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Unexpected Love

College student and professor fall into a love story with a heated ending
"I hope this guy isn't some crazy old fat guy like most professors!" Jenna exclaimed as her and her best friend Haley left their apartment to the one and only class they had together.

"I know. That prof. we had last term for Statistics was awful!"

Haley shook her head as a group of guys whistled at her while they walked down the hall. Jenna felt a pang of jealousy. Her best friend was pretty enough to be a model. Actually, she had been for a few years during their senior year of high school. She had long naturally blonde hair and bright green eyes with a small beauty mark under her left eye. She was 5'9 with long legs that we nice and toned. Hell is Jenna was gay, she would even have the hots for her best friend. It wasn't that Jenna was ugly. She wasn't fat but had more curves that most girls her age with large breasts and a bubble butt that she was proud of. Her short light brown hair fell to her shoulders and she had bright blue eyes. No, she wasn't ugly, but when stood next to Haley, she faded into the background.

"Jenna! I know that look. Knock it off, you're a gorgeous!"

Jenna skofed at her comment as they entered the classroom. It was 5 till and almost every seat was filled. They got both lucky and unlucky. Lucky because they found two seats side by side, virtually the only two left, unlucky because it was in the very front row smack in the middle. They shared a mutual look of annoyance and sat down.
Laptops dinged with people using messenger services and phone vibrated with people squeezing in a last text before the professor walked in.

As much as the first day of classes always sucked from the syllabuses to finding out how crazy your professor was and dreading the rest of the semester with them, Jenna was genuinely excited about this class. It was an intro level course, as she was only a freshman, on Literature, something she lived for.

Sure she went out and partied with friends and occasionally got a little drunk, but what she really preferred was to stay home and either read a new novel or write about whatever was on her mind. She wasn't even that bothered by getting stuck in the front row because it met less distractions from the material.

Haley felt differently as she pulled her laptop out and logged into Facebook. Jenna on the other hand was the only one in the room that did not have one pulled up on her desk. She preferred going old school with a notebook and pen. First of all, it helped her remember the material better and secondly, she felt that having a computer pulled up made the class so impersonal.

She felt Haley elbow her as she bent down to grab a pen from her bag. Looking up, she realized why she had been hit. Standing two feet in front of her was what had to be their professor. He looked young, maybe early thirties at the most. Short slightly gelled dirty blonde hair and his eyes were unbelievably blue. He had to be at least 6 foot and was fit but not body builder big which she found unattractive. He smiled at the class.

"Hi everybody. Welcome to Intro to Literature. If this isn't the class you signed up for I would be glad to point you in the right direction. Otherwise, here is a syllabus for the semester. I would advise you not to lose it as I will not hand out any other copies. If that is too much for you to handle, well I advise you to go drop this class. It's too big for my taste anyways. My name is Gabe Nestler. I hate my last name so please, out of respect for me, call me Gabe!" His eyes locked with Jenna's and he smiled brightly as he noticed the pen and paper on her desk. " I know its the first day and we should go over the syllabus and all that shit but frankly, thats boring and I am sure you are just as sick of listening to them as I am talking about it. Instead, lets actually talk about the course. Why don't we start by naming some classic literature that you are familiar with and no I do not count Twilight as classic lit" This got a few laughs and some disapproving mumbles from around the room.

"So who wants to start?"

Haley, having no shame or shyness in her body raised her hand.

"Yes, Miss?"

"Fuller, Haley Fuller." She smiled brightly at him. Jena recognized that look in her eyes. She had her flirt face on.

"Three Men in a Boat"

Gabe smiled at her. "Good" before moving on to the next hand.He went through about 15 people, not being deeply impressed by any answer he got as they were the typical ones he heard a thousand times, Pride and Prejudice, Gulliver's Travels, The Scarlet Letter and more. Finally, he decided to call on the "paper girl" that had caught his eye when he first entered the room. She was beautiful in a different way than most of the girls he saw. Rather than flaunt her body like the girl sitting next to her in a mini shirt and tank top, she was in a pair of form fitting(but not skin tight) jeans and a v neck t-shirt. What caught his attention the most was the look in her eye, it wasn't one he saw very often especially in a general education/pre-req. course; she was open minded and wanted to be there. She looked interested and attentive. He called on her deeply curious to hear her answer.

He looked right at her and asked her favorite classic lit. novel, smiling at the surprised look on her face as she had not raised her hand.


"Yes please. And your name."

"Umm, my name is Jenna and I guess I would have to say Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier." The look he gave her caused her to second guess herself. "Is that not considered a classic?" she asked unsure of herself now.

"No I would defiantly say it is, just not an answer you hear everyday." He smiled and nodded in approval. "But none the less, the kind of answer I was looking for"

"Oh my gosh!" Haley squealed.

"What are you freaking out about?" Jenna only half cared about the answer as her mind was other places.

"Did you see that guy! He's seriously hot!"

She smiled "Yeah he kind of is. Better than fat and crazy."

Haley gave her a baffled expression. "No not Gabe! Sure hes decent looking, but I meant the guy to my left two seats. He gave me his number at the end of class."

"I didn't even notice. What about the "look". I know you well enough to recognize your flirting face"

Haley laughed, "I just want a good grade honestly,. I figure if he thinks I'm cute, he will overlook the fact that I couldn't give a rats ass about his class. Besides, he seems a little weird"

Once again, Jenna tuned out, already focused on the first novel assigned for the class. It was one of her favorites.

The first two months passed by and the more Jenna found herself staying around after class to continue the discussion or debate over whichever novel they happened to be reading with Gabe. Sometimes, even during class, it felt like they were the only two in the room as the went back and forth debating the use of characterization in early 18th century novels. They had gotten to the friend level almost, at least more so than most students did with their professors. She even had his number and they would exchange a text or two regrading a new film that had come out based on a novel. They were always complaints.

Haley constantly teased her about their relationship claiming Jenna had a crush on the professor. Jenna denied this and she truly did not feel that she did. Yes, she thought he was attractive, but she thought of him as a friend and a mentor as well as a brilliant mind that she loved to pick apart. As for Gabe, he felt the same about their relationship. She was beautiful but he was not the type to sleep with a student. He loved his job too much. It allowed him the opportunity, however rare, to meet people like Jenna that he could truly inspire and that wanted to learn, not just pass the class. He enjoyed their conversations and he had even learned a few things from her, gaining a different perspective that he had never thought about before.

Spring Break came and the campus emptied out quickly. Haley had gone with her family to Germany to visit her brother leaving Jenna alone in the apartment for two weeks and practically alone on campus. It was the first Sunday of break and Jenna was sitting on the couch in her pajama shorts and a tank top, eating a bowl of cereal and reading the latest book for Lit when her phone vibrated.

Gabe: Headed home for break?

Me: Nope, staying in the apartment alone like a loser reading ur book

Gabe: Any profound thoughts?

Me: the main character is a emotionally constipated ass. so far, this book fails

Gabe: Touche! Always the romantic

Me: :) always

Gabe: Seen the new Gilliver's Travels movie yet?

Me: Still in Theaters

Gabe: That a no?

Me: Yes! I'm a broke college kid, remember?

Gabe: I'm not

Me: Psh, rub it in why don't you?

Gabe: Ha! I meant, want to go see it? We can mock it together, it'll be fun

Gabe: My treat

Me: What time?

Gabe: :) Pick you up at 6:30?

Me: 7? I need to shower

Gabe: 7 it is

A strange thought passed quickly through Gabe's mind when she mentioned showering. He quickly shoved the thought of her naked with water dripping down her body from his head. Although, not quickly enough, causing his cock to twitch in his pants. He calmed himself with a cold shower throwing on a pair of jeans that hung from his hips and a t-shirt. He cleaned his car out to kill time, and to save the embarrassment of Jenna seeing the months worth of Subway wrappers and Ice Tea bottles. Then headed out to Jenna's apartment. He knew where it was only because he had passed her in his car walking home with her friend from his class. It was only a few blocks away and he reached in it minutes as there was virtually no traffic; College Town on spring break.

At 6:55, Jenna heard the buzzer from downstairs ring. She hit the button to let him in as she ran back to the bathroom to finish brushing her teeth. It was unusually hot out for March so she has slipped into some shorts (not the mini shorts like most girls wore, these actually covered her ass) and a simple v neck tee shirt with a design going down her side. she ran her fingers through her hair, applied a thin layer of eye liner and a coat of mascara and called it good. When she emerged from the bathroom, Gabe was standing in her living room bending slightly at the waist looking at a picture of her and her brother from summer vacation last year. They were at a beach in Florida and she was in a plain black bikini swim suit standing in water up to her ankles. Her face turned red, embarrassed that he had seen the picture so scarcely clothed.

The bathroom door shutting behind her caught his attention and he stood turning to face her. He cleared his throat, ashamed at being caught snooping and at that particular photograph.

"Shall we" He asked breaking the silence and trying not to stare. She looked relaxed yet stunning. Her tanned legs were long and sexy, something he had not noticed before as she always wore jeans.

"Sure" She smiled. Let me grab my keys.

"Oh. I was just going to drive us both. Unless you want to ride separate?"

She felt stupid as she replied "Oh, duh. Yeah lets just do that. Otherwise I would have just met you at the theater." So much for being smart, Jenna thought to herself. As they got into his car, she found herself hoping this would not be uncomfortable silence the whole way there. Never having been in a car with him, or even this close to him, she was unsure how to feel. However, being this close, she could smell the mixture of his cologne and shampoo. If it was anybody else, she would have been intoxicated by the smell, but because he was her teacher, she pushed the thought deep down and chose to ignore them.

Surprising and thankfully, the conversation flowed easily, as it usually did and Jenna realized they were there in what felt like only minutes. She laughed as they walked into the deserted theater, picking a seat in the very back row. The movie started in 2 minutes and there was not a single person in the theater.

The lights dimmed and the opening credits began. Half way through the movie, both Jenna and Gabe repositioned at the same time, both trying to rest their hands on the same armrest and both pulling away immediately at the contact.

The laughed like kids as they went back and forth, first Gabe saying she can put her arm there, then Jenna replying that he can and back and forth,.

Finally Jenna laughed, "How about we just share the damn thing?" So, they sat arms pressed together attempting to focus on the screen but both more focused on the bolts of electricity they each felt going through their arms at the contact. Each tried to ignore it but the chemistry they felt was undeniable.

It wasn't long before they were holding hands. Neither, knowing which had reached for the other but it felt natural nonetheless. The movie ended and both Gabe and Jenna stood up. Jenna started to make her way to the exit of the isle on the left but Gabe went right. They head butted right into each other.

"Damn. Sorry Jenna"

"It's ok" came the reply as Jenna rubbed her forehead. Pulling her hand from her face she realized just how close they were standing. Almost nose to nose. Gabe was the first to lean in lightly brushing Jenna's lips with his own then pulling back to gauge her reaction. Suddenly desperate for this man, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in close crushing her lips to his. His tongue snaked into her mouth, finding its way with little resistance from her. Jenna's hands kept busy massaging his neck and running her fingers through his sexy blonde hair. Between kisses Gabe managed to whisper. "We...shouldn' doing....this"

He smiled into her mouth at her reply, "No we.....shouldn't" as she continued exploring the inside of his mouth with her tongue. He pulled her in closer causing her pelvis to crush into his erection. Feeling his stiffness, she playfully wiggled against him. Gabe mustered up all the self control he had and pulled away. Before Jenna could protest, he grabbed her hand and led her out of the theater into the dark night. She smiled as he held the car door open for her and climbed inside as he enjoyed the view of her sexy ass in her nicely fitted shorts.

"Do you want me to take you home?" Gabe inquired, hoping she would say no.

"Yes," came the reply to his disappointment, "but I want you to come inside with me." Jenna smiled at the satisfied look on his face.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" The last thing Gabe needed was for her to change her mind too late and end up with a pink slip on his desk and hand cuffs on his wrists.

She responded by taking hold of his right hand and guiding it between her legs where he could feel a small wet spot beginning to form on the outside of her shorts. Clearly she wanted it just as much as he did.

As soon as the apartment door was unlocked Jenna was in Gabe's arms being led backwards, her lips entrapped by his, to her bedroom. She squealed in delight as he gently tossed her backwards onto her queen sized bed. He then kicked off his shoes and keeled on the end of the bed at her feet. His first kiss was on the inside of each ankle, the second and third made their ways up her legs stopping just above her knees and resuming at her belly as his nose slowly pushed her shirt upwards. Instinctively, Jenna moved to cross her arms over her stomach to hide it from him.

He pulled them away, planted another kiss before asking, "Why did you do that?"

Her face turned red and she transformed into a shy younger looking girl.

" Jenna, baby, you are beautiful, why don't you believe that." Again, there was no response, only another attempt to cover her stomach. "Babe, stop that. You are not fat and have no reason to be self cautious. Stick thin girls may be common but it is far from sexy." He gave her lips a reassuring kiss and whispered that she was beautiful once again into her ear, then grabbed each of her wrists and pinned them above her head before resuming his kisses up her stomach, skipping over her breasts, and then began exploring her neck which he found to be highly sensitive. Less than a minute of kissing and lightly biting at her neck and she was wiggling beneath him begging for more.

His lips grazed her ear, "Patience my love."

Then his fingers moved down pulling her shirt up over her head and unclasping her bra before tossing it aside. He sat back a minute to take in the beautiful and sexy sight before him before coming down on her right nipple and sucking it into his mouth. The groan that escaped her throat caused his cock to stiffen more than he thought was possible and Jenna began grinding her pelvis up against his growing erection as he continued sucking and biting her nipples, working one with his mouth and the other between his fingers.

Their anticipation was growing more and more and soon Jenna was stripping him of first his shirt, then pants and boxers before slipping her own shorts and camo thong off her hips. Once they were both naked, Jenna gently pushed Gabe onto his back and climbed atop him kissing him a quick peck on the lips before sliding herself down on his shaft. It was his turn to moan as the tight goddess on top of him began to ride his cock her tits bouncing with her movements and extacey painted across her face. Her reached his hands up to grab her hips pulling her up and down his cock. It was not long before her body tensed up and her movements slowed as orgasm wracked through her body.

Gabe watched with satisfaction on his face as his student rode out the waves of her orgasm, her pussy spasming around his cock. When she had caught her breath she rolled off of him and kissed his cheek. then in one quick motion, she had her lips wrapped around the head of his cock flicking her tongue over it and tasting her own juices.
"Do we taste good together baby?" Gabe asked as his hand rested ontop of her head grabbing a fistful of her hair and guiding her head up and down his rock hard shaft. She nodded her head slightly in reply never stopping her movements up and down on his cock as her tongue worked its magic and her hand massaged his balls.

"Jenna. I'm going to cum soon." This only encouraged her more and she began moving faster and pumping her hand along his shaft under her mouth. He was soon shooting cum into her mouth no faster than she could swallow it with a very small amount oozing out the corners of her mouth. She finished and bright her head up, smiled at Gabe and then licked the small amounts of leftover cum from the corners of her mouth.

He laughed at the sexy sight before him grabbing Jenna and pulling her up to kiss her soft plump lips and swatting playfully at her perfectly shaped ass.

"You have no idea how many times I watched that ass walk out of my classroom and wanted to do this too you."

"Yes, I have had my eye on you since the day I walked into class and saw you sitting there and the second you answered my first question,I'm pretty sure I fell in love with you. I just pushed all those feelings aside because I was sure if you found out you would go running for the hills."

Jenna beamed at his words making it clear that she felt the same. After another long, hot kiss, Jenna hopped out of bed and led Gabe to her bathroom where she started up the warm water and pulled him inside with her. They stood kissing and exploring each others bodies under the hot water stream.

Gabe nearly hit his head on the shower head when they both heard the front door slam....

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