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Walked In On Me

A Curious Young Girl Wants To Learn

   On my way home from work I was so horny I didn't know what to do. So, I called my dependable pussy, but, it was that time of the month. No problem, I got a back up, no answer. Last shot, as I dialed I thought to my self she's not that good looking, but, she has a hot body and her pussy gets real wet. But, she tells me her sister is there and they have plans. Strike three..... .no pussy available.

         Frustrated I pull up to the house, dick so hard it poked my pants out like a tent. I quickly ran to the house and went in. Getting to my room I made sure all the shades were pulled. My cock was throbbing when I finally let it out. That's better as I looked through my DVD porn collect to beat off to.

        This one will do as I laid back on the bed, pants still wrapped around my ankles. Shoe' s still on as I started a slow pumping of my steel pole. The girl in the DVD was just getting naked and spreading her legs. When I heard something, like a knock at the door. I turned the DVD down and listened, a moment or two later. I didn't hear any thing, so, I turned the sound back up and returned to pumping my shaft.

          The girl was fingering her cunt and rubbing her swollen clit. That wonderful feeling of release was close as my nut sack tightened. When my door was pushed open by my neighbors Latina eighteen year old daughter Rosa. Her eyes glued to my penis as she licked her lips.

"What are you doing, I bark at her? "

She told me that she knocked, but, I never answered. She knew I was here because they just saw me come home. You have a big dick, she told me.

" What do you want, continued questing her?"

"My Mom wants to know if you want to play cards?"

"Never taking her eyes off my shrinking dick."

"What's happening to it, she asked matter fact?"

"You have got to be kidding me, I thought. She doesn't know about cock at her age."

"My dick is going down, I told her." 

"Why, Rosa questioned? "

"I looked at her and she was for real, she really didn't know."

Well before you walked in on me. I was really horny and when a man is really horny his dick gets hard. You never seen a hard dick before? "

She shook her head no," I peaked in on Daddy and my brother in the bath room. But, there's wasn't big like yours, she told me."

            At that moment she caught sight of the man and woman fucking on the T.V. and I caught sight of her innocent. As she watched the action I looked her over, her tan brown skin was flaws less, her long black hair was just pulled back in a pony tail. She had on a big shirt and maybe a pair of tight jeans. It was hard to tell since her shirt came down to her knee' s and a pair of flip flops. Her eyes were light brown I noticed because they were so wide as she watched the action. The man had just turned the woman around to do her from the back. Her lips were full and pouty. as I found my self getting hard again.

            I believe those lips and her innocents were getting to me. I pulled at her shirt to see what would happen. She just lifted up so I could pull up her shirt. then held her arms up so I could pull it over her head. Under neath was a plain white bra, but, she had the largest, nicest, firm breast I'd ever seen. Natural...... all natural, she just kept on watching the fucking on the tub.

             I had to get that bra off........ I'm not good with these things. There..... it's lose. Dayummm.....  those are real, look at those nipples. The smile on my face made her look away from the T. V. .What, she smiled.

"What size are your friends, I asked her?."

"With a girlish giggle, she said 36 DD or E if DD isn't available."

"Nice, very nice, I told her."

" Do men like to look at these, she asked innocently."

"Yes, oh, yes," was my reposes.

"I didn't know what to do first, kiss those sweet lips or suck those nice nipples."

"Your thing is growing, are you getting horny looking at my che-che's, she asked?"

" Yesssssss, I am."

"So, soft and tender, I thought as I caressed her breast."

"Your the first man or boy who has ever touched them like that," she told me.

"Your really a virgin," I asked her?

"Yes," she nodded.

Virgin territory, my dick throbbed like crazy.Mmmmmmmmm.............I lightly rolled her long erect nipple between my thumb and fore finger, a soft sweet moan escaped her lips.

"Can I touch that," she moaned?

Pointing at my throbing cock. 

"Sure, but, be gentle," I told her as she reached for my cock.

 Her hands were as soft and tender as her breast. She fumble with my dick awhile before I showed her what to do with it. She perticurly like my nut sack, spend a lot of time rolling them between her fingers.

              After a few moments I asked her to stand, her hips were round and the jeans were tight. I slid them off her nice hips and pulled them to the floor. When I looked up, I saw her sexy smooth legs that ran to her curvy thighs and hips. Her panties were plain white which matched her bra, but, the outline of her pussy was hardly plain. Little dark fine hair's stuck out along the edges of her panties. Hairy virgin pussy what a turn on......can it get any better??
                I guess I wasn't moving fast enough for her, I was staring at that phat pussy. Fixed on that untouched, juicy, hot kitty kat. So, she pulled her plain whites off and again I said, Dayummm. That patch of dark fine hair looked so good to me. She parted her legs a bit, either from her burning bush or she was just horny and I saw the moistness. I had to taste that sweet looking virgin pussy and then fuck Rosa. What a treat and a responsibility to be the first to put my cock in her sweet innocent pussy.

                Guiding her back to the bed she sat and naturally closed her legs. I parted her soft firm thighs and began taking in her scent. The aroma was intoxicating and erotic, my nose brushed against her bush.

She giggled and asked," are we going do what they are doing?"

I looked at the screen to see the guy with his face buried in a girls snatch.

"Why..... you like what your seeing on the tub?"

Her eyes glued to the T.V. she just nodded yes.
               I parted her bush and got my first taste of virgin pussy. Her nectar was unbelievable and her body jumped when she felt my hot, wet tongue stroke her pussy lips. That's amazing with her eyes all wide, dark brown and shinny. With the second lick her eyes rolled back and the sweetest moan left her lips. She spread her thighs as far as she could. Giving me greater access to her quivering pussy. The pleasure was so good to her she couldn't hold her self up any longer, to watch me suck her wet kat. She tasted so new and sweet as my tongue delighted in every lick.
              Rosa opened her thighs even further giving me more access to her virgin pussy. I took a moment to look at her phat kat. The dark hair, her wetness, her aroused pussy lips and her swollen clit. Rosa was anxious for me to continue massaging her pussy with my tongue. As soon as I started the erotic moans rang out, her ass lifted off the bed to meet my tongue. Quick learner I thought as I ran my tongue up and down her slit. Just when I thought she might cumm I would stop and blow lightly over her camel toe. She loved it, I could tell by her moans.
               Just when she got a handle on how good a tongue could be to her pussy. I covered her budding clit with my lips and swirled my tongue around her love button. Rosa bucked wildly, slamming her pussy into my face as she came. Rosa's nectar flowed like honey, as my tongue lapped up every drop. She locked her thighs around my head as the climax reached it's peak.

"Oh... oh... you are sooooooooooo....goooooooooood to my pussssssssssssscy," she burst out.
              That made me lick her even more, extending her orgasm even longer. My tongue swirled around, over, up and down her trembling clit. I squeezed her tender azz which turned her on even more, every time she relaxed her hips I'd squeeze. Tender ass in my hands and virgin pussy in my mouth, I was hard as hell. But, I had to be patient and do her right. I waned this to be the best fuck she would ever has.
               It was time to see if she really was a virgin or was she saying that to really get me hot. While my tongue danced on her love button I put my finger at the entrance of her love tunnel. Wetting it first in her juices I inched my finger down the tunnel. Dayumm she's tight, have to loosen this up before I can put my cock in her. Rosa froze as she felt the push. That hurts, she told me. Lifting my head up, face all wet from her cumm. I assured her it would only hurt for a minute or so. Then you will cumm even harder than before.
                Her frown quickly reversed when she heard that. I continued licking her pussy getting her all hot again, her moans were even more erotic. As she thought about a even better climax than her last. I pushed my finger in her wet hole again, her moans became mixed, some pleasure, some pain. I wiggled my finger in her tight pussy to loosen her up. I could tell she was adjusting to it as her hips move to my finger and tongue. We got a rhythm going as I worked my finger in and out.... .in and out. Rosa was nearing another orgasm.

                   If I time this just right I will blow her mind. She will cumm so hard she will want to fuck me every day and I haven't put dick to her yet. Wait for it....... wait for it as her pussy began to quiver and her body tensed. I shoved  two more fingers into her tight pussy just as she exploded. The sensation heightened her second male induce climax. Rosa bucked wildly, her pussy clamped down on my three fingers. A gush of cumm splashed my mouth and fingers while she said a bunch of things in Spanish. She went limp for a few minutes as I stopped licking her hot clit and eased my fingers out of her pulsating pussy.
"Much o.... much o........ more..... more, she demanded with her hips starting to pump the air."

                 Gyrating her hips wantonly as I fumble to put a condom on. There.... rain coat in place as I ran the tip of my cock all around her opening, teasing that virgin pussy. A few times she shoved her hips forward, trying to get me to go in her hungry pussy. But, I wanted her so hot and ready. That she would cumm by me putting just the tip of my dick in her.
                   Rosa was approaching melt down as I played at her opening. Her breathing sounded frustrated and her pussy beg for some cock. She finally tired from trying to force her tender pussy on to my hard cock. Rosa laid still, panting, pussy dripping, legs spread wide open. At that moment I pounced on her......... shoving my prick into her wet opening. I split that virgin pussy wide. I felt her tight pussy lips give and her cherry pop!!
                  Rosa screamed in pain and cooed in pleasure as she held on like she was trying to save her life. I never felt a pussy quiver, clamp, expand and contract like that. She bucked so hard she lifted me up off the bed. I kept my dick shoved deep in her cunt, it was like riding a bucking bronco. A few moments later her orgasm subsided and she stopped bucking.

"That was amazing, it hurt for a moment. But, then it was wonderful, she panted. Can we do it again, she questioned?"

"Were just getting started," I told her.
                       My cock was so hard and ready as I throbbed in her. Her pussy was soaked with cumm and a touch of blood. I  slowly pulled my dick out, leaving only the tip of it in her. I paused until she lifted her hips up wanting to get that dick back in her. Then, I slowly pushed it back in... I worked my hips slowly in a circle. Left..... then, right as I pulled out. Leaving only the tip in again. This drew a very sensual moan from Rosa as she asked me to do that again.
              This time I grinded real hard as I did the circles, the shaft of my prick rubbed her clit. Rosa jumped and her pussy quivered. I noticed she pulled her thighs up allowing me deeper into her love. Man, was she tight, wet and willing as I grinded my cock deep in her. She finally caught on that if she moved it would add to her pleasure and mine. It wasn't long before we both were moaning. Rosa is a quick learner as she met my thrust and grind.
               I could tell she was nearing another orgasm, she began to moan and talk in Spanish. I don't know what she was saying, but, it was making me so horny. I had to hold back, I wasn't ready to cumm yet, I wanted her to have another climax before I came. I didn't have to wait long before she was thrusting me up, allowing every inch of my prick in her very soaked twat. It felt so good as her pussy massaged my dick that I had to thinK of a ice shower in order not to cumm. Hey, it works for me.
"Her body shivered as she whispered...... more. ..I Pypi.......more."

                  I hooked one of her legs over my shoulder as I began to ram her sweet pussy. I rocked her down to her sole with my thrust. In this position she was locked in as I beat that pussy up. My nut sack was making that slapping sound while I fucked her pussy. 
"Fuck my pussy......mmmmmmmmm........fuck my pussy, she demanded. That's some good dick...... dayummm   ......that's some good dick. she lustfully told me."

                   Her words sent me into over drive as I fucked her with all I had. I rammed her pussy like I never had pussy in my life. The harder I rammed her the wetter she got, the more her twat quivered and the more she thrust. I pulled her other leg up and I had straight access to pound her hot cunt. I was just getting into a groove when I heard.....

"ROSA..... .Oh, My,...........Rosa, what are you doing???

              I was on the down stroke and my cock erupted in Rosa as I looked up and saw Rosa's mother Lena. Who just walked in on us. I couldn't stop my ejaculation..... .so, I slammed my cock in and out of Rosa as her mother watched. My ejaculation set off another orgasm deep in Rosa. I let her legs down and she bucked up and down until her climax was over.
               We both were done.... sucking for all the air in the room as we returned to normal. When I finally rolled off of Rosa. We looked up to see Lena had taken off all her clothes. Leaned back agnist the wall and was fingering her coochie. Her body was almost the same as Rosa's, except not as firm and her tits were a little smaller. Other than that she was hot, my dick sprang right back up. Lena didn't wait for an invitation, she just climb right on.
                Rosa was shocked at her mothers actions as she watched her slide down my pole. Lenti's pussy wasn't as tight as Rosa's, but, she has some good pussy. She worked her inner muscles on my cock and I was throbbing. Lena has skills that Rosa hadn't develop yet and man, was she good. I was moaning in pleasure within moments. Lena was enjoying my big cock and mother like daughter began to speak Spanish as it got good to her.

 Rosa finally spoke, telling her mother" that's my dick".
                 Her mother didn't say a word, she just positioned her daughter over my mouth. Rosa figured out what to do as she lowered her cumm filled pussy down onto my waiting mouth. I quickly began to massage her clit with my tongue. It wasn't long before the room was filled with moan of ecstacy. Lena began to ride my dick hard, slamming her pussy down on my cock. Taking every inch of my nine deep into her wet pussy, this woman can ride some dick. Rosa's nuckee and my cumm was very sweet tasting as her mother rode my dick.
             Two hot Latina's, one on my cock as the other fucked my mouth. I never fucked a mother and daughter before, my prick was in heaven. My fingers found Lena's clit and as she bounced up and down on my penis while I caressed it.

"Oooooooh......  mmmmmm......this dick and those fingers are rocking my world," she panted.
             Rosa was in her second courous of her Spanish love song as she did tight circles on my mouth. Her nectar was all over my nose, lips, cheeks, chin and especially my tongue. She was doing a slow grind on my tongue, enjoying every second that it caressed her love button. Then she picked up the pace as her climax built.
              Both women were well on there way, speaking in Spanish as my room sounded like a X-rated movie. Lena was the first to go. She slammed her hips down, did a few half circles as she said, I carumba. She jumped up and down on my cock to ride out her orgasm. While Rosa's pussy some how wrapped around my tongue, her pussy quivered then splashed it with cumm.

"That was great," she said.

Both women were spent, but, I had something left.
              I quickly moved Rosa into position on all four' s and put my dick into her tight pussy. Then I moved her mother over her, placed her hands on Rosa's back. I had pussy in my face and on my dick. I ran my tongue over Lenia's wet hole and pumped my dick back door of Rosa's cunt. Her pussy gripped my dick like a vice and her mother coated my tongue with her nectar. Her' s was a little more on the tart side, but, still very tasty. Her pussy muscles grabbed my tongue as I rimmed her soft flesh.
              The moans rang out and the breathing became faint. Lenia's twat started to quiver as she pushed back on my tongue. The muscles in my mouth burned as I fucked her pussy with my mouth. I worked my tongue up and down, side to side and when I shoved it all the way in her I curled it. That drove her wild as we got into a rhythm and her juices were spread all over my face. Her aroma was captivating as I breathe in and I think she wanted some anal attention. Every time my nose touched her pucker she would shiver.
              Rosa's very soft butt felt good to the touch, firm and tender. My nuts didn't slap her ass, they kind of jelled to it's softness. I ran my hands all over her firm butt. While I slowly pumped her sucking, hot, wet pussy. Her pussy clung to my cock and quivered so....... much, I thought I put my prick in a vibrator. The wetness was unreal, I know it was running down her inner thighs. Rosa's pussy is so good I didn't know how to react, not knowingly. I popped Rosa's on her sweet ass. I was shocked when she moaned in pleasure and wiggled her ass. Her pussy clutched my penis as I fucked her, the pleasure was very intense. So, I smacked her ass again. The reaction was the same and built the level of pleasure. The slaps seems to ignite Lena as her juices began to flow onto my tongue.
                       The way Lena wiggled her ass let me know her bottom want the attention I was giving Rosa's ass. I shoved my tongue deeper into Lenai's pussy. Then I smacked her ass, she squealed in delight. Her pussy splashed my face and tongue with warm nectar. As I was smacking her mothers ass Rosa's twat was massaging my prick.

          I took turns slapping there ass cheeks, I would slap the right side until it was red then the other. Daughter then mother both with warm buns'. Judging from the way they moaned and the way there pussies reacted. These two women loved to get there buns' slapped. The more I smacked the hotter, the wetter and more intense their climax' s became. My tongue and cock were soaked with their sweet cumm.

          They were saying something in Spanish.... .it was so erotic. My dick throbbed in Rosa's tight climaxing pussy. I replaced my tongue with my thumb and rammed Lenai's cunt. With my free hand I still took turn slapping their ass cheeks. We were going at it really good, slaps, Spanish and wet pussy.

           I felt the pressure building to my eruption, but, I wanted them to go one last time. I coated my two middle fingers in Lenai's wetness and pushed them into her tight ass. I held her like I held a six pack, I finger fucked her ass and her pussy at the same time. 

She panted, "your an animal...... that feels so good."

When I wiggled my fingers in her ass, her pussy clamped down on my thumb and her pucker quivered as she came very hard. She said something in Spanish and fell to the bed.

             One down one to go, I grabbed Rosa by the hips and began to pound her tender pussy as I watched Lena still cumming on the bed. Rosa was meeting my every thrust when I reached around her hip and found her wet, swollen clit. I touched it softly and she bucked wildly, then I stroked it and her pussy clutched my dick, two, three times.

"I-I-I'm cummming.......I'm cummmmming so much, she yelled."

The clutching of her pussy felt so good she milked my balls. I shot my heavy load into her well fucked virgin pussy. It triggered another orgasm deep in Rosa.

"I LOVE this cummming stuff.... here I go again. Ahhhhhhh....I love this, she said, "as I pounded my nut into her.

                She fell flat onto the bed and her sucking pussy pulled me down on top of her. My cock throbbed in her tight coochie as it pulsated around my prick. We lay there catching our breathe as Lena got dressed.

"See you at home meha," her mother told her.

It was the next morning before Rosa left. I taught her many things that night and Rosa loves dick. I'm still showing her things, she's in my pussy rotation now.
 Please let me know what you think!!!!

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