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What A Girl Wants

Teacher and student come together for one more time before goodbye. Maybe good bye and maybe hello.
'Has it really been four years already?' Andy quietly mused. This was her last day of classes then the last time she would return to this school would be get her diploma and walk out for the last time. Everything seemed kinda weird now. So many people were telling her “congratulations” and “great job” and all kinds of other crap just because she was a graduating senior. All she wanted to do was get the fuck out. All her friends shared the same sentiment. High school days were drawing to a close not a moment to soon. However for Andy there was one thing she needed to do before she walked out the doors one last time.

With the thought of closure firmly set in mind, Andy walked into the choir building and into choir director's office. He greeted her warmly as always. When she closed the door behind her and locked the door he visibly perked up. She sighed when she saw his reaction, he could at least try to disguise what he thought she was here for.

Mr. Wright was an older teacher and in addition to being choir director was also the head of the math department. Andy seriously struggled with math so she often went to him to get tutor. That had been four years ago and things had happened and continued to happen between them. He was barely an inch taller than her and had a small pot belly from students bringing him one too many treats in the hope that they would get better grades, which never worked. He had mousy brown hair and little round glasses that made him look like a total nerd. Anyone who looked at him wouldn't have thought twice about this timid teacher. He wasn't married and at 47 there was little hope that that would happen soon.

Andy on the other hand was the sunshine of the school though today a dark cloud seemed to be hanging over her. She was tall, nearly six feet and toned from various sports she loved to play. In addition to the toned body she had exotic looks, dark brown skin paired with vibrant green eyes and auburn hair. She'd always been so good at school with the exception of math and had already been accepted to a number of colleges and universities she had applied to. She just needed to wrap up one more thing before she left this dirt town forever.

“Mr. Wright we need to have a talk.” She sat in the single chair opposite his desk and crossed her jean clad legs. Unable to help himself Wright let his eyes trace every inch of her body. Andy cleared her throat to get his attention and he jerked his gaze up to her face.

“As I was saying we need to talk. I decided to go to a university out of town, and I would like for you to write me a reference. I want to be in the Phi Theta Kappa and I need one more recommendation and the teacher who I was going to ask is sick so you are the last person I want to ask.” She bit the last part out angry to have to ask him for help at all.

He had absently listening until the words sank in. He jumped out of his chair and slammed his hands on the desk. “What do you mean you're going to a university out of town! You're just going to leave me!”

“I'm not your wife Mr. Wright, you are my teacher who has just enjoyed fucking me for the last year or so and its time for you to find another fuck buddy.” Each word was uttered without emotion and her face remained impassive as if she was talking about the weather. Their relationship, or lack of, would end today and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it. It was past time for her to move on.

“But Andy, I need you. Please don't do this. Can't I at least come visit you?” The words were uttered in a rush as he broke out into a cold sweat. His hands were suddenly clammy and he felt faint. This couldn't be happening.

“That wouldn't be appropriate Mr. Wright. When I leave I'm never going to see your face again. So if you want one last ride you should tell me now or it'll never happen again.”

“And-” He began but was promptly cut off by her raised hand. He knew she was damn strong willed and stubborn. He had to find a way to buy some time to convince her to keep seeing him. He should have solidified himself in her life before now. He thought he had but apparently he hadn't worked hard enough.

He cleared his throat and decided at that moment exactly what he was going to do. She was giving that look he hated so much. He had watched it pass over her face a thousand times over the four years he'd known her. Right now it infuriated him and he had to control himself not to vault over the desk, tie her up and keep her in his apartment forever.

He cleared his throat again to clear his head and began again. “Ms. Farish I would like to throw you're going away party. I know you can't do one because of you're parents passing so allow me and the faculty here take care of this important step on your road to success.” He was cringing inside. “Also Ms. Farish it would be my pleasure to write that letter of recommendation for you. Rest assured that it will be done promptly as I know you expect. Is there anything else you need?” He could tell he had caught her off guard if not for but a second but he saw that carefully crafted mask slip for just a moment.

She gave him a curt nod, threw her backpack over her shoulder and sauntered out of the door. He was left with his lust raging and his mind racing with what he needed to do.

The next two weeks were a whirlwind of activity. He planned her party and worked on her letter and even picked out a present for her. He worked on finding some living relatives of hers and found none. He was slightly disappointed at this but forced himself to concentrate on the fact that if all went well she would have plenty of family soon. Every time this thought passed through his mind he would double his efforts.

Andy on the other hand spent the time with friends, feeling like a normal teenager for once. They all teased her about being the only person who was 19 and hadn't flunked that was graduating from their class. She'd shrug off the comment with a laugh and remind them that she had started late and had no control over it. They'd all share a laugh and conversation would commence again. It felt so funny relaxing for a change. By the time it was graduation night she felt like a whole new woman.

Graduation night arrived and the ceremony went on without a hitch. When her name was called Andy walked with her head held high, she gave her speech and shyly went back to her seat. Her classmates congratulated her and gave her a myriad of pats on that back and promised to call her as often as possible. Her English professor was the one who drove her to the rented building that served as her party headquarters. She was surprised at how extravagant the whole thing was. She ate and charmed every one and was the belle of the ball. Half way through the evening her ride left without her noticing and by the end she was asking could anyone give her a ride to her apartment. The only person who could take her was Mr. Wright.

'Damn it.' She thought inwardly as she got into his car. He chattered inanely until they reached her apartment and he walked her up the stairs.

“Hopefully you won't be alone when you head off to school. You must get lonely.” He stated simply as he watched her put the key in and unlock her door.

“I'm too busy to be lonely.” She hadn't noticed he had gotten closer until it was too late. He forced her in the door and held his hand over her mouth when he knew she would scream. He let her kick at him as he tightened his arms around her.

“Stop that Andy. You said one last time right? Well I didn't want the last time in my office on my desk.” He could hear her all but growling. “I'm going to let you go and lock the door, be a good girl and stand there and wait.”

He tentatively let her go and she stood there, her green eyes narrowed and the scowl all over her face. He would melt that look right off her face soon. He hear the lock click in place then turned back to her. As soon as he turned around she cracked him in the face. God he had forgotten how strong she was. His jaw throbbed but he knew he had to move or worse was coming. Sure enough a high kick aimed at his head soared right past his ear, if he hadn't moved it would have surely connected and knocked him out.

She stood on one leg, poised for another shot when he shot his hands up defensively.

“Wait Andy!”

“Who the fuck do you think you are? You think just because you've been screwing me since last year means you can do what you want to me! I'll fucking kill you if you ever do something like that again.” In the last bit of her tirade she had ducked down and round housed his legs from under him and now stood over him, hot with anger.

“You wouldn't have invited me in if I had just asked so I did what I had to do. We need to actually talk more than that little speech you made in my office ok?” He flinched expecting a blow but opened his eyes to see her pulling out a stool from the kitchen counter. She plopped down on it and looked at him, her eyes still narrowed.

Not daring to sit beside her, he sat Indian style in her doorway. “ You know I'm never going to get enough of you. Every since that first time we got intimate after your madrigal try out I couldn't get enough. You make me feel damn it and you're just going to leave me high and dry.”

“You don't feel a damn thing. You're horny and I'm the only one who would give you the time of day and its time that ended.” He looked as if he was about to protest and she glared at him and his mouth shut. “One. Last. Time. Then never again Michael.”

Unable to accept it any more he shot to his feet he rushed to her and grabbed her shoulders. He quickly lowered his mouth on to hers and devoured he slightly opened mouth. His hands ran over her back and up again to her curly hair. He moved down her face to the hollow of her neck and suckled it. He heard her gasp, knowing this was an especially sensitive spot for her. She was still fighting a bit though. He could feel her reluctance and if she could get her thoughts together she would attack him again.

He pulled her legs around his waist and walked them over to the couch and sat down with her on top of him. He looked up at her, curly hair framing her face.

“If this is going to happen its going to be your choice. I won't force you. But if we keep going I will have you again. I will follow you. You will be mine Andromeda Farish.” She looked startled then a slow flush crept up her face.

“You're lying.” She whispered her head falling forward.

“No I'm not. I've wanted you to be mine since the first time I had you but I had to wait until you weren't my student anymore and out of school ok? If I wanted to just fuck away I wouldn't have risked my job to be with a high school girl. Especially one as damn stubborn as you.” He added the last part with a grin and still saw her uncertainty written across her face.

“You're going to make me say it to convince you aren't you?” When he saw her puzzled look, he sighed and continued, his voice just a whisper, “I love you damn it.”

Unable to speak the only thing she could manage was a fierce hug. He could hear her sobbing into his shoulder. He smoothed her hair against her back soothing her as she processed what he had said and what her next move would be.

It felt like an eternity but he felt her kissing along his neck. Then the kissing turned to nibbling at his ear and finally she worked her way to his mouth. Her kisses were frantic with need and he knew she understood now.

“I want you to show me how you want me Andy. Show me what my princess desires.”

She sat up and started frantically pulling at his pull over. He wasn't moving fast enough so she ripped it straight down the middle. Damn strong girl. He didn't have much time to dwell on his ruined shirt as she moved to lick and suck at his chest. He groaned as she worked her way down, her tongue skillful as his mind raced with what he knew she would do next.

She unbuckled his belt and shucked his pants down. His erection bounced up free from the constriction of the slacks he had been wearing.

“No boxers?” She asked incredulously.

“I was hoping we'd have a good night.” He said with a grin and she shook her head and kept going.

She began licking and sucking on the head of his engorged cock. He became painfully aware that she was teasing his. She would take the head in her mouth then pop it out and grin at him. Never taking much of the shaft in, he was prepared to beg when she finally took his whole, thick shaft in her mouth. He thought she might stop but she took him fully down, her nose in his curly pubic hair. For the next few minutes she never let him leave her mouth as she expertly worked him close to orgasm. He figured she would stop when he began moaning that he was close but she wasn't even close to being done. She fondled his heavy ball sack as she used her mouth to drive him insane.

Unable to stop himself he held her head down as he shot several loads into her hot mouth. Spurt after slid down her throat and she never stopped her work on him. When she finally stopped sucking him he was rock hard and panting for more. She opened her mouth to show him that she hadn't missed a drop and he nearly lost it again.

It was then she chose to stand up and shed the navy blue dress she had been wearing. To his surprise she was wearing a gift he had given her. A sky blue g string with a small heart cut out of the front. She smiled sheepishly as she watched him grow harder.

“You kept it.” He breathed the words out and blushed hard.


“You said you threw it away.”

“I didn't.”

Unable to help himself he raised up to kiss her firmly on the lips, ignoring the saltiness of him cum in her mouth. All through their kiss she gently stroked him, touching his veiny cock with near reverence. He let out a groan as her fingers continued to glide over him.

“I need you inside me Michael.”

He loved when she said his first name, dropping the formality of a teacher and student and being truly intimate with him.

“Where's your bedroom?” She pointed down the hall and he picked her up and carried her the short distance to her room.

He took the time to survey the room while he still held her. A full sized bed dominated the center and there was very little on the walls. A small portrait of her deceased family sat on her lamp stand. A few pieces he knew she had painted hung on the walls. It was neat and minimalist just like her. You had to respect that in a woman who lived alone at such a young age.

He set her down gently and climbed over her, taking her mouth again as he spread them out on the bed. He slid between her slightly parted legs and kissed her long and hard as he found the perfect place between her legs.

He pulled back and looked her. Her face was flushed and she was grinning at him. What a sight. At that moment he hooked his arms under her knees and pulled her close.

“Put me inside you.” He instructed and watched her intensely as she angled him until she had the head of his cock in. She lifted up a bit and took a little bit in and looked him, pleading with her eyes for him to fill her.

In one mighty push he slammed home. Deep inside this young woman he couldn't get enough of. He could feel her clenching him purposely and could feel the intensity of her stare. Slowly he withdrew only to slam back in again. Over and over he repeated this motion as he felt the heat rising in his loins.

“I'm going to cum soon Andy. Are you ready?” She looked up at him and watched as she came undone beneath him. That was all he could take as he plunged in one last time and came. He groaned as he emptied inside her for the first time since they'd met.

She wrapped her arms around him and nuzzled his neck affectionately. As he felt himself soften inside her, he rolled off her and lay by her side. She turned to look at him and he was shocked to see that her eyes were filled with tears.

“Whats wrong?” He asked alarmed. After all that had she changing her mind?

“Nothing is wrong. I was just thinking.”

“About what?”

“ That I've been waiting for you to say you love me for four years and it took me threatening to leave for you to say it.”

“Well...wait threatening?”

“I'm only going to the school in the city. Yeah I tricked you.” She said with a grin and kissed his open mouth.

“Like you said, I'm a smart girl and I get what I want.”

They both lay there laughing. A smart girl always gets what she wants and a smart man knows how to get what he wants to. He had to love this smart girl. Andy always got what she wants.

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