning and all afternoon sitting her last exam. She was tired, but excited about going to Cyprus.

As soon as she got in she kicked off her sandals, feeling the soft luscious shag pile carpet between her weary toes. Carol removed her dress over her head, untied her hair, and sprawled herself across the bed. She sighed as she lifted her bum to peel off her sodden knickers. She flung them across the room, as if they had weighed her down. She was lying stark bollock naked, her freshly painted toes and nails gleaming. The 38c natural tits bouncing around as she manoeuvred.

The sodden knickers were a regular occurrence, whenever she was under pressure or thought about Mr. Bardon, the local Police Constable. Carol was once cautioned by Bardon on a drinking spree, but nothing serious.

Carol reached over and grabbed the local supermarket brand of baby lotion, smothering her tired feet, thighs, arms, and stomach. She needed a substantial amount on her bushy mound, she was soaked already but the cold lotion cooled her twat, sending untold sensations through the nerve endings into the medulla.

Carol slid her two middle fingers into the dripping succulent minge, stroking her cigar butt nipples with her other hand. The lotion, combined with her own fluids made a squelching noise, as the sweltering heat played havoc with her mind.

Carol couldn't stop imagining being across Bardon's knee, knickers around her ankles, skirt lifted up, as he slapped her arse mercilessly until it was red hot.

"I promise I'll be a good girl from now" she squirmed, as she fantasized about Bardon spitting on her arse heavily and then gently massaging the saliva into her orifices.

Carol arched her back as the fantasy was beginning to bear fruit, her twat squirted heavily onto the crisp white bed linen as she visualized the burly officer of the law administering justice, with his thick tool in her tight anus, his chubby round face smiling through the curly blonde moustache.

The climax, together with the humidity, sent Carol into the land of nod. She slept peacefully, only to be awoken by the rapid knocking on her door.

"Time to get ready Missy!, you'll have to get a move on" exclaimed mother...


Frank and Vanessa were a lovely elderly couple, retired Physics and Mathematics teachers from Carol's school. They had invited Carol over to their villa in Cyprus at their expense, now that Carol had officially left school.

The taxi ride to the villa was short and pleasant. Frank looked gorgeous in his sun kissed complexion, he was six foot tall, had grey hair and a neatly groomed silver beard. He always smiled radiantly through his beautiful white teeth. The elderly gentleman always sent tingles down Carol's spine.

His wife Vanessa was a lovely mature lady, with silvery grey hair, a size eight well toned body, which contrasted elegantly against Carol's size fourteen.

Carol was made to feel completely at home by her gracious hosts as they waited on her hand and foot, Vanessa's heels clicking loudly on the stone granite floor. Carol's gaze was transfixed on the open air swimming pool with the adjacent cocktail bar, a far cry from her inner city housing estate.

Carol joined her hosts after changing into her peach coloured bikini, her voluptuous arse and tits spilling over the seams; the puppy fat refusing to budge, even though she was an adult.

The prickly heat, the exotic cocktails, the ambiance, all helped Carol to drop her insecurities as she splashed about in the pool, allowing her beautifully Lilly white flesh to reveal more than usual. She kept trying to compose herself , but secretly, she was hoping that Frank was enjoying the view, especially since he was paying for everything, and the fact that Frank was mesmerizingly gorgeous, helped too.

Frank and Vanessa had to see someone in town briefly. They told Carol to use the villa as she wished, that included the use of their personal computer.

Carol thought that this would be a good time to check her emails. She was about to shut down when she noticed a folder "Carol." She double clicked the icon and blushed slightly when she saw the contents: a collection of video clips of young voluptuous girls masturbating, all caught on hidden spy cameras.

"Dirty old devil!" Carol smiled wryly, secretly being turned on by the fact that Frank was wanking over her.

Carol decided to have a rummage around in her host's bedroom before they got back, there was nothing unusual about the satin silk undies, stockings, and frilly nighties. There was a collection of expensive state-of-the-art vibrators, dildos, and other posh sex toys.

The contents of the folder and the bedroom sent Carol into a playful mood; she pondered on the idea of keeping her bedroom door open at night while touching herself, hoping that Frank might catch a glimpse.

Her scheming mind kept working mischievously, even through dinner that evening. The finest food and sparkling wine, combined with the heat of the night, left Carol feeling merry and joyful.

The three of them exchanged gentle kisses as they bid goodnight to each other. Carol wasn't drunk, just intoxicated with being in the company of a gorgeous old man. She disrobed herself in the dim lighting, her knickers were soaked through, her thighs like an oasis in the desert, wanting to quench her thirsty traveller.

She lay stark bollock naked with the door open, fingering her twat vivaciously, silently calling out for Frank. Carol's majestic bust heaved, the nipples wanting to burst into his mouth, her toes curled up in anticipation,the volcanic eruptions beginning to stir as she found herself in oblivion; oblivious to time, oblivious to her surroundings, oblivious to her own self.

Her bliss was only slightly interrupted by the warm flesh sliding against hers, the wet lips kissing her down to her naval, kissing the inner thighs, the tongue being inserted into the succulent aromatic cunt, the rapid flicking of the clit, the teeth tugging at the labia, the heavy spitting into the twat, the fingers inserted between the toes, all serving to take Carol into the plateau of non return.

Carol's back was arched, head swaying side to side, as she barely made out the clickety click of heels on the stone floor, approaching towards her.

Frank stood next to Carol, in his satin silk panties, tights, suspenders, garters, and chemise. His high heels replicating the sound of his wife's heels. Frank kissed her affectionately, as Vanessa continued to eat Carol out. The kiss seemed to suck the life out of Carol. She fumbled slightly as Frank fed her his thick cock, sliding it in and out of her mouth lovingly, as the head went deep into her throat and back.

Carol took large gulps, milking the hand crafted prick, her larynx feeling his foreskin, feeling the strata of veins, as Frank began to swell up in his former student's mouth.

Carol took the 'volcanic ash' of spunk all over her face, as Frank's dick was now replaced by Vanessa's bossy cunt. Frank slid between Carol's drenched thick thighs as he began to plunder the thick bushy beaver....


Theoretical exams are sat at school; practical exams are sat everyday!...

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