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Wanting Carol: A Taboo Night at an Underground American Sex Club

An infatuated stepson uncovers where his married stepmom & friends have been going on Saturday night

Sean stared wide-eyed at the vibrating screen resting on the kitchen counter. The two buzzes on the black mobile phone had signaled a new message. The message was not text, though; it was a picture sent to a group chat by a contact named ‘Typical Blonde Whore’.

The 5’10” high school senior just came home from lacrosse practice, only to see his stepmom’s phone sitting on the counter where she had left it while she was off in the laundry room folding clothes. The photo on her phone was something Sean never would have expected. His mouth dried instantly and blood flowed to the shaft of his youthful penis the moment he saw the contents of the image.

Three women in their early forties were standing in what appeared to be a club. Each of them was wearing something that Sean had only seen on college girls during party scenes in movies.

The first woman, who Sean immediately identified as his stepmom’s friend, Eve, was posing backwards in a skin-tight yellow club dress that barely wrapped around her firm butt cheeks. Her brunette bangs faced the camera and feigned a fake gasp, as her hand partially covered her mouth as if she were shocked to find out how much of her thighs were revealed. Sean had been mowing her lawn for years and yet he never got the idea that she was capable of dressing like that.

The second woman, who Sean easily recognized as Cindy by her platinum blonde hair, was his stepmom’s friend and also the mother of his best friend, Troy. The married mother of one looked fiercely into the camera in a semi-transparent, white sleeveless blouse that was unbuttoned all the way down her massive cleavage. Her cheetah-print bra was visible through the sheer fabric and it matched the cheetah-print pumps she wore to go with her black leather tights. Cindy completed her pose with a stuck-out tongue that seductively licked a lollypop.

But the primary cause of the growing tent in the highschooler’s jeans was the figure to the left of Cindy. Sean’s forearms began to tremble with lustful adrenaline and his cheeks began to burn, as his attention turned to the dark-haired woman giving a seductive smile with her shiny pink lips.

She was wearing all dark red: a long-sleeved cashmere top that stopped just below her mature, but firm breasts. After the expanse of midriff began a ruffled skirt that ran merely a foot in length, and on her feet were a pair of sexy heels.

Sean had never seen his stepmother like that before. The eyes of his stepmom, Carol, seemed to be piercing through the camera lens to say, “I want to feel you inside of me.”

The phone buzzed twice more, as a message appeared from a contact named, ‘Tease & Please’. Sean read the message aloud, “GAH!!!! That’s the best group photo so far. Way to look hot last night ladies.”

Confused, Sean stood at the counter trying to make sense of the erotic puzzle. He continued to ogle at the image on the screen. He lowered his right hand towards his groin and ran his fingers along his growing erection-

“Oh Sean your home!”

With a beat-red face, Sean glared at his stepmom like a dear in headlights. He immediately reached for a notepad that was nearby on the countertop.

“Why do you look like you just saw a ghost?” Carol questioned her stepson, as she walked out of the laundry room folding a white towel.

His heart was pounding out of his chest, fearful that his probing stepmom would discover what caused his blushing.

Sean couldn’t look at his stepmom without thinking about her in the way he just saw her in the photo. For the first time, he noticed the waves in her shoulder-length hair, her white smile, the shape of her breasts, and the curves of her hips.

“I-uh… I thought for a second that I missed the deadline for-um… for one of my history projects but then I remembered it’s not due ‘til next week. So I’m just writing a note to remind myself to do it.”

Sean was impressed with his ability to come up with a somewhat believable story in a pinch. He examined his stepmom’s face to see if she bought it.

“Well, that’s very responsible of you. I remember stuff like that happening to me in school- only sometimes I actually did miss the deadline. That’s probably why I am a stay-at-home mom and not a manager like your father,” Carol laughed to herself at her own joke that had a hint of truth.

Making a quick getaway to avoid any more awkward confrontation, a relieved Sean ran upstairs, removed his sweaty lacrosse wear, and stepped into the shower.

The first thing he did was take care of the unrestricted boner pressing against his firm abdominal cavity. Sean did not necessarily have a monster cock, but the handful of women who had ended up in Sean’s pants at various parties were certainly more than satisfied with their catch.

Sean envisioned the photograph of his stepmother coming to life, and her running her motherly hands through his thick brown hair. He touched himself to the idea of her kissing him sensually down his chiseled body before making eye contact with him, as she took his manhood into her mouth.

His ejaculate slid into the shower drain.

Despite orgasm, the aroused young man was nowhere near relieved. Sean had to have his stepmother. He didn’t know why he was becoming obsessed with her, though.

All of Sean’s friends considered Troy’s mom, Cindy, to be the ultimate MILF. She was probably the hottest of the three by society’s standards of beauty. But for some reason, Sean couldn’t stop thinking about his stepmother. It must have been the intimate connection he had with her due to her raising him since he was 2.   

Thinking about that, Sean got hard once again. If he couldn’t achieve sexual release from his stepmom soon, then he felt would lose his mind.

He needed more- more than just that one photo to appease his desires.

That was when a brilliant idea struck Sean. The idea came from the text message by ‘Tease & Please’ (Sean was then sure ‘Tease & Please’ was Eve, since ‘Typical Blonde Whore’ was clearly the humorous name given to Cindy).

Eve’s text message implied that there were other group photos in the group chat. Sean knew that if he could secretly open Carol’s phone, then he would have easy access to the other photos. Hopefully, there would be additional arousing images of his loving stepmother.

When finished with his half-hour shower, Sean prepared to execute the plan he just concocted. In order to stay focused on the mission and not tempting distractions, Sean stole a black thong from his stepmom’s panty drawer and masturbated with it while visualizing Carol riding his rigid cock.

Sean then walked back downstairs and dropped the cum-laden lingerie into the running washing machine. Good thing Carol had only done the whites thus far. What would he have done with the evidence then?

With a cleared mind, the determined 18-year-old decided it was time for action.




First, he walked into the living room, where Carol was sitting on the couch. There was a devious smirk on her face. Surely she was responding texting her naughty group chat.

What were they doing last night? Where were they going?

Sean sat on the couch next to his stepmom. She instinctively clicked a button to turn off her phone screen. She was hiding something.

“What can I do for you, sweetie?”

“Well, mom, Troy says he isn’t getting my texts so I think there may be something wrong with my phone… Well, he’s getting them, but for some reason, they only show up on his lock-screen and not in the messaging app. Can I send you a text to see if it works on your phone?”

Carol shrugged, “Sure, I guess so.”

Sean knew the confusing technical situation would cause Carol to go along with his plan without asking questions.

He then sent a text message to his mom that read, “hi :)” He then opened the video app on his phone and discretely angled the camera in the direction of his stepmom’s phone.

Since Carol had turned off her screen, she needed to re-enter her password to unlock her phone and see if she got the text.

“Well, your text is showing up in my messaging app, so I guess the problem’s actually with Troy’s phone.”

“Thanks for helping, mom,” Sean exclaimed in a tone that was more enthusiastic than the situation called for.

With his heart once again beating rapidly, Sean viewed a slow-motion replay of the video he just secretly recorded. He watched as his dream woman’s fingers revealed the four-digit key to all of her promiscuous photos.




At 2 AM, after Carol was asleep and his Dad was finally home and passed out after his late management shift at a local bar and grill, Sean snuck into his parents’ bedroom. Making as little noise as possible, he grabbed his stepmom’s phone from her nightstand.

The snooping stepson connected his mom’s phone to his laptop with a USB cable, and then entered the code he had cleverly uncovered earlier. Sean proceeded to backup his stepmom’s phone onto his computer, essentially copying all of its contents onto his laptop.

Sean snuck back into his parents’ room and left the phone in the position he had found it. His plan was a success.

After filtering through and deleting content unrelated to his sexual fantasies, Sean finally found the group chat between his mom and her two friends.

The group chat was titled, “Slutty Housewives of Middle County” (clearly a personalized parody of the hit TV show). Sean’s hands were jittery with anticipation as he began to scroll through the messages.

He saw messages from ‘Tease & Please’ and ‘Typical Blonde Whore,’ as well as the messages from his stepmother, ‘Oral Cum Queen’. Precum formed at the tip of his penis when he read her contact name.

Sean expected dirty messages, but he was mind-blown by what he saw and read. The message history was over one year long. It was a compilation of texts and pictures that were so sexually explicit that the high-school senior almost couldn’t handle it. The things his stepmom and her friends did were beyond his wildest imagination.

There were pictures of Cindy sitting on a man’s lap at a bar. The man’s meat was buried not-so-discretely in Cindy’s pussy while his hands grabbed her massive tits.

There were texts about how Eve let an 18-year-old, a 35-year-old, and a 60-year-old fuck her in a different hole at the same time.

It was soon obvious why his seemingly innocent mom was called, ‘Oral Cum Queen’. The chat was chockfull of stories about Carol blowing countless men. There was a series of photos of her kneeling underneath a pool table in a green body stocking. In each picture, her lips were wrapped around the fuckstick of a different pool player. Sean was in shock, but he was more turned-on than he had ever been in his life.




Sean didn’t sleep at all that night. He spent over six hours meticulously reading the messages. The only times he stopped were when he needed to wipe his melted ejaculate from his lap. His body was burning from sexual adrenaline.  

Around 5 AM, Sean found a new favorite picture. His mom was in a room comprised of a bunch of stalls. There was a door leading to a dance floor in the background. Carol’s upper body was visible, her hair was a bit of a mess, and she was sweating a little and had red cheeks.

Carol had no top on, but her breasts were pushed up, with her thumbs covering her areolas. And all over her forehead, nose, chin, cheeks, neck, and breasts, was white gooey semen. Carol’s bubbly smile showed her pure delight with the situation.

The caption to the photo posted by Cindy read: “That’s what happens when you let 5 guys in a row fuck your throat through the gloryhole lol.”

Pictures no longer sufficed. Sean needed to have his stepmother.

As he read on, however, something became apparent. Each one of the women was doing those types of things because they had unsatisfying sex lives at home and husbands who worked late at night.

After researching the businesses that their husbands work for, Sean figured out that each of the women in the sexually-deviant group chat had the opportunity to sneak out of the house from the time their kids went to bed, until 3 AM on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It seemed that wherever those ladies were going out to, they were fucking lucky men without much discernment.

If I could end up in the same place as them, then maybe she would have so many dicks in her face that she would end up with mine in her mouth. Maybe I can wear a disguise…



It was Friday, so the hopeful stepson had two days to figure out to where his stepmom and her friends headed for fun.

Sean jumped, as his mind uncovered a nugget of information hiding in plain sight. Like a detective, he began sifting through all of the erotic images once more.

His hunch was right. In all of the photos, Carol, Eve, and Cindy were in the same exact club. Only the club was much different than any club Sean had ever heard of or saw on TV.

The horny stepson browsed for local sex clubs on the Internet. After dozens of false leads, Sean finally found an underground forum that provided a list of all the sex clubs in the state. Despite there not being many, there was one just a few miles away.

Its description definitely fit his mom’s photos: “A truly no-holds-barred sex club where you can have a three-way on a pool table or fuck a stranger through a gloryhole to avoid having to call the next day! Cum or be cummed on, there is no shame here.”

That had to be the one. Sean copied down the address.

He then needed a disguise in order to not be noticed inside- figuring a ball cap and non-prescription eyeglasses would do. He then came to the unfortunate conclusion that he would need to bike to the club since a missing car at his house wouldn’t exactly be discreet.




Eager and horny in anticipation, the young adult spent all of Saturday in his room, stroking his tender rod while imagining the scenarios that could unfold later.

Around midnight, Sean sat with his ear pressed to his bedroom door. At 12:25 he heard the door to his parents’ room creak open and light footsteps in the hallway.

He then walked over to the other side of his room and peered out the front window. Two minutes later he saw his stepmom hustle down the driveway in a long coat. She crossed the street to where Cindy was waiting for her in her SUV.

The SUV silently drove off. It was 'go' time.

Sean put on his hat and glasses before hopping on his bike to race off to what he hoped would be the night he had been dreaming about.

It took Sean only 25 minutes by bicycle to get to the club. He wasn’t sure if he had the right address, as he found himself in a rundown, poorly lit part of town. Though, he realized that would be the perfect spot for the type of place he was looking for.

With butterflies in his stomach, the relatively inexperienced teenager walked down a narrow alley to a door, which had music faintly sounding through its seams. Sean hesitantly opened the door. Once inside, he realized it was just an entrance to a lobby. A guard was watching the real entrance.

Sean presented the intimidating man with his ID to show he was 18.

“Are you a member?”

A nervous Sean shook his head.

“Then that’ s $100.”

“What?! Why?”

“$50 to enter ‘cuase you can’t buy drinks, and $50 for the test.”

A confused Sean handed dug into his wallet. After paying, the guard gave him an instant STD test. Take it then wait 30 minutes.”

When the 30 minutes were up and Sean was shown to be clean, he was admitted to the club.





It was like traveling to another planet. Neon signs nailed to boarded-up windows dimly lighted the nightclub. Some industrial lights hung above the pool table and bar area. There were probably 80 to 100 people inside and there were hidden corners and rooms all over. It wouldn’t be as easy as Sean thought.

Despite scouring the building for his stepmom and her friends, Sean couldn’t find them. Changing his plans, he decided to simply sit down at the bar, refuse a drink, and wait until he saw the woman he was lusting after.

As he sat there waiting for his mom to come into the main room, a flirtatious brunette in her early thirties sat next to him at the bar and ordered a drink. She was wearing a bra, an unbuttoned men’s dress shirt, sunglasses, and sleek panties.

“My name’s Sarah.”

“Hey, I’m Sean. How are you?”

“Pretty good. You have a really nice build,” she nodded while squeezing his bicep.

Sean enjoyed the attention, “Well thank you. Let me guess… Risky Business?”

Sarah looked at her clothes, then back at Sean and agreed laughingly, “Yep! So why are you wearing that hat? To be honest it looks a little creepy. People are pretty open here.”

Slightly offended, but more upset with himself for being out of touch, Sean replied, “I-uh… I don’t know why. I just wanted to wear it.”

He didn’t want to admit the real reason. Even in an open place, his desires may have been too taboo.

“Well let’s get rid of it then, Sean!” Sarah grabbed the hat off of his head and tossed it into the mass of people.

Sean was certainly not going to finding that hat. He was left with just the glasses, which were fogging up from the steamy room. He removed those too, since at that point his stepmom would likely be able to identify him anyway.

“Now, there’s that beautiful face,” the tipsy girl reacted. “Wow! You are really young. How old are you?”



“Awwww… You’re just a baby. Well, I think it is my responsibility to teach you a few things, being a little older. Don’t you?”

Sean’s penis stiffened at her seduction. Even though he wanted his stepmom, there was no reason why he couldn’t take advantage of his current situation. “I guess so.”

Sarah slipped her foot out of her heel and raised it. Her petite foot met Sean’s crotch and began to rub on it. She then took Sean’s hand and slid his fingers into her mouth. “How does that feel baby?”

Sean didn’t answer in words. There was just a light moan.

Then out of nowhere, Sean was startled by a familiar voice. “Five beers please, bartender!”

He turned to see Cindy walking up behind him to ask the bartender for drinks.

Frightened of being spotted, Sean dove his head into Sarah’s breasts. Sarah cooed, as Sean licked and sucked on her chest. She pulled her bra down so he had access to her nipples.

Without looking up to expose his face, Sean eavesdropped on Cindy’s conversation.

“Five beers is $15 cash,” stated the bartender, as he placed all of the beers on the bar.

“Can I pay in pussy?” shouted another familiar voice.

Out of the corner of his eye, Sean watched Eve walk towards the bar in see-through white leggings and a bright yellow bra that complimented her tan skin.

“You can pay with pussy on one condition,” stipulated the bartender, “I get to hit it from behind and hold that perfect ass of yours.” The bartender smirked.  

Eve giggled from the flattering comment, as she walked behind the bar table. She bent over with her elbows and arms on the bar, facing the main room. The bartender positioned himself behind Eve, slid her leggings down below her firm ass, yanked her yellow thong to the side, and thrusted himself inside of her. He grunted.

All of this was happening a few feet down the bar from Sean. He was incredibly aroused, but forced himself to turn away in fear of being seen by Eve.

Meanwhile, Cindy strutted behind the bar as well and began to slide the beers in front of seats where available men were sitting. The blonde bombshell, in a tight blue backless dress, informed the men that they would be playing a drinking game.

“Here’s the deal… there are five beers and five of you. The first three who finish their beer get to take me to the couches and run a train on me.” Cindy offered in a sultry tone, as she suggestively rubbed her massive jugs that were nearly popping out of her dress. “You’re gonna have to earn it, boys.”

The men chugged, and after the three winners were decided, Cindy approached the two losers and French kissed them while letting them briefly squeeze her voluptuous breasts as a consolation prize. She then walked out from behind the bar and disappeared into the darkness with three men following close behind.

Safe, Sean’s head left Sarah’s rack and was on a swivel looking for his stepmother.

“That was amazing. Why don’t we go in back and find a room?” Sarah winked.

Right as she offered the teenager the opportunity to close the deal, a familiar figure caught Sean’s eye. He froze.

Through the darkness, against a back wall, he saw his stepmother. She looked beautiful. Carol was in a black cocktail dress that ended teasingly below her rear. Her look was complete by sexy black heels and black garter socks that went just above the knee so her thighs were shown off. The top of the dress shaped her round breasts like they were being offered on a platter.

She may have been in her forties, but her face had a sexy maturity to it and her body was top-notch. Even her breasts had maturity, yet unrivaled buoyancy and firmness. They were irresistible to Sean.

Apparently, they were also irresistible to the man fondling them at the moment. A somewhat jealous stepson looked across the club to see a shirtless man in a cowboy hat massaging his stepmother’s breasts through her cocktail dress.

Sean’s jealous glare was disrupted by a loud groan. A few feet away, the eyes of the bartender squinted as he climaxed into Eve. Eve’s face demonstrated that she was unimpressed with the bartender’s performance.

The bartender’s flaccid chode fell out. Eve fixed her panties and walked away without even looking back at the man who just left his sperm inside of her.

Eve was heading right towards Carol, in the far corner of the club. Anxious to see in better detail what was about to develop, Sean held up his index finger to Sarah to indicate he’d be back in a moment.

Sean tailed Eve on her walk towards Carol and the man in the cowboy hat. He made sure to stay in the shadows.

As Carol turned to see Eve, the shirtless cowboy released his grip of the two jiggling melons, much to Sean’s liking. 

The woman in the yellow bra and white tights looked a little dissatisfied, and said to her friend, “Well I can see that things are going much better for you!”

Sean listened from behind a couch.

“I was actually just telling the Oral Queen here how much she would enjoy blowing my seven-inch rod,” the cowboy turned towards Carol. “In fact, I bet she’d like it so much that she’d even let me enter her pussy.”

Sean was stunned and envious of the thought of that man fucking his stepmom; but on the other hand, he was really turned-on.

“Ha! You wouldn’t even be able to last until you got in her pussy,” doubted Eve. “Why do you think she’s called the Oral Queen? No man here has ever lasted longer than five minutes in her mouth.” Eve winked, ”If you want a wet mound to stick your massive piece in, mine is available…”

Carol added to Eve’s comments, laughing, “ Sweetie, I have never let another man enter my pussy since I met my husband. I only give head. That’s how I’m so fucking good at it. In my mind, what can’t make a baby isn’t cheating- and believe me, you definitely won’t be the guy I’d cheat on my husband for.”

That was surprising news to Sean. He was actually touched to hear that she hadn’t been cheating – well kind of. His stepmom was just going to the club to feel wanted sexually and to have the fun she didn’t get to have at home.

The man in the cowboy hat did not give up, though. He abruptly undid his belt buckle, and then dropped his pants and briefs in one motion. A large erection sprang out.  

Carol noticed Eve was ogling the large piece. Carol reached down and grasped the cowboy’s shaft firmly before looking him in the eye.

“How about this cowboy…” a confident Carol seductively proposed, “If you can last more than three minutes in my mouth I will happily let you shoot your load as deep into my cunt as you desire. But if you last less than three minutes, I won’t even take your load into my mouth and you’ll have to fuck my friend, Eve’s, pussy whenever she wants it, however, she wants it, for the rest of the night.”

“You got yourself a deal!”

Sean, Eve, and a few bystanders watched with intensity, as the seductive housewife dropped to her knees to pleasure the stranger. She started by licking the shaft, but then quickly moved to full-speed sucking. She was on a strict time limit.

The cowboy did his best to ignore the sensation, but Carol was a pro. Her tongue flicked the sensitive underside of the shaft. Her right hand pumped at the base while her left hand massaged the testicles.

The sensation was too much and the cowboy surrendered. He closed his eyes and his member twitched in Carol’s mouth. Honoring the terms of the deal, she took her mouth off of the cock.

Her original plan was to aim it at the ground and make him watch his spunk go to waste; however, Carol felt the need to reward his determination.

She looked the middle-aged cowboy in the eyes while she aimed his tip at her firm, exposed breasts. She let him watch his seed explode all over her tits.

It took less than two minutes.

Eve, with moisture flowing into her sperm-filled pussy, bent down next to her friend and licked the cum off of her breasts. Carol released a throaty chuckle.

A grateful Eve swallowed the salty fluid and pointed at her prize, “You’re coming with me, partner.”

Sean’s jaw was agape.

Eve turned to Carol, “I’m going to take him to a back room and let him fuck me once he regains his stamina. I think Cindy is still getting fucked by those guys from the bar.”

“That’s fine. I’ll just go to gloryhole room since I’m already warmed up ha-ha.”

The victorious 40-year-old MILF, in the sleek cocktail dress, rose to her feet and strode towards the gloryhole room.

Here’s my chance, thought Sean.

Apparently, there were a lot of other men who thought it was their chance, too. After the show Carol put on, a lot of on-looking men were interested to see what she could do for them.

A group of fervent men followed Carol to the gloryhole room, with Sean trailing.

The gloryhole room was divided into two rooms with two entrances- one for men and one for women. A guard made sure that people went into the correct room. He also was charged with displaying a counter of how many men and women there were in each sex’s respective half of the room.

The gloryhole room was divided from floor to ceiling with a wall made of half-inch sheets of white plywood, ensuring the sexes were completely cut off, with the exception of the gloryholes. On each side of the divider, there was essentially a series of bathroom stalls; so a man could privately pair up with the woman in the stall on the other side of the thin wall.

Each stall had two holes: one about two feet off the ground for doggy-style sex, and one about three feet off the ground for oral.  The hole on the bottom was larger so during sex the balls could fit through the hole and slap against the female’s ass, rather than painfully slapping against the plywood wall.

Sean could see by the guard’s counter that there was only one woman in the female side, his stepmom. He entered to see that the room was immaculately clean due to hardwood flooring, and the use of yoga mats that were sanitized by a staff member after each use. Sean then understood the $50 cover charge.

There were nine men in stalls already, so Sean hustled into the only stall with an open door. It was the spot closest to the entrance, which was considered the worst spot since it was closest to the noisy main room.

Upset that his stepmom was likely starting her oral crusade at the other end, the desperate teen had nothing to do but just wait there and hope that at some point she’d get to him.




Meanwhile, Carol knelt down in the farthest stall from the entrance. She saw a medium-sized white cock poking through the higher hole. It was the cock of an older man, maybe 65. The Oral Queen began to work her magic.

It was two minutes into the blowjob and Carol started to pick up speed, as she heard the man speak to her through the wall. It was usual for the man to say things to her. They talked dirty. They called her sexy names. They told her where they wanted to shoot their load. All of those things made Carol very happy. She liked being wanted and appreciated.

However, the older man behind the wall, commanded, “Take it all, you dumb bitch!”

That did not sit well with Carol. It was one thing to call her dirty name, but it was another thing to degrade a respectable mother. She pulled away from that ungrateful cock and moved to he next stall.

In the next stall, Carol was dealing with a shaft belonging to a younger man, perhaps Latino. She started her usual method of pleasure, and then less than a minute into the blowjob, the fun loving Carol heard, “Come on, you worthless whore! Suck me faster!”

Taken aback by those comments, she immediately went to the next stall, only to hear, “Blow me better than you blew that cowboy, you easy whore!”

Carol knew they were just trying to say what they thought she wanted to hear, but there was an irritating tone. None of the men showed any level of appreciation, they were acting entitled.

Carol then realized that when she deep-throated the shirtless cowboy, all of the men watching must have interpreted it as a helpless whore trying to find a sense of worth in making men happy. Carol was really pissed off that they thought she had no sense of self-worth.

Hesitant but optimistic, Carol walked into the next stall.




Meanwhile, in the stall closest to the entrance, Sean awaited the fulfillment of his dream. Finally, he felt a warm mouth wrap around the girth of his cock.

“Oh God!” moaned Sean.

“So, is this the handsome guy from the bar? It’s Sarah.”

Sean almost went flaccid. He thought his fantasies were coming to life, but it turned out Sarah had watched him enter the room. With him being the tenth entrant, she was pretty sure which stall he’d be in.

Sarah’s mouth felt great around his penis, though. She was a few years older and much more experienced. She definitely knew what she was doing, but if his stepmom reached his stall and another female was there, it would ruin his chance.

He decided honesty was the best policy.

“Sarah,” Sean articulated, “I think you’re really hot and I really appreciate all of the attention you’ve given me tonight, but the truth is the woman of my dreams is here and I need to be with her. I love her and I can’t get her out of my mind. I’m sorry.”

“Oh… Well, there’s nothing to be sorry about. I understand completely. Thanks for not just using me for the head and then telling me that you have no interest. I’ve had that happen before… So who’s the lucky lady?”

“She’s the other woman in here, Carol. She’s in her early forties but has an unbelievable body. She has black hair.” Sean described his stepmom.

“Oh her!” exclaimed Sarah. “The Oral Queen… She’s a pretty popular lady. You have a lot of competition for her attention.”

“Yeah I know… I’m beginning to feel like it’s never going to happen,” expressed Sean depressingly.

“Well don’t say that!” assured Sarah through the plywood. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll go find her in this room and tell her to visit this stall next.”

“Seriously!” Sean was overjoyed.

“Sure. I’ll get her to come right over here.”




Sarah left the first stall and found The Oral Queen a few stalls down. She had another man in her mouth, a long and black one, which was unique because there weren’t too many black men that entered the club. Carol was gagging on the nine-inch garden hose.

The hung man, however, was speaking just as disrespectfully as the other men, but since Carol hadn’t seen any action lately, she decided to take him all the way. The penis twitched in her mouth, but instead of holding it in, Carol aimed it at the ground. She watched the ropes of jizz plummet onto the floor in front of her.

“Carol?” The frustrated woman felt a tap on her shoulder, then turned to see a younger female in a wrinkled men’s dress shirt.

“Yes. Can I help you?”

“Well, it’s actually helping someone else. There’s this guy in the front stall. He has a better than average cock. He’s really young and inexperienced, but he is a really good guy.” To conceal Sean’s feelings, Sarah fibbed, ”I was blowing him until I realized that he was younger than me. I only like men much older. Anyway, I feel bad about having to leave him because of how considerate and sweet he was, so I was hoping you could go over that stall next. He really deserves it.”

Carol looked at Sarah like she was an angel from Heaven. “I’ll be right over. Oh and by the way, there’s a sexually frustrated older man in the first stall you can have fun with, but he’s pretty degrading.”

 “That’s no issue with me,” Sarah winked.




The walk towards the first stall led Carol past five more dicks dangling through a hole. Unfortunately for them, they were being skipped. Carol had just been informed of a man who could potentially turn her night around.

Enthusiastically, the housewife entered the first stall. In front of her was a thick rod with tight, moisturized skin. It was throbbing from the base to the young, pink mushroom head. The shaft was clean-shaven and the crotch was trimmed.

The seven-inch manhood stuck through the top hole, pointing at the ceiling. It flexed slowly, excited yet reserved. Carol wanted that cock.

“I hear that you’re deserving of a nice blowjob. Is that true?”

Sean’s heart raced, as he recognized the voice. He deepened his tone slightly to disguise his voice. “Well I don’t know if I’ve done anything to deserve one, but I’d definitely like one. I saw how happy you’ve made some other guys in this club. I want to make you happy.”

Carol was legitimately heartfelt by the anonymous man’s words. “Just by saying that you’ve made me very happy.” Carol grazed his cock with her fingertips, and she whispered, “How ‘bout I take that beautiful fuckstick of yours into my mouth and give you one of my famous five-minute blowjobs? And don’t worry, baby, I’ll let you finish deep in my throat until I swallow every last drop of your cum.”

The phallus in the gloryhole was already on the verge of ejaculating. Sean pressed his quivering arms and body against the plywood as a means of support. “I would LOVE that.”

Sean felt his mom sensually kiss the pink tip of penis. He melted.

Carol began her normal procedure for her five-minute blowjob, except she was putting in even more effort. She truly cared about making it perfect.

It was only about a minute into the best head of his life that Sean felt an orgasm coming. The sensation was so overwhelming. His stepmother, the gorgeous woman who had raised him since as far as he could remember, was trying her best to make him cum in her mouth.

Sean couldn’t let the experience end in just one minute, so he tried something he read online a few months ago when he wanted to learn how to last longer.

The anonymous dick jerked in Carol’s cheeks. She knew he was about to erupt. She opened wide and took the entire length of his shaft into her mouth. With her nose pressed against the white plywood, she waited for her mouth to be filled with white goo.  

But it never happened.

Sean applied pressure to the underside of his base, on his gooch, and was able to stop himself from jizzing when he climaxed. The benefit, of course, was that he still had cum left in him, and it would take a long time before he could cum again despite still being erect.

Curious as to what happened, Carol pulled her mouth off the red throbbing erection.

Sean understood that things might seem weird to his stepmom, so he gave her assurance to keep going. “It feels so good to have you suck me. Only in my dreams has a woman as beautiful as you done something like this for me.”

Carol began blowing again in fervor. The most intriguing aspect of the blowjob was what was about to happen.

The five-minute mark was fast approaching and Sean was nowhere near cumming. The Oral Queen’s five-minute fellatio guarantee accounted for one orgasm, not two.

The seductive Carol was stunned when she knew it had definitely been more than five minutes, and yet she hadn’t swallowed his cum. It had never happened before. And there was nothing else to do but to keep sucking.

“Oh God, this feels so good! You’re so fucking sexy!” cried out Sean, not caring to alter his voice.

Encouraged by the moans and coos of the man behind the wall, Carol bobbed her head even faster and found a gear she didn’t know she had.

About ten minutes into the head session, Sean was about to cum and he didn’t feel he could stop it with pressure again. He never wanted his time with his mom to end. He did the only thing he could think of to stop the relentless pleasure.

“Hey, can I eat you out?”

Carol’s head stopped on a dime. In the year she had been going to this club a man had never offered to pleasure her orally, at least not without making her finish him off first. She wanted to give the young man on the other side of the wall a tongue-centric kiss.

But then she got concerned.

“I’m flattered that you asked, but I’ve never had a man interrupt me during head and offer to do something that would involve my mouth off being his dick. Is the head okay?”

In a deepened-toned, Sean replied, “Oh the head is unbelievable. I definitely want to finish in your mouth like we talked about. It’s just that, like I said earlier, I want to make you happy. I want to pleasure you.”

A wet spot started to form in the middle of Carol’s black thong. “Baby, you’re on your way to getting a BJ from me whenever you feel like it.”

She stood up, slid her moist thong down her heels, turned away from the rigid cock, and lowered herself on her hands and knees so that her pussy lips aligned with the bottom hole.

Sean went down on his stepmom. His tongue licked the nectary juice off of her lips. He passionately made out with Carol’s stimulated labia, as he felt her heat on his face. He worked his tongue around until he heard a loud moan, and then continued that same pattern over and over.

Soon it was Carol who was about to cum. She knew in her current position that the man on the other side of the wall could easily slide his rod inside of her unexpectedly, but Carol trusted him.

Carol still couldn’t believe that a man was actually eating her out. Not even her husband still did it for her.

She felt an orgasm surge from her core. Her arms and knees began to tremble underneath of her, and the sensations in her vulva amplified rapidly.

Sean heard a loud wail. Hot liquid squirting from his stepmother’s cunt splashed all over his face. He was in Heaven and so was Carol. 

“Oh fuck! Holy fuck!” Yelled a panting Carol, as she collapsed to the ground. “That was amazing. You were amazing.”

“Thanks. I’m glad I could do that for you,” beamed the highschooler, as he took his shirt off to use it as a face rag.

“Oh my God!” Carol continued to state her disbelief. “That was the greatest orgasm I can remember. How the hell did you do that? Holy shit, babe!”

On the other side of the wall sat a proud stepson. He was genuinely satisfied to have helped someone he cared about to achieve a happiness that had eluded her for some time.

“You almost made me cum by cumming on my face,” joked Sean.

“That’s right, Baby, You still haven’t finished yet! Let me take care of that right now.”

Carol gingerly got back onto her knees and opened her mouth against the higher hole so that her pleasure bearer could insert his manhood into her mouth.

Sean accepted the invitation. The expert Oral Queen inhaled his cock once again. It did not take long.

The pink tongue of Carol ran along the fleshy underside of Sean’s meat and pressured the pulsating veins running within his shaft. Her lips manipulated the rim of the bulbous tip while she lapped up his tasty precum with her mouth.

“You taste incredible, Baby!” Carol said before getting back to work.

The muscular arms of the high school athlete hit the plywood wall, as he braced himself. He was paralyzed in place, as his stepmom had complete control over his package.

His cock convulsed in Carol’s mouth. For a second time, she took all of the anonymous young man inside of her so that the tip of his cock was buried in her throat.

Finally, there was a delicious reward for the seductress’ hard work.

Sean shouted, as all of the energy in his body concentrated towards his groin. He shot rope after rope of thick hot cum into his stepmom’s throat.

Carol’s mouth was filled and she couldn’t swallow fast enough. Cum ran down her chin as she gagged. It was the most satisfying oral she had ever given.

Both parties collapsed to the ground panting.

Carol’s head was swimming and she was remarkably horny. “Oh shit!!! Oh fuck… I can’t believe a young stranger is making me feel so satisfied!” The MILF expressed almost humorously. 

She had said exactly what Sean wanted to hear.

“If we satisfied each other so much with my tongue in your pussy and my dick in your mouth, imagine how satisfied we’d be with my dick pounding your pussy.”

“Oh fuck… You really know how to turn me on. How old are you???”

Sean thought about it for a second and realized his identity couldn’t be compromised on age alone. “I’m 18.”

“You’re only 18?! Oh my, God, you’re better than the men my age. You’re actually my son’s age – I hope it wasn’t weird that I just said that. Listen I’m really turned on and I want you inside of me, but I have a family and I can’t cheat on my husband that way.”

“It seems like you always focus on what he wants, not what you want. I mean, I’m a stranger behind a wall. You can fuck me and never have to deal with the guilt of knowing who I am. You can just enjoy this one moment of ecstasy.”

Maybe it was just her insatiable arousal, but Sean was making a lot of sense.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m doing this, but okay. Let’s fuck.”

Sean was ecstatic. He was in a dream. “Serously?! This is going to be hot as hell!”

Carol swiftly qualified, “But there is a catch… If I’m going to do something this serious with you, then this can’t be the last time we screw around. I’m not saying I’d fuck you again, but IF I DECIDE SO, then we need to have some sort of ongoing thing between us so I don’t feel used.”

“That’s the greatest catch I’ve ever heard!’

Carol smiled.

“So how will we meet up without you knowing my identity?” The curious stepson wanted to know how the relationship would continue.

His stepmom answered, “Take my number so that you can message me whenever you want to meet me in here. I don’t want to have to blow through a bunch of dicks to find you again ha-ha.”

I already have your number

“I have a pen in my purse. Stick your hand through the bottom hole and I’ll write my number. But you can only message me here, not at home,” cautioned Carol.

“Understood,” complied the sweaty 18-year-old, as he stretched his hand through the hole.

At that last word, Carol noticed a familiarity with the voice on the other side of the wall, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

The hand of her soon-to-be lover came through the bottom hole. Carol held his hand and wrote her phone number, along with the message: Best cock ever! – Oral Queen.

As Carol was letting go, she made a shocking discovery. On the hand of the teenager, whose sperm she just consumed, there was a scar. She recognized that scar. It was unmistakably the scar on her stepson’s thumb from when he was 6 and he cut it accidentally with a piece of glass. She had to drive him to the ER to get stitches.

Carol’s face went blank. She just blew her stepson.

A million questions were racing through her mind, but Carol couldn’t think straight enough to answer any of them.

Unaware of her revelation, Sean pulled his hand back to see the erotic message along with the phone number.

“Well I think it’s about time I prove to you I’m the best cock for you.”

Disregarding his statement, Carol asked, “Wait… did you enter my contact into your phone?” The frightened stepmom waited for an answer that would determine for sure if the scar were just a coincidence or not.

Carol knew that if it was, in fact Sean, then he would know she was his stepmom by her number already being in his phone, which would prevent them from moving forward. But if the male didn’t have her number, then Carol knew there would be no issue and she could let the stranger have his way with her.

But then Carol’s mind presented a warped potential possibility. Sean could have entered the number into his phone, knew it was her, and still wanted to do it anyway.

He wouldn’t do that. Would he?

“Yeah I entered it. I’ll text you next time I’m in here.”

There were two remaining possibilities for Carol. Either the man who was about to stick his penis inside of her was Sean… or it was a stranger who happened to sound exactly like Sean, was the same age, lived in the same area, and had an identical scar.  

“So… do you want me to warm up those plump pussy lips of yours with my tongue?” The muscular stepson was brimming with nervous energy and ready to live his fantasies.

Even though there was undoubted proof of whom she was really with, once Carol heard the familiar voice offer to perform the same core-shaking cunilingus as he did earlier, she didn’t care.

The impassioned stepmother slid her tight black cocktail dress up over her yoga butt. With her unsteady hands, she then pulled it over her head. Her luscious breasts sprung free and bounced against her red chest.

Her garter socks cushioned her knees, as she lowered her body to the mat. Her hard nipples grazed the ground slightly, as her elbows and forearms provided stability. Carol pushed her exposed, soaking vagina against the open hole behind her.

“Take me.”

Within seconds, Sean’s tongue was back at work. He lapped up the leaking juices while pressuring her inner lips. Carol’s mouth was ajar, as she felt the overwhelming sensation again.

“Oh God, that’s the spot, Baby!”

Encouraged, Sean swirled his tongue even faster and with even more passion.

“Oh fuck! Oh my God. Fuck me, Baby, please! Pound me like you promised!” Carol screamed loud enough for everyone else on both sides of the room to hear.

Her lusting stepson didn’t need any more encouragement. Sean kicked off his shoes and stepped out of the jeans. He stood in only his socks, as he squatted down to meet the stimulated pussy. He couldn’t believe that it was actually happening.

Sean aimed his tip into the open moist hole offered to him. His dick pushed into the pink flesh and parted Carol’s labia.

The woman, who was really cheating on her husband for the first time, felt her husband’s son slide his shaft inside of her. She could feel the unyielding bar of steel throb as it continued its journey. It just kept going. It definitely filled Carol’s vaginal canal more than her husband’s.

The lovemaking began. The thrusts were slow and sensual at first. They were met with moaning and groaning by both parties.

“Aaaahhh! Keep going, baby!”

Sean inserted and withdrew his cock it at a faster and faster rate. The pace change resulted in deeper penetration and increased friction on Carol’s clit.

“Oh God. You’re pussy is so tight! I love it,” groaned an enthralled stepson.

Carol knew her cunt wasn’t tight, it was just used to a smaller package moving inside of it.

The dick pounding into her mound began to act like a crowbar. It kept changing directions of penetration and rubbing the soft inner flesh of her pussy. Carol couldn’t remember sex feeling so good.

Sean, too, was enjoying trying out a sex method he saw in a porno one time.  His penis pulsed rapidly and his erection was as hard as ever. Sean felt like his penis belonged in Carol’s vagina.

The pace continued to increase and there was too much eroticism for either Sean or Carol to handle.

Sean grunted, “I want you to squirt all over my cock!”

Carol replied, “Oh God Sean! Fuck your stepmommy’s brains out!”

Both of their faces expressed pure astonishment. Carol couldn’t believe she just admitted to knowing she was fucking her stepson. Her stepson didn’t know she knew his identity.

The fucking ground to a halt.

They could hear each other panting loudly. Not a word was spoken.

Sean’s full erection was still buried deep in his stepmother. They both stayed frozen, not knowing what to do next.

Then Sean, with adrenaline pumping through his body, inadvertently flexed his love muscle.

Carol flexed her vaginal muscles in response to the tingle it gave her, squeezing the throbbing cock. Sean then flexed his member again. Once again it was met with a voluntary squeeze back. The dance continued, as each time the movement of the penis, and responding pressure from Carol’s pussy, escalated.

Sean was once again fucking his stepmother. He quickly worked his way back to the pace and method he had been using earlier.

“Oh God mom, I wanna fuck your brains out!”

“YEEESSSS Baby! Fuck my brains out. Make mommy yours! Oh FUU-UUU-UUCK!”

The juices of Carol’s desire left a shining wet glaze on her stepson’s manhood. Sean continued to fill his stepmother’s sexual desires in a way she had never had before.

“I’m about to cum, Sean!”

Hearing that, Sean did the unthinkable.

He pulled out.

“Oh God baby! Put your dick inside me. Don’t stop!”

“Wait, mom. I want to look into your eyes when I fill your pussy with my cum.”

“Oh, Sean! Yes, that’s so fucking hot! I want that too,” replied Carol, on the verge of climax.

“Let’s get a couch.”

The two lovers ran out of the stalls buck-naked and went outside into the main room. It was then when they saw each other for the first time that night.

Carol stepped towards her stepson and they kissed with unwavering erotic passion. Sean held his stepmom firmly by her ass. The aroused woman wrapped her legs around her 18-year-old stepson’s solid torso. She was carried across the room and placed down on a brown leather couch in a back corner.

Sean had his yearning stepmom naked on her back.

She looked into his eyes, parted her legs wide, and panted, “Fill me with your sperm, Sean.”

The family members kissed each other on the lips once again and took the other in their arms. Sean inserted himself back into Carol. His broad chest pressed against her stiff nipples as they humped on the sofa.

It didn’t take long. The grunting stepson pounded the wet cunt of his lover with brisk, powerful strokes. An over-stimulated Carol was speechless, only letting out involuntary gasps.

They pressed their foreheads together and intimately gazed into each other’s eyes, until Carol’s back arched and she dug her fingernails into her stepson’s back.

“Ohhh! Ohhhh! OOOOOOHHHHHH!” The friction in Carol’s clit triggered an explosive orgasm. She squirted all over Sean’s crotch, his thighs, and all over the middle cushion of the leather sofa.

The convulsions of Carol’s vaginal muscles were too much for her stepson. Sean squinted and gripped the underside of Carol’s shoulders as he thrusted deeply inside of her, feeling her soft insides against his penis.

His testicles tightened and he began to pump loads of his semen into his stepmom’s pussy. Over the next minute, a winded Sean injected his gooey white substance into his stepmom’s vaginal cavity. The exhausted woman underneath of Sean felt each load of ejaculate travel through his vein, from the base of his cock to his throbbing tip.

Sean collapsed onto Carol and they caressed each other with their lips. It was a romantic kiss, a lovers’ kiss.





The passionate embrace was cut short, as the new partners jolted from the comment made a bystander. Carol looked out into the room in horror to see Cindy and Eve sitting on other couches in the same corner of the room.

Carol hadn’t even noticed them. She was only thinking about Sean. She couldn’t imagine what they were thinking.

“That was the hottest thing I have seen in my entire fucking life,” gaped Eve to a relieved Carol.

“You two just made the most erotic fucking sex. I can’t believe it,” chimed in Cindy.

A surprised Carol needed confirmation from her friends. “So you aren’t upset or disturbed with the fact that I just fucked my stepson?”

“Carol,” Eve began, “you looked the happiest I’ve ever seen you when you were fucking him. Cindy and I like seeing you happy, so the only thing that could make us upset is if you stop letting that young stud of yours fill your cunt with his spunk.”

Carol smiled, but Sean smiled wider.

The proud stepmother looked at the man she raised while responding Eve’s sweet statement, “Oh, believe me, I’m home alone with my hot stud nearly every evening… I have a feeling I’d have a harder time keeping his spunk out of me.” 

The gorgeous stepmom gave a seductive, yet playful look at her stepson before slipping her tongue into his mouth.

“Excuse me,” a stranger’s voice sounded.

Sean, his stepmom, and her friends turned towards the gentleman who had just approached the back corner of the club.

It was a black man with a lean build and tattoos on his arms.

“Carol, right? I’m Devon. I wanted to apologize,” the man continued with sorrow, “I spoke to you very rudely and inappropriately in the gloryhole room earlier. I want to let you know that I am not the type of man who usually talks to women like that. I only spoke to you like that because I heard the other men speak to you like that and I thought that’s what you wanted. Sorry if I offended you.”

The Oral Queen realized he must have been the black man in the gloryhole room who she finished off.

“All is forgiven, honey. I truly appreciate the apology. I ended up having my best night here so far so none of the bad things from earlier matter now,” replied Carol with sincerity.

“Thank you for your forgiveness. I do appreciate you letting me finish on you despite my behavior ha-ha.”

“Well, to be honest, Devon, I was upset with how you acted… so your seed actually landed on the floor,” explained Carol, making things awkward.

“That’s unfair. Devon seems like a good guy, it was just a misunderstanding. He should’ve at least been allowed to cum on your tits,” smirked Sean to his stepmother.

A little staggered at Sean’s comfort with the situation, Carol retorted, “Perhaps you’re right. Maybe next week, but tonight there’s only one man I want cumming on my titties.”

Carol pecked Sean’s lips.

“Aw Carol. I feel bad for him,” pouted Eve.

“Then make it up to him yourself.”

“Hey, Devon,” started Cindy, “how about I let you fuck my pussy with that long black rod of yours until you’re ready to jizz all over my jugs? Will that make you feel better?” Cindy then gushed, “And plus, I’ve never been with a black guy and I’ve always wanted to try it.”

Devon dropped his pants and Cindy laid back on a sofa in her tight blue dress. Her underwear was long gone. Cindy threw her legs up on Devon’s shoulders, as he brought her to orgasm quickly before coating her large breasts. The small audience cheered as they watched the ‘Typical Blonde Whore’ lick the black man’s cum off her tits.

As the chaos died down, Carol looked up adoringly at her stepson. “So, how about we get going. You’re going to need your sleep tonight if you’re going to have enough stamina fuck my brains out all night tomorrow.”

“I love you, mom.”

“I love you too, Sean.”



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