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Two's Company

An unexpected trip to a gentleman's club leads to a few personal revelations.
It started out as just a regular celebratory night of drinking, for a friend’s 21st birthday. His girlfriend was out of the country, he was bored and he’d just turned 21. What else could we do but go into the town and have some drinks together, just the three of us?

Of course, in typical fashion, birthday boy was late by an hour, or so, before casually sauntering into the restaurant, as we sat waiting near the door. We’d already had a couple of drinks. I hadn’t really been too upset, I’ll be honest. I was getting approving looks from the greeting girl at the door and I liked the sight of her in a kimono. I wondered absently about the sight of her out of it.

We ate ravenously once we were settled in and followed it quite nicely with a few more drinks before we all began to feel the buzz. An hour or more of reminiscing, nostalgia, fantasy and general idiocy went by quite quickly, as did the drinks, but we each began to feel a little restless. It was time to move on, we agreed, and I headed up to pay the bill myself. I would’ve probably volunteered to pay even had it not been his birthday.

A short walk into the town on the cool almost-autumn evening sobered us up a little. We wandered a little aimlessly through the streets, pushing, shoving and joking as we went. I think we were all a little unaware of where we were headed, though we all knew the area.

We soon entered the busier area of town, where groups of men and women stumbled in, out and around the nearby pubs, clubs and bars. Police officers stood on the street corner, watching us by, though they seemed more bored than anything else. We carried on, passing the noisier areas and the constant pumping sound of music, until we began to reach the fringe and the relatively quieter area of town.

A subway crossing the road loomed in front of us and we headed towards it automatically. We didn’t make it. A woman was leaning on the wall of the building closest to the subway; she stepped out to meet us as we approached the ramp.

“Evening, lads,” the voice was slick with confidence.

I guessed her business before we really drew close enough to make her out. The others drew to a stop as she closed the gap to us. One elbow rested on her hip, propping up a cigarette between two fingers. She smiled at us.

She had long blonde hair and a confident smile on her face. She was pretty. I wouldn’t think she’d win any modelling contests, honestly, but she was certainly good looking. She wore silver high heels and a gleaming silver dress, covered roughly by a dark dressing gown. I glanced around us and my eyes fell on the sign over the nearby building. A gentleman’s club.

As I looked back, realisation dawning, her dressing gown conveniently fell open right on cue. I held myself a little better than my friends, who stood staring as her dress barely contained her. It was a loose affair, a drape more than a dress and she was barely inside it. I met her eyes, a smile at her lips, and I shook her hand. The others sparked into life and eventually greeted her. The effect she had on them, immediately, was obvious.

“Are you lads having fun tonight?” There was an air to her question that I don’t think even she could deny.

Only a murmur and muttering came from my friends. Eloquent as always. I was to be the one to speak up, of course.

“Of course we are,” I reached out for my friend and pulled him into a rough one-armed hug, gesturing to him. “It’s his 21st! How can we let him down?”

Even lacking total sobriety, I could see the gleam appear in her eyes as I mentioned that. I had to smile to see him stumbling over his words as she wished him happy birthday. My other friend was still mute at this point, essentially.

“I have to say I like your dress,” I told her, a questioning look in my eyes.

She smirked, of course.

“You like it, do you? It’s good, isn’t it?” She opened her dressing gown a little more and showed her body properly. The dress looped around her neck and both straps formed a drape for each breast. They were only just succeeding as she spilled out of each strap on both sides. The dress finished rather short, of course, barely reaching her thighs.

“It would be better without the gown, though, wouldn’t it?” I winked, glancing at the open-mouthed gaze of my mute friend.

A knowing grin tugged at her lips.

“Of course, but I have to wear it out here.” She glanced towards the police gathered at the top of the street. “It could be seen as public indecency, otherwise.”

She took a puff of her cigarette and glanced around, letting the dressing gown fall down past her hips.

“Do you like these?” she asked, seizing the hem of her dress and hitching it up over her hips.

Underneath she wore a tiny black thong with ‘SEXY’ written across the front in silver, glittering text. I raised an eyebrow to her as she winked. I could almost feel the intake of breath from either side of me. Neither of them moved.

“They’re lovely, aren’t they?” I told her, nudging the others a little – to no avail. “And accurate.”

I left the sentence there and caught the smile from her before she glanced back towards the club where the doorman stood watching us talk.

“How would you like to come inside for a drink?”

I glanced at my friends. The birthday boy was a little nervous, from the look on his face, but he seemed up for the idea. The other was still a little out of it and I had to rouse him a little. He definitely wanted to go, although our girl must’ve thought we needed more convincing.

“We don’t bite, y’know?” she said, drawing our attention. “Not hard, anyway.”

As we turned to look to her, her dress failed at last and a single breast, perky with the cold air, fell free. She puffed nonchalantly on her cigarette, pretending not to notice. I don’t know just how much she thought we’d been drinking. Either way, the loose jaw and fixed gaze of my friend settled that we were going in, for his sake if nothing else. I pushed him forward, encouraging her to lead on while we both laughed quietly.

We entered quickly, birthday boy getting in for free. The doorman was easily persuaded that my shy 20 year old friend was indeed 21, but that came as no shock to any of us, I’m sure.

The door opened to a dark room, lit with red and the sound of music. We entered, rounding the wall by the bar and stepping into the main room. A dozen beautiful women hung around on the furniture in small dresses and even smaller lingerie.

“So, how old are you all actually?” The first girl asked me quietly.

“21.” I told her.

She raised an eyebrow, almost offended.

“Seriously. Apart from…” I nodded towards my quiet friend looking awestruck around the room. “But he’s 21 next week.”

She burst out laughing, keeping her eyebrows raised.

“Sure, sure. Okay.” She patted my chest, almost reassuringly.

“Seriously!” I told her, laughing.

“And who’s the oldest?”

Now it was my turn to raise my eyebrows.

“I’m the oldest,” I told her. “By almost a year.”

She laughed loudly again.

“Now I wouldn’t have guessed THAT one at all…” she said sarcastically. “I thought you were the ring leader, you seem the most confident. You’re handling it all much better.”

We both laughed.

Our host seized upon my shy friend and took him to the bar, apparently staking claim, whispering to him. I sat down two, or three, stools away and glanced around the room to admire the view. Every item of lingerie was on display, modelled to perfection.

A woman with gorgeous long blonde hair walked past in a stocking/ suspender set and a matching lace bra she was bursting out of, wiggling her firm arse behind her, as she spoke to her friend. She, in turn, wore a black leather corset and a small black g string with dark high heels, all to match her shoulder-length black hair.

Apart from a couple of others, my friends and I were the only customers in attendance and we were drawing looks. Women were gathered on the tables nearby and now looked in our direction, weighing us up. I vaguely felt like prey for a few seconds. I turned to order a bottle from the bar.

Before I could take it, a tall, thin brunette slid quietly into the seat in front of me. She smiled warmly to me, stroking my arm and saying hello. She was modestly dressed, compared to the others, in a plain, though short, black tube dress. She was slender, not the bombshell look of the other girl, but I thought she looked a lot better for it. She was beautiful.

“Hiya, I’m Kayleigh. What’s your name?”

I told her, though I admit I faltered a little for the first time that night. I wasn’t expecting to be accosted quite so soon. I reached for the bottle, taking a sip and we both watched each other.

“Have you been here before?” she asked me, when I set my bottle down.

“No, we didn’t plan on it, honestly. Your friend grabbed us from the street.” I joked, nodding towards the girl from outside who was draped over my friend.

She nodded, knowingly, and turned back to me with a flick of her hair. I enjoyed the movement.

“Aren’t you nervous, in here for the first time? Talking to me?” she asked.

Her gaze had strength to it. She was confident and actually a little intimidating, but there was an air to it that I found quite attractive. She knew what she wanted; she knew what she was doing. She was calculated. I got the impression she liked a certain degree of control.

“Not really, no. Just trying to take it all in,” I told her, casting my gaze over the girls surrounding us.

She smiled a little at my twisted meaning.

“You’re really not nervous?” she asked, skeptical.


“So why are you fidgeting?” she asked me; a smile pulled at her lips as she looked pointedly at my left hand stroking and bouncing my bottle on the bar, then at my bouncing knee.

I stared at my hand for a second, or two. I hadn’t realised I was doing it. She’d got me there, I realised, as I looked back to her, surprised.

“I really don’t know.”

“I’m sorry,” she said, laughing. “I have to disappear for a few minutes. How about you buy me a rosé and we can talk when I get back?”

I agreed, more out of curiosity and experimentation than anything else. I wanted to see where this was heading.

“Tell him it’s for Kayleigh,” she said.

Kayleigh headed off, clutching her little bag, and I saw my friends making their way towards a small ring of sofas inside a booth, escorted by three girls.

I turned to the barman who walked over to me. I ordered rosé for her, but was told she was on her limit for the night. No more drinks. I was puzzled, but wasn’t sure what more I could do. I headed over to the booth my friends were gathered in.

My shy friend had become the most animated of the pair, I noticed. He was deep in conversation with the first girl of the night, from outside. She really had staked claim. A grin was plastered on his face. She was positively hanging out of her dress, hanging off him, and they both giggled to each other, almost conspiratorially. I was glad to see him enjoying himself. Her hands never stopped stroking him, here and there.

The birthday boy was a good foot away from the two girls talking to him. I was proud of him to show such restraint. I thought his girlfriend would be too, though maybe not so happy with our location. He nodded to me, his eyes flitting to our third, his eyebrows raised. I sat down on the other side of the two girls he was talking to and the closest one turned her attention to me.

She was dark haired, slightly past her shoulders, and wore a bra and suspenders set to match. A slight touch of lace decorated her solid black outfit, which I found myself quite drawn to. She made sure to brush me with her bare thighs.

She introduced herself and I reciprocated. It wasn’t long before she had sidled up to me and begun stroking my hair. I assumed the gesture was supposed to be subtle. She wasn’t as pretty as her friends, honestly, but I was still conscious of my attraction to her. Her considerable breasts inches from my face were distracting to say the least. Quite unlike the others, she was very laid back and seemed content to talk idly for a while.

“You seem a lot more relaxed about all this than your friends,” she told me, glancing to my friends around the sofas. “Don’t seem half as nervous.”

I laughed out loud, thinking of Kayleigh’s comment minutes earlier, before realising I really wasn’t nervous. This girl, and the others who’d also introduced themselves, didn’t make me fidget like Kayleigh and her intense, confident manner and gaze. That took me slightly by surprise.

The two of us talked quietly for a few minutes, without incident, as did my birthday boy and the girl he was talking to. I told her how sexy I found her outfit, complete with high heels, when asked my opinion. I took the chance to take in the full view of her body when she turned to model for me. She had a body to die, or to kill, for.

She asked if I’d like to see more, but sensed my hesitation when I didn’t respond immediately. Of course I would’ve liked to see more. My brain, however, went back to Kayleigh and I couldn’t help wondering what lay down that road. This place was having a strange effect on me, I realised.

She didn’t press me after that, but changed the topic back to my ‘shy’ friend who was almost buried in the cleavage of the girl from outside. Whether by will, or force, I couldn’t quite tell. Either way, he didn’t seem to mind. The two of us laughed to see him enjoying himself so much.

Eventually, the two girls between the birthday boy and I got up and excused themselves. We only had chance to share a look and a laugh together, before I felt someone sit down next to me.

“This is where you’re hiding from me,” Kayleigh said, setting her bag down and turning to look at me.

“I’ve got no drink for you,” I told her. “Your man behind the bar refused me, said you were on the limit.”

She frowned, irritably, and excused herself for a second. She headed to the bar. Once again, my friend and I could only share a puzzled look before she was back, throwing herself into the seat with a sigh.

“He thought you meant one of the other girls, he says. Kylie,” she told me, pulling a little face. “Oh well, forget that. How about we go into the back room instead, just the two of us?”

I was fidgeting a little again. I glanced towards my friend, to my right. I was about to ask him if he’d mind me leaving, but he beat me to it, nodding for me to go. It was then that I noticed our other friend and his companion had also disappeared. I was happy for him, but my mind was a little elsewhere.

I took a swig on my bottle and turned to Kayleigh, standing up. She picked up her bag and took my hand, leading me out of the booth and further into the club. We entered the back room where sofas hugged the walls, separated by small booth walls. A long, horizontal mirror hung on one side and the back walls held larger, curtained booths.

Two, or three, other men were being entertained along the sofas. The nearest guy to me was holding a huge grin, clearly enjoying himself. I couldn’t really blame him; the petite blonde girl on his lap was genuinely gorgeous. She was topless, with perfect, pert breasts, grinding on his lap in a small pair of shorts that couldn’t contain her.

Kayleigh pulled me into a booth on the opposite wall, taking the bottle from my hand and placing it with her bag next to the sofa. She pushed me back, into the seat, and placed my hands at my sides. Our eyes met and I smiled, instead shuffling to sit on my hands. Her eyes lit up a little.

“What’s wrong, don’t you trust yourself?” she asked, flirtatiously, allowing herself to sink onto my knees.

I looked up at her, as she rested her forehead against mine and stroked her hands down my arms.

“With you? No. I don’t think I do.”

A flash appeared behind her eyes again for an instant, before she pulled back, sliding off me. She held her legs straight, stroking down my legs and burying her face in my neck. From there, I could see perfectly over her shoulder to the mirror behind her. As she bent over, her tiny dress rode up and the gorgeous shape of her firm, round arse was revealed, sporting a tiny thong.

“That mirror is totally perfect,” I groaned.

Kayleigh giggled. She slid her body along mine, standing up in front of me and hitching up her dress a little more. I watched, as her hand teased her stomach and her fingers gently stroked over the black triangle of her thong. She moaned cutely as her fingers probed through the thin material. A sly smile crossed her lips. I must’ve been visibly struggling.

Her hands stroked up her body, riding the flimsy dress hitched over her hips, and found the swell of her chest. She cupped her breasts, rolling her fingers over her nipples through the fabric. I loved to watch the expression on her face change, hear the soft moans through her lips at every touch.

Our eyes met and her lips pursed in a smile; her fingers hooked over the top of her dress and slid it slowly down. I was enraptured, watching every inch of her gorgeous breasts slowly exposed to me, before the fabric slid over her nipple with a slight shudder. Once they were free, her hands followed their contours and she massaged them in her palms, sighing and once again dropping to sit on my knees. She watched me intently, as she stroked, squeezed, pinched and rolled her breasts, moaning, giggling and grinding deliberately.

She leaned forward, straightening her back as she went to tease her breasts over my face. I resisted an overpowering urge, enjoying the sensation of her smooth skin on my face and the intoxicating aroma that surrounded her.

“Good God you smell fantastic,” I told her, inhaling gently.

There was a murmur from Kayleigh and I suddenly felt her fingers tie into my hair, as she pulled me closer to her chest. She teased her breasts over my cheeks, my face hidden amongst her cleavage. I murmured happily and felt her grip my hair a little tighter.

My tongue darted from my mouth and I licked up her cleavage, tasting her. She jumped a little, but composed herself quickly. Her grip tightened and she pulled me into her chest, allowing her hips to slide along my legs and she ground gently against me. She guided me by my hair, rubbing my face and lips over her chest.

She released my hair, leaning back a little. We looked at each other for a second.

“Should we take a more private booth?” she asked me, nodding towards one of the curtained rooms at the back.

I was enjoying myself, I was still curious and I wasn’t all that keen on anything finishing just yet. Of course I agreed.

She quickly pulled her dress back up around herself, gathered her bag, my bottle and then me too as she dragged me towards the small room at the back. I was pushed down onto the sofa and she pulled the curtain behind us. The room was dark with just about enough light to see by.

Kayleigh virtually threw down our stuff, closing the distance to me with a bit of a trot. I replaced my hands beneath me and we both shared a wicked smile. She was immediately on my lap, wiggling her hips to settle herself down on me, as her hands stroked my chest.

I was pushed back against the wall behind me, my head tilted back, and Kayleigh followed me. Our lips brushed, touched and lingered a little and I soaked up the delicious smell she left around me. It sent as many tingles through my skin, as the tickling caress of her hair. Kayleigh leaned back, watching me and running her fingers through my hair; her hips slid back and forth on my lap, slowly and teasingly.

“Do you have any pet names?” she asked me.

“I have my little pet.” I told her, glad the dark room might hide my smirk, caused by the sudden flash in her eyes.

She was quiet for a second while her finger trailed down my cheek.

“Does she have a pet name for you?” she asked.

Her voice seemed a little hitched. I was enjoying myself now. I decided to tease her myself and I didn’t respond, only smiled at her. A frustrated frown pinched at her brow and Kayleigh began to slide herself down my body. I was rock solid and it was agony to feel her slide so slowly and heavily over my throbbing manhood, landing on her knees. Her hands continued, brushing her palms over my bulge, while she looked up at me with big, demanding eyes.

“Well, does she?” she asked me, dipping her head down as she slid forward again.

Her lips brushed over me, her hands planted on my hips. I moaned and saw a flicker of triumph in her eyes, as she glanced up at me. I rewarded her a little.

“Okay, ‘boss man’,” I said, simply.

Kayleigh watched me steadily, unmoving. She sat back on her haunches, letting her hands roam her body. One hand dipped beneath her dress and she dropped her head a little, sighing. The other stroked her chest and squeezed at her breasts. Our eyes met again, as she slowly raised to her feet.

“Is she your girlfriend?”

I smiled, saying nothing. Kayleigh’s eyes never left mine. She raised a high-heeled foot, placing it to the right of me, spreading her legs at head height. Her dress hitched up nicely, perfectly showing her little thong, which she stroked with a quiet moan.

“No,” I told her, smiling.

Again, she looked slightly surprised and stared me down, as if daring me to lie to her. I met her gaze with ease – I was quite enjoying myself.

She turned on the spot, bending at the waist. She looked back at me through the gap between her legs and I felt a hot rush of blood swell my cock a little more. Her thong was plainly visible and her swollen lips silhouetted against the light from behind the curtain. She ran her fingers over herself, moaning. Pulled tight, her underwear perfectly formed to her contours.

Her dress was still riding high, halfway up her arse – she eased it up the rest of the way, freeing her round, firm cheeks. She reached back to handle them, squeezing and digging her fingers into the smooth skin. She dropped her hips, sitting fully on my shaft and pushing back, grinding on me. To say I was horny would be a serious understatement – she was making me wild and I’m sure she knew it.

“How did you meet your pet, boss man?”

Now standing, Kayleigh turned to face me, slipping the dress from her body and throwing it aside, freeing her gorgeous body to me in just her thong. She squeezed her breasts in both hands, walking towards me and pushing me back; she straddled me, her breasts in my face once more. I can’t say I was sad to see them again; they seemed even more gorgeous up close.

“We should keep a few secrets,” I told her, winking. “Keep the mystery.”

Kayleigh frowned and pressed her weight down onto me, rocking her hips. My lips brushed her breasts.

Her fingers gripped my hair and I was pulled bodily into her breasts once more. There was that lovely smell and gentle caress on my face again. I let my lips tickle her soft skin. I felt her breath on my neck.

“You are a naughty man, aren’t you?” she asked.

“No. Not really,” I told her, though I think she heard the slight giggle to my tone.

She pulled back, looking into my eyes.

“I think you are. I think you enjoy being treated like a naughty boy.”

“Only if this is how they’re treated,” I told her. I remember winking.

Kayleigh bit her lip then stood, massaging her breasts again and letting her hips swivel and roll in front of me.

She turned on her heels, looking back over her shoulder and fingering the tiny waist band of her panties.

I only smiled, encouraging her to continue. She bent at the waist, shuffling back to leave hardly a gap between us. She inched her knickers down, slowly, letting the material peel away from her body. The shine of her swollen labia was unmistakable in the low light and if she didn’t see me bite my lip, she heard the moan I couldn’t hold in.

The thong was dropped, unceremoniously, and one hand reached for her exposed slit. She parted her lips for me with just two fingers, rubbing very slightly. She moaned, gently fingering herself and shaking her hips in my face. She seemed determined to punish me for keeping secrets.

Quite unknown to me, my hand reached out in front of me. I was genuinely shocked to watch two of my fingers stroke along the length of her lips. She jumped, surprised, as we realised what had happened.

Kayleigh turned, straddling me immediately and letting her weight drop on my shaft. She swivelled her hips, pulling on my hair and dropping her lips to my ear again.

“I told you, you ARE naughty, aren’t you?” she whispered.

“I… No, I…” I stumbled, unsure of myself suddenly.

“Touching me like that, you really are a naughty boy.” She pressed herself down into me harder and gripped my hair in her fists.

I was actually lost for words. She was handling the situation far better than I was.

I was just as shocked at Kayleigh’s response; she seemed livelier than ever. Her breathing was deep in my ear and her lips tickled my neck. Her fingernails dug into my skin and her voice was breathless.

“You like women for their bodies, don’t you? You like to use them.”

“No, I..” I started.

Kayleigh interrupted me; she didn’t seem to be listening all that much.

“You’re kinky; you like to be in control. To take what you want. To do as you please.”

She didn’t seem to be asking anymore, looking into my eyes as she spoke.

She pushed backwards, slipping down my legs again and settling down on the floor. Her legs were spread wide and she placed her feet either side of me. The view was fantastic.

She sucked the fingers of her right hand, squeezing her breasts roughly in her left. She reached between her legs. Kayleigh spread her lips wide for me, leaning back on her left arm and stroking the length of her slit.

My mind was racing, but the sight of Kayleigh fingering herself for me was all consuming. She ground against her fingers, moaning, as she pushed inside herself. Deep sighs from both of us filled the room. Our eyes found each other again.

“Do you like this? Do you like watching me, boss man?” she asked, stroking the tips of her fingers up to circle her clit.

Her eyes closed and she bit her lip the second her question was done.


Kayleigh pushed two fingers back inside herself, thrusting up to meet them. She moaned and collapsed back on the floor at my feet, her left hand reaching up to maul her breasts. I sat awe-struck, watching the gorgeous display of self-pleasure at my feet. I could’ve watched for hours.

Kayleigh masturbated intensely for a few minutes, before stopping with an evil grin. She sat up, getting to her feet and stood directly in front of me. Her fingers still teased her wet lips, at perfect eye level, inches from my face. She showed me her slick fingers, her hips squirmed and she looked down at me with big, glazed eyes. My lip was raw from biting it.

I was about to speak when a voice behind the curtain called for Kayleigh. We both stopped, looking at each other for a second. She took a step back, though our eyes remained locked until she turned, bending to pick up her clothes, after a few seconds.

“We should get back out there.” she said, turning to me, as she slipped into her panties. “How about that rosé we talked about?”

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