What have you done for me lately? - redux

By top_spin

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Turning my sister in law into my slut
Please read part one “What have you done for me lately?” for a background in the events leading up to this.

The miserable cold wind blowing outside made a wailing sound as it pushed before it an icy rain. Florida was experiencing one of the coldest winters, definitely not a nice start to 2010, thankfully I didn't have to go in to work.

It was Monday the 3rd, there was inventory at the plant and production wouldn't begin till after 12 p.m at best and with everyone working second shift, coverage was more than adequate.

The new school year had started, after dropping the kids my wife made plans to go see her sister visiting with her parents while her sister took care of some errands.

I am not a grouch in the mornings in fact I am a pretty easy going guy, “Jamaican style - cool runnings” you know, but as the song says “...Rainy Days and Mondays always gets me down”; I pulled the covers tight and dozed off again to what I thought was the smell of coffee brewing.

I really could use the rest, team training had resumed and after 2 four hour sessions on Saturday and Sunday, my body ached.

I might have been sleeping for another 30 minutes or so when I awoke to the gentle tugging on my cock, a mouth so warm and wet it made my member tremble. I rolled over to the side of the suction, half dreamily, my brain translated thoughts that my wife had returned from her sister for a little morning delight.

Awakening in the dusky sunlight and even before I became cognizant of the color of her hair, I knew that this was not my wife in bed with me but her sister. You see my wife has this special little thing she does with her tongue as she swirls around the giant purple head of my prick. We’ve be together over 20 years and you become intimately aware of each others body.

The long black mane confirmed it, my wife is a natural brunette, I opened my eyes and watched as she mouthed and swallowed my cock. I knew she would be back; just didn’t know it would be so soon. It was less than 2 weeks ago a few days before Christmas that I had her entertaining me in a similar fashion.

Now fully awake I lay there enjoying the effect of her succulent lips annulating around my cock  slowly sucking up and down its length. Her dress was hiked up to her waist exposing her fat ass. Indecently covered by a thin fabric, her pussy lips jiggled as she wriggled in time to her bobbing head.

The cold and the rain gave me the urge to pee so pushing her aside I strode to the bathroom, she followed in stride and once again reached inside my pajamas to release my pole from its tent.

Then she did something which made me raise my eyebrow.
Standing behind me, with both hands she held and aimed my cock as if it were hers and she was peeing, this is something my wife enjoys doing and to date I have never met any other woman who had done so.

“... hmmm  just how much of our love life has my wife discussed with her sister?” I wondered.

“So you have come back!” I stated rhetorically.

“I have been dreaming of your thick black cock!”
She had never dated a black man or even been kissed by one and all the jokes she had heard about size she had dismissed as stereotypical bullshit. She had however walked in on me once or twice when we all lived together, I guess in curious effort to find out.

Sitting on her haunches she licked and began to clean the little droplets of pee from my cock. A plan began to formulate in my mind, I would make her my fuck toy, I already knew I could dominate her, and my hatred made the task easier, I needed first to break her will.

She was used to having men wrapped around her finger, chasing after her ass. A calculating bitch who had to have her way. As far as I know her sister and I maybe the only two people in the world who had ever said no to her.

... Not her parents who accepted and raised her first child when she got pregnant at 16, certainly not her husband whose waistline has increased each year and accepts her coming home at all kinds of hours from a girls night out.

She knew me well, for I once threw her ass out of my house when she brought home this guy she picked up, ...hell no if he wanted a piece of ass so badly, take her to a hotel or something.

To be fair I haven't always treated her badly, I was the one to take her to the hospital for her 4th child, her husband had gone off drunk somewhere and she had gone into labor, I stayed with her and helped cut the umbilical cord.

Decision made; it was time to see how far I could push her, dragging her by her hair I made her crawl toward the bed, hiking her dress up again I demanded she lie across the edge of the bed with her butt in the air.

“If you want my cock you will do everything I say” “Entiendes - Is that clear?”

She nodded as I ran my fingers over her smooth firm ass, we always conversed in Spanish as her English is poor for lack of practice.

With a heavy swat I brought my hand down on her rump, causing obscenities to spew from her mouth, I followed it with another and another quick one, causing a reddening to her beautiful copper colored skin. I enjoyed her predicament, she stayed quiet, whimpering slightly in anticipation of my next move.

I then roughly pushed aside her G-string to touch her pussy, it was hot and moist, burning with desire as it sought to engulf my fingers, I massaged her lips and felt the silky strands of pubic hair.

She never shaved her pussy, only the sides for bikini wear and was quite proud of her copious yet soft hair which formed a trail all the way up to her navel, resting on a tummy quite flat for having given birth to four children. As I parted her legs I could see her need to cum, she humped hard against my fingers I was careful to stop before she could climax.

Grabbing a handful of hair and forcing her resume her position on the floor I again stuck my cock in her face.

 “Who are you?” I asked. Leaning close to her face I whispered. “Your bitch!” “Say it” I prompted.
She repeated the words and I replied “again, I want to hear you say it again.”

“What do you want to do?” I asked.

Moaning against my cock she cried out and I knew I was on my way to having my own little fuck pig.

I fondled her titties though small she had large nipples which stood erect when stimulated, twisting them I watched her moan some more, she really wanted to cum but I continued to deny her that pleasure in fact I was going to see how far I could get and still not fuck her.

Turning again to her mouth I began to fuck her face, she was  to becoming adept at swallowing its length, she brought more confidence in her prowess attempting to consume much more; gagging a bit when she exceeded her limit.

In the most matter of fact voice I could muster

“Your ass belongs to me he can fuck your pussy but not your ass”

Looking at me with a mouthful of cock she might have wondered to whom I was referring, but then she connected and slowly nodded her head in acceptance, and with this step I was giving that M.F. her husband his due as well.

The deal now sealed I began to pound her face stretching her jaw wide as my cum hastened to the surface, I knelt behind her and pulled the tiny material to one side while eyeing her little brown hole; I inserted a finger feeling her tight ring clench and spasm as I shot my seed directly on target, gobs of cum dripping down her ass and over her pussy.
I massaged a little of the cum into her ass pushing it deep with my fingers causing her to wriggle with delight.

 “I am going to enjoy fucking this ass” I told her, eliciting a groan of joy from her.

Again I removed her panties using them to clean up my cum and to wipe her pussy clean, folding it I lay it on the side of the bed.

I loved sending her home without panties ... with a swat to her ass she groaned as I showed her the door

“I will fuck your ass when I have collected 10 of these...” I thought before drifting off to sleep.