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Too Good to Resist -- Chapter 1

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Mike can't get Naomi, and her ass, out of his head
In the back of his mind, Mike knew it was wrong. After all, he was a married man and Naomi was married as well to someone else. However, his thoughts of morality were quickly squashed by the intense visions of Naomi and his memories of her. Mike and Naomi had a scorching hot relationship for several years, but things fizzled after awhile. They parted ways, and found themselves married to other people in a few years time. They had, for what it looked like, moved on from each other. Time, on the other hand, had a way of calling up their shared past and reminding them of just how intense their relationship was.

The fact that their respective marriages had begun to sour also helped cultivate their thoughts of each other. They found themselves talking again, on the phone and some text messages as well. They ranged from the friendly and conversational to hints of the passions they had once known. They had started to hint at meeting up, but had not been able to commit to doing it.

Finally, one day Mike had enough of the meandering. He called Naomi's cell phone. She answered, "Hey baby."

Mike replied, "Hey yourself. Look we've been talking about getting together for awhile now. Well, I think we need to just do this."

"Oh really? Are you sure you're ready for this?"

"I think I am. Are YOU ready?"

Naomi laughed at Mike's bravado. "Baby, I can handle you...every inch. Over and over."

Mike replied, "Well it's just as well, as big as your ass is I need all those inches to fit inside you."

Naomi's appearance was that of a "real" girl. Her 5'4" frame had a nice set of curves and a very large ass. She'd have made a great rap video girl had she been inclined. Mike was not a muscle head, but he kept in shape, with a decent set of muscles on his 5'10" body and a nice 9" cock that didn't take much persuasion from Naomi to be ready to go.

Naomi was cautious as she said, "Mike, you know how I feel about you. I don't want to do this if you're not ready."

"I know, Naomi. I will be okay. We will work this out."

"Ok, baby."

And so they made plans to meet. They decided to meet at the Homebound Inn off highway 41. It was almost equal distance between both of their residences, and in an area where the chances of them seeing a familiar face was remote.

As Mike pulled his car into the parking lot, he began to feel his cock stiffen. He quickly made his way to the front to rent the room. Heading to the room, he laid out on the bed, eagerly anticipating Naomi's arrival. He wondered about what clothes she would bring. Mike loved to dress her up in short skirts and tight tops, fucking her in many different positions.

Mike had just turned the TV on when he heard a knock at the door. Opening it up, he saw Naomi's smiling face.

"Hey you," she gasped. "Here, please grab this; I need to run to the bathroom." She handed him a tote bag and proceeded to the bathroom.

Mike peeked inside the bag and saw several skirts and a cheerleader outfit. He smiled and said, "Nice clothes you have here."

Naomi laughed, "Oh thank you. I brought a lot because I know how you like to rip them off of me."

Mike replied, "Yes that is true."

Naomi emerged from the bathroom, her hair already done up in ponytails. "I know you like this as well."

Mike, walked quickly toward her, wrapped his arms around her waist and said, "You know I do." He kissed Naomi deeply. She moaned slightly, caressing his face. Mike slid his hands down over Naomi's large and firm ass cheeks, squeezing them.

Naomi squealed with delight at Mike's touch, saying, “Ooh baby. Well let’s get on with it. What shall I wear first?"

Mike smiled at her. They walked back to the bed and he grabbed the tote bag. His pulse quickened, savoring the scent of her. Looking into the bag he said, "Red pleated mini skirt."

Naomi smiled and said, "Ok then." She grabbed the skirt out of the bag. She slid her sweatpants off, revealing small panties underneath. Mike slid his pants and underwear off and removed his shirt.. Keeping her gaze on Mike, she slid the skirt on her. The skirt was long enough to cover her ass cheeks, but not much more. She zipped and buttoned the skirt up, commenting, "Well look at that, it rides up in the back."

Mike's gaze was transfixed at her ass in the skirt. It was so big and beautiful. He knew he needed to tame it. He felt his knees buckle as he said, "I want to eat you. Sit on my face, now."

"Sure you don't want the bed, baby?"

"No, that's too far." He lay on the floor. "Put your pussy on my face."

Naomi giggled, and said, "I love it when you're forceful." With the practiced moves of a porn star, Naomi guided her body so her pussy was over Mike's head on the floor. She slowly lowered herself until her knees touched the floor. She felt Mike's hand grab her panties, pulling them aside. Seconds later she felt his warm breath and tongue brushing her labia.

"Ooooh shit baby. That's it!" She began gyrating her hips as he licked her. She soon began sucking his cock as he licked her pussy intensely.

Their moans were somewhat muffled by the genitalia in their mouths but they kept rising in intensity. Mike looked up slightly to see Naomi's bulbous ass cheeks. He gripped the sides of them with his hands, moving the flesh back to make the ass look even more pronounced. He took a break from licking to say, "Your pussy tastes great."

Naomi laughed and said, "Well thank you baby."

Mike started licking faster and deeper, his tongue darting into Naomi's pussy. It became difficult for her to focus on his cock and she closed her eyes, breathing faster and faster. Her passion was building to her first orgasm. Between breaths, she panted, "My ass, baby. Put...your finger ass."

Eager to follow, Mike gently nudged his index finger to the entrance to Naomi's asshole as he continued licking her pussy. He slowly pushed his finger into her asshole. As he did, Naomi's body jerked and he heard her moans get very loud. "Oh yes, baby, OH GOD, I'M CUMMING!"

Naomi's pussy squirted into Mike's mouth and over the sides of his face. He continued licking her sweetness as she came over him. He felt good; he always liked making her cum as much as possible.

Mike said, "Okay, I need to take you from behind now."

Naomi eagerly let Mike up and got on all fours as he mounted her from behind. Mike said, "You know what, maybe the bed would be better for this."

Naomi said, "Sure, baby, whatever you say." She stood up and placed herself on the bed. Mike quickly resumed his position behind her. Her pussy was so wet it didn't take any effort for Mike's cock to slide back into her. His load had been building for awhile, and his cock was quite hard at this point.

Mike glanced down as he pumped into her butt. His cock went from being almost completely removed from her ass, to being shoved in to the hilt. Her red pleated skirt still covered most of her ass and he loved watching it jiggle as he thrust into her. He felt like he owned her butt. It was a part of him, and he loved feeling his cock inside something so beautiful.

Their talking ceased as he thrust into her. The feeling became so animal between them. No energy was wasted on anything else but sex. His cock openly violated her pussy over and over again; he felt his thighs contact her cool ass cheeks with a smooth and steady rhythm. The slapping of their bodies making a pleasant rhythm in the room.

Mike knew his first load wouldn't take very long to release, especially looking at Naomi's ass like this. He grabbed her hips and began thrusting quickly and powerfully into her. "I'm gonna cum, baby!" He yelled.

"Do it, baby, cum inside of me!" Naomi pleaded.

Mike came hard inside of Naomi. They both yelled as his cum doused her insides. He held his position for a few seconds and then weakly lay back on the bed. She turned and lay down beside him to cuddle.

Catching his breath, Mike smiled at Naomi. "Round one!" He sighed.

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