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What Happens When you Get Caught

Story of what happens when a teacher catches his student sending dirty texts in his class
Tyler sat in the back of the classroom being one of the 5 students in the class, bored as she waited for the rest of the students to catch up. It was an easy class and she knew the subject well, so she ended up finished days before the assignments were due. This left her bored, and mindlessly surfing the Internet pages that weren't blocked (which was highly limited).

Her phone buzzed in her pocket, and seeing as her teacher was super laid back, she didn't even bothering hiding it as she pulled it out of her pocket and read the text. It was her boyfriend, that she had only started dating a week ago. They were in the sex obsessed stage still.

Daniel: last night just wasn't enough, need more of u. Tonight! Tyler giggled slightly at the message.

Me: Oh yeah? What was better, my lips wrapped around your dick sucking u hard or riding you till you came?

A small blush crept up her cheeks. She normally wasn't the type to send such messages in class, but her teacher was young and hot and always got her in the mood. She couldn't have him, so for now, this would do.

Daniel: It was definitely how good your sweet pussy tasted ;)

Tyler groaned slightly and started at her screen. She could feel herself growing even more wet through her jean shorts. She wiggled slightly in her seat trying to get comfortable and ease the ache between her legs. She jumped, her phone flying in the air out of her hand, when she head Mr. Dylan clear his through behind her. She watched in horror as he bent down picking up her phone from where it landed at his feet. She prayed he wouldn't read it. Just then she heard it vibrate in his hand. Her face turned bright red, and she started sweating a little as he scrolled through the message, an expressionless look on his face. She stared on hopelessly for what felt like hours as he piddled around on her phone before handing it back to her.

"See me after school." he replied and walked away to help another student. Tyler sunk down in her seat before looking back at her phone.

Her eyes nearly shot out of her head when she saw that Daniel had sent her a picture message of his dick. The caption read: See what you do to me?

'Could this day get any better! It's a Friday, and I have to stay after school which means I will have to rush to get ready for the football game and even then, I'm going to miss tailgating with all the other students.' Tyler thought to herself mentally thinking through the timing of things.

School ended at 3pm, most of the student body was out tailgating right after school at the football stadium. Even if she was done here by 4pm, that meant she would miss an hour of that, miss the food, and the be late for the start of the sophomore game. Not only that, but she feared what Mr. Dylan would say about what he read and saw. He was pretty relaxed and fun, but this was treading on some thin ice.

The bell rang ending the class and Tyler could not get out fast enough. She had one more class before the end of the day, and for once, she hoped it drug one so she didn't have to face the humiliation that awaited her. Halfway through her last class, she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket again. Pulling it out, she saw she had a picture message from an unknown number. Curious, she opened the message and waited for the pic. to download. She gasped when she saw the huge dick staring back at her. She had no idea who the number was or who sent the picture. It sure wasn't Daniel, he wasn't anywhere near that big. And, it looked like the picture had been taken in the school bathrooms. Her mind reeled.

All to soon, she heard the dreaded sound of the bell dismissing class. Her head pounded from all the days events that had come to pass, and the nerves that overflowed her stomach. She drug her feet slowly down the hallway, waiting for everybody to clear out of the building. Jealously hit her as she heard everyone going on about tonight and where they were meeting to tailgate. It was her favorite part of fall, and the first game of the year, yet she was missing it.

When she couldn't stall any longer, she walked down the vacant hall and opened the door to Dylan's classroom. He sat at his desk, leaned back in his chair with his arms crossed behind his head, reading something on his computer screen. His muscles were outlined by her shirt, showing how well defined they were. His hair was tossuled, looking like he had been running exasperated fingers through it, and his eyes brown eyes sparkled with the reflection of the monitor. Tyler shifted on her feet, trying to ignore the heat traveling between her legs as she thought about how sexy he was.

She stood silently beside his desk, waiting for him to acknowledge her presence. The more he made her wait, the more nervous she became. Finally, she spoke up.

"Look Dylan, I ummm, I'm really sorry about that. That you had to see that, and for texting in your class. It won't happen again."

He finally looked up at her. The expression on his face, however, was not one of anger or annoyance, but of amusement.

"Texting in class is one thing, one that I ignore as long as you are caught up with your work. The nature of your text message however, is a different story."

A deep red blush crawled up her neck and cheeks again as he spoke. She stared silently at her feet waiting for him to continue. When it was clear that he was not going to, she spoke up softly, he tone barely above a whisper.

"I know. It was wrong. I have never ever done that before. It's just that with you..." her voice trailed off as she caught herself from digging into an even deeper hole.

"I what?" he questioned.

Tyler mentally kicked herself for her words. "Nothing!" She stammered too quickly. 

To her relief, he didn't press the matter further.

"As your punishment, you get to help me clean up this room a bit. These books need moved to their proper place on that bottom shelf and placed in numerical order. Their heavy though so be careful."

Tyler groaned. While her punishment could be much worse, there were over 100 books to be carried across the room and put in place then organized. And if they were heavy, that meant she could only carry a few at a time. This is going to take forever!

She did the first half of the books by herself, slightly annoyed as Dylan sat at his desk watching with a small smile playing on his lips. She didn't realize it was from the perfect view her got of her ass each time she bent over. Her shorts were just short enough that every time she went to pick up books or put them back, they would ride up her legs showing of a small chunk of her cheeks to him.

After about an hour, Dylan decided to be fair and get up and help her. They were on their last large stack of about 10. Tyler set some down, a few sliding off the shelf to her feet. She shook her head in aggravation, bending down at the waist she picked up the first two books. Still bent, not watching behind her, she took a step back to gather another book and bumped her ass right into Dylan's dick. Her eyes went wide and she froze on the spot at the contact. She could feel the his cock twitch slightly against her ass. Just then, she tripped over a cord that was laying across the floor, causing her to push harder, her ass wiggling slightly, against Dylan's pelvis.

She heard a small moan escape him and felt his dick grow hard, pressing firmly into her round bubble butt. Tyler finally snapped back into reality and bolted upright. Her eyes were wide with shock, and she tried to fight the wetness that was threatening to soak through her Victoria Secret Underwear and jean shorts. Tyler slowly turned to face her teacher. Her yes met his, noting the clouded, lustful gaze he stared at her with.

"Tyler..." He stopped, not knowing what to say to her.

She glanced down, gazing at his dick tented in his pants. It looked big from what she could tell. When Tyler finally glanced up to meet his eyes again, his lips came crashing down on hers. His tongue pried her lips apart and moved forcefully into her mouth. She moved her tongue in rythem with his. Moaning into him as he drug her bottom lip through his teeth. Her head fell back in pleasure. Dylan took the opportunity to move his lips down her jaw to her sweet, sweaty neck. He kissed and sucked, biting softly, loving the slightly salty taste that engulfed his mouth.

'Fuck,' he thought to himself, 'even her sweat tastes good.' 

The pair had slowly made their way backwards to the empty spare teachers desk in the back of the room. It was there in case there was ever a student teacher (which there never was) so it sat empty all the time. Tyler felt the metal hit her bare thighs and scooted her butt up onto the desk. Dylan moved in close and Tyler took the opportunity to wrap her long legs around his waist tightly, pulling him even closer to her. Their mouths never broke contact.

Their tongues danced and explored each others mouths as Tyler worked Dylan's shirt free from being tucked into his pants and slowly worked each button off until she could slide her hands freely up and down his toned, warm chest. Her finger tips lightly circled each of his nipples.She felt them harder under her touch. She pulled away from his mouth, only to move her lips to his chest. Kissing various places before clamping down on his right nipple, encircling it with her tongue, before biting softly. Another moan came from Dylan, as she moved her way to his left side. Before she could even clamp her mouth down again, he as pulling her back up to kiss his lips as his hands slide under the hem of her shirt, pulling it up over her head, the reaching behind her to unclasp her bra. She shrugged her shoulders, allowing the straps to fall, and her bra to land on the ground at her feet.

Dylan pulled away to admire her body, then moved back in, reclaiming her mouth with his own. He knew he couldn't carry on much longer like this as she ground her hips into his, causing his cock to swell even further, something he didn't think was possible.

He couldn't take it anymore. He pulled her shorts off her and had his pants on the floor in record time (noting Tyler's gasp of realization as she saw his cock spring free of his pants) , not even taking a second to ask if she was sure, before slamming his hard dick into her tight pussy. She let out a small yell at the fullness. His cock was bigger than any she had even had in her before. the fullness was incredible.

"Oh god! Mr. Dylan!" she moaned his name over and over in his ear, lightly biting at his ear lobe and digging her nails into his back in an attempt to bring him closer to her.

"Fuck Tyler, baby, you feel so good and tight. I have wanted you for so long!" His cock slammed into her over and over, Tyler smiled a little as the sound of his balls colliding with her skin each time he rammed himself back into her. Finally, she felt the warmth of his release fill her up. She moaned in pleasure.

Dylan brought his fingers down and started massaging her clit. It took only a few seconds to bring her to her own climax, and she was soon spasming around him before collapsing her head onto his bare, sweaty shoulder.

They each took a minute to pull themselves together and catch their breath before slowly starting to redress. Tyler watched the look on Dylan's face as he pulled his phone out of his pocket to check to time. He went ghost white. Tyler was worried he might faint. She looked back at him in confusion. Slowly, he turned his screen around to face her. Her own expression faded into a carbon copy of his.

The phone light up, showing they had butt dialed his wife, who had been on the line for the last half hour.
Dylan's hand trembled as he lifted the phone to his ear. Willing his voice to work, he chocked out a weak "Hello" into the phone....

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