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Unexpected Love Part 2

Teacher and Student get caught in the shower by best friend, also another of his students
Gabe nearly hit his head on the shower head when they both heard the door slam…

“Jenna! Are you home?” Jenna’s roommate, Haley hollered as she walked in the door. Jenna’s purse and keys lay on the table so she had to be. As Haley neared her best friend’s bedroom she heard the sound of the shower running.

“Hey Jenna. I’m home.” Haley announced walking into the bathroom.

Gabe and Jenna froze inside the shower. “Umm bad timing Haley. I’ll be done in a minute. “

Haley laughed. “Let me guess, Professor Gabe?” Jenna’s heart raced.

“What!? Why would you say that?”

She laughed again, “For one, it’s obvious there was something between you two. Second, I know you and you did not try to even deny it, meaning I am right. Besides, if that wasn’t enough, his wallet was laying on your dresser.” Haley’s giggles followed her out of the room and the door shut with a soft bang.

Gabe and Jenna looked at each other in both fear and amusement. The fear was clearly more evident on Gabe’s face.

“What are we going to do? I can’t afford to lose my job!”

Jenna cupped his face is her hands and pecked his lips softly. “Don’t worry. Haley won’t tell. Do you even know how many teachers she's slept with, and all of those times were for better grades. That is not what I am doing, so she has no room to talk.”

His features softened slightly but the small bit of worry was still glued to his face. Jenna pulled him close and kissed him with passion once more before turning the water off and stepping out of the shower. She slipped a towel that was too small to cover much, her ass hanging out the bottom, and then threw a larger one in Gabe’s direction.

He pulled the towel around his waist never taking his eyes off Jenna’s sexy butt poking out the bottom of her towel. She walked into the kitchen with him awkwardly following behind.

“Hey Prof!” came Haley’s bubbly voice. His face turned bright red forcing a giggle out of Haley and Jenna. He mumbled a small hi in response. He watched as Jenna took a water bottle from the fridge then went and plopped down on the couch next to her friend, still in her towel and very exposed. Gabe wasn’t sure what to do so he went back to Jenna’s bedroom and pulled his clothes back on before returning to the living room.

“Ummm, well I guess I should probably go now.” He could not wait to get out of there and the awkward atmosphere that surrounded him. He couldn’t believe her roommate, his student had come home. And to make matters worse, found him in the shower with his other student that he was pretty sure he was falling in love with.

“No don’t go,” came protests from both girls. Jenna hopped up from her spot on the couch and came over and kissed him. At first, he tried to resist not liking the idea of making out with her here in front of his other student. It didn’t take long though for her to win him over as she wiggled her tongue inside his mouth. Her body pressed tightly against his and her warm arms wrapped easily around his neck. He gave in to her kiss and pulled her in as close as possible, her bare ass under his finger tips and his own tongue sliding and moving in unison with Jenna’s.

They both became so engrossed in the kiss that they forgot Haley was even in the room until they heard her clear her throat to make her presence known. They quickly pulled apart, both red in the face and mumbled sorry.

Haley stood, hands on her hips and faced them. “If you’re going to have sex in the middle of our living room at least have the courtesy to invite me to join.”

Jenna chuckled, “Sorry Haley. Care to join us?” She stuck her tongue out at her best friend.

Gabe stood stone cold still, “I…ummm…don’t think that’s probably a good idea,” he stuttered.

Jenna pecked his lips quickly reassuring him that they were only kidding.

“Speak for yourself,” interjected Haley, “I wasn’t kidding!” Neither Gabe nor Jenna could believe their eyes as Haley stood before them, crossed her arms at her waist and slipped her shirt over her head, tossing it on the couch behind her. She moved in and planted a warm, wet kiss on Jenna’s lips before either could protest. Jenna resisted at first, never having seen this side of her friend before but was overcome with the arousal she felt and the heat of Haley’s kiss. Soon, she was kissing back with the same amount of luster as her friend, while Gabe stood silently behind watching with a growing erection.

Sometime during their kiss, Jenna’s towel had fallen off her body revealing everything Gabe lusted for, for him to sit and enjoy. The only thing interrupting his view was the sight of Haley’s hands moving across Jenna’s back and across her ass giving it a playful squeeze before moving back up her back. Finally, the two broke apart, both breathless.

Haley then turned her attention to Gabe, taking a quick glance at Jenna for permission before moving in to kiss him. This kiss was world’s different than Jenna’s, though not better or worse. This kiss was filled with pure lust and desire, no love or affection evolved making this kiss hot and heavy rather than slow and passionate. He was scared to return the kiss at first, not knowing what to do in this situation as he had never once thought he would come close to anything like this. One peak at Jenna, and his hesitation dissolved.

Jenna watched from the couch as her best friend and her now boyfriend (?) kissed feverishly in front of her. She found herself reaching down and massaging her clit while she watched. Her fingers moved around her clit then down, reaching inside herself with her fingers easily slipping in as her pussy was extremely wet. The whole apartment smelled of sex.

To be Continued…

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