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Watching Me With His Young Nephew - Part 1

Watching Me With His Young Nephew - Part 1

A handsome uncle's fantasy to watch me make love to his nephew.
Mark’s eyes were closed, his brow deeply furrowed and his head thrown back against the armchair as he furiously stroked the length of his manhood. With one hand holding and pressing down the base of his shaft and balls, the other intensely pumped his glistening and incredibly turgid cock; he was hardly breathing, his whole body was tense. 

The sight of me, naked in bed with his young nephew, caressing him, kissing him and licking him, was a sensation that Mark had not expected. In fact, nothing that was happening that night was expected or normal for all of us, which was what made it so intoxicating, taboo and extremely over the top erotic. 

Joey (Mark’s nephew) and I lay on the bed, naked and spooning. He was completely captivated by the sight of his very fit and handsome uncle losing himself in pleasure in the corner. It was hard for him to comprehend all that was happening. All he knew was that his heart was racing and he was experiencing a kind of pleasure that was more than his fledgling nervous system could ever possibly hope to handle. 

Joey had the family’s genes in that even though he just turned sixteen, he was nicely hung at about seven inches. He was a very sweet looking, thoughtful and intelligent boy. He had Justin Bieber type hair, slim, smooth skin and very kissable lips. 

Joey’s eyes never left his naked uncle who seemed to be in the throes of intense pleasure. His chest heaved, his neck muscles strained and his toes were curled, as his pumped his cock in front of his nephew and I, who, just a few hours ago, were all strangers sitting in a hot tub together. 

Although Joey had fantasies of older men, the reality of what he was seeing was definitely not anything close to the normality of his daily life. What had once only existed in the far reaches of his imagination was now playing out before his very eyes. Joey was in a state of bewilderment, sheer eroticism and a bit of confusion. The boundaries of reality were indeed being blurred, if not completely altered. 

As we lay spooning together on the bed, I had my erection planted firmly between Joey’s lovely, firm, ass cheeks, slowly grinding against him and moaning in his ear. As I did so, I held his body close to mine; my hands roamed freely from his bare chest, down to his crotch and back again. His unfailing erection never once died down in the hours that began in the hot tub. 

We were both lying on our sides watching Mark. Our faces were pressed up against each other, cheek to cheek, and whenever I would get a surge of desire flow through me, I would lean in and indulgently kiss and lick Joey’s neck. 

As I did so, my young lover’s eyes would roll back in his head and he would let out a soft boyish moan, Mark would look up from his wanton reverie and catch the sight of this older man and his teenage charge in naked passion together. The excitement and pleasure Mark felt coursing through him knew no bounds. The energy of his intense sexuality was like radiation filling the room; it penetrated us deeply and made all our cells tingle.


So, how in the world did we all get here? What strange portal of imagination brought us all together where two grown men were naked together in a room with a teenage guy? 

Before I get into the details, let’s take a step back and allow me to give you some perspective. 

First, a bit about myself, I would say that I am a very reasonable, grounded and straight man in my early 40s. I am fit, toned, easy on the eyes and sane. I am also married to a wonderful wife of thirteen years and we have no kids. 

I work from home, managing a small investment fund and she travels a lot as a corporate lawyer. Though we love each other dearly and are each other’s best friends, the spark of lust and sex has long since left our marriage. With my wife’s heavy travel schedule, I’ve not only got accustomed to, but have also come to appreciate the luxury of a lot of personal time. 

Though our passion for each other has waned, my libido was still very active, alive and kicking. My body and senses are still biologically primed to be in mating mode. It was an itch I needed to scratch. 

So about a year or so ago, with all the time I had on my hands, I discovered an online chat room. At first I was tentative about fooling around virtually, but it wasn’t long that I justified to myself that online chat does not constitute cheating. 

To further my cause, the fresh sensations of meeting and flirting with new people, was an elixir to the slow disappearance of physicality in my relationship. 

As I settled into my new hobby, I found what stimulated me the most was indulging in the taboo and frowned upon. It was the departure from tradition and taking the path less travelled that gave me the adrenalin surge and edge that seemed missing from my life. 

It didn’t take long before my online activities became a welcome routine. I very quickly found that I had a type of scenario I was constantly drawn to - an age difference. 

I would often find myself chatting with teenage girls, flirting with them and initiating virtual affairs over text and email. Most were very short lived; some only spanned the time we connected in the chat room, others I never even got the time of day from. Once in a while, there would be a keeper and we would “date” virtually, sending images and sex text over the course of our affair. 

That thrill of having a younger lover, secretly meeting me online, behind her parent’s back and my wife’s back, was the thrill that gave me the much needed manna for life that I was missing, if not craving. 

But like any experience, that too began to lose its potency for instilling intensely high pleasure. I soon began to find the little niggles in communicating with teen girls grow to be large pimples of annoyance. Their caddy attitude, their sense of self-entitlement and their overall princess-ey nature started to press a few of my buttons. It was a very quick way to loose an erection. 

Fortunately, like any chat room, there are always a few curious horny boys that were looking to experiment. I found that they were the ones approaching me instead of me having to chase all the time. It was very refreshing to be hit on and lusted for, it peaked my curiosity. The more I started replying to their invitations, the more I began to relax, get turned on and enjoyed the liaisons. 

Though I never considered myself gay, as in I’ve never eyed a handsome man walking down the road or had butterflies in my belly when I saw one, I did find that the idea of having an encounter with a younger guy an incredible turn on. It was so new and different and beyond the realm of my reality. 

Furthermore, the taboo factor was high on so many counts that it gave me a deep instant rush of heightened pleasure just thinking about it. This was how my current adventure began.


A window opened on chat room platform and pinged. It was an invitation from a guy who wanted to chat with me. By this time, I was now mostly cruising gay chat rooms, as it was so much easier to get digitally laid than the general rooms. 

I assumed it was yet another lustful teenager who fancied the idea of offering himself to an older man, something that I found to be a huge turn on and now actively sought. 

However, when I saw the nickname, it read “HandsomeUncle”.

At this point I would usually close the chat window and ignore the request, I had no interest in older men, but seeing as how it was a quiet night, I was curious and I replied. 

He introduced himself as Mark, married, and also in his early forties. Though he had no children of his own, his mentioned that he was guardian to his sister’s son, who had been living with him and his wife for a few months now, his sister needed time to heal her marriage and as well as time for herself. 

I, in turn, told him my details and we exchanged pleasantries. It wasn’t long before we found out that we had very similar stories and desires, being that we both wanted to experience something more and something different from the convention of marriage and middle age. 

Mark, like me, was pretty straight and never really fancied being with a man nor had any attraction toward one. However, with the availability of anonymous chat rooms and permission to be whatever one chooses, Mark began to explore and experiment with the thought of virtual sex with guys. 

Our conversation was easy and we related well to each other. We quickly dropped our guard and spoke openly about marriage and life. Eventually, it came to the point where Mark asked me what brought me to the chat room, what was I looking for in particular. 

I told him that I had been indulging in fantasies of smooth, youthful guys. I further described how straying from being a responsible husband, to a purveyor of younger guys was so borderline perverted that it gave me such a heightened sense of danger and pleasure all at the same time. 

Marked “lol’ed” in his reply to me. He said he actually was quite relieved to hear me speak so openly and honestly, as he had the same desires too. It was then that our fledgling bond began to be forged. No longer did either of us feel isolated or guilty in our carnal and somewhat different expression of our sexuality. There was the spark of kinship and camaraderie in knowing that we weren’t alone nor were we that weird. 

After a few more exchanges of fantasies and stories, Mark got quiet for a bit. I thought that he had abruptly left the chat room, as that tends to happen a lot, but he hadn’t. Even though it was just words on a screen, I could feel he was about to express something deeper to me and was gathering his nerve about it. 

“Josh, can I ask you something?” 

“Sure bud, what is it?” I replied. 

“ of the things that I’ve been really turned on by…is my nephew.” 

I didn’t know quite what to say. This had gone way beyond what I normally talk about. Yes, I do love Daddy/Son type role-plays, but this was at a whole different level. 

“Um…okay…what turns you on about him?” I asked tentatively. 

“Josh, don’t get me wrong, I am not interested in a relationship with him, no, not that way.” 

I breathed a bit easier. 

“Okay, so what is it then?” 

“Well, I know this may sound a bit pervy, if not slightly outrageous, but I want to watch another man make love and have sex with him.” 

At this point, I knew in my mind that I should have reacted with indignation and aghast, but to my great surprise, I found my erection started to grow. Goodness. 

“Tell me more Mark,” I said nervously, but yet encouragingly. 

“I’ve always thought that a scenario like that to be the epitome of sexual taboo as well as the absolute height of gratification. The danger of my wife finding out that I have been with guys, not to mention younger guys, cheating on her and then watching my charge, my nephew, for sex with another man while I watch, I mean, can you imagine the repercussions?!” 

“The resultant effect it will have on my life is so immense and yet here I am, incredibly turned on by the extreme danger it represents!” 

Wow, I had to pause on my side to take in what he was telling me. I could not imagine that I would be having this conversation with Mark at this given moment, and yet, what was even more befuddling, was how crazily thrilling and erotic it all seemed to me. Even though it was just a digital exchange of ideas, my heart was in my mouth and my cock was throbbing with great intensity. 

We chatted for a bit more as Mark described to me the fantasies he’d had surrounding this highly unusual and charged scenario. He talked about how he’d imagine setting up the meet, safety concerns, watching he nephew's reaction, etc. 

As it turned out, Joey, like his uncle, was also exploring his sexuality in regards to guys. Mark said that a couple of weeks ago, he found some files on Joey’s computer of naked men and videos of gay porn. He knew then that his nephew might have some curiosity if not other interests. He also overheard Joey, one night on the phone, talking about his fantasy of being with another man. It was then that Mark’s fantasy went from imagination to something possibly more real. 

So as we talked about the details and reasoning behind all this, suddenly, out of nowhere, I blurted out in my chat box, “So would you like to meet up with me and bring Joey along?”


There was no reply.

I was quite taken aback myself that I had even written that. “What the hell are you thinking?!” I asked myself. “Jeez Louise, you can’t be serious! What kind of kink are you getting yourself into?!” 

The chat window pinged and it broke my internal self-rebuke. 

“Yes”, Mark replied, “I’d love to meet.” 

Oh crap.

End of part 1

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