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Watching Her Grow

His Daughter's half-sister. His God-Daughter.
Watching Her Grow
by LordDaddyz

This is a work of complete fiction. There is little truths to this story.
If you have any comments or critiques, don't be too harsh, it's my first time posting anything I've written.

As my years progress, I begin to realize a lot of things. Life is harsh, but beautiful. Soft, but unmerciful. A yin-yang thing. Good comes with the bad. Without the bad, the good can't be as appreciated. Without the good, the bad just sucks more. So with that said, let me get to the story with a bit of a background.

My high school sweet heart. She was the love of my life. After school, I worked at a restaurant just to make enough to live and get married as soon as she turned 18. At 19, I'm married. In December. We estimate that it took to my birthday in March to conceive my son. So 5 days after our first anniversary, sprouts out Dominic. Life was good. I was working my ass off, while she took somewhat care of my boy, when my mother wasn't. So the story goes that 3 days before our third anniversary, and 8 days before my sons second birthday, she abandons us for another man. A few years down the line, she has a daughter, and I eventually meet someone else. We were together for 4 years when my daughter came into our lives. So my son now has two half sisters.

Well .. as stories go .. this one sucked living it to begin with. Because a month before my beautiful daughters first birthday, her mom also decides to abandon my son and I, but takes my daughter away. Barely getting to see her until the summer she turned 3, when we signed for a shared parenting / joint custody agreement that worked out for a good long while. Meantime, my daughter, Ali, gets a new half sister from her mother. When Gina, Ali's mom, left her asshole of a boyfriend, I sorta ended up adopting Ali's half-sister, Elizabeth, who I called Eli. Dom, Ali, and Eli were my life. I moved my mother in with us when her husband, my stepfather, passed away, and helped me raise them. I ended up with full custody of both kids when Ali turned 13, and Eli 10. Dom was away at that time in college studying to be a doctor, of all things.

I am a photographer for a food chain (Don't crack it, it's great money, and not that easy to make food look so good in the pictures. It's an art, dammit), and a freelance photographer with published arts in many photography magazines. Also some in not so fancy mags, but excellent shots in my younger years nonetheless. So what that they had so much more hair down there then! It's art!

Anyway .. my mother passed away in the winter before Ali's 17th birthday, and after Eli's 13th., and the girls took it pretty hard. I did everything I could to console them, or to try and help make it better, at the same time that I was torn up about it. When Dom came home, it became worse for a little while because he and my mother had the close bond he should have had with his own. Eventually, we all made it through it, by making sure that with each holiday, we get a little trinket, and on her birthday, we take that years collected trinkets, and add it to a tree we made just for this. It stays at my home, on one of my mothers tables, in her place of honor. So we make it as happy of a time as we can, and soon enough, my Ali is leaving us, having graduated top of her class. THE VERY TOP! Her choice of colleges. Scholarships leaving me with a little extra, so we get her and Eli new cars. Ali's brand new, Eli's not so. At 17, I'm not ready to drop big money until proven that she can handle it.

It was around this time that I began to notice things. Things that a father shouldn't. Like the body that Eli has formed under my nose, and I hadn't noticed before. But she's one of my girls. Why am I even noticing, or caring that I did notice? Why does missing female companionship all of the sudden kicking my ass like never before?

I wasn't sure if she knew what she was doing to me. Each time she was ask for something, she'd have to repeat it. Not because I was looking at her body or anything, just her eyes, but getting lost in the watery blue orbs. When she calls me Daddy, now, it brings on a whole different feeling. One I haven't felt since their mother was around at the beginning. Before Eli was even born! The clothes that she decides to wear that I have to say .. "Oh hell no you aren't wearing that out of this house!" .. is becoming sexier and most lust provoking then before. Before it was a hideous sweat with bib's or shorts and snow boots with a poncho over it on a sunny day. Now it's tight booty shorts and almost non-existent "t-shirts" that have sayings like, "Princess," or, "Playboy" .. each of these, I tell her no she can't wear out of the house, so she tortures me every moment that she is in it, by wearing them! Or not wearing them .. or ... oh hell. You know what I mean.

Eli is the shorter of the two girls. She's 5'1", and she's about 110 pounds soaking wet. She made us all sick with how she never had to work out like the rest of us to stay in shape. She had 32C breast (I know from having to do the laundry). They look so firm, as she goes often without a bra. She has a nice round ass that shapes anything she wears perfectly. Lately she's been wearing a more emo-girl smokey makeup scheme.

It's now a week before Eli turns the big 18. Dom and Ali are making a special trip from Boston and New York to surprise her. They are due in three days. I make it home after making a kick ass collage of her life. Pictures from when she was an infant to ones as recent as two weeks ago. It's big. Took me damn near three weeks to make it just the way I wanted it. After getting it printed and framed, I had to hide it in the basement, behind the shelving, with an old blanket covering it. Coming up from the basement, I heard movement on the second level. Grabbing the bat from by the front door, as Eli isn't due home for another couple hours from school, and silently creeps up the steps.

Looking in and letting my eyes quickly scan my bedroom, noticing nothing out of place, I walk towards the study and my daughters room. The study wasn't exactly how I left it, but Eli is always on the computer in there, beings it is much fast then hers, so she uses mine to download something, put it on a flash drive, and back to her smaller system quicker then hers would take to download it. So nothing unusual there.

As I go towards Eli's decorated door, I bend down to pick up the sloppy girls clothes in the hallway. Her door was slightly open, so I start to walk in until two things make me stop. One, is the sound of a moan, and two is the smell of pussy in the air. Peeking around the corner, I couldn't believe my eyes. My gorgeous little daughter was naked, spread eagle on her bed, playing with herself. She had what looked to be two or three of her fingers pressing hard into herself while her other hand was mauling and twisting her breasts. The sight of her nearly made me cum in my shorts right then. I shouldn't feel that way, but she is so gorgeous, and so horny, it is hard not to. Too hard. Oh so hard.

Looking in my hands, I realize it's the clothes that she was wearing when she left for school. So she basically was undressing and making a beeline for her bed at the same time, and this is the result. Amazing. Her slender thighs begin to quiver as she nears what appears to be one nice orgasm. Her moans are like music to my ears. Her juices covering her hands making my mouth water. I slowly sneak back away when she starts to recover from her cum, and replace the clothes to the floor. I climb into my bed, pretending to be asleep when she checks in on me a little while later.

Now after seeing her, I can't help that every time she bends over, or does something sexy that I just have an urge to grab her, and make her all mine. My 'fatherly' instincts come in at about this time, and keeps me from doing anything. Not wanting to ruin what we have now, and making her hate me, because I am a gross old man. So I secretly watch her every chance I get, hoping for a repeat performance.

The day before the other kids are to arrive, Eli goes out on a date with her asshole ... er ... her boyfriend, Jeff. Making sure that she isn't out all night and chance missing seeing her siblings when they arrive, I give an 11 o'clock curfew, to much muttering and bickering. But standing firm, I gave Eli my "I'm-Serious-Dammit!" look. She finally smiles, and nods her understanding.

When the alarm wakes me up in the morning, around 9, I get up and start to get ready for a nice day. The kids are all going to be here, and the house won't sound so empty. Beginning breakfast, and getting to a point where I can go check on Eli, I went up the steps to her room. When I knock and get no answer, I open it and walk in. No Eli. Her bed wasn't even a mess as usual. Which means that she never came home last night. Having passed out in bed watching a late night movie, I didn't notice. I go down, finish breakfast, as Dom and Ali should be arriving soon. I tried calling Eli's cell phone numerous times, and leaving the "I-am-now-really-pissed" messages on her voice mail, but to no avail.

Right on time, 11am, Ali pulls up in her nice car. She chose it. A Dodge Charger. Red. No dents, I am happy to see. I smile and open my arms to her just as her brother pulls up in his Black Lexus, and parks behind my old van. Hugging his kids, and helping them with their luggage into the house, he makes them feel right back at home. Dom having been set up in the basement room, and Ali in with Eli, all seemed like it used to. Except Dom always on the phone and Ali going through books she brought. "Have to catch up on a little bit of school work before going out with the girls later, Daddy .." she tells me. My heart sank. I was hoping to have them all here. Then Dom tells me that he is going out with his high school pals to a football game, then an after party near the old campus.

Dom left shortly after that. Having had a light lunch and catching up a little with us. The game started in about an hour, and he wanted to get a few beers in before kickoff. Which I can understand. So it left just me and my Ali Cat .. she hates it when I call her that, though. But I have to. It's just one of those dad things.

"Where is Eli, anyway, Daddy?" she asked me suddenly.

"To be honest, Baby, I don't know. She went out last night with a promise of being home at 11 so that she can be here for you and your brother. But as you see, she isn't here, and she didn't come home last night. Not sure what I am going to do with her." I answered, looking a little sad and depressed about it.

"Well. I remember what you did to Dom when he did that. Granted he was 16, but still. Or what about that time when you caught him with the 17 year old girl down the street when he came home from college the first time? You kicked his ass up one side of this street and down the other. Remember what you said, Daddy?" the way she asked made me think back.

"Ah! Yeah. I said that just because in the eyes of the law you are an adult when you are 18, doesn't give you the right to disrespect me or our name." I nodded to those words, but the looked up to my eldest daughters eyes and said, "But it isn't like I can put her over my knee and bust that ass!"

"Why not? Knowing her, though, she would really like it!" she mused.

"What do you .. oh! You mean .. ALI!" I exclaimed, being a bit shocked at my girl.

Smiling at me she shrugs and says, "You never know, but if I were you, I would bust her ass real good when she gets home."

After that, she left to spend time with her girlfriends. Saying she won't be home til late or til tomorrow, depending on what all happens. Which is the same line I got from her brother.

At around 3pm, in walks my youngest. Looking wore out. After she sets her things down, she notices me standing there, and freezes ..

"D-Daddy! You scared me! Listen .. I am really sor .." she began, but I cut her off.

"I don't want to hear any excuses young lady! I'll tell you what I had to tell your brother before. Just because you are about to be 18, doesn't mean that you can disrespect me in my home!"

The tone in my voice must have not been what she was expecting, because by the time I finished what I was saying, a tear was beginning to form in the corner of her eye. She was the best out of all of them at on-command tears. I wasn't buying it this time. For one things, I was pissed because she didn't come home til just now, but more so, because I had a feeling that the reason she looks so rough is because of what she was doing with that punk Jeff. Was this jealousy I was feeling? This outrage be because I wanted my girl? I know she isn't my blood, but still. What the hell ever. Doesn't matter. Right now, I'm pissed.

"B-but D-D-Daddy!" she says.

That's all she gets out before I grab her upper right arm in my strong grip, and pull her towards the couch. At first she grind her heels in to slow down, but with the look in my eye when she started, she quickly stopped. Sitting down, I pulled her down and over my lap.

Her yelp of surprise made it even better for me as I scan her barely clad with denim ass. The perfection of it making my cock begin to rise. Without a word, I start to slap her ass hard. One on one cheek, one on the other. Back and forth. Each smack, she takes in a breath, then moans it out. After my hand begins to sting, and I notice a tear leak from her eye, I begin to rub over the denim and the parts exposed of her reddened ass before another smack. Each rub lasting a little longer then the last. Purposely, I smack lower, right over where her mound stretches against the fabric. Her hiss one of pure lust. Was my girl really getting off on this?

I know that she can feel my hardening cock against her stomach, because she starts to circle around so that she can move it some. Squirming against it.

Rubbing where I just smacked, I notice how incredibly wet she is. The heat coming from her womanhood was incredible. Smacking right on her mound a few times is all it took for her to quiver and squirm in my lap while she orgasms harder then the time I was fortunate enough to witness her masturbating in her room.

When she started to reach for my now raging hard cock, I sorta came to my senses, and nearly pushed her off of me. "Now .. go .. go to your room .. clean up .. and think about why you got punished!" by the end I was almost yelling as I was heading up the stairs to hide in my room.

A little while later, right when I was about to begin jerking my raging cock, I get a knock on the door. A timid one. "Come in," I answer to it, covering myself up.

Eli peeks her head around the corner, "I wanted to tell you that I am really sorry for angering you so much, and thank you .. I mean .. and for making you do what you had to do."

"Well, Baby, if it helps you learn," I say, trying to play it cool while attempting to hide my erection. Her body only half visible, due to the other half being behind the door, was still just amazing. She had changed out of what she was wearing and opted for something that wouldn't sting as much, so she decided to wear one of my old button ups that was in the laundry room.

"I did learn from it, Daddy. I promise. And understand if you have to punish me in the future if I mess up. I accept that, Daddy," she says to a stunned me.

"But, Baby, you are about to turn 18," is all I can think to say, "I don't have that option much anymore."

"Oh sure you do, Daddy! I live in your house, and as long as I do, I have to obey your rules, right? So if I break one, you punish me. I understand that now," her voice kinda getting windy, and my cock throbs with what this could all mean.

When she left my room, I laid back and stroked my cock to the most incredible cum I've ever had. Made me feel like I was shooting a fire hose or something. My God-Daughter is my new obsession, and there is nothing I can do about it. I'll end up having to have her. And make her completely mine.

To be continued ...
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