Virginity Lost

By SimonWellHung

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Fucked by my English Teacher
Virginity Lost

My name is Simon and in a series of stories I am going to tell the story of my unusual sex life. In this first instalment I will describe how I lost my virginity and was set on a course which has led to many sexual adventures.

This story starts just over 40 years ago when I was 16 and a 5th form student at High School. I was a big lad, 6 foot 1 and with a solid build. I already had a place in the school's 1st 15 Rugby team, something normally only open to 6th formers. However despite my size and I have to admit good looks I was shy and still a virgin.

My English teacher was called Mrs Patricia Diamond. I could not have told you at the time what age she was, but looking back I now realise that she was probably 30 to 35. She was small, around 5 foot 3 with long dark hair and blue eyes. Despite seeming really quite ancient to me, even at 16, I was aware that she was an attractive woman. She did however have a bit of a reputation. The boys often sniggered about her, and had given her the nickname 'Pat 'Bury Me in a Y shaped Coffin' Diamond'. There were unconfirmed rumours that she had fucked sixth-form boys in the past. It was fun joking about it but I certainly didn't really believe it.

It was a Wednesday, just before Christmas, in the last period before lunch hour when Mrs Diamond asked me to stay behind to discuss my last English homework. Once the rest of the class had filed out of the room she told me to follow her into her office which was of the classroom. I was surprised when she closed and locked the office door once we were both inside. "Simon I suppose you are wondering why I have kept you here?"

All I could think about was the stories of her fucking boys as I replied, "Yes miss."

She laughed and said, "I bet you have heard the stories about me? Well they are true! I have been thinking about you since you came into my class." She looked at me and continued, "You are such a big boy and I was wondering if you are hung to match. Can I see?"

Some would see this request as being wrong from a mature woman to a 16 year old, but I was a typical boy and knowing where this was going said, "Yes." Still I nearly jumped when she reached out and put her hand unto my crotch. Despite my nerves my cock immediately responded and grew hard under her hand. She looked straight into my eyes and said, "What's this you dirty boy!" before I knew what was happening she had knelt down in front of me and was undoing my belt, then my trouser button and fly. Once my pants were lose she pulled them down around my ankles, quickly followed by my boxer shorts. My virgin cock was rock hard and 9 inches long directly in front of my teacher's face. She gasped and said, "My, my Simon what a huge cock you have. Have you used that monster on any of the girls yet?"

I stammered, "No."

Mrs Diamond smiled and asked me, "Would you like me to give you a blow job?"

I nodded to indicate yes, so she took hold of my shaft and pulled back the foreskin revealing the pink head and slit of my cock. Her touch was electric on my organ, but that was as nothing compared with the jolt that hit me from my cock when she opened her mouth and started to explore the exposed helmet of my cock with her tongue. She swirled it around and probed the the slit. At the same time she was gently squeezing my hairy balls with her hand. My cock felt as if it was on fire as she took first the head and then most of the shaft of my cock into her mouth and throat. She began sliding her mouth up and down my cock and I am sorry to say that I did not last. It only took 3 or 4 swallows to cause my orgasm. My cum exploded into her mouth in surges. What an intense orgasm, I can still remember it today. She swallowed most of my wad, although some was dribbling down her chin as she stood up and kissed me, forcing her tongue between my lips, allowing me to taste my own cum.

She looked at me and told me she wanted my cock in her cunt. She told me that her husband was away on a business trip that weekend. She arranged to pick me up from near my house on Saturday morning to take me to her house so that we could fuck.

I left her office in a daze, not quite able to believe that I had just been given a blow job by my teacher. That night I can tell you I wanked reliving the experience and imaging what was going to be in store for me come Saturday. Thursday and Friday seemed to last years, and I did not sleep a wink on Friday night.

Finally the appointed hour arrived, and Mrs Diamond picked me up in her BMW and drove me to her house. I sat ridged in her car, noticing that she was wearing a tight low cut top and short skirt with black stockings and black high heels. She really looked quite slutty. She smiled at me with an expression like a cat that had got the cream. It was a 30-minute drive to her house, which turned out to be large and set back from the road in the South part of the city. As soon as she stopped the car, she turned to me and began kissing me, her hand again going straight for my erection. Finally she broke the kiss and got out of the car. I followed her into her house.

I guess all the kissing and cock teasing had awakened a side of me that I had not known existed because as soon as we were in the house I grabbed hold of her from behind, pulled her against me and for the first time in my life squeezed a woman's tits. This seemed to please her because she told me to pull her top off, which I did. She turned around to face me, allowing me to see her bra which didn't quite hide her nipples. She undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor leaving her standing in just her bra, panties, suspender belt, stockings and heels. It was obvious that she enjoyed seeing my reaction to her display. She ordered me to strip. I felt so clumsy as I undressed there in the hall in front of this sexy mature woman. She led me upstairs to her bedroom. As we climbed, I could not take my eyes of her pantie-clad ass. Once in the bed room I again grabbed her, this time cupping her ass cheeks with my hands as I kissed her. She whispered, "I want you to stick that fucking cock into my cunt."

Mrs Diamond had quite a foul mouth, she never once referred to her pussy or vagina, it was always her cunt. She undid her bra allowing me to see her naked tits for the first time. She had perky breasts with long pink nipples. I immediately grabbed them and marvelled at how they felt. I pushed her back unto her bed and tried to get her panties off, but her suspenders got in the way. She undid them and finally I almost ripped her panties off and got my first look at her hairy cunt. She spread her legs wide allowing me to see her engorged pussy lips through her pubic hair. I crawled over her and tried to stick my cock into her cunt. I kept missing and so she grabbed my cock and guided its head to her opening. I thrust in, feeling the warm moistness of a woman's vagina for the first time on my cock. I began pumping away like a jack hammer. Needless to say I did not last and soon filled her cunt with my jism.

Mrs Diamond then got me to lie back while she sucked my cock. At 16, it took no time at all for me to be ready again. She straddled me and rode me slowly, letting me play with her tits as she fucked me. This time she came before me, soaking my pubes with her pussy juice. That morning and afternoon I managed to fuck her six times. By the time she made me shower, before dropping me back to near my house, I was certainly not the shy virgin that I had been.

That was just the first of many fucks that I had with my English teacher. I often visited her house when her husband was away and we also fucked, with her bent over her desk in the school nearly every day. She had one hell of a sex drive.

In the next instalment I will tell you how Mrs Diamond introduced me to the joys of group sex.