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Watching My Daughter And Her Best Friend

Spying opens up unimaginable possibilities.
My daughter, Holly, had asked me if she could invite her friend, Natalie, over for dinner. Of course, I said yes. Natalie is such a pretty girl. She is 18. The same age as my daughter. Her dark her flows down her back and she has small perky breasts, which were usually visible through her top, since she rarely ever wore a bra. They have been friends for a couple of years now. Actually, best friends. They were inseparable. I must admit that seeing Natalie always gave me a naughty thrill. Knowing that she is my daughter's friend just adds to my excitement. We had finished eating when my wife said that she was going to the neighbor's house.
"Daddy, can Natalie spend the night?" Holly asked, giving me that pouty face that I could never resist.

"Sure, honey," I answered. "I'll let your mother know when she gets back."

She gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. They skipped off, hand-in-hand, to my daughter's bedroom. I sat on the couch and turned on the football game. Holly came into the living room with her phone pressed to her ear.

"Could you look in on Natalie and see that she is comfortable?" she said. "Bobby's on the phone and he wants to talk for a bit."

Bobby was her new boyfriend. A nice enough boy, but not good enough for my little girl.I nodded my agreement and she walked away, busily talking to her guy.

As I made my way up the stairs, I noticed that her bedroom door was ajar. Anticipation gripped me as my feet moved slowly towards the door. I peeked inside and was delighted by the view. There was Natalie, lounging on the bed, in just a pair of pale orange panties. My eyes roamed her beautiful form. She was lightly running her hand over her smooth thigh as she read one of Holly's Cosmos. The longer I stared, the more aroused I became. I felt my hardness pressing against my shorts as I continued ogling her sexy young body. Looking around to see that my daughter wasn't there, I took a bold step and began to rub my hand across the bulge in my pants. Imagining myself next to Natalie, kissing and licking her silky skin, had me unzipping my shorts and grasping for my erection. Again, I glanced the hall and saw nothing. So I went back to my spying. I had just begun stroking my cock when I saw the bathroom door open.

In walked Holly in only a light blue bra and matching panties. I knew my daughter was beautiful, but she looked absolutely amazing as she moved toward the bed. She has long brown hair, full breasts and pouty lips, just like her mother. My cock twitched in admiration, which took me by surprise. I always thought she was extremely attractive, but since I'm her father I never let it go beyond that. Seeing her now, in this state of undress, had given me naughty ideas, which before I would never have even imagined.

Natalie sat up when she noticed Holly coming towards her. A big smile appeared on her face as my daughter joined her on the bed. What happened next still burned inside my brain.

Holly took Natalie in her arms and kissed her softly on the lips. The two enjoyed each other's wet mouths as tongues flicked out to increase the pleasure. I stood there, my mouth wide open as they continued their make out session. Finally breaking their embrace, Holly took Natalie's nipple in her mouth and began licking and biting until her friend's nipple stood out hard. She did the same to the other one and then reached down and slid her hand inside Natalie's panties. This was so erotic. I had actually turned my lustful gaze from Natalie to my daughter. This both disturbed and excited me. She was my daughter! But at the moment, Holly was a half-naked woman being naughty with her best friend.

Holly pushed her down onto the bed and slid off Natalie's panties. She sucked on her toes before licking her way up her friend's smooth legs. She dove between her thighs and started licking in earnest, making Natalie moan with delight. Holly's attack had Natalie screaming within minutes as her body shuddered in an explosive release. With her friend lying there in ecstasy, Holly glanced toward the door.

"If you want a better view, you should probably come inside," Holly said glaring at the open door. I stood there, frozen, not knowing what to do. I wondered how she knew I was there.

"Come on, Daddy," she added."Don't you want a closer look?"

That was an invitation I could not refuse. I moved nervously through the opening not knowing what to expect. When I saw them kneeling on the bed smiling at me, all my tension went away. Holly pointed at a chair against the wall, and I walked to it and sat down. My head was spinning as they kissed passionately once more. Natalie undid Holly's bra, releasing her magnificent breasts. She licked and sucked at her nipples, which made my daughter moan with delight. Her tongue glided down her flat stomach, stopping only to remove her panties. Natalie lost herself between Holly's silky thighs. I was mesmerized by the erotic sight of seeing my daughter getting orally pleasured by her best friend. Holly stared, seductively, into my eyes as Natalie lapped at her swollen clit. Seeing my daughter's face filled with lust had my cock straining against my shorts. Holly began to moan loudly, as Natalie continued to eat her wetness. Suddenly, Holly was writhing on the bed, her orgasm coming in waves. She was lost in the pleasure as she screamed out in ecstasy. Holly grabbed Natalie and kissed her passionately, tasting her juices from her friend's mouth.

Turning her attention to me she asked, "Did you like watching us, Daddy? Something tells me you did."

She was staring at the bulge between my legs as she smiled a most wicked smile. I couldn't remember ever being this hard before. My arousal was at a fever pitch.

"Why don't you release that cock for me?" Holly said to Natalie, who was in front of me in a flash unzipping my pants and pulling down my boxers. It was twitching as it sprung from its prison.

"Mommy said you had a big cock. She wasn't lying," Holly laughed as she glared hungrily at my erection. "I heard her telling Mrs. Davis all about it the other day."

I tried to reply but the words would not come out. The girls were whispering and giggling to each other as they studied my manhood.

"Bet you want to stroke that hard cock for us?" Holly questioned as she began to caress her pussy lips.

The boldness of my sweet little girl had me so fucking horny I could no longer control myself. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and began to pump my fist up and down my rigid dick.

"Mmm, that looks so yummy," Holly said as she slid two fingers inside her glistening slit. Natalie was also fingering herself, moaning contentedly, as she stretched her lips apart. Stroking faster, I wanted to cum so badly. Holly took her fingers out of her soaking pussy and teasingly licked off her juices. She pushed them back inside and started to furiously fuck herself. I couldn't take anymore, beating my cock faster and faster until I exploded.

"Oh, fuck," I screamed as I shot load after load of sticky cum onto my stomach.

The girls continued to pleasure themselves and finally they both came hard and collapsed onto the bed.

"Don't tell your mother," I begged.

Holly winked at me and said, " Don't worry daddy, it will be our secret."

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