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The Volunteer: Part 1

Teacher helper.
During my college days I attended a small liberal arts college in rural Virginia. During my junior year we were required to participate in two days of community service. I really was not looking forward to it, but fortunately it led to this story.

I was assigned to a local elementary school, where I spent two days helping out in a first grade class. It was obvious the kids could use some extra help. The school wasn’t as privileged as the one I went to growing up in the suburbs of a big city. Surprisingly, I ended up enjoying it and seeing the kids continually make improvements. I ended up going back for two more months until the end of the school year.

When I went back to school for my senior year I got in touch with the elementary school and moved on to second grade with some of the students from the year before. They put me in touch with a teacher named Catie. She responded enthusiastically to my first email to her and asked me to come in whenever I had free time, which wasn’t too often with the seventeen credits I had.

I remember the first time I laid eyes on her. She was about five foot two inches and roughly one hundred and ten pounds. Her body was great. She had small perky tits and shoulder length dirty blonde hair. Her fashion was perfect, very up to date and always attractive. She was so cute and immediately a little flirtatious with me, which at first I thought may have just been her personality but with time I would learn otherwise. She was a great teacher and the kids absolutely loved her. Although she wasn’t my teacher, she certainly brought back my teacher fantasies from my high school days.

After class we would go back to her classroom and get it ready for the next day. That was when things got exciting. She would come close to me, telling stories about her family or college days when she met her husband, who was the school's PE teacher. I listened while thinking to myself how even though she was in her early thirties she acted like she was just a college girl and a good looking one at that. Knowing that her husband was just down the hall in the gym kept me from letting my thoughts go too far down that college girl vision, but I could only control myself so much.

About one month after starting the volunteer work it started to get fun. One afternoon she was putting books away in the class library while talking to me across the class room where I was simply entering grades at her desk. She squatted down, in order to reach the lowest bookshelf, staying on her toes and slowly lowered her tight ass just inches off the ground. If she was planning on teasing me it worked because as her pants pulled tight I got a perfect view of her thong and smooth tan lower back.

Then, continuing the conversation, she walked over to me asking if I knew anyone on the club combative team at my college. She was curious because her husband, Bret, was the assistant coach. Apparently, he had been telling her he wasn’t able to work out at the practices, rather he had barely the time to just coach.

She told me with a tone of disappointment, “Last night as I was getting out of the shower he walked into our bedroom with his gym bag filled with sweaty clothes. I just wished he would stop going to the gym and start coming home early to spend some time with me. For goodness gracious, he could have showered with me instead!”

As she finished saying that she leaned onto the edge of the desk and slid her hand over to mine.

My heart started to race, in a stumble I told her, "We shouldn’t be doing this, especially here, anyone could walk in.”

With that we both looked over to the door. “It’s locked and no one can see us from this angle," she said.

She slid behind me in the desk chair and began to caress my shoulders, it felt amazing. I looked to the door and she was right, I couldn’t see into the hallway and no one could see in. My dick was growing in excitement. I turned to face her and we smiled at each other as we both knew this had been what we wanted but had avoided it for all too many weeks.

“But what about Bret, doesn’t he have the key to open it?” I asked, slightly worried.

“He has bus duty. It’ll take him another thirty minutes to even get back to his office," she told me, anxiously waiting for me to completely submit to her actions.

I put my hands on her hips and stood up. I leaned in for my first kiss with her warm luscious red lips.

Pulling away I told her, "I’ve been waiting for you to make it clear you wanted this nice young cock, finally I can give it to you.”

We continued to make out and my hands began to massage her small perky tits. She returned the favor by stroking my rock hard cock pushing against my jeans.

She abruptly pulled back, breathing heavily. Under her moans she said, "I want it, sit down and let me suck it.”

At that point, I should have stopped, but I was thinking with my other head and dropped to the chair behind me. I frantically undid my pants as she magically took off her bra from underneath an otherwise loose blouse. I lowered the chair as low as it could go and then pushed her head down onto my raging hard seven inch cock.

It was one of the best blowjobs I had ever gotten. She used her hands just the right amount to stroke my shaft and rub my balls.

“Suck it baby, stroke it fast, faster,” was all I could whisper to her as I tried to keep the noise down in the class room.

She kept going slower and deeper. I could hardly control myself from coming right then. I reached down to caress her tits and hold back her beautiful blonde hair, attempting to keep my mind occupied with how sexy she was and last a bit longer.

I whispered to her, “Ah, I’m going to cum Catie,” as she moved her head up and down with her right hand on the base of my cock and her left slowly massaging my balls.

Then, as I quietly moaned, I ejaculated four huge ropes of cum deep into her throat.

“Oh my god Travis, that was incredible," she said to me while slowly wiping a few escaping bits of cum from her lips and licking them off her fingers.

I quickly got up and pulled up my jeans while she teased me with her sexy little body by completely dropping her blouse off her shoulders and putting her bra back on.

Then she said, with a huge smile on her face, “You better get going, Bret will be finished with bus duty soon and we’ll be headed home then. See you Thursday.”

With that wink in the back of my mind I waited till Thursday. I could only imagine how much further this would go.

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