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You play as 'Daddy' and I play as your 'princess.'
We are no more than two adults with naughty fantasies tonight. You leave thoughts of your family of four and dog at the door. I forget about the thesis that won’t write itself for class the next day. We only think of each other tonight: I am your princess and you are my Daddy.

Your wedding ring is safe in the pocket of your slacks that are folded neatly on the chaise in the bedroom. You unbutton your shirt, loosen your tie, and they are tossed not so neatly away from you. I can see the lust in your eyes; I never thought I’d be turned on by those dark brown almost black irises. I can feel my silky panties getting wet, this ensemble I bought just for you, Daddy.

I’m already on the bed waiting for you, my hair tossed across the plush pillows, my amber eyes meeting yours. I’m ready and waiting for you to take off my silk baby doll nightie, one you specifically asked your princess to wear. You loved telling me in our chats how you would catch me trying on Mommy’s sexy lingerie and reprimanding me for that. You love catching me playing with my cunnie while watching porn on the computer, taking me hard afterwards. But I know the scenario you love to play the most is the one we’ll act out tonight, just a Daddy and his princess.

“My, my, you look so sexy tonight, baby. Is this all for me,” you ask.

“Yes, Daddy, I do my best to be your good girl, your princess just like you want,” I reply. A giggle reaches my lips as I get on my hands and knees and crawl across the king-sized bed to where you are perched on the end. “What are you going to do to me tonight, Daddy?”

You keep gazing at me as my mouth comes level with your cock that’s obviously straining to get out of your tight briefs. “I think I know just the right punishment for my naughty little princess,” you start, “but first why don’t you show Daddy how much you love and appreciate him tonight, baby.”

I reply, ever the obedient girl, “Yes Daddy… do you want your princess to free your big, fat dick so I can kiss and lick it like you want?”

“Oh baby that sounds like a great idea!” You moan as I run my fingers lightly along the outline of your cock, teasing it with kisses as my mouth follows. “You’ve been practicing like a good little princess haven’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy, you know that I do anything you want me to,” I reply, looking up lazily through my long lashes. I remember to please you well, even though before it’s just been through our chats online. This night has been a long fantasy in the works and I want to make sure I behave as you like your princess to act.

I continue peppering kisses all over your clothing-covered cock, above the waistline, down the front of your thighs, and when I can’t take any more of my own teasing, I reach in to release your throbbing length. You moan so loud when I do that, almost growling, as I notice your hands clenching trying not to fist my hair and shove your length in my mouth and down my throat.

“Oh Daddy, it’s so much bigger than I thought it would be… bigger than the hairbrush I use on myself at home,” I say the latter almost in a whisper because I know you like it when I play much younger. I start loving on your nice hard dick, kissing at the base and licking my way up to the head giving your balls a fondle and squeeze at the same time. This always drives you nuts and you can’t help but grab my head with your hands. I giggle as I start to suck your dick just the head only, and pump the shaft with my free hand. Your moans are so hot and sexy, making my little pussy so wet and ready for you later.

You can’t take any more, your hands jerk my mouth off your dick so forcefully, and I groan a little and start to ask why before you nearly yank me off the bed. My loving Daddy has gone, now you’re dominating Daddy and that thought makes me much wetter for you.

“Stand in front of me, baby girl, facing away so I can examine that ass,” you command. I quickly scramble up, straightening my hair & nightie, and then stand still with my arms at my side. I feel your rough hands travel up from my thighs to my cute ass encased in the silk g-string that goes with my nightie. I shiver a little bit because I remember how you loved telling me about all the spanks I would receive even if I was a good little princess.

“Bend over and brace your hands on your knees, little one,” you say as you push down on my lower back with one hand, using the other to part my legs about shoulder width. “Oh yes, baby, much better,” you compliment me, gently patting and rubbing my backside. Your hand leaves me for a millisecond and comes back down with a smack, landing on my ass hard, pushing me forward because I was not anticipating it. I yelp and squeal, squirming, trying to stay in place as you use both your hands to pepper my ass checks red with smacks and slaps.

I can’t help how it makes me feel—your spankings get my pussy wet, it turns me on to know that you love when I act like your little girl, your princess. And I know it turns you on to act like my Daddy, who loves me enough to spank me whether or not I’m bad.

My ass starts to burn; my whimpers escape without a conscious thought. I can hear your heavy breathing, now only smacking my ass with one hand; the other is alternating between stroking my backside or your throbbing cock.

“That’s enough little girl, come sit on your knees and take this big load of cum into your mouth, princess,” you huff out, clearly close to blowing your hot cum all over the place. I sense the urgency and quickly move even though the burn of my ass sends spikes of pain with every little movement, every little adjustment.

I have just enough time to open my mouth and look up into your eyes before you spurt thick cum all over my face and hair, landing some big drops into my mouth. You grunt and groan, finishing by rubbing your dick head all over my face, enjoying how your cum has painted white in my dark brown hair, over my glasses, and across my pink glossed lips.

I use my fingers to scrape as much of your errant cum into my mouth, leaving the rest on my hair alone, and taking my glasses off to clean later.

“Mmm, Daddy you taste so good,” I comment as I lick and suck your cum from my fingers, still on my knees looking up at you. Even though you’ve just released a huge load all over me, you don’t seem to be getting soft and I can tell this is going to be a fun night for the both of us.

You stand up, pulling me firmly to my feet and walk me over to the side of the bed. I totter and wobble after you, as my legs don’t seem to be working after the spanking you administered. You gently pull the silk nightie off over my head and then work my soaked and ruined g-string panties off my sore bottom. I can still feel my pussy juices running down the inside of my thighs as you pick me up and put me on the edge of the bed.

Your silent, domineering presence pulls whimpers and moans out of me. You loved to describe these scenes for me every time we chatted and now you are a man of little words, overtaken by the lust and want we are both emitting. I can’t help my little utterances—you turn me on so much!

“Oh Daddy, are you gonna fuck your princess like the slut she is? Are you gonna fuck me doggy, with my ass in the air and my face in the bed, stifling my moans?” I say, taunting and talking dirty to you.

Again, silence fills the room just before my squeal pierces the air and I get my answer from you. You’ve sunk your long shaft into my juicy cunt with one hard stroke! You set a quick pace that keeps me moaning, groaning and grunting from the start. It’s hard to keep the pretense of a naive girl when you’re fucking me like a man fucks a grown woman, but I loved imagining this moment in all our past chats. I’m so lucky to have a Daddy who loves me enough as your one and only, special princess.

I feel my orgasm quickly approaching, in the back of my mind somewhere I remember when you told me to always ask before reaching my release. I squeak out, “Oh Daddy… oh I’m so close! Daddy may I please cum? Please let me cum!”

“Unf, baby girl, I know I can feel you squeezing around my cock. Wait, princess… just wait a bit longer,” you reply, keeping the quick pace and pushing me to the brink.

I almost came without your permission and I know you could feel me teetering on the edge of bliss, so finally you said, “Go baby girl! Cum for me, squeeze your tight cunnie around my hard dick!”

I shudder and shake, squealing at the top of my lungs, grasping at the bed sheets and gushing juice out of my freshly fucked pussy. A couple more thrusts and you’ve spread my juices out of my pussy, across your balls and both of our thighs. Soon I feel a thumb dragging some of that errant wetness up and around my tight, puckered bum hole. And I’m remembering how you said in our chats that you would love to take my ass with just the wetness I produce after an orgasm… I just can’t believe you’d remember that now!

“Hold still baby girl, I can feel you wiggling,” you say, as your thumb stops rimming my asshole and pushes in. “Don’t make me use my belt and tie to restrain you!” It’s an empty threat because you and I both know I’d love it much more than being free. We’re too engrossed in getting my ass ready for your big cock to fuck me there to even worry about tying me up, though I’m sure we’ll do that sometime soon.

The good thing about having my hands free is that I can keep rubbing my clit and pussy, staying relaxed while you work that monster of a cock into my ass, or as I say affectionately—your “weapon of ass destruction!”

Keeping up slow strokes in my still gushing pussy, you work a finger then two into my tight asshole, groaning in pleasure because you know it’ll feel so good once you stick your dick up that hole, the only one you haven’t used yet tonight. When you finally remove your cock from my pussy, I whimper, knowing where you’ll stick it back in next. I feel the soft but firm head of your dick slip up from my pussy to my asshole and I push back against you, still on my hands and knees, my ass in the air and my back arched.

“Alright princess, stay relaxed for Daddy and take my cock, baby,” you moan, as my sphincter stretches to fit your cock head in my butt. I hear you spit, feeling it drip down my ass onto your cock, and a feel another inch or two working your way inside me. My hand doesn’t stop frigging my clit, fingers dipping into my pussy now and then, or sometimes even reaching back further to feel the juncture of your dick in my ass.

“Oh Daddy, that’s it…fill me up with your big dick, fuck your princess, Daddy!” I exclaim, frustrated with the slow movement, I slam my ass back against you, sheathing it all in one movement. I know you just came all over my face, but I want you to fuck me hard and finish in my ass, too.

“Princess, your ass feels so tight and warm! Daddy’s gonna fuck you hard now, alright?” You say, reassuring me, while you continue to ravage me with your dick. I’m just a whimpering, moaning mess underneath you. Every hard thrust that buries you in me pushes me down into the mattress. My eyes are squeezed shut, my mouth in a tight grimace, but I can feel the pain slowly spreading into pleasure, radiating out from my ass and pussy, enveloping my whole body in ecstasy. Finally, my ass drops to the bed and while you keep my cheeks spread open you pound into me from above. I’m fully prone on the bed; I cannot grasp the time that passes or the sheets that bunch beneath me. Your dick thrusting in and out, waves after waves of pleasure pass through me, turning my grimace into a smile and a moan, my eyes rolling back into my head, and the spasms of an orgasm claim me once again.

As I ride out the spasms in my pussy, my ass clenches around you, like a hot and steamy vice. You can’t take the increase of joyous pressure and I soon I feel you jerk, thrusting short and shallow; I hear you grunt and groan, muttering something that I can’t quite understand and I feel you spurt your steamy sperm up my bum, seeming to convince me once and for all that I enjoy being your dirty lil’ princess.

You caress my ass, up my lower back to my shoulders, almost massaging my neck, and then gather my hair up which was strewn all over my face keeping me from looking back at you. “Alright, princess,” you say, pulling out of my ass, “come lick me clean lick a good baby girl should.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I reply as I move around to face you once again, and I feel my girlie cum drip out to mix with your cum from my ass, making a huge wet spot on the sheets beneath me. I have a feeling if you see it, you’ll make me suck and lick up that mess too. With your dick in my mouth, I taste remnants of myself, but a majority of your cum and my ass on your dick. The smell is heavenly as well and just the thought of how dirty this is makes my cunnie squeeze more of my juice out. With one hand holding my hair up and out of my face, I feel your other hand squeeze and slap my ass, playfully of course.

“Daddy! I’m so tired after all this playing, can’t you let your little girl rest some?” I ask, taking my mouth off your dick, briefly interrupting my cleaning job.

“Oh sweetie, I know, but that ass is just so plump and delicious from this angle,” you answer me, getting a muffled moan from my lips when you stick a finger in my ass and my pussy, pulling more messy cunnie juice and sticky sperm out. “Lick my fingers clean, princess, but don’t take your hand off my dick while you do!”

You shove your fingers in my mouth, keeping me from pulling off your dick anyway. I try to stretch my jaw open wider to get your dirty fingers and dick clean, almost gagging myself in the first place. When you think you’re sufficiently cleaned off, I feel you grab my arms and drag my mouth next to the wet spot I made on the bed.

“You better clean this up, as well my princess, because sleeping in a wet bed is bad for you,” you chuckle, forcing my head down on the bed as my tongue and lips work to get as much of the mess off. Finally, you seem satisfied with all of my clean up skills, and I have just enough strength left to pull myself underneath the covers of the gigantic bed.

The last thing I hear you say before you enter the attached bathroom is, “Get some rest, baby girl, because you’re going to need it.” I mumble a response and drop off into sleep, closing my eyes as a conniving smile spreads across your face and you pull your belt and tie free from your other articles of clothing.

"You're definitely going to need all the rest you can get!"

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