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Vacation with Teens -4- The Hotel

As the night passes, Robert realizes he desperatly wants some action.
Gently he put his arm around Sarah’s body. She was still sleeping. He had dreamt about Leah tonight and woke up with the hardest erection. Hoping his wife would give him some way to release, he softly squeezed her breast.

That woke her up instantly. “What?” She stammered.

Robert answered by pushing his cock against her back. Still playing with his wife’s boob, he went in for a kiss.

Sarah pushed him off, she realized what he wanted. “The girls!” She whispered, clearly disturbed by him waking her up.

“They’re sleeping.” He argued.

She turned her back on him as a way to deny him further contact.

Robert let out a sigh. He really needed to unload.
With the girls still sleeping, he figured this would be the perfect time to use the bathroom. On his way there, he peeked through the hatch where Leah and Jessica were sleeping.

-“Such a hottie.” He thought.
He caught himself stroking his cock through his boxers as he was watching the teen. Quickly he looked around him. No one had seen it. He sneaked into the bathroom.

Once inside he lowered his pants and started tugging his swollen cock. “Oh… Leah.” He silently moaned.

He doublechecked if he had locked the door. Yep, closed. He continued jerking off. This wouldn’t take long, his cock was pounding.

Because the blonde teen had kept going through his mind, he hadn’t immediately noticed the panties on the sink. Robert gasped as he saw them.
Would he dare?
He reached out to grab them. Could they possibly be Leah’s? They were surely not his wife’s, they could belong to any of the teens. Even his daughter.

This fact didn’t withhold him from pressing the underwear into his face, taking in the smell of teen pussy. “MMmm, delicious.”
He frantically jerked harder at his erection.

As he started to lick the inside of the panties he realized his orgasm was coming. His dream had done more for him than he had expected.
Quickly he wrapped the panties around his throbbing cock. Making sure to place the tip of his cock at the spot ,where the entrance of the unknown teen’s vagina would be. If she would be wearing it, that is.

A couple of quick strokes later he felt the cum spurting through his cock. Defiling the underwear in a white slur.
Mmmh, he felt satisfied. He had needed this.

Watching himself in the mirror above the sink as the rush passed away, he realized what he had done.
“What if this was Emma’s?” Was the first thing that went through his mind,
“What do I do with it now?” was the second. Many more followed, as a flock of guilt stormed through his mind.

He figured he had to get rid of the evidence. Pulling up his pants and he wrapped the soiled panties into a ball. He peeked out the door. They were all still sleeping.

Three quick steps were all he needed to find himself outside of the mobile-home. Now he just needed to find a garbage bin to dispose of the clothing.


“You still asleep?” She whisperes.

Typically Lily to give such an answer.

As a way to punish her, Emma pinches her nipple. “Ouch!”
Emma’s arm had found its way under Lily’s shirt tonight. As she was sleeping, Emma cupped the palm around her friend’s breast.

“That’s what you get for lying.” She explains.

“Mmm… Then what do I get if I tell the truth?” Lily smiles.

Emma can’t think of an answer better then: “You’ll see…”

“I love you Em.” Lily whispers.
“Ouch! That’s not a lie!”

Now Emma laughs. “I know… I just like pinching you.” She sticks out her tongue.

“Are the others awake yet?” Lily asks.

“I don’t think so…” She answers. “You want to take a shower again?” Remembering what they had done the day before.

“I don’t need a shower to play with you.” Lily chuckles.

Emma’s hand started to squeeze her boob. Gently this time.
“Remember what you promised yesterday?” Emma asks, doubtfully.

“Yeah…” Lily turns her body to face her friend. “Of course I remember.”
She pushes away Emma’s hand from her boob to move her arm more freely. Then touches down into her friend’s shortpants. The loose elastic from the pyjama trouser doesn’t give much resistance as Lily’s hand passes.

Emma leans back, enjoying everything her friend does to her. As she puts her hand on Lily’s shoulder, the girl comes closer. Their lips touch and they start to kiss softly.

Lily’s finger recognizes the folds of Emma’s pussy. Softly she starts to caress every inch of it. When Lily’s hand had entered her clothing, Emma wasn’t wet yet. But she surely is now. Lily’s fingers smear her pussy juice all over Emma’s soft lips.

The hand at Lily’s shoulder moves up, Emma grabs the back of her head. She wants Lily to lick her pussy. But knows it will be difficult to hide, if her parents would suddenly wake up and see them. Instead she forces Lily to use her tongue here, at her mouth. Slowly Emma opens her lips and Lily gets the message. She slides her tongue into Emma’s mouth. As she recognizes the taste of her friend’s tongue, Emma starts to push up her hips.

Lily takes this as a sign. Slowly she slides her middle finger to the entrance of her friend, making sure to keep her adjacent fingers each over one lip. As she slides into the cozy hole of Emma, she hears her moan. Lily pulls back her tongue, it seems like her friend needs some air.

The sopping of Lily’s finger inside of Emma’s pussy generate soft squelching sounds. While she is moving her finger in and out of her friend, she uses her thumb to start rubbing her sensitive clit. She knows that’s how Emma prefers it.

It doesn’t take long before Emma starts breathing heavily.
“Keep going.” She moans, encouraging Lily to pump faster. The kissing had stopped a while ago. Emma was too much focused on her pussy to be able to make out properly.

Lily sits herself up straight, putting her free arm around Emma to support her. Her friend’s climax wasn’t far off.
She crams in a second finger as she uses her thumb to satisfy Emma’s clit. Pumping deeper and faster than before.

As Emma collapses into her arm, Lily feels her pussy convulsing around her fingers. Desperately she looks over her shoulder to see if anyone is looking, as her moans kept getting louder. No one seemed to hear them.

Lily didn’t want to take any risks.
“Shh, Em!” She whispers as her friend underwent her orgasm.

Emma didn’t seem to notice her, until the climax blew over. “Thanks.” She whispers as she gives Lily a last kiss.

The girls lay themselves down and attempted resume their sleep. Soon Lily’s boob was cupped by Emma’s hand again.


Although he had been able discharge this morning, he still had trouble keeping his head straight while driving.
“Would one of them miss their panties?” Robert thought as he heard the teens laughing in the back.

They had been really calm today.
He had heard Lily talk about some boy from the camping and guessed she had a holiday crush.
The redhead Jessica was still sore at her back from the sunburns.
His daughter Emma seemed to be rather uncomfortable with her mom being around her friends all day.
And Leah… No, he didn’t even dare thinking about Leah anymore.

He tried to put his mind on the road again. If the traffic stayed like this for the rest of the trip, they’d reach the hotel earlier than expected.


They all entered through the same door. The bellboy had explained they had access to three 2-person rooms, all next to one another, interconnected by doors. This way they could get into each other’s room without having to go into the hallway.

As the girls started to unpack, Leah heard Lily scream.

“Eek! a spider!”

“Oh c’mon, it’s such a cutie.” Jessica muttered. Taking the spider by one of its legs, she went over to the balcony and threw it out. Leah wondered if the thing would survive the five-storey drop.

The girls had changed partners for their stay in the hotel. She was now sleeping with Emma, Lily slept with Jessica and Sarah of course still slept with Robert.

“We’ll be eating in the hotel-restaurant at 5pm.” Sarah announced. “You girls are free to do whatever you want until then. We’ll meet you there.”

Once they had unpacked everything, Jessica took the lead and the four girls went to explore the hotel all together.


“You two are a bit late.” Sarah remarked as Leah and Emma sat down at the table. The girls had split up halfway through the afternoon and Jessica and Lilly were already present.

“Didn’t encounter any boys did you?” Sarah added teasingly. She had become aware of Lily and Jessica’s escapade at the camping.

Before any of them could answer, Lily threw out: “With Leah? Hah, she’s still a virgin. I don’t think she’s into boys.”

Leah started to blush as she saw Robert look at her.
“I’ve made out with boys before.” She uttered, trying to defend herself.

“Yeah, I know. Martin and Logan.” Lily confirmed. “I was just teasing…”

“We were late because we saw a poster about a party tonight.” Emma tried to change the subject.

“Party?” Jessica and Lily reacted in unison.

“Yeah, not far from the hotel.” She continued. “The poster said ‘16+’, I guess regulations in Spain are a bit different than at home.”

“Can we go? Pleeeaaasssee?”

“I don’t know…” Robert said looking at Sarah. “I don’t think your parents would like us allowing that.”

“Nonsense.” Sarah reacted. “If we go with them there can’t be any problem.”

“Mooomm…” Emma sighed. “We are not babies anymore.”

Not wanting to be packed on a dancefloor with shouting teens all around him. Robert intervened: “Well if your mom wants to join you, that’s fine. But I’m staying back at the hotel.”

“I’m not letting you girls go alone.” Sarah retained her opinion. “I’m either coming or you’re not going.”

Emma moped, but realized she wouldn’t be able to change her mother’s mind.

“Maybe we can get rid of her at the party.” Lily whispered to her, as a way to cheer Emma up.

“I’m not coming.”
Everyone gazed at Leah as she said it.

“You wanted to come just minutes ago?” Emma said, surprised by her sudden change of mind.

“I don’t feel too well.” Leah explained, looking at her feet. “I think I’m going to skip this one.”

The others girls didn’t know what to say.

Sarah took it upon herself to conclude:
“Well that’s settled than. I’ll take the girls to the party . And Robert, you take Leah back to the hotel.”

Emma sounded strict, as she added: “Daddy, you’d better take good care of her.”

To be continued…




Thx for reading.

I tried to keep it a bit shorter this time.

Also I tried writing a part in the present tense (Lily and Emma) Still unsure if I like it.

Any form of feedback is much appreciated. PM, Comment or Vote.

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