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Vacation with Teens -3- The Camping Site

It seems the trip is making Lily more daring than ever. Even Leah starts to show her naughty side.
She was the first to spot them. “Over there.” Lily said. The whiff of excitement in her tone revealed she had gotten sight of a hot guy. The other girls, even Sarah, looked at where Lily had nodded.

“Mmm, the right one…” Jessica licked her lips as a way to amplify what she had just said.

“What about the blonde guy?” Sarah added. “He looks pretty cute. I think he…” A shout overruled her voice.

“Mom!” The others girls laughed, as Emma started to lecture her mother about how to behave around boys.

The clique of friends went to sit down a few tables away from the girls. Lily guessed them to be around their twenties. A bit hesitant she raised her hand to wave at them. One of them saw her and waved back, making his friends aware that they weren’t alone at the roadside stop. It was the guy with the red shirt Jessica had set her eyes on.

“Oh my god, why did you do that!” Emma Said, throwing a nervous look at the boys. When she realized they weren’t getting up to take a closer look, she added: “They are too old for you anyway.”

Lily saw this as a challenge. She stretched her arms and stood up. The other teens and Sarah held their breath and followed her every move as Lily made her way over to the strangers. Her lower curves were clearly visible under the tight short she was wearing. Her almost equally tight top prevented her breasts from wiggling too much as she rocked her hips from left to right. The three guys looked at her, not knowing what to expect as Lily approached.

It seemed like Sarah had been right all along, the blonde guy was by far the hottest of the three she noticed. Now Lily saw them up close, she could tell the red shirted boy had a tattoo across his left arm. Her parents had promised her she could get a tattoo at seventeen, she couldn’t wait. The third guy... she didn’t think of him as worth looking at, his friends were much hotter.
“Hi.” She said “You guys on a vacation to?” She didn’t recognize the language the guys were talking in, but she could see they were eying her body. None of them stopped her as she reached out and grabbed a biscuit from their table. They just gaped at Lily as she stood there, nibbling at the cookie.
Finally the tattooed guy said something she could understand. Although she didn’t comprehend the words they spoke to each other, the way he used his hand to tap the bench next to him, was clearly a sign to sit.
As she sat herself down, closer to him than the boy had indicated, Lily looked back at the table where her friends sat, they were all looking at her. Cute blond guy sat across the table and asked her something, pointing at the girls. But Lily shook her head, not having a clue what she just heard. She decided to take another cookie.
The unattractive one had made a joke she assumed, as they all started to laugh. Suddenly she felt a hand on her naked knee. Lily was sitting so close to her new buddy, their legs had brushed against one another. But this was new.
He wasn’t stroking up her legs or anything, but the mere presence of his hand had taken Lily by surprise. She turned her head to face him and smile. Making sure he knew, she didn’t mind. When she brushed the back of her hand across his tattoo, the three started to laugh again. “Why do they keep laughing?” The teen thought as she pulled her hand back. “And why aren’t they coming?” she wondered, looking back her friends again. A feeling of unease took over. Alone. Surrounded by boys she didn’t know. All of them at least five years older than her. Speaking a language she couldn’t understand. Without her friends around to fall back to…

“At least they have good looks.” She said. Convincing herself to stay.


She lay as still as she possibly could. Every time he made a move, it caved in the mattress. Even with her eyes closed, she knew his location.
He was at her feet. Searching for something.
She heard him sigh.
Whatever he was looking for, he couldn’t seem to find it.
His search led him closer to her.
He was now at her head. Still searching.
Suddenly he stopped moving.
She stopped breathing. “Is he looking at me?” It seemed like forever before he moved again. He took a step over her curled-up body and she recognized the sound his feet made as they touched the floor. Seconds later she heard the bathroom door close.

Leah gasped for air. If he would have stayed next to her head much longer, she would have surely given herself away. “This is crazy.” She thought. The girls are outside taking breakfast, while she lay here pretending to be asleep. She looked around. What had Robert been looking for? She spotted the shirt Robert had been wearing. It lay there, just a few feet away from her.

As everyone had woken up, Leah had put herself down in the bed of Sarah and Robert. Crawling under the cover where Robert would sleep. It gave her a cozy feeling. Although he hadn’t actually slept there yet, the idea was enough.
As the mobile-home had come to a halt, the girls got out to take breakfast.
Not Leah.
Pretending to have fallen back asleep, she wanted to stay inside. Along with Robert.
They hadn’t tried to wake her up.

It wasn’t until the water had started running, that she dared to move. She reached out to the shirt. She could think of nothing more pleasant than to pull it over her naked body, taking in the smell as she pulled it over her head. Sadly enough, she had put on her own clothes already. And since she couldn’t see her friends. She didn’t know when they would come back. She was too timid to take the risk of getting caught with Emma’s dad’s clothes on.
As the shirt lay in her arms, she focused her ears. When she was certain of hearing nothing but the flow of water, she put one hand inside of the shirt. After which she lifted it closer to her face. She could feel the warmth Robert had left in the shirt. Her teenage nipples hardened under her bra. Calmly she pressed the fabric over her young snout.

Immediately a hot current migrated through her body. The flow seemed to start at her face as she made contact with the piece of cloth, only to end up between her legs.

“Mmmh… Robert…” The clothing muffled her moan.

She felt her panties get wet as her teenage pussy excreted its fluids. She wanted to touch herself. But as she loosened her grip on the shirt with one hand, the shirt slipped a bit. Leaving half of her face uncovered. The cold air from the surroundings felt like an avalanche of unpleasantness, taking over Robert’s warmth. Desperately she raised her hand again to press the garment onto her mouth and nose. By the way it folded around her, she could feel her face was now buried on the inside of the shirt. She used her nose to take a deep breath. A new current rushed down to her thighs as Robert’s scent blocked out all other senses. Making sure to keep everything in place with her right hand, she started a new attempt to reach into her pants. A squelching sound revealed how wet she was, as she uses her fingers to separate her pussy lips from her soaked underwear.

The shirt covers up another moan as Leah touches herself.

“Oh Robert, you smell so good… So… Man-like!” she says aloud to clothing, pressing it even harder into her face. “Mhmmm.”

The sound of running water stops.

“No, not yet!”
“He hasn’t even been in the shower for five minutes!…I think…”

She hears the shower cabinet slide open.


She tossed the shirt back where she thought it had lain before and throws herself down into the bed. Pulling the cover over herself, trying to find the exact position where she lain had before.

Some noise came from the bathroom.

“He still needs to dry himself.” She realized. “I have some time.”

She raised her body. The shirt lay rolled up into a ball. Nervously Leah unfurled it, rubbing out the wrinkles with the palm of her hand.


Some saliva must have escaped her mouth as she moaned. The soggy stains were everywhere. She tried turning the shirt around. That concealed most of them. She then lay herself down, trying to catch her breath. She had to pretend to be asleep again.

It took Robert another three minutes to exit the bathroom. Leah had her eyes shut, so she used her other senses to find out what he was doing.

She heard him come to the bed again. He seemed to hesitate at the edge, but then stepped onto the mattress. She could feel the air around her getting damper. Robert was still wet. As he stood almost next to her face, she could feel his scent fill up her nostrils. The recently washed man, smelled even better than the shirt had done.

Leah heard him open a closet above the bed, at the ceiling. She knew it contained the clothes of Emma’s parents. He rumbled through the wardrobe.

“He’s not watching me now.”

Leah bravely peeked.
Barely able to contain her gasp she closed her eyes again. He only had a small towel wrapped around his waist! Barely enough to embrace his entire waistline.

“I guess he was searching for a bigger towel before…”
“Wait! This mean he’s entirely naked right?”

Leah hadn’t managed to see under his towel as she peeked. But the rest of Robert’s steaming body had its effect on her. Her nipples had hardened again, her pussy started afresh to leak sweet juice into her already wet underwear and a pleasant tingling took control over her lower belly. Her hand slipped into her panties again.

As her fingers aroused the teen even more, it gave her the courage to peek again. She saw Robert was still busy looking through the clothing. Her gaze ran up between the man’s legs. He was indeed naked. Turning her head slightly to get a better view, she could almost see his full member. The towel was much too small to fully prevent Leah’s lusting eyes from seeing what she craved. But she wanted to see the entire thing, alas she was unable because of the towel and the angle. Since she didn’t dare move for a better angle, she enjoyed the view as much as she could. Her finger ran up and down through her wet slit, while she was look at Robert’s beautiful cock. His big rod and balls gently waved from left to right as he searched through the closet. Out of fear of not being able to control her sounds, she stayed away from her clit.

Robert stepped back.
Leah closed her eyes just in time.
As she felt him sitting down at the edge of the bed, she allowed two fingers to slide through her folds. Fulfilling her needs, while Robert got dressed.

Leah peeked again, only to catch one last glimpse of his naked back as he put on his shirt.

“Thank God, he put on a new one!”

Seeing Robert turn around she closed her eyes again. This time she was sure he was looking at her.

Silence followed.

She could feel his gaze upon her face and for some reason, Leah found this funny. She tried to suppress her smile only to aggravate the need to laugh. As she felt she wouldn’t be able to keep this up much longer, she slowly opened her eyes. Her smile did come, but it was a sweet smile. Unlike the laughter she would have burst into, if she had tried to refrain herself.

“Sorry, did I wake you?” he said, trying to say something as he got caught staring at the face of his daughter’s sleeping friend.

“Mhmm, it’s ok.”

It was an accident.
She didn’t mean for it to happen.
But it did.
It felt good.
Leah had crawled at Robert, wanting to give him a quick kiss on the cheek as a way to show she didn’t mind being woken up by him. But as Robert turned his head to see what she was doing, the kiss that had meant to be short and on his cheekbone totally missed.
When she realized what had happened, she had no idea what to do. For some time neither of them moved, lips pressed together in what seemed like an eternity. Until, as if it was pre-arranged, they parted.

Robert looked dazzled, his eyes big, breath restrained.

“I’m sorry.” Leah squeaked, “I didn’t mean to…”

Robert said nothing, but she could see he was looking for words.

“You, turned your head and…” Leah added, she started to blush.

“It’s ok.” The voice of Robert reassured her, “It was an accident.”

“Yeah…” she mumbled.

The door swung open.

“Dad, quick! Act as if we are going to leave her behind! Drive a bit!” Emma came through the door shouting, followed by her mom and Jessica. “Lily is with some guys over ther…”
“Wha… What are you doing?” she asked in astonishment looking at Leah and Robert.

It seemed their faces were still closer together than they had thought. Although for Leah, it felt like she was miles away from Robert’s lips.

“Just talking.” Robert said, seeing how it would probably take Leah an hour to come up with something.

Emma’s look went from her Dad’s face to her friend’s, not knowing what to think of this. Jessica and Sarah barely noticed what was going on as they came in behind Emma.

“Hey!” a voice shouted from the distance. It was Lily. “You’re not going to leave me behind are you?”


He parked the mobile-home into their parking place. They were now at the campingsite his GPS had send him to. It was late in the afternoon and he had been driving since 4am, he felt his focus slacking. The incident with Leah earlier today hadn’t made it any easier either. He couldn’t seem to get the pretty blonde out of his head. Was it really an accident? For the entire drive he had been troubled by erections that came up anytime he let his mind wander off to Leah. Her lips had felt so soft.

Robert had noticed that of the four girls on this trip, Leah was the quietest. He figured she’d never do anything like that on purpose. Although, maybe it’s true that ‘still waters run deep’.

All this thinking about the cute teen, that might, or might not lust for him, made him feel tense. He hoped he could give his wife a good shagging tonight, to release his tension. He doubted it however, with the girls sleeping in the same vehicle, Sarah probably wouldn’t be willing. He could fall back to masturbating, but he would need to find a private spot. And private spots are hard to find when you’re packed up together with five women in one car.


“I think I’m going back to the mobile-home.” Leah said. For the entire day she had seemed tired and day-dreaming a lot.

“Already?” Jessica asked, “There is still so much more we can do.”

The camping they stayed at was quite large it had a swimming pool, Ping-Pong tables, a playground, an arcade, it even had a small forest. Too bad they were only going to stay here for one night. The people seemed rather nice. They had met one particularly nice boy at the swimming pool, who was about their age. After he had joined the girls for some Frisbee, Lily had taken his hand and pulled him into the woods.

“Yeah, me to.” Said Emma, “There will be as much to do tomorrow.” The look on Leah’s face gave away that she hadn’t expected anyone to join her.

The two girls walked hand in hand, leaving Jessica behind. She decided to take a walk amongst the trees. Secretly searching where Lily hung out, she wandered around.

As she made almost no sound stroding over the fallen branches and leaves, Jessica could hear the kissing sounds relatively easy. Sneaking up on a big rock, she heard the noises get louder.

She jumped out at them with a loud “Booooo!” The boy jumped even higher than Lily did. Jessica screamed out in laughter.

After the first shock had settled in, Lily started to laugh a bit as well. The boy, who now recognized Jessica from the pool, started pulling his hands back. He had been groping all over Lily’s body. As they had just been at the pool, both girls were in bikinis and there was a lot of flesh to be groped. Lily gestured that he didn’t have to pull back his hands. Gestures were one of their few means of communicating, since they didn’t share a language.

“What do you want?” Lily asked, “I’m kinda in the middle of something here.”

“Emma and Leah went back.” Jessica said, not knowing if Lily wanted to be left alone or had gotten bored of her toy already.

“So you have no one to play with now? What a pity.” There couldn’t be more irony in the way she said it, “Why don’t you join us?”

“Join you? In making out?” Jessica laughed, “That would be hard, three way kisses?”

Lily stood up, a grin on her face. “Maybe we can do something else?”

Jessica didn’t trust that grin.
Lily walked over to her, kissing her firmly on the lips as she reached her.

The boy was still sitting there. Watching, not understanding a word of what was said. But not letting his eyes miss anything.


Although it was evening, the tent was really hot, it felt like they had entered a greenhouse. It was pretty small to, probably made for two people.

Lily had shown off her superb communication skills, getting the boy to understand they wanted to see where he slept. He had lead them to this tent and was sitting in front of them on the floor.

“What are you planning to do?” Jessica asked her friend, as she assumed Lily had something in mind.

“What are WE going to do.” Lily corrected her, giving her a wink.

The boy sat in suspense looking at them, not knowing what the girls were saying or had planned for him. But the look in his eyes revealed what he hoped for.

Lily got on her hands and knees, crawled over to their new friend and with a firm push, he lay down on his back. His erection clearly visible under the wet swimming trunks, she started to tease. Both Jessica and the boy observed her as she put a finger in her mouth and started to lick it. That finger went on to stroke his chest. First making some random circles, but soon playing with his nipples.

The boy tried to get up, to reach parts of Lily’s body. Lily didn’t allow this however as she pressed him down into the ground again. Jessica had gotten interested to, seeing her friend had full control over the boy, she came closer as well.

“Want to see something fun?” Lily asked as she approached. Without awaiting an answer, she hooked her fingers into the boy’s drawers and pulled them down in one swift motion.

Surprised by this, the boy tried to cover-up his genitals with his hands. Lily merely put her hands on his and took them away, he didn’t resist. The girls now had full view on his small but hard cock and his loose ballsack. Jessica felt somewhat uneasy as Lily started stroking his pole.
She took him into her hand without making contact with his head.
She pointed his cock upwards and gave it a good squeeze. Some precum came oozing out. The girls exchanged looks and Lily let out a small laugh.

“I bet he’s gonne cum in no time.” She smiled to her friend, still holding the boys cock.

Jessica remained silent.

“C’mon touch him.” Lily urged her, as she pushed the boy’s legs apart. The two girls went to sit in between his legs, still on their knees.

After a while Jessica reached out to cup his balls in her hand. More to please Lily than anything. She preferred to avoid his cock, as the precum had dripped all over it and even onto Lily’s hand.

“I bet he likes it.” Lily laughed, looking at the face of the boy. He hadn’t made a noise since he lost his swimming trunks.

This encouraged Jessica to massage his balls a bit. Seeing her hand was already there, she could as well do something useful.

Lily saw this and not wanting to underdo for her friend, she stepped it up a gear. Not only did she start jerking off the small cock, she also lowered her head over him. She extended her tongue to lick up the exposed liquid, first on her hand, then his cock.

Jessica leaned in to get a better view of what her friend was doing. As she saw the tongue explore the head of the boy’s dick, she started to massage his balls even harder. Maybe she shouldn’t have done this, as without warning, a spurt of cum came shooting out his cock. Lily franticly pulled back her head, but it was too late. She had already received some of his load on her tongue and lips. As she desperately tried to spit out as much as possible, she rolled over to the other side of the tent.
Jessica kept playing with his balls while her full attention was fixed on the ejaculating penis. Most of his load landed on his belly, but some drops spat onto her wrist.

As the cock stopped gushing she turned to her friend, who lay facing the other way. “Here this is yours.” She laughed, wiping the bit of cum on the naked back of her friend.

“Eeewww!” Lily turned around. But Jessica had already fled and left the tent. Looking over to the boy, she realized he wasn’t interesting anymore.

As she came out of the tent, Jessica stood there waiting. “Did you get it in your mouth?” she asked still laughing.

“Uhu…” she let out a couch to proof how disgusting it was. It wasn’t really that bad, but a little exaggeration never hurt anyone.

Both girls laughed. “Let’s get something to drink. To wash it down with.”

To be continued…




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