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Vacation with Teens -6- The Afterparty

The girls are in a heated mood as they return from the party to join Leah and Robert.
“Well, I guess I’ll be getting into my own bed.” Leah whispered.
By the uproar in the hallway, they heard Lily had returned from the party. The loudness of the noises made her assume that Lily was slightly drunk.

“Yeah… you should.”
As much as he wanted to keep his little teen close to him, Robert knew his wife must never find out about this.
“Remember. You’re not telling anyone right?” He added to make sure she understood.
Leah nodded as she got up from the bed.

Robert had replaced the sheets and put the old ones into the washing machine. In the meanwhile Leah had occupied the bathroom to clean herself up a bit - It had been a mess down there, between her legs -
After which she had returned to the bed and laid cuddling with Robert until now.

A glance at the clock revealed it was little over midnight. The girls had went to a party together with his wife, but Robert hadn’t expected them back this early. He heard a door open in the other room.

“Anybody home!?” Lily shouted as she came through the door, barely able to stand up straight. As she stumbled into the room Jessica jumped out to support her.

“Wooow… Easy there!” Jessica said to her friend as Lily leaned almost her entire weight on her.

While raising an eye at Lily, Leah came closer to greet Jessica. “Where are the others?” She asked.

“Uh.” Jessica pushed Lily off her, she landed face-down into the bed. “Where’s Robert?”

“In his room. Why?”

“Emma has gotten into some trouble I’m afraid.” The look on Jessica’s face, frightened Leah.

Robert had entered the room. “What do you mean trouble?”

“Uh… She drank a bit too much.” Jessica explained. She put on a smile as she tried to reassure them. “But it’s nothing big. Sarah just took her to the hospital down the street.”

“She’s at the hospital?” Robert almost shouted as he said the words.

Jessica quickly added: “She said she will call you.” As the words left Jessica’s mouth, Robert’s phone started to ring. He ran back into his room to pick up.

“Will she be ok?” Leah asked quietly.

“Yeah, I think Sarah overreacted a little.” Jessica answered.

“Overreacted? She didn’t even drink much!” Lily grunted.
They seemed to have forgotten about her, Lily hadn’t moved since she laid down.

--------------- They heard Robert talk in the other room.
--------------- “…So you will stay there tonight?”

Jessica pulled Leah into the third room, to talk to her in private.
“So how was your night with Robert?” She whispered.

Leah feels her face turning pale.
-“How does she know?”

“Have you had your way with him?” She smirked as she continued her question.

“How do you know?”
Leah didn’t understand, had Jessica eavesdropped on them?

“How do I know? I’m your best friend, I think I can tell when you’re having a crush on someone.”

Leah’s cheeks turned from pale white to red as she started to blush.
“I promised him, not to tell anyone.” She explained.

“You think I’m going to tattle tell?” Jessica reacted. “You know I keep your secrets safe… C’mon tell what have you two been doing.”

Leah hesitated. Robert had forbidden her to talk about it. But how much did Jessica already know? She was her best friend. Friends don’t keep secrets from each other do they?
“We had sex.” Leah mumbled.

Jessica’s mouth fell open.

“You did what!?”Lily shouted as she entered the room, her drunkenness had faded.

Leah panicked as Lily came closer. She had been willing to tell Jessica, but tell Lily?

Before one of them could speak again, Robert had entered the room as well.
“Seems like Emma and Sara are staying at the hospital tonight. Nothing bad, she’ll get over the intoxication by tomorrow.” He felt somewhat relieved that it was his own daughter who was lying in the hospital. If it would have been one of the others, he would have been obliged to call their parents. Only to explain why he let their teenager go to a alcoholic party.

His feeling of relief evaporated as saw the girls’ faces.
They had been talking.

An awkward silence fell.

It came to no one’s surprise, Lily was the one to break it.
“So… Robert… I heard you’ve been sleeping with my girl.”

The expression on his face froze as he turned to Leah.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t tell her. Jessica found out on her own.”
Panic took control as Leah tried to make up something better. Robert would hate her forever.

“Relax both of you, we’re not going to tell anyone.” Jessica tried to ease them up. “Aren’t we Lily?”

“Uh…” She was still somewhat in shock from confirmation she had just gotten. Leah slept with a guy for the first time? And it was a grown-up? The dad of her friend?
“… Yeah… I’ll keep silent.” She muttered.
How could Robert be interested in Leah?

Jessica and Lily put a smile on their face, while Leah had lost her attention to the carpet. Since Robert didn’t know what to say, he went back to his own room. This was a disaster for him. It had been too risky. Now he didn’t only have to fear about Leah giving their secret away. There were two more girls he had to worry about, Lily being his biggest concern.
As he sat himself onto his bed again, he began to ponder. His mind started to play with the thought of kidnapping Leah and starting a new life with her, in some far away country.


“I can’t believe you got Robert.” Lily commenced. “Does he like you?”

Leah couldn’t help noticing how jealous Lily sounded. The tranquilizing words of Jessica combined with the fact she had done something Lily had never done before, sleeping with a real man, had given Leah enough bravery to start telling her friends the full story.

As she described in detail how she had spend the evening with Robert, the other girls could only gasp and widen their eyes.

“Was he really that big?” Lily seemed more interested in Robert’s cock than anything else.

“Yeah, but I could take him almost entirely.” Leah bragged.
It wasn’t entirely true. Robert had only managed to get slightly more than half of his cock inside of her, but it was more than what a girl her age should be taking.

Jessica laughs.
“I bet you’d choke if you tried to blow him.”

Lily started to laugh too.
“As if Leah knows how to suck dick.”

“I do know...”
She was Indignated by how her friends spoke of her. Leah had heard the girls talk about blowjobs before. Be that as it may, she had never actually done it herself.

Lily looked at her, she knew her friend had never given head before.“Prove it then.”

Leah assumed it was the alcohol in Lily’s blood that was talking.

“You heard me. Prove it.” She enjoyed putting her friend to the test. Lily knew Leah had been bluffing, she’d wanted to make her confess the lie. “If Robert loves you so much. Go in there and suck off that big cock you have been talking about. Or can’t you handle that?”

“I can do, handle that.”
She couldn’t. And she knew it. The teen had even had trouble wrapping her hands around it. “Robert is sleeping now.”

Lily was surprised that Leah hadn’t given up her bluff on the spot. Maybe raising the stakes would change her mind.
“Well I’m sure he won’t mind us waking him up.” Lily got up and went to Robert’s room.

“Lily!” Leah hissed. But she was gone.

She exchanged looks with Jessica. Both girls got up and went over to the other room.

It was clear that Robert hadn’t been sleeping. As they entered the room Lily had crawled into the bed and put her hand on Robert belly. She looked over her shoulder and let her friends come closer, to make sure they heard what she said.

“Robert, dear? Leah really wants to try giving you a blowjob.” She sounded sweeter than a pot of honey.

The sudden entering of the three teens into his room had startled Robert. He had given up on thinking about is wife. If she found out about this, he was dead anyway. His mind had lingered of to Leah again and what he had done to her. His cock was half limp already as Lily came to site next to him.
The words Lily spoke should have come as a surprise to him, but for some reason they didn’t. The night had been so oppressing and cunning, his mind started excepting everything as normal.
“Sure…” He said, looking into Lily’s eyes.

As he turned his gaze to Leah, Robert realized the blonde’s knees were shaking a bit. Maybe this hadn’t been Leah’s idea, he didn’t want to force Leah into doing something she didn’t want to.
“Is it true Leah? That you want to try?” He asked.

Leah looked at Lily, then back at Robert. How did she get herself into this?
As Lily’s hand rubbed on Robert’s belly, his shirt started to move up. She could see his skin. Why is Lily touching her man?
“Yeah, I do…” She uttered.

Lily almost fell out of the bed. She said yes?

It took a pat on her butt from Jessica, to get Leah moving. Slowly she walked up to Robert. As Leah got onto the bed she put her hands at his hips, ready to pull down his shorts. She looked Lily in the face, who was sitting next to Robert, before leaning over and gently kissing her man on the lips.
-“Now she knows whom he belongs to.” Leah thought.

Robert let her do as the teen pulled down his trousers. Jessica came closer to take a look, but stopped next to the bed. Lily was more bold, with her hand still pressed against Robert’s abdomen, she bent over.
“Wow…” Lily gasped as Leah revealed his cock.

As soon as it was released from its clothing, Leah’s hands started to fondle the thing. Robert couldn’t see much, as Lily was blocking his view, but the hands felt as soft as they had done before.

As Leah’s fingers stroked to cock from bottom to top, Lily tried to reach out at it, to get a feel herself. She pulled back her hands in surprise as Leah pulled the cock towards herself. The look in her eyes made Lily think of a lioness, protecting her freshly slain prey.
“Shee… Leah. Relax, I shared a cock with Jess on the camping too.”
Jessica mumbled something that sounded like ‘yes’ in agreement.
“I just want to touch it once. You’ll get it back.”

Leah loosened her grip on the pole.
Lily reached out again, gently she pushed away her friend’s hands and replaced them with her own.
“Mhhmmm.” She can’t help but smile as the thing fills her palms.

“You’ve touched it enough.” Leah snapped at her friend.
Roughly she retook control of Robert’s cock.

On Robert’s right side, Jessica had climbed onto the bed as well.
“You have to use one hand to massage his balls, Baby.” She explained to Leah. “Keep the other one on his cock.”

Taking the advice, Leah let her left hand slip down. Weighing his eggs, before gently squeezing them a bit. Although she couldn’t see his face, Leah figured he was enjoying it. He hadn’t made a sound for some time now.
“But I can’t rub along his entire shaft with one hand.” She declared. Did Jessica know nothing about giving a hand job?

Lily let out a sigh.
“You’re supposed to take him in your mouth remember?”

Leah gulps as she stares at the cock in front of her.
“That can’t go into my mouth.” She realizes.

Seeing her friend flinch like that, gave Lily the feeling of being in control again.
“Start with licking his head.” She advised.

Slowly Leah lowered her head and put out her tongue. She used it to make some quick circles around his helmet, it felt surprisingly smooth and warm.

“Now suck on it.”
Jessica had laid her head down on Robert’s shoulder. Looking down to her friends she started giving advice as well.

Leah took the tip between her lips. Slowly she let him slide into her mouth, until his cockhead had fully entered her moist opening.
She pulled her head back a bit so her lips were hooked beneath the rim of his head. When Leah figured she had some grip on it, she started to suck. It seemed as if the harder she sucked, the bigger his cockhead started to swell in her mouth. Robert must have liked it, he finally started to make some noise again.

“You have to lick it too, don’t just suck.”
Lily kept giving tips to Leah. Without thinking, she followed them.

While Leah sucked his cock and Lily gave her advice, Jessica whispered into Robert’s ear.
“Is she doing good?”
He didn’t answer, to focused on his cock, Robert was deaf to her.
“You’re doing great, Leah!” She calls down to her friend. “He seems to be really enjoying it.”

This encouraged Leah to take his cock deeper into her mouth. When she thought she couldn’t take him any deeper, she felt a hand on the back of her head. Forcefully it pushed her down. The sudden stuffing prevented Leah from breathing, she was starting to choke, but the hand wouldn’t let go. The thick cock in her mouth was more than she could handle. Loud gagging noises came from her throat as she heard someone say.
“Stop it!”
The hand still kept pushing for some seconds. When she expected herself to faint, the hand let go.

Franticly she raised her head and gasped for air. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she looked for the culprit. Of course it was Lily.

As Leah was still catching her breath, Lily explained.
“You’re supposed to breathe through your nose, Leah…”

“I can’t.” Leah was almost crying, her eyes still red from the gagging.
“If you know it so good, do it yourself.” She shouted in anger. Leah immediately regretted her wild outburst as Lily went down head first onto Robert’s cock.

“Are you ok Leah?”
It was Robert. Him and Jessica were looking at her. Leah nodded and put on a smile.

As Lily was now eagerly sucking on Robert limb, she could tell the girl had much more experience than she did. Lily seemed to be taking in almost three quarters of the thing, where Leah had only managed to get half that far. But it was still her cock…
Envy struck her hard as she watched her friend slobber up the meatpole.

Jessica saw what Leah was going through and interfered.
“Lily. Oh my god, let Leah have him.”
Robert actually didn’t mind it as much. Although Leah’s mouth was one of the most delicate thing he had ever put his cock in, Lily knew way better what she was doing. Licking the head, playing his balls, sucking the shaft. It seemed like she did all those things at the same time, her tongue was all over the place.

Lily took the cock out of her mouth and raised her head .
“I’m sorry Leah.” She sounded surprisingly truthful. “I didn’t mean to choke you like that… I know you like Robert, I’m not trying to steal him from you. Just wanted to get a taste, that’s all.”

She got off him to make room for Leah.

Something in the way Lily said it, made Leah forgive her for everything she had just done.
“It’s ok.” Leah said, as she leaned over to reach his cock again. “You can help me if you want, but just don’t take everything.”

Needless to say how happy Lily was to hear this. (and Robert as well)
Quickly she hopped off the bed, to come around and join Leah between Robert’s legs.

The two girls smiled at each other as Leah took her toy in hand. It was still slippery from Lily’s mouth. She slowly started to suck and lick his head again. When she tried to take it in her mouth it went a lot easier than before, Lily’s saliva functioned as a good lubricant.

As Lily hands now massaged his balls, Leah was able to use both hands to treat the cock. Her palms soon get covered in spit as she tried to follow Lily’s example by using a lot of juice.

“Ye, that’s it, Leah. Don’t swallow your spit, just let it drool.”

Leah tried to say something back, but the cock prevented her from articulating. As she put it out of her mouth, a small fiber of saliva formed between her lips and Robert’s cockhead. As she pulled her head back, it seemed to grow longer and longer, until Lily decided to break it off using her finger. Both girls suppressed a giggle.

Leah pointed the dick toward Lily as a way to indicate she could go now. As Leah still held it, Lily started to suck it. She could now see from up close how her friend used her mouth.

After a while Lily let the cock slip from her lips. Leah took this as a sign that it’s her turn again and moved in.
Lily however, stopped her.

“You have to suck his balls too, sometimes.” She explained, raising Robert’s sack. She had been massaging it with her left hand the entire time.

“Oh…” Leah hadn’t heard about sucking balls before.

“Look. Like this.” Lily moved her head down and took his entire scrotum into her mouth. It seemed as if she was trying to swallow it entirely as she was sucking on it. Leah looked up at Robert, he had his eyes closed and was clearly enjoying it. She also spotted Jessica seemed to have fallen asleep on his shoulder. Had they been busy for this long already?

“You want to try it?” Lily asked, as she let the balls slip out of her mouth. She presented them to Leah on her hand.

When she saw Leah was rather hesitant to take the entire thing she added.
“We can each take one ball if you want to start out small.”
Then continued with a chuckle. “I don’t think Robert would mind.”

This seemed like a better idea to Leah. The two girls each started to suck on one of Robert’s nuts, Leah made sure to not stop stroking his cock as she used her tongue to pleasure the testicle.

“Oh, girls…!” Robert moaned.

“We better start sucking again, he’s about to cum soon.” Lily said, pointing at his cock.

Leah made use of her freshly acquired skills, they involved a lot of drooling and spiting to lube up the cock. Followed by taking it as deep as she possibly could.

“Help me lube it up.” She asked Lily. Her small mouth didn’t produce enough saliva to coat the entire thing by herself.

As the girls used their tongues to smear up the cock, they heard Robert moaning.

“He’s real close. Are you sure you want it in your mouth?”
Lily secretly hoped, Leah would be scared of the cum and let her have it instead.
“It can taste a bit dirty. If you want, I can take it for you.”

Knowing Lily was trying to get it for herself, Leah shook her head.
“I can take it. I have had his cum inside me before, you know.”

Not giving her friend the opportunity to argue, she wrapped her lips around Robert’s pounding cock and started to suck.
Robert began thrusting his hips upwards, forcing his cock even deeper into her mouth. Leah gagged the first few times he moved up like this, but soon got used to the tempo. As Lily was still massaging his balls and Leah had managed working on his cock with only her right hand, she now had one hand free. She used it to stroke his tummy.

When she felt his abdomen tense, Leah knew what awaited her. She took the cock as deep as she could. Robert’s member started to grow even bigger in her mouth as it prepared to ejaculate. Immediately after the sudden growth of the cock, she felt a warm salty liquid stream down her throat. Leah didn’t even have the choice to swallow as Robert kept shooting load after load into her tiny throat.

When the spurts of semen seemed to have become smaller, Leah moved her head back a bit. This allowed Robert to release his cum into her mouth instead of directly into her throat. She spent another full minute making sure she had gotten everything out of it. Sucking on his cock until she felt it shrink and become limp in her mouth.

“Wow, you did great. You didn’t even spill one drop.” Lily said proudly to her student.

Still happy with the compliment, she actually wanted Robert to say something. Leah looked up to him. He had wrapped his right arm around the sleeping Jessica.

“Did you like it?” Leah asked as she crawled up to him.

“I loved it.” He whispered as Leah put her head down on his free shoulder.
“And I love you.” He added. He figured it would only be polite to tell her that. The teen had made him cum twice tonight and he hadn’t even fingered or went down on her.

She sure liked hearing that, as a big smile ran across her face.
“Can I sleep with you too? Sarah and Emma won’t be back until tomorrow.”

Robert figured this is what heaven would look like. Two teens sucking his cock, and a third to warm his bed with. He didn’t dare think about tomorrow…

Might be continued…




Thanks for reading.

I don’t think I’m going to continue this series. The biggest point to write towards was the part were Leah and Robert would have sex. (Previous chapter)
I consider this as a bit of a bonus chapter.

My next story will probably be this one:

Medieval setting –

Teen grows up as kitchen help in a castle owned by a friend of her dad. Her dad is a merchant who travels a lot, so he leaves his daughter there. She has to stay virgin, because her dad means to find a husband for her. The teen thus explores her sexuality in a different way.



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