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The War Diaries:Part 3

Jack and Dot reunite after the war.
My wife Maria and I had taken to reading Dad and mom’s love letters in the bedroom. They had become so deliciously naughty that, after a while we just had to give in to our own carnal desires, more often than not, mimicking what we had just read. It seemed as if all we did was eat, sleep, read….and fuck!

We had read through the rest of 1943, amazed that my father, Mr. conservative, had virtually fucked his way across England, and after the invasion of June 6, 1944, had continued to follow his cock across the French countryside, liberating countless girls from the heavy foot of their German occupiers and introducing them to ‘le Coq Americain‘. After a particularly hot session where she put on a peasant blouse and I donned my old army uniform, Maria and I settled down again to reading more letters. This one dated October 10 th , 1944.

Dear Jack,

You are such a naughty, naughty boy! Taking advantage of those young , innocent French girls. Especially the ones that like you to fuck them in the ass! When you get home, you simply must show me how its done! I can’t wait to feel you pump that warm cum deep inside mine. Jane wants to know if she can watch! (She’s almost as wicked as you are!)

Just the other day, she came home with a new toy. She called it a strap on! It looked so deliciously dirty! It’s made of leather, kind of like underwear, in that it fits over her hips and around the cheeks of her ass. The best part is in the front, though! Instead of a panel covering her pussy, there’s this big, black, rubber dildo, sticking out, just like a huge cock. I got wet just looking at it! She told me to be patient! Then she kissed me, slipping her tongue into my mouth, running it across my teeth before I sucked it in. Her hands were all over me, making my nipples hard and needy. I led to the bedroom, where I did a little striptease. Sitting on the bed, I could see the lust in her eyes as I slowly revealed my breasts, and then my pussy. Jane excused herself and headed for the bathroom. After only a couple of minutes, she emerged wearing her toy. She looked so sexy, her hips swaying, breasts bouncing, and her rubber cock pointing at me.

We embraced again, her lips to mine, her nipples and mine rubbing gently together, and her cock nestled against my pussy. Jack, I was sooo hot! I wanted to feel it deep in my cunt, Jane and I, arms entwined kissing deeply as she fucked me senseless! I fell back on the bed, spreading my legs, pussy glistening with anticipation. Jane crawled up my bed, dildo aimed right at my cunt, kissing my breasts, sucking my nipples, making me wetter still. My pussy throbbing in anticipation! God! I wanted that cock lodged deep inside me! I know it’s not yours, but until you come home and lay claim to my cunt with your cock, it will have to do. I begged her to fuck me with it! Teasing me unmercifully, she finally shoved it in me. Oh fuck, Jack! It felt so good as she lay on top of me, thrusting her hips, filling me with that hard thing. I thought I might pass out! She was sucking on my lip, her nipples and mine rubbing together, moaning into each others mouths, the dildo sliding so deep that it bumped my cervix. The pleasure-pain was unbelievable! I came so hard! The bed was too wet to sleep in!

When I asked Jane if I could use it on her, she just smiled and said, :“I thought you’d never ask!” She led me to the couch, took it off, and asked me to fuck her “like a bitch in heat!”

“How?” I asked. “I’ve never done anything like this.”

She helped me put it on and bent over the couch, spreading her ass cheeks. Reaching underneath, she opened up her pussy and said, “Push it in here, just like dog would do!”

Aiming the hard rubber dildo at her swollen, wet cunt lips. Moving my hips forward, I was surprised at how easily it slid inside her. Arching her back, she moaned as I filled her with it. Slick with her juices, it pulled out as easily as it went in. I thrust again….and again. She reached back, grabbing my hands, pulling them to her pendulous breasts. “Fuck me, Dot! Make me cum!” she groaned as we established a delicious rhythm.

The feel of her stiff nipples against my fingers and palms, the pressure against my clit with each deep penetration, the music of our bodies slapping together, brought us both quickly to the brink. Pulling my left hand from her breast she guided it to her clit. I strummed it lightly as she babbled on about how good it felt. “Ohhh! Yes Dot! Don’t stop! Oh yesss! Oh God yes!” Burying her face in the pillow to muffle her cries, she orgasmed. Her juices ran down her legs onto the couch cushions.

I hadn’t cum yet, so she rolled onto her back and invited me to sit on her face. With her tongue deep in my crease, and her nose buried in my muff, I came in no time, drenching her with my essence.

I can’t wait until you get home Jack! I want to taste you, feel you inside me!



Dad’s next letter didn’t arrive until well after the new year. It was dated February 3 rd , 1945.

Dearest Dot,

It’s been quite an adventure over the Christmas holiday. I can’t tell you exactly where I was (the censors would take it out), but, I’m sure you’ve read all about it in the papers. My unit got overrun, and I was separated from it. I was able to find shelter in a farmhouse nearby. The farmer, his wife, and their daughter, welcomed me like I was some sort of hero. The German‘s were everywhere! I couldn‘t get back to our lines, even if I knew where they were. Rolf and Elfie hid me in the attic with their daughter, Annike whenever the German‘s showed up. We were up their for most of one day, while a German patrol looted the kitchen. Annike was just 16. Pretty, blonde, small breasted, but very curious. At one point a German soldier looked into the attic. We hid, huddled together under a blanket, until he left, satisfied that there was nothing there worth taking. In broken English, Annike asked me to kiss her. Since the war started there were no boys around and she wanted to know what it felt like. I put my hand under her chin and pressed my lips to hers. Holding her there, I opened my mouth, letting my tongue swipe over her lips. She responded by opening her mouth and letting my tongue in, swirling around her teeth and then our tongues met. It felt so good! She moaned into my mouth. When I finally broke the kiss, she smiled and said, “More!” and kissed me again, this time her tongue was deep in my mouth.

Rolling over onto my back, I pulled her down on top of me, my hands dropping to her breasts. Since she wore only a thin blouse and no bra, I could feel her pointed nipples against my palms. I could also feel my stiffening cock as it pressed against her belly. She unbuttoned her blouse, letting my hands feel the warmth of her bare flesh. She was so pretty in a young, innocent way! I felt a little awkward, taking advantage of such a young, innocent girl, but it felt so good, that I didn’t stop. Pushing her up to a sitting position, I gazed at her breasts, and smiled.

“Small.” she said holding my hands against them.

“Yes, but pretty!” I replied as I leaned up and kissed one, letting my lips surround her areola and my tongue swirl around her nipple. She moaned again, holding my head to her chest. I gently suckled for a minute or so before kissing my way to the other. She rocked gently, like a mother does a feeding baby. The taste of her nipples was making me hard.

“You will fuck me. Yes?” she said, rather matter-of-factly.

“But what about your parents?”

“They would rather, I have American baby. Not German.” she answered.

“You’re awfully young. Have you ever….”

Smiling, she said, “Fucked? No!” and putting her hand over her panty clad pussy, added, “Virgin!” Before I could protest, she leaned over and kissed me hungrily, grinding her crotch against mine. It was very difficult to think rationally, and in no time my brainless cock had convinced me to keep having fun. She obviously wanted it, so, what the hell, why not!

Still suckling on her ripe, young breasts, Annike sitting in my lap, my hand drifted up under her skirt. She started babbling in Flemish as my fingers caressed the warm, damp cotton covering her virgin pussy. Her legs opened up, giving me better access. My fingers slid under her panties, combing through her bush.

Pulling me from her nipple, she kissed me passionately as my fingers slipped just inside her. Her musky scent filled the small attic space, making my cock twitch in anticipation. “You want me, no?” she whispered between kisses.

“God, yes!” I answered back, pushing my finger deeper inside her, making her moan more. Pulling my ginger out, I smeared her juices around her clit, before bringing the slickened digit up to her lips. Opening her mouth, she sucked the finger clean .

“More!” she said, guiding my finger back to her cunt, urging me to continue. Rolling off me, she lay back on the blanket, legs splayed, lips open and glistening. “Fuck me, now, Jack! I want your baby!”

Pulling my pants and boxers down to my knees, I crawled on top of her, the head of my cock nestled in the thicket surrounding her slit. She moved her hips upward and I slipped inside. She was so tight, I didn’t think I would fit! She sucked my tongue into her mouth, moaning as she lay there, my cock partially inside her, my helmet up against her maidenhead. I thrust my hips, breaking through and sinking in up to my balls. Her cry of pain was muffled by my tongue. We lay there, still for a minute, getting used to my cock filling her up, stretching her out. I kissed away the tears of pain, telling her how fantastic it felt being inside her, of being her very first.

Slowly, she began to move underneath me, my hardness slipping out until only the head was lodged inside her. I pushed gently forward, filling her up again, feeling the velvet softness of her cunt as it caressed my cock. “So big! So good!” she moaned as she kissed my neck. “Fuck me Jack!”

My strokes became longer, deeper, faster. Her hips moved to meet my thrusts. She urged me to cum deep inside her, fill her, breed her. I could feel the end coming and I told her so. Her answer was to pull my head to her breast, my lips surrounding her turgid nipple as I grunted, spewing ropes of cum deep in her cloying cunt..

Out of breath, I collapsed on top of her, my cock firmly lodged in her ripe young cunt. Her hands caressing my head. We lay there until my cock shrank and popped out, still leaking my seed. I rolled off and looked down at her ravaged pussy. It was leaking a frothy pink mixture of her honey, a little blood and my cum. She picked up a rag, and wiped us both clean before we got up to return from the attic, the Germans now gone. She leaned up to kiss me and told me “I will call him Jack!”

“And if it’s a girl?” I asked.

“Jacqueline!” she answered smiling.

I was there for about two weeks until American troops drove through, and I had to leave. We must have fucked every day, sometimes twice. She was bound and determined to have my baby.

Forgive me?



Moms last letter was dated May 5 th . She wrote,

Dearest Jack,

Of course I forgive you! I want you home, safe, in my arms as soon as possible! But, just so you know, I had a little tryst of my own. After all it’s only fair since you have sown your oats, that I should do the same, no?

Jane and I went to a bar Christmas Eve, intent on celebrating. There was a young man there who sat next to us at the bar. It seemed that he had no one to go home to that night. Jane suggested he come to my place, winking at me as she issued the invite for me. His name was Roger and you should have seen the look on his face when Jane mentioned that I didn’t have anyone to spend the night with. She told me to have fun, and left.

Roger and I had a couple of more drinks and walked to my flat. Once inside the door, I don’t know what came over me, but I backed him against the wall, pressing my breasts against him, and feeling his growing hardness as my hips rubbed as well. We kissed deeply, his hands cupping my ass. “Roger. You want a drink?” I asked between wet sloppy kisses.

“I only want to drink you!” he said, as his hands went up under my skirt. Pulling my panties down , his fingers grasped my ass cheeks again as we slowly danced our way to the bedroom. Letting go of my ass, his hands were up under my blouse, feeling my breasts through my bra. Then he pushed me down on the bed. My skirt flipped up, exposing my glistening pussy. I could tell by the look on his face that all he wanted to do was press his tongue into my cunt!

Practically ripping my panties off, he spread my legs and knelt down, kissing my thighs, closer with each touch of his lips. “You smell so fucking sexy!” he said as he got closer and closer. With my thighs draped over his shoulders, he pushed his face into my pussy, his nose tickling my clit as he moaned into me. Jack, it had been so long since I’d felt a man, I just couldn’t stop! I grabbed his head with both hands and pulled him into the soft, wetness of my cunt. I could feel his hot breath on me, his tongue diving in and out, his moans as he licked the honey from inside me. I came almost immediately! I was so ready to fuck him, Jack! I needed his cock buried inside me! I begged him to fuck me! He said, “No!”

“What do you mean, No!” a asked.

Looking up from between my legs, my juices smeared all over his smiling face. “Not no.” he replied. “Just, not yet!” And he returned to sucking on my clit. I squirmed, wanting him to shove his cock in me, but he just kept on eating my pussy. I felt his fingers slide inside me, as he continued to tease my clit with his tongue. I came again! Still he wouldn’t stop! His two fingers were flexing inside me, scratching at the walls of my cunt, making me buck as he continued to nip and nibble at my clit. “Please, Roger! Fuck me! Fuck me, Please?” I pleaded with him, trying to pry his face from my pussy.

“If you insist!” he said, as he stood up, shucking off his shoes, pants, and underwear.

There he stood, with a monstrous cock pointed at my cunt. It was huge, Jack! I’ve never seen one that big before! Grabbing it, he aimed it at my aching pussy, smearing my juices on the head before pressing it forward. It was so big Jack, but it felt so good as he slowly sunk it deep into my needy cunt. His hands were all over my tits, kneading, pulling, twisting my nipples. His cock filling me, stretching me, such exquisite pleasure pain! I came again, my cunt milking that gorgeous cock. Finally, he came too, filling me to overfull with his warm cum.

My thighs were drenched, my cunt drooling as he pulled out, his member shining in the candlelight as he fed it to me, painting my lips with our combined fuck juices. I opened my mouth wide, to accommodate his head. We tasted so good! I’d forgotten just how much I loved the taste of cum! And mixed with my own flavor just made me hungry for more. So I sucked as much of him into my mouth as I could while stroking that magnificent member. He grabbed my head, feeding me his meat, until, with a grunt, he filled my mouth with a flood of his warm sperm. I smiled at him, letting his juices drip from the corners of my mouth, down my chin, and onto my breasts.

“I need more!” he growled, pushing me back onto the bed. Ignoring my protests, he entered me again, fucking me roughly, stretching my cunt as he rammed into me. It hurt, but felt amazing at the same time. One hand mauling my breast, the other rubbing my clit. My cunt freshened, coating his invading cock with my musk, making crude noises with each stroke. I came once again followed by him, my body sheened with sweat and sperm. Never before have I been so thoroughly fucked! My cunt was sore for days. Jane wasn’t happy!

I so look forward to your first day back from the war! We are going to fuck each other silly!



I looked into the box for anything else. There was a book, and a brown cardboard box. I grabbed the book, Maria grabbed the box. The book was a diary, written in Aunt Jane’s hand. It was dated August 1, 1945.

Jack arrived home today. Dot and I met him at the pier. They kissed for what seemed forever, Jack’s hands all over Dot’s ass. “Come on, you two! I think you need some privacy!“ I joked as I ushered them to the old DeSoto, and drove them home, the two of them making out in the back seat like a couple of horny teenagers. As we got to the door of the apartment, Dot finally introduced us.

“Jack, this is Jane! Jane! Jack!” she said.” I really don’t know if I could have gotten through all this without her.”

He went to shake my hand, but instead of grasping mine, I threw both arms around his neck, said, “Welcome home Jack!”, and planted a wet, sloppy kiss on his lips, my tongue slipping into his mouth. He was shocked! But he did respond! His tongue fenced with mine for a minute before we broke hold. Then I told him “I know you asked Dot more than once if I was a lesbian. I’m going to answer that question for you now,”

I dropped to my knees, unbuckled his belt and exposed his cock, which was already semi-hard. Popping the head in my mouth and his nuts in my hand, I proceeded to give him a blow job that I know he will never forget. Bobbing up and down on that delicious cock, stripping my blouse off, drooling on my tits, and moaning, it took very little time for him to blow his load in my mouth, coating my tongue and filling my cheeks with all that warm cum.

I stood up and grabbed Dot’s face in my hands, kissing Dot on the lips. Her tongue invaded my mouth and I shared my treasure with her, trading Jack’s sperm back and forth until it was gone.

I turned to Jack and said, “You two need to go fuck like rabbits! I’m going to head home.”

To which Dot said, “You are home! And all three of us need to fuck like rabbits!” She grabbed Jack’s and my hand and lead us to the bedroom, where we stripped and Dot told Jack to lie down. “You need to get to know Jane’s cunt just like I do, while I get reacquainted with this well traveled cock.”

She invited me to sit on Jack’s face while she impaled herself on his cock. His tongue felt so good as it drilled into my cunt and teased my clit. I came on his face. Dot was moaning as she rode his cock until he came in her cunt. We traded places and did it all over again. We were up half the night, wallowing in each others cum. Dot’s right! I think I am home!

I turned to Maria and said, “There’s more good reading here, babe!”

“That’s not all!” she answered, showing me moms carved ivory toy, which she licked as she gave me a smoldering look.

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