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...Alley stroked his hard member, and watched it harden even more... Mr. Roberts' groans encouraged her to further explore. One hand was stroking, while the other hand really was exploring, near his sac. Upon reaching his balls, she felt his hand push her long hair behind her ear then lift her chin so he could see her face.

Alley," he gasped. "Alley... I... I... "


She slammed her hand down on the annoying alarm clock, shutting it off, and cursed it in her head. He was just about to tell her something!

She sighed as she got out of bed and started her morning routine. She couldn't wait for tonight so she could have the dream again. For months she had been dreaming the same few dreams every night. Sometimes it would be about her science teacher Mr. Roberts taking her in his classroom. Sometimes it would be about him taking her home and having her in his room. The night before, she dreamed he was taking her home with him, but couldn't wait, and pulled over to the side of the road and started eating her pussy right there in the car. But she woke up right before the orgasm! Last night she dreamed they were in school, and he made her stay after for not paying attention in class...

This Wednesday afternoon she strolled into his class before anybody else, in time to see him grading the tests they took yesterday. She slowed her pace while watching the way his strong arms moved as he stretched... the way his piercing green eyes bore into hers... the way his kissable lips curved up on one side... the way she was getting turned on again.

She finally realized she had stopped dead in her tracks at the front of the room, just staring at him. Feeling her face burn, Alley scampered off to her seat.

"Good afternoon, Miss Harper," he said easily, with a knowing little smile.

Alley cleared her throat and smiled nervously. "Good afternoon, Mr. Roberts."

He stared at her for a minute, before standing up and walking toward her with her test. As he approached her desk, she couldn't help but picture him shirtless, and her sitting on her desk with her legs open... his pants undone, and his cock ready...

It took her a second to realize he was talking to her, and she refocused her attention on her grade. Her test was laying on her desk marked with a C-.

"...so I'm thinking you should stay after school for a few days for some tutoring. Would you be able to do that?"

"Um, sure, yeah," Alley stumbled over her words, feeling hot under his stare. After school tutoring with Mr. Roberts!

All period she thought about it. She probably should've been paying attention to Mr. Roberts teaching, but she couldn't stop wondering about what would happen later... Would it start out as tutoring and lead up to sex? Or would they straight out just go for it? Maybe he would pretend she was getting in trouble and ask her to make it up by doing some sexual favor. She could just see it now...

Unfortunately, the bell rang before she could finish her fantasy. Alley stayed where she was while the others ran out, happy to be done for the day. She folded her hands and watched Mr. Roberts walk so handsomely toward her. Pulling up a chair, he sat down right next to her and the tutoring began...

Sadly, nothing was accomplished. It wasn't that there was no spark or anything, but nothing happened except tutoring. Alley went home disappointed, but eager for tomorrow. It was so obvious he felt something for her. Every little wink, or gesture, or secret smile pointed to it. Now after a hot day of dreaming, she was throbbing and really needed to get off. Her juices were flowing so much, that when she took off her skirt she found her panties were quite damp. She sat on her bed and began stroking her thighs lightly, then moved up to her spot and started rubbing slowly... As she caressed faster, moving her hips to the rhythm she was creating, she thought about what would've happened today...

Alley sat on Mr. Roberts' desk fully clothed. He stood in front of her without a shirt.

"You've been a bad student, Alley," he teased. "You haven't learned anything today, have you?"

"No, Mr. Roberts."

"As punishment, you will have to do what I say. First, take off your shoes." Alley did just as he said. "Now take off your shirt," he said, slightly hoarse. Alley did it slowly, letting him see her skin inch by inch... until her chest was finally revealed for him. He looked at her breasts held together by a black lacy bra, and Alley watched him quickly unzip his pants, freeing his hard bulge. He adored her gasp at the size.

"Now your skirt," he said in a strained voice. She slid it down her thighs and let if fall to the floor. It was Mr. Roberts' turn to gasp when he saw she wasn't wearing anything underneath. He was staring at an 18-year-old pussy.

She spread her legs wide and made a beckoning motion with her finger. "Come here, Mr. Roberts. Do you want me?"

Alley reached her orgasm then, coming all over her hand, whispered, "Oh, Mr. Roberts."

Across town in an apartment, a twenty-seven-year-old man was in the process of his own masturbation, also thinking of someone...

* * *

The next day Alley was trying very hard to pay attention during her tutoring. She wanted to graduate with a better grade than a C for science... especially for Mr. Roberts. But as long as he remained sexy, the more she daydreamed. And, ah, did he remain sexy...

Alley ran her fingers through his hair as she cried out in pleasure. Mr. Roberts was licking her pussy, which had been covered in whipped cream.

"Mmmm, Alley," he whispered. "Your pussy tastes so good, you don't need whipped cream for me to enjoy your sweetness." With that he dove back down and began pleasuring her clit. She was on the brink of an orgasm -

when she heard a loud bang. She gasped and returned to reality, coming face-to-face with the real Mr. Roberts, glowering down at her. He was standing in front of her desk now; he had just slammed the textbook down in order to get her attention.

"Why don't you do the reading tonight and tell me what you learned about this scientist?" he said sternly. Alley shivered.

"Y-Y-Yes, sir," she stuttered, disappointed in herself for upsetting Mr. Roberts.

* * *

Daniel Roberts sat at his desk with his head in his hands. He couldn't keep it in any longer. He wanted Alley Harper, and he wanted her bad. He had locked the door before because he simply could not think about her without needing to get off. And fuck, was she sexy.

His hand was already in his unbuttoned pants, sliding up and down his erection. This is so naughty, he thought, but how could he not get an erection from an afternoon with Alley? She made him so damn horny. Sitting there staring at him, her eyes darkening whenever she was fantasizing... her jaw moving as she chewed her favorite gum... He felt himself harden even more... He imagined her jaw moving like that when she sucked him... He thought about how he would take her... in his bed... in the classroom... on the floor... hell, he'd take her standing on his head if that was the only way...

Somehow he didn't think that would be necessary. He could tell the feeling was mutual. The way she couldn't stop looking at him and thinking about him... He knew she was thinking about him, especially during tutoring... He was throbbing and rocking his hips now.

This is so wrong, so so wrong. I can't feel this way about a student.

But you do, the little voice in the back of his mind said. You want her so badly, and you know she wants you.

Daniel looked up at the ceiling as his thoughts raced... No matter how hard he tried he could not get the picture of his student naked screaming in ecstasy for him... As he felt himself reaching that point of no return, he wondered if he'd prefer Alley calling him Daniel or Mr. Roberts when he'd make her cry out in pleasure...

He started shaking, and as he came he whispered hoarsely, "Alley..."

* * *

That night, a fantasy was shared.

Alley was on her knees, naked, as Daniel stared at her.  

"You may suck my cock," he said.

She gently took a cock in her mouth for the first time, glad it was Mr. Roberts'. She swirled her tongue around the head, playing with his sac, like in her regular dream.

"Oh, Alley," he groaned in pleasure, sliding his fingers through her hair. He risked a look down at her, and failed to hold in his lust. He picked her up and pushed her against his desk. Then he shoved himself inside of her from behind.

"Mr. Roberts... Ohhh, Daniel," Alley moaned. They were both already so close because of the foreplay, that it wasn't long before -  

The sound of alarm clocks rang out.

* * *

The next day was torture for Alley. She was finally getting down to business on her science classwork, feeling depressed as she started to accept that nothing would ever happen between her and Mr. Roberts. Maybe that's why she wanted to do her work now... something to take her mind off him.

But how could she do that? It was science, his subject. Alley sighed out loud in the quiet classroom, then looked around, hoping nobody heard her, and then went back to her work.

* * *

Daniel Roberts had heard her, and he had looked up from his own work. Her black strands fell in front of her eyes and he watched carefully as she gracefully pushed them back behind her ears. Resting his chin on his hand, he imagined himself running his own fingers through her hair as he -

No! Stop it, he told himself. It's never going to happen.

You could make it happen, said the other voice.

Even as the "good moral" voice fought back, he returned to his work, wishing he could do something to "make it happen"...

* * *

Alley eventually finished her classwork and sat back in her seat. It was another scorching hot day and the last thing she wanted to do was more science. She took a look at Mr. Roberts, and just could not help reaching down and rubbing herself. After making sure her classmates weren't paying attention to her, she closed her eyes as she let herself fall into her sexual dream world aga-

But the bell rang. Damn that bell! Always ruining my dreams! she thought bitterly.

It was Friday, so the whole class practically disappeared from the room in less than two seconds. Alley sat in her seat, waiting for Mr. Roberts to come over with the textbook.

But he didn't. He just sat there... staring at her... sternly? Was he mad at her? He looked so serious... It was almost sexy... Alley willed that thought out of her mind and stared back at him.

...After a few silent minutes, Mr. Roberts stood up and walked across the room. "We're not going to do work today."

Alley felt so embarrassed! He was staring at her like she was an idiot because he thought she knew this. That's it. That had to be it. She was about to stand up and pack up her things, when he walked right past her and shut, and locked, the door, then walked back to her and sat on her desk sideways, staring at her again.

...It was like he was trying to scare her.

"We're gonna talk about why you can't seem to pay attention to my lessons." Putting his hands on either side of her desk and leaning over her, he asked, "What is it about me that you find so attractive?"

Your voice, your hair, your manly body, your personality, your sense of ha - wait, what? Did he seriously just ask her that?!

As she stared at him in shock, he fixed her with an amused smirk and continued. "Come on, Alley. Why else do you stare at me and not speak when I talk to you? What do you think about in class?" He was leaning closer with every question, as well as lowering his voice. "What is it that keeps you so focused on me but not what I'm teaching?" He reached down and placed his hand on hers, which was laying on her skirt, right over her mound. Nervousness, as well as excitement, filled her. Grasping her hand, he began moving it slightly on her arousal. His mouth now by her ear, he whispered, "What were you thinking about when you were... distracted?"

Alley gulped, accidently swallowing her gum.

He saw me!  

Her face was so hot she felt it might melt right off. She let out the tiniest of whimpers, then licked her suddenly dry lips.

* * *

The opening of her lips was the perfect chance to kiss her, and taste her, and Mr. Roberts took it. He kissed her hard, passionately. He first slid his tongue in quickly, but moved it around her mouth slowly. She tasted of cinnamon from the gum she was always chewing, and the spiciness turned him on.

He felt her wrap her arms around his neck and stood up, taking her with him. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he walked toward his desk, returning his kiss with equal heated hunger. Daniel sat her on his desk and began running his hands down her body... then up inside her shirt, slowly caressing her skin. She let out a soft moan. Right now the only voice in his mind was the one he’d wanted to listen to all along.

He pulled away to kiss her neck and lift off her shirt, but Alley beat him to it. She started kissing his neck instead, and lifting up his own shirt. He complied, then let his head drift back as she placed wet kisses down his hot and sweaty chest.

"Oh, Alley," he moaned, and finally ran his hand through her long ebony hair. He couldn't hold himself steady anymore. Without a second thought, Daniel ripped off her bra. Breathing harder, he unzipped his pants, then took Alley's young breasts in his hands, his fingers caressing the nipples.

"Mr. Roberts!" Alley moaned. Every time she moaned he felt himself harden even more. He looked up into her eyes, and felt his heart thump louder. She looked so innocent, yet so sexually knowledgeable. He wondered if she was a virgin.

* * *

Mr. Roberts looked so intensely into her eyes. Oh, he was so sexy, and he was really pleasuring her breasts. Slowly he began licking them, making her moan yet again. But she bit her finger to hold in a scream when his tongue touched her hard nipples. She was filled with desire and wanted him now. She couldn't believe this was actually happening after she told herself to accept that they would never be. But here she was, shirtless on the desk, an equally shirtless Mr. Roberts now licking down the smooth skin of her stomach.

He stood up straight and stared at her again, making her nervous, then spread her legs and slid his hand up her thigh. He wouldn't look away, and she was starting to wonder if he was doing this to make her feel what he felt when she stared at him without speaking. He gasped just like he did in her fantasy when he realized she wasn't wearing anything underneath. Alley then felt his fingers touch her bare mons.

"Mr. Roberts," she panted when his finger started circling her clit. "Oh... oh, Mr. Roberts..."

"Call me Daniel," he whispered, smirking.

"Daniel... Daniel..."

Alley reached out and pulled at his pants, which he eagerly pulled down for her. She tossed her head back as he quickened his finger's pace. One of his fingers began stroking her inner thigh very lightly, and that's when she lost it. But Daniel, sensing this, pulled his hand out, then roughly pulled her skirt off.

* * *

Daniel let his pants fall down, along with his boxers. He loved Alley's gasp when she saw his cock for the first time up close. Smirking, he put his hands on the desk on either side of her naked body, and, resisting the urge to have fun touching it, looked into her eyes again.

"You still haven't told me why you can't concentrate, Alley," he croaked.

This was too hard. She was sitting there, all ready and aroused, for him to take... and he wanted her so much...

"Why don't you answer me..? Do I make you nervous? Do I turn you on?" His lips were by her ear now, and one hand was stroking her side so gently. "Huh, Alley? Tell me. Tell me how much you want me... what you want me to do to you... Tell me, Alley." By now his hand had reached her thigh again and was stroking her soft pussy. He was so hot and hard right now. His cock was curved up and against her stomach.

"Mr. R..... Daniel... I want you..." Alley breathed. Her breathlessness was turning him on to no end. He moaned as he kissed down her neck, his other hand now stroking her back. Daniel had to bite his lip when he felt Alley slowly drag her fingers up and down his chest. She began rocking her hips in motion to his finger movements, turning him on further. His kisses trailed down her chest, and she ran her fingers through his hair as she increased her tempo of grinding. He slid a finger inside her slit, and found she indeed was a virgin, but that did not stop him. He had come this far already. Here was Alley Harper, his sexy naked student, saying, moaning that she wanted him. How could he refuse?

Daniel kissed back up her chest, licking her nipples again on the way, causing her to gasp his name, which sent his erection through the roof, and stopped at her ear. He slowed down his pussy rubbing, and was now just rubbing small circles on her lower back and breathing heavily in her ear.

"If you really want me, put me inside of you," he whispered lustily.

And with that, Alley looked into his eyes for a moment before taking his long rod in her hand and stroking it. She teased the head, and smiled when he whimpered at the lightest of all touches he'd ever felt there. He was so fucking hard, and he wanted to feel her make him come. But he let her explore. After all, he'd dreamed of her exploring him like this before...

* * *

Alley couldn't believe she was living her dream of the past few months. She never looked away from his eyes as she pleasured her teacher.

She stroked all the way to his sac, but he wouldn't let her do any more, for he pushed her hand back up his cock and placed himself at her entrance. She slowly slid it inside of her, breaking her wall. There was a moment of discomfort, before she began sliding him in and out. Of course Daniel started moving faster to his own pace as he crushed his lips with hers. He wrapped his arms around her back as his tongue slithered into her warm, wet mouth, and she began to move her hips again.

So he lifted her up off the desk and pinned her to the wall, thrusting faster and faster it seemed. He was an animal, but she loved it. He wanted her badly. Alley sucked on his tongue as she reveled in the new and long awaited feeling of having Mr. Roberts inside of her, finally.

Daniel groaned in pleasure, and Alley's heart melted. He sounded just like he did in her dream last night, his voice filled with ecstasy. His hard cock pumping inside of her was the greatest thing she'd ever felt in all of her eighteen years. Never would she date some teenage boy again who fucked for his own pleasure and not giving a damn about the girl. Mr. Roberts might be impatient with his sexual needs, but he cared for her own arousal too.

Mr. Roberts' manly body felt so good and so perfect holding her. His tongue explored her mouth in the right ways. His hands roaming her back and bubbly ass felt so nice...

His hard nipples rubbing against hers was another erotic feeling she would never forget...

* * *

Daniel was crazy with lust for his sexy little student. She was so tight, so fucking deliciously tight, a man couldn't resist her sweet warmth. In all of his twenty-seven years, he never wanted anyone as much as Alley. Possibly the taboo added to the excitement and desire, possibly not. Whatever the reason for his attraction, Daniel was sure he would be taking the hot young woman home tonight.

"Oh, fuck, Alley!" he moaned, breaking the kiss. "You're so tight, baby. Oh yesss..."

Her wonderful pussy was squeezing him with the hottest, tightest, most erotic grip, that Daniel could not help but moan her name out loud again and again. Getting caught was the furthest thing from his mind at this moment.

"Oh, Daniel! Oh, Daniel, yesss!" Alley moaned his name, losing herself to the same pleasure he himself was feeling.

The heated classroom was pushing the sexual intensity of their romp, so much so that it wasn't long before he was beginning to feel himself reach that wonderful tingly point of no return. Ah yes, he was going to fill Alley's hot pussy with his essence.

"Alley..." Daniel panted. "I'm... going...

He felt his throbbing rod expand, which almost hurt inside of Alley's tightness, but felt good at the same time. His hands moved to her hips and he started moving her up and down his hardness speedily. Closer and closer he was reaching his end...

A big smile spread across his lips as he reached down and tickled Alley's clit again...

* * *

Alley was reaching her own peak, and Daniel's tickling fingers certainly helped her get there sooner. She saw his huge grin of pleasure, and it felt so erotic knowing she was causing it, that she began to quiver around his cock.

"Oh, Daniel, I'm coming too," she moaned.

"Oh fuck!" Daniel moaned, as she had tightened around him even more than she already was, causing him to reach his pinnacle as well. "Alley, yes, yes...! Oh fuck, baby... Oh yeah... Let me feel you come all over me, as I fill your hot little pussy..."

Those words did it. Alley shrieked in ecstasy as she came all over her teacher's cock like he asked. And he filled her with his hot, gooey come, just like he said. Their bodies shook and shook, and Daniel held her shivering form as she came down from her high...

* * *

Daniel rested his forehead against Alley's, breathing on her lips. He lifted her chin up so they were looking straight into each other's eyes.

He smirked. "You are very sexy... Get dressed."

With that, Mr. Roberts put her down gently, then began putting his pants back on, unaware of Alley's confused look as she dejectedly gathered her bra and shirt off the floor. After his pants were fixed, Daniel turned around and started on his shirt. He looked at Alley just standing there, her top half covered, a particular creamy liquid dripping down her thigh, her hair messy but still sexy, innocent confusion on her face.

"What? I can't have come on my car seats," he teased as he grabbed his teacher books. He smirked when Alley quickly and excitedly slipped on her skirt and grabbed her stuff.

As she walked out the door Mr. Roberts held open for her, he leaned in and whispered hotly, "You'll save some of your juice for my bed, right?"

Alley shivered against his lips, so close to her neck, and with a sly smile replied, "Yes, sir."