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Vinny gets some

Vinny gets some

Gina walks in on me and then Vinny walks in on us!

I lay on the bed softly moaning. The satin sheets under me felt so sensuous. I had just taken a long soaking bath with oils and sweet smelling scents that left my body so relaxed, and my skin felt so good to my hands. I stroked my breasts gently, kneading my breasts softly. My nipples were erect and standing up hard as pencil erasers.

God, I was horny! It had been far too long since I’d had sex - either with a woman, or a man. I love the soft attentions of a woman, but also love the feel of a long, rigid cock sliding inside my pussy as well. So I reached over and got the vibrator from the bedside table. I had just put new batteries in it, as I had exhausted the last ones several nights before. Mmmm, the thoughts of my recent experience with Vinny began to enter my mind.

Slowly I moved the now purring vibrator around my nipples. The sensations seemed to run directly to my clit, and it stirred, became swollen and pulsed. I played the vibrating end over and around my nipples, making my pussy wait for its eventual turn. I loved to tease myself, make my pussy wait expectantly for the entry of the long thick pulsing vibrator. I made a mental note to go to one of the Sex Boutiques and buy a bigger one like the size of my stepson’s gorgeous cock. I shivered at the thought.

I slid the vibrator down my body slowly, anticipating the touches to my pussy. I stroked my inner thighs then teased my pussy by moving the vibrating tool along the outer lips of my spread pussy. I knew if I could see it in the mirror, my pussy would be deep pink now; my inner lips wet and spread slightly showing my pink inner core, and probably a drop of my pussy juice dripping out of my inner core.

I slid the vibrator upward and lightly touched my clit.  "Ohhhhhhh," I moaned aloud as it sent delicious signals of erotic pleasure throughout my body. I closed my eyes and played the vibrator up and down my pussy, making the machine pleasure my pussy from bottom to top. Up and down, over and over. I know my moans became louder.

I was almost there; my climax was so close. I opened my eyes, aware that someone else was in the room. 'Oh my God, was itVinny again?  He’s going to think I’m a real pervert!'

But it wasn’t.  I turned my passion filled eyes to the side and saw my beautiful lover Gina standing there watching me. Gina had on her babydoll nightie on with no panties and had it pulled up, with one hand was obviously rubbing her pussy. The other hand was cupping her full breast.

Mesmerized, I stopped the movement of the vibrator.

"Ohhh, Vero, please go on! God, this is the most erotic thing I have ever seen. Please continue. You are so beautiful and watching you has gotten me so excited. Please! I need to see you cum. For me?" Gina asked in a voice husky with emotion.

I was so close, my body tingling, right on the edge of a climax. So, I slid the vibrator back down into my steaming pussy and slid it to the bottom and angled it inward. My pussy was drenched and it slid effortlessly inside me. God, it felt so good!

"Baby, take your gown off. Let me see you naked, please!" I pleaded to Gina.

Gina smiled and pulled her gown straps off her shoulders and it slid down her body to fall in a frilly puddle at her feet. She stepped out of it and kicked it aside. She stood, legs apart slightly looking at me on the bed, spread out and stroking the vibrator in and out of my pussy.

Gina's hand moved back to her pussy and she slid her finger back down between her wet lips and stroked it up and down. She pulled at her nipples one at a time, rolling them between her fingers, with her other hand, bringing her nipples hard.  I watched my beautiful lover masturbating in front of me, and it fueled my passion more. Sliding the vibrator in and out of my pussy, I used the other hand to stroke and roll my hard and erect clit. So close, almost there!

Then Gina did something that sent my passion soaring. She got closer leaned over, her ruby lips parted and she took my hard nipple and sucked it deeply. God, it felt so wonderful.

My climax was just on the edge when Gina nipped my hard nipple with her teeth. It was the final impetus and I exploded. I screamed out in ecstasy as I climaxed. My hand moved from my pussy to my lover's hair and ran through it to push Gina's head harder against my heaving breast.

The vibrator hummed inside my pussy that pulsed and contracted around it. Passion such as I had not known in a while flooded my body, and my hips thrust upward, and my body writhed in ecstasy. Gina's mouth stayed with my breast, sucking on it while her hand rubbed her own clit frantically. Gina's other hand stroked my heaving breast deftly.

My climax seemed to go on and on as I looked down at her lovely head sucking at my tit and my hand caressing my swollen mound. I cried out over and over as I exploded. My pussy contracted over and over and my pussy juices flowed around the thrusting vibrator wetting my hand and thighs with its abundance.

Finally, my body came back to earth and I lay panting on the bed. Gina's mouth left my breast and suddenly Gina pulled back and stood erect, legs spread wide and her head went back. Her body became wire taut and her beautiful face was distorted by passion as she climaxed. Her fingers played over her clit and she slid her other hand down to plunge two fingers deep inside her pussy. She cried out and moaned as she climaxed violently.

I watched fascinated, as my beautiful Gina masturbated. I reached out a hand and stroked Gina's passion-filled body. With a long quavering moan, Gina went limp and almost collapsed to the floor. Her head turned and she looked at me and smiled weakly. I reached out and stroked her beautiful face.

"You are so beautiful." I managed to say. "You are the most beautiful and precious thing I have ever seen. I can't believe how sensual and beautiful you are. You caught me getting myself off. I thought I closed the door."  Then I asked, “When did you get home?”

Gina laughed between long deep breaths as she tried to recover from her violent climax. "You did, Vero. I heard your moans in the hall and thought you might be having sex with someone else and I was going to spy on you. I opened the door and saw you lying here, and it was the most beautiful, most sensual sight. Your body is so beautiful; I couldn't resist and slipped in to watch. It got me so excited I couldn't help myself and had to cum too.”

Gina then explained that she had come home while I was bathing. She had slipped into the guest room shower to wash away the travel grime and be as fresh and clean as me for a luscious evening of love making. Then Gina pressed her lips against mine and her tongue slid out to run over my soft wet lips. It felt so exotic! She ran her fingers through my hair and it felt so sensual. My hand came up to stroke and caress her face. She pulled her lips away a moment and kissed my hand gently then went back to kissing my mouth.

The two of us kissed and my hand moved to her breast, I cupped it and stroked it. It felt so wonderful in my hand. I moved my hand upward weighing it and moving it slightly. Gina sighed into my mouth. I also moaned as Gina's hand slid down my body over my stomach to find my pubic mound. Almost of their own volition, my hips pushed upward toward the caressing hand. I reached down and laid my hand atop her’s stroking it, and pushing downward very gently.

Gina slipped her hand down to find the dampness of my still wet juices. Her fingers found the wet, soft, slick flesh of my open pussy.  I moaned into her mouth as her finger gently, carefully slid into my slick pussy. I was so hot, so wet. Gina slid her finger deep inside me, again and again as we kissed. Suddenly she pulled back. I gasped as she pulled away. Before I could move, Gina turned and slid downward. She looked at my spread pussy and without hesitation, bent down and kissed the wet open fiery pink flesh.

"Ohhhhh my, yes, Baby. Yesssssssss!" I cried out.

Then I gasped as Gina's hot mouth covered my pussy and I felt her tongue slide deep inside me, pressing and thrusting. Gina's finger slid alongside her twirling tongue, probing and exploring my slick pussy. She slid another finger in, then a third up inside the wet folds of my pussy. Her tongue moved upward to find my swollen clit and flicked its sensitive underside. I screamed with pleasure. It had been so long since her mouth had been there.

I have experienced women many times in the past, and they always seemed to know just where to suck and lick.  (Sorry guys, we just know precisely!)

Gina's lips sucked on my clit, and her tongue flicked back and forth across my rosebud. Her fingers probed and thrust, three then four up inside her, pushing deeper. Gina folded her thumb inside her tiny probing hand and fucked me faster and faster. My vaginal opening stretched and gave in under her relentless thrusts.

I seemed to sense what she wanted and my hips thrust against the invading little hand. "Ooooooh, yes Baby, fuck me. Put it all the way inside me, ohhhh, please! Please!" I sobbed.

Gina pushed harder, moving her hand back and forth. She could feel the slick hot flesh spread and open under the assault of her thrusts. Then one last push and her hand slid inside me! I gasped as my pussy swallowed her whole hand! Carefully she tucked her fingers into a fist making sure her fingernails were pointed inward and sucked my clit as her fist began to rotate in circles deep in my pussy.

I had never felt anything like it in my life. I gasped and moaned, a long quavering groan of joy as I felt my whole vaginal area being stroked and excited from deep within my body. God, it felt like the largest cock in the world was fucking me. Gina's knuckles ran over my cervix and I exploded in a roaring climax that had me screaming in ecstasy, with Gina trying to move her hand around as fast as possible.

My body bowed upward and I grabbed my breasts and squeezed them in the ecstasy of passion. I think Gina almost came herself as she watched me climax, and the vaginal sphincter muscles clamped down her own wrist. Gina managed to somehow keep her mouth in contact with my thrusting hips, sucking and tonguing my clit till I reached another, and then another climax, one following on the heels of the other in lightning speed.

Finally, I cried out for her to stop - I could take no more. I fell back spent. Gina laid her head on my heaving stomach then slowly and carefully, slid her hand out. She moved her head slightly and watched fascinated as the fiery red opening slowly closed.  She dropped her mouth to the opening and slid her tongue inside, and felt it close around her tongue. She sucked gently and tasted the hot, salty juices that had accumulated there. I shuddered with delight as she sipped the sweet juices from my pussy.

Gina then moved upward to lie beside me and kissed my cheek, while I gasped and caught my breath. Gina's hand stroked my breasts softly and gently. I finally was able to turn my head and kiss her beautiful lips, gently and softly, tasting my juices.

"Oh, Baby, that was so wonderful." I paused a long moment and a lovely smile lit up her face.

Gina's body pushed against mine, and I knew she was very excited and needed release. I kissed Gina and began to stroke her inflamed body. I kissed her lips and slide my tongue sliding inside her hot mouth, then slowly kissed down to her full firm breasts and sucked the hard nipples to longer points.

I turned in the bed and slid down under Gina. She moved back to my breasts and caught one and brought it to her mouth and began to suck on the long hard nipple. My mouth fastened on one of hers, and for the next few minutes, we sucked and kneaded each other's breasts till our passions flamed even higher.

I kissed Gina's body as it wriggled slowly on top of me until my mouth was at her sweet pussy. Gina keeps her pussy beautifully bare like I do. I slid my tongue out and ran it down the lovely groove till I reached the bottom, and I probed gently and slid into the center of her succulent pussy.

I moaned a little as I tasted Gina’s sweet juices and smelled the heady aroma of her aroused pussy. I burrowed my face against the hot wet flesh and sucked the hot opening. I was rewarded by a delicious sip of her pussy juices, and I thought it had never tasted so sweet. I slid my fingers to Gina's clit and began to slowly stroke it. I found it taut and swollen.

Gina was so excited that it only took a few strokes on her aroused clit until she exploded. I sucked hard on her clit and was rewarded by a flood of pussy juice. I was amazed by how much of Gina's pussy shot out into my mouth. I loved it and sucked harder on the beautiful opening. Gina moaned and cried out, her voice muffled by my pussy as she buried her face against me.

Gina cried out and then went limp, her explosive climax over. It was very intense and she lay panting for several minutes while I gently licked her spread pussy, avoiding her sensitive clit. She began to lick and suck my wet pussy when I suddenly felt the presence of someone else in the room.

I looked up and saw a beautiful hard cock standing at attention above my face. I looked up at the grinning face of my stepson, Vinny. He stood silently behind me, completely naked, his cock rigid, and the circumcised head wet with precum.

I smiled up at him with a wicked thought and nodded at him. I made a motion with my hand for him to wait. As Gina buried her face against my pussy and was licking and sucking my hot pussy, I reached up and slid my hand to her opened slick pussy. Slowly I slid two fingers, then three inside her tight pussy. She moaned and thrust back against my hand, so I pressed and rotated it until I could almost slide in a fourth finger. I reached back with my free hand and grabbed Vinny’s beautiful ridged cock and pulled him to Gina’s sopping pussy. 

I pulled my fingers out, and Vinny slipped forward slightly and placed his cock against Gina's pussy. I’m thinking, 'Oh my God, I can’t believe we’re all doing this. I’m sliding my son’s cock in my lover’s pussy and he was going to fuck her with me lying right under his cock!'

And for him, right in front of him, is his stepmom’s hot girlfriend, her mouth glued to his stepmother's pussy and her hand slipping his cock into a gorgeous pussy. I don’t think he could have waited any longer, so he pressed the head of his cock against the open flesh and slid it deep inside.

Gina moaned as his long cock slid slowly inside her. Then she gasped as the head pressed against her cervix and he pushed forward deeper into her pussy. I think Gina orgasmed as soon as he buried his cock to the hilt because her juices began to gush a drip down onto my face and her mouth left my pussy. Then I’m sure she felt his hard thighs slap against her buttocks.  Now, suddenly she knew that this wasn’t me!

Her head flew up, she turned and saw her lover’s tall handsome stepson behind her. He saw her look back and he put this strong hands on her firm buttocks, pulled back and thrust forward again burying his beautiful cock to the hilt again and again…

More to come!?!?

You might want to read Vinny’s First before this one. Sorry! I’m kind of slow at putting these events down in writing.



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