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Vacation with Teens -1.2- The Meeting

Four playful teenage girls are getting ready to go on vacation to spain for a week.
This is the second part of chapter 1 after I split them up

Someone was looking at her, she could feel the gaze on her back as she rhythmically slid her arms into the water. When she turned her head around, she saw Leah was indeed watching her. They exchanged smiles and Lily decided to get out of the water.

“Need some help with your suntan?” she asked, seeing Leah hadn’t put on any yet.


Leah didn’t dare saying Robert had just promised to help her, remembering how the girls had laughed at her the last time she said something about him.

“Sure...” she replied.

As Lily’s hands went over Leah smooth body the girls started to talk. Inevitably reaching the subject ‘boys’.
“I don’t get why you don’t go out with Luis more, he’s such a cutie.” Lily grinned “It’s so obvious that he’s into you. Did you know he plays in the same soccer team as Matthew?”

“No… I didn’t” Leah responded, evading the first part of her question.

“Don’t you think he’s cute?” Lily asked gain, excepting a ‘yeah-but…-answer’.

“I don’t know…”

Luis had been in their class for the second year in a row now. Leah had always gotten along with him, more than with most other boys who were too childish in her eyes. The other girls had also liked him and his good looks. It wasn’t that long ago since he ended up in bed with first Lily, not much later Jessica. Not that there was a relationship or anything, just sex the girls had claimed. Luis didn’t brag like most other guys about who he slept with, which probably was one of the reason so many girls in school were into him. But even without him bragging about it, Leah guessed his ‘number’ was far higher than three or four. Most girls he slept with were only for one time, Lily twice. And Leah didn’t want to end up feeling disappointed after her first time. She had been avoiding Luis and his attempts to flatter her since she realized that.

“Who’s hungry?” Robert was standing behind them with a plate full of delicious looking meat. His eyes immediately fell on Leah, who looked back at him.

The look on her face said: “I’m sorry, Lily wanted to help me with the suntan.” But she couldn’t possibly make out if Robert had actually been disappointed about it.

When the girls had each taken a piece of meat he went back to his barbecue. Leah had to help Lily with the food as her hands were still covered in suntan. She playfully moved a sausage into her friends’ mouth and pulled it back out again. Lily took the hint and started playfully sucking the succulent sausage as if she were giving head. Licking the top of it when Leah held it in front of her face until both girls broke out in laughter.


Robert decided to not put any new meat on yet. His wife Sarah would come home at about 5pm, he wanted them all to eat together. As he cleaned up a bit, he looked over to the girls again. “They are all so pretty,” he thought, even his daughter Emma “but Leah… wow.”

He was more disappointed than he’d like to admit when he found Lily had already helped Leah out with the suntan. He decided to go inside and put on the computer, he still had to sort a lot of photos from his last job. He worked as a photographer and had to travel a lot, meaning he didn’t get to see his wife and daughter as much as he’d like to. But this holiday to Spain was going to make up for that. The mobile home they were going to travel with had cost them quite a bit, but Sarah worked as a lawyer and his photographing wasn’t underpaid either.

It took about two hours before Sarah had come home. Hearing Emma call, “Hey mom” in the backyard made Robert switch of the computer and join the lot in the backyard.

“Hey honey,” As he tried to greet her with a kiss, he asked, “You hungry yet?”

Sarah answered his kiss by gently pressing her lips against his, while stroking his stubble with her right hand. “You bet I am,” She smiled “Let me get changed.”

His wife was two years older than him, but she still looked really well for woman who had just become 40. Emma clearly inherited the good looks of her mother. Both had straight raven black hair almost reaching their shoulders, a cute tip-tilted nose and a very attractive body.

“I’m getting into something more comfortable,” she said as she walked towards the house, leaving him with the girls.

“We’re getting hungry to,” Lily said with an innocent look on her face, “the sausages tasted really good.”

He looked down to her, but his look seemed to fall upon Leah again. The two girls were peeping up at him, but Leah rapidly averted her face as they made eye contact.

“We’ll eat in half an hour,” He said, content to make himself useful again at the barbecue.

A quick look upon the other girls revealed that Jessica and Emma had fallen asleep. But he knew this wasn’t the case with his daughter, since he had heard Emma calling her mom just a moment ago. On her back lay Matthew, also faking a slumber he presumed. He couldn’t help but noticing the loose ends of his daughter top lying open. He knew Emma and Matthew have had intercourse and he could talk to them about stuff like that. But it was still strange to see his little girl lying here, all but naked, with her boyfriend on top of her. He turned away and headed off to his barbecue set.

Thirty minutes later, just as he had planned, the food was ready. Sarah had spread some bowls with vegetables around the outdoor picnic table and the girls and Matthew joined them. They enjoyed the meal, and Jessica amused them with some dirty jokes.

Robert couldn’t help but look at the beautiful Leah once in awhile. He noticed that she avoided his gaze as much as possible, leaving him to wonder if she’s accustomed to guys staring at her. He can’t be the only guy who had noticed her good looks. Still he tried to withhold himself from looking at her too much.

When most of them had had enough, Lily stood up.

“Wait a second.” He said to her. “Can I have your attention for a brief moment girls?” Robert asked.

His wife Sarah was still finishing the peas in her plate as he continued, “I want to make some regulations and explain the planning before we leave tomorrow he started.”

He had talked with Sarah and Emma before about this and the speech was more directed at the other girls. “Tomorrow we’re leaving at 4am, a bit early I know. But that way we’ll stay ahead of traffic. Tomorrow evening we sleep in the mobile home, but the day after that we should reach our hotel at noon.”

The girls were paying attention, but he noticed Emma smilingly whispered something into Matthews ear. Soon after Emma left the table and went inside.

He continued: “We’ll be spending the first two days in the mobile home. It might be cramped at sometimes, but I’ll try to make regular stops to stretch the legs.”

Matthew now left the table following Emma inside. He wasn’t coming along on the trip, so the speech wasn’t directed at him either. But that was not what discomforted him as he saw Matthew step through the glass door. Trying to eliminate the thought of what his daughter was doing with her boyfriend inside, he went on with his talk. “Try to keep it clean girls. There is only one bathroom for the six of us and I know Sarah really hates it when there is hair in drain of the shower. So please clean up after yourselves…” after that he added with a smile: “you each have different hair colors so it’ll be easy to find the culprit.”

After a good five minutes Robert had said all the things he wanted them to know before leaving. He allowed the girls to leave the table and he and Sarah cleared the table and went inside.

He didn’t want to go upstairs, knowing what his daughter may be doing up there. So he sat himself down in the sofa and turned on the television.


Not long after she sat herself down on the edge of her bed Matthew entered the room. “Hey handsome,” she chuckled at him, “did my dad see you follow me?”

“I don’t know.” He answered as he put his arms around Emma’s neck.

The kiss that followed was more passionate than Emma had expected. Still in her bikini she let herself drop backwards onto the bed, Matthew followed her movement not willing to lose contact with her tender lips. Her hips got caught between his strong legs, so she couldn’t move much.

“You’ll have to be quick,” She said in a low voice. “Before someone misses us.”

He didn’t think promising her to be quick would make her happy. Besides he didn’t want to be quick, not this time. Instead he moved his mouth downwards and pressed his lips against her velvet throat. She moaned as he started to lick her, getting saliva all over her sensitive throat. Caressing her windpipe with his tongue.

He felt a hand at his back, trying to undo him from his shirt. Lifting his body gave her the ability to take it off. As soon as it dropped somewhere next to the bed, her soft hands went all over him. Stroking his chest as he lowered himself back onto her.

She was still wet from the licking she just received, he pressed his teeth into her delicate throat. His tongue flicking against it, whilst sucking her skin. He knew Emma enjoyed it, but also knew how she would react if he gave her a love bite. So he raised his head and softly kissed her lips again, hoping his bite wouldn’t leave any marks.

Feeling his hard cock against her right thigh, she knew her boyfriend wanted more. Her small hands fidgeted at the top of his short, he lifted himself off her once again to give her access. Using the space she just received she managed to push him off herself, into the bed. Emma now spread her legs and went to sit on top of him, like he had just done to her. In his eyes, she could see how happy he was, which made her happy as well.

“Stretch your legs.” she said.

He was more than willing to fulfill her request as she now could remove his shorts. The shorts went down together with his underwear, revealing the hard cock she had felt before. She didn’t bother to pull his pants off all the way, only to his knees. As soon as his cock was freed, her right hand grabbed it while her left hand gently stroked his chest and went behind his neck, pulling him closer for another kiss.

“You’re pretty hard,” She grinned, as she gently squeezed his erection. Her grip was firm enough to feel his heartbeat in her hand.

He was now sitting up straight with Emma on his lap. Matthew moved his hands upwards from her belly until they reached her soft perky tits. Still covered in the packing, he started to squeeze them, one delicious boob in each hand. For a moment he hesitated to bring his hands behind his girlfriends back to undo her of her top-piece. Instead he moved the fabric, that held her breasts, to the side. Her teenage boobs were clearly happy to get exposed as her nipples were rock hard as they got out of the bikini. The string, of the bikini that she was still wearing, wasn’t needed to support this teenage girl’s beautiful mounds. They stood proudly pointing at Matthew. It didn’t take long before her boobs received the same treatment as her throat had gotten moments ago. He didn’t bite nearly as hard as if he had done before, but he made up for that in licking. Soon her perky tits were covered in spit.

“Ohh… Matt.” She moaned, while her boyfriend was still sucking her nipples. As she wanted to satisfy him as well, she started moving her hand up and down, instead of the usual squeezing she had been doing until now. It clearly had the intended effect as he started to moan as well.

Still moistening her boobs with his mouth, Matthews hands went down again. He figured he didn’t want her to get of his lap, just to take her panties off. So he used his fingers to push aside the textile, just a enough to grant him access. His left index finger moved up and down as the back of his finger touched Emma’s tender lips. When he noticed her slit was as moist as her tits, he wanted more. He entered her pussy with his finger, lubricated by her juices. He gestured her to stop jerking him off.

“Am I doing something wrong?” was the first thing that entered her mind when she was told to stop.

It took her a while to understand what he wanted. Perhaps because she was so fixated on her own cravings. He pulled his finger out of her.

Matthew helped her understand what he wanted her to do, by taking her by the hips and lifting her a bit. With her left arm still around his neck, she used her right hand to slide away the remaining piece of her panties that covered her slit. As she looked into his eyes she could see the lust. Emma knew what he wanted and was more than willing to give it to him.

With his hands still on her hips she moved her body closer towards him. Hovering above his erected cock she used her right hand to help him inside of her. When she managed to set the head of his throbbing cock at the entrance of her vagina, she started to slowly lower herself.

As she was lowering herself, she swung her right arm around Matthews neck, making eye contact. Again she saw the lust in his eyes and moved her face closer. This time their lips didn’t touch, but she still tasted him, his warm breath filling her mouth. When his cock had filled her up entirely, she stopped descending. There was still two inches of him waiting to move in. but she knew she couldn’t take it without hurting herself. Instead she began to shift up again.

With Matthews hands helping her to find a good rhythm, his cock soon got coated with her female juices. This allowed Emma to slide easier over her boyfriends cock, almost taking the full thing inside of her. Her arms around him felt his back sweating, her mouth felt the quickening of his breath, her pussy the throbbing of his cock.

“Fill me up.” She sighed, knowing he was close to a climax. The only thing she could make up from his response was:

“Hmmf… Em!”

Emma could see he had his eyes closed.

“He always closes his eyes when he’s about to come.” she thought to herself.

By the way he breathed she could predict the exact moment when her pussy was going to be filled with warm cum. This time was no different.

He moaned as his cock released waves of sticky semen deep into her lower body. For the entire time she was looking at his face, only to see his eyes were closed.
When he finally opened them, the first thing he saw was the smiling face of Emma.

“I love you,” She said, kissing his lips.

“I’m going to miss you,” he said after she had ended her kiss.

She got up, letting Matthews cock slide out of her and arrange her bikini parts back into their original position. Then leaning forward, resting her hand on his knees, she gave him another kiss and smilingly said, ”I’m going to miss you to, baby.” After which she left the room.

Matthew pulled up his pants and prepared to go downstairs, knowing Emma would be in the bathroom at this point.

To be continued…




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