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Who Wants to Play Pin the Tail on the Ho?

Melanie gets herself into a tight spot with some local heavyweights...
Melanie stepped out of the shower and wrapped her shoulder length brown hair in a towel. She turned her music down a bit, dried her slim toned body, brushed her teeth and slipped on a pair of white cotton panties. She slinked around her small apartment picking up her laundry, straightening her bed, feeding her cat and finally serving herself a bowl of cereal. She finished and stared out the window at the busy beach street for a while before grabbing her cell phone and dialing Roberto's number. She tapped her long, fake, silver painted fingernails on the kitchen counter impatiently, waiting for him to answer. Come on man... I know you're home... Mommy needs some candy...

"Yo," Roberto answered after what seemed like 15 rings, sounding high.

"What's up? It's Melanie."

"Hey girl, just hitting la caspa del diablo, what you up to?"

"I ain't doing shit... Listen, I was looking to see if you had anything you can part with. My friends want to get a little party going on tomorrow and I wanted to bring some favors."

"Yeah, no problem. Cruise by, I'm just hanging out."

"Cool... But, um... I don't have any money, you can front me, yeah?" Say yes! I know you fucking want me... Be a gentleman...

"Are you kidding? I don't front broke ass bitches like you. You're too pretty to hurt if you don't pay me."

"Oh come on! I'll pay you next week..." No I won't...

"Call the fellas down the street, I don't think they're giving away drugs for free either, but try them out. Maybe it's broke bitch day over there... Talk to you later girl."

"WAIT! I'll stop by the ATM."

"See? Already you're bullshitting me. I should just cut your worthless ass off, but I won't. We have some real good shit right now so you better not come with just a twenty."


"Charlez and Crystal are hanging out, we're just getting fucked up, talking shit. Same old same old."

"Alright, I'm just going to put my clothes on and come over."

"You're naked right now?"

"Almost, I have some panties on."

"Fuck girl, when you gonna stop teasing me and finally let me get a piece?"

You want a piece for free but you give me shit about a little gram... Cheap ass beaner... With the damn heads I bring over to help you get rid of your shit I should get some commission... "Is the beast home?"

"Yeah... The beast is home... Crystal and Charlez are getting married so Jill (the beast) and crystal been going over wedding shit all day."

"No ass for you then I guess..." Unless you unclench your asshole first, stingy fuck...

"Text me when you get here girl."

"Text you? The beast isn't going to allow me inside now?"

"You can come inside. Just text me when you get here, damn!"

"Sure thing jefe, late."


Melanie held her phone out in front of her chest and took a picture of her perfectly perky breasts and texted it to Roberto, a sly grin creeping onto her face. She put her phone down, wiggled into a pair of skin tight jean shorts and a white spaghetti strapped tank top. Melanie made her way to the bathroom to fix her hair just right and applied some makeup. She was just about finished when she heard her phone chime.

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Roberto: Bitch, you trying to get me killed? If Jill sees your tits on my shit she'll shoot my ass!

Melanie laughed and started typing back. I know she will gangster...

Melanie: You better delete it quick then, puto.

Roberto: Yeah I better, puta.

Melanie: I'll be over in 20.

Roberto: 20 20? Or Cali 20?

Melanie: 20! Okay maybe 25 :D

I'll get there when I get there... What? You got to catch a helicopter ride downtown to go to your big CEO's meeting? Retard... Melanie smiled, finished getting ready, looked herself over in the bathroom mirror one more time and walked back out to her kitchen. It didn't take long for her other hunger to begin to make her belly rumble and her mouth water. Fuck I really wanted to hold off until noon but oh well... I'm about to hook up anyway... Melanie thought as she padded her toned belly to the beat of her music playing in the background.

Melanie grabbed her pack of Newport's out of her jacket that she had left slumped on her breakfast table after stumbling home last night in a drunken haze. She flipped the top open to reveal a single bent cigarette... Perfect, how are you my little sexy friend? I thought I had smoked your ass last night... Melanie pulled out the last stick and pinched the tobacco end between her fingers over her trash. She gently rolled her fingers emptying the tip of the cigarette of it's tobacco. Sorry baby, but I gotta make room for my other friends too. You understand right? It's not you, it's me... She opened a small tupperware full of fresh fragrant pre-ground marijuana. She scooped the weed with the hollow end of the cigarette, carefully held it upright and packed it tight with her nail. You comfy in there boy? Now it's time to pick up your beautiful bride candy... She looks so good in white, she's been waiting for you... Melanie fished out a tiny black baggie out of her empty Newport box and flicked the seam. Looks like you barely made it home last night slut, your groom awaits... At least there's enough for a little morning quickie... Melanie put the loaded tip of the cigarette in the baggie and sucked up the last of her powdered cocaine into the weed. I know baby... There isn't much left of you... I passed you around too much last night... But I do love you candy... Even a little bit of you is enough to steal my heart... Let's go over to Roberto's and buy you a new dress yeah?

Melanie walked out into the bright warm southern California day and hopped on her light blue beach cruiser. I shouldn't of worn flip-flops... She peddled the chunky bicycle down the bustling beach street, stopped by an ATM, just in case... bought a new pack of Newport's and cruised all the way down the boulevard until reaching the ocean. She found her favorite bench to prop her bike on and pulled out her mini primo. No, it's not base if I smoke you like this silly girl... You're so funny sometimes candy, now quiet down and let mommy smoke your fine ass... Melanie sparked the tip, closed her eyes and inhaled deeply making the cherry pass through the entire tip of the cigarette until she could taste the tobacco smoke. She slowly let the
smoke out as she stared out at the ocean... You're so pretty... So big... I should learn to surf... Fuck it, who am I kidding... Did I feed Jack today? My poor kitty cat, I think I did... I gotta get a new bike, these cruisers are cool but they kinda suck... I should get a tattoo, maybe I should get 'Melanie loves candy' on my back or maybe a portrait of my kitty... no that would be so stupid... My hands are cold... Melanie's pocket vibrated.

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Roberto: Bitch, it's been an hour. WTF?

Oh god, shut the fuck up, it hasn't been no hour... Has it?

Melanie: I'll be there in 5.

23 minutes later...

Melanie: I'm here. Is it cool to come in?

Roberto: I forgot your ass was coming. Yeah, come in.

Melanie dropped her cruiser on the lawn and walked into the house.

"Waddup fella's? How are San Diego's least wanted doing today?" Melanie said as she strutted onto Roberto's avocado green shag carpet.

"Sup girl, it's been a while, what you doing nowadays?" Charlez asked making room for Melanie on the beat up futon he and Roberto were lounging on.

You guys are snorting right off of roberto's nasty ass coffee table? Sick... "You know man, a little of this, a little of that... But not much of anything," Melanie smiled and went to sit on the couch.

"Not here bitch," Roberto put his hand out catching Melanie before her ass hit the futon and propped her back up. "Jill hates when we smoke in the living room. Let's go to the bathroom. Go make sure the girls don't come in Charlie. Make them a drink or some shit. There's alcohol in the tiki hut, some joints too."

Charlez grinned at Melanie and stood up. "Sure thing jefe, how much time you need?"

"I'll have this little bitch out of here in fifteen, I'll come out when I'm done, just gonna fire some shit up. Follow me into my office Melanie, business time."

Follow me into my office, business time... Wow, you're such a kingpin... Melanie rolled her eyes as she followed Roberto into the tiny bathroom. They entered and she sat on the toilet to text a friend while Roberto chipped a small gram sized rock off onto his small, pocket sized scale.

Melanie: I'm hooking up right now girl! :)

Christine: Fuck yeah! Let's get together later!!!

"I'm giving you 1.1 because... Well I don't know why, but I am."

Wow, baller... "Thanks man, that's cool of you."

Roberto finished weighing out the cocaine and rubbed a small amount into his gums. He turned to face Melanie, cocked his head and eyed the young girl over. What the fuck are you looking at man, give me my gram... Roberto got real close, placed his hand under Melanie's chin and pulled down his grey sweatpants flopping out his thick semi-hard dick.

"Forty-five or una chupadita... Your choice girl."

Thank god... I was just about to bend over the sink and ask if you wanted to trade for some quick morning pussy but just a blow-job? Today is gonna be a good day... "I don't know Roberto, a blow-job for a gram? Seems kinda pricy... I know how much you get your shit for."

"It doesn't matter what I get my shit for, who's your hook-up? Oh that's right... It's me. So what matters is what you get your shit for and right now that's forty-five. You know how things are with this economic crisis, tough times. Maybe I should hang on to this gram. I can probably get sixty at the beach for it... Good shit right here. We both know those college kids are just itchin' to give me their parent's money."

"2.0... And I'll swallow."

"1.5 and you'll swallow."

Goddamn... Fucking haggling mother... Melanie reached up and grabbed Roberto's dick by the base and began to stroke it until she could feel it come to life in her hand. She looked up into Roberto's dark brown eyes with her light brown eyes and licked the head of his cock.

"1.8 big boy?"

"1.7, and you're swallowing, no more bullshit girl." Roberto grabbed hold of most of Melanie's hair and cocked her head back. "Deal?"

Melanie stared up at Roberto for a couple of seconds before closing her eyes, leaning forward and wrapping her glossed lips around his shaft. She slowly slid down his cock and tightened her lips as she slid his cock back out of her mouth until she reached the head and repeated. She stroked the base in rhythm to her sucking and reached up to massage his balls with her other hand. After only several minutes Roberto felt the urge to blow and had to pull his dick out to avoid cumming.

"Wooo fuck! It's not gonna be that easy girl. I need to get my shit's worth."

I give you another three minutes tops jefe... Melanie took her hands off Roberto's penis and placed them on his hips allowing him to work her head up and down his long hard cock. She looked up at him and once again noticed his eyes start to roll to the back of his head and sucked even harder and deeper. She felt him stop moving her head, tense up his body and start moaning loudly as she felt the cum start to fill her mouth. Roberto pushed his cock in Melanie's mouth a little deeper and shot the rest of his load down her throat. Melanie tried to back off and standup but Roberto held her head for a while longer until his dick began to get soft.

"That's right girl, polish me off nice... Earn that 1.5 rock."

Melanie quickly pushed Roberto off and stood up. "Fuck that! One point fucking five? You fucking said 1.7! You better fucking come through or I might have to go take a swim too! Haven't seen Crystal and Jill in a long time, we have some catchi--"

"CHILL! I was just fucking with you. You'll get your drugs," Roberto laughed.

You don't fuck around with that shit bitch... Melanie stood quietly waiting for him to finish weighing out her product, placing it in a small baggie and leaving it on the counter.

"You're not gonna give me some smoke? What kind of a dealer are you?"

"Hold on, I left the pipe 'n' shit on the coffee table. You want a coco puff or just some straight candy, white girl?"

"Coco puff."

Roberto left the bathroom leaving Melanie alone with his open stash box just sitting there... She looked inside and saw multiple baggies of coke, pills, weed and heroin. Fuck... Look at your big puppy dog eyes... You can't find your owner can you? You cute little white puppy, I think I'll take you home with me... Your little brother too... Melanie quickly peaked out into the living room and saw Roberto packing a small pipe and shaving off some coke to sprinkle on top of the weed. She retreated back into the bathroom and grabbed one bag of coke and one bag of ecstasy. Hmmm... He won't notice if I take just one more... Melanie grabbed another bag of coke and slipped it all into her panties.

Roberto came back into the bathroom and handed her the small glass pipe. "Smoke up and get the fuck out girl, before Jill notices you're here. It'll save me some aggravation."

"Look at you, big bad drug dealer scared of some little girl."

Roberto smiled and lit up the coco puff while Melanie inhaled. "Yeah bitch, suck it all down... Suck suck suck... Hahaha! You're good at that, trust me I know! Remember girl, anytime you need some shit you know the drill now. It ain't gonna be no 1.7 next time either. One blow, one gram."

"I'll see how desperate I get... I got other hookups."

"My dick is sweeter, you know that."

Your dick is about as sweet as a bitter jalapeño... "Yeah baby, you're the best..." Melanie said as she let out a large cloud of smoke.

"Get outta here girl."

Melanie quickly walked through the living room and out of the house while the coast was still clear. Fuck yes... I have enough for one dope ass party... I can probably make a thousand bucks with this shit! Good job girl... Melanie hopped on her cruiser and made her way back to her favorite bench on the beach. It was busier now, surfers, college kids, a few bums and some joggers. It's such a beautiful day... I gotta tell Christine about this come up... She pulled out her phone and began typing.

Melanie: Roses are white

Violets are blue

I like it tight

That means where you poo

I hope you see the light

The way I do

It may not be right

To fuck in the no. 2

I hope you don't lose sight

That if I had a dick, I'd fuck you

I know you'd try to fight

I would too

If you try, then you just might

See that I, Melanie, have a gram just for you.

Christine: LOL! Are you fucking high already? Thanks for my sweet sweet poem! I can't wait girl, how much?

Melanie: That's right girl, I'm a fucking poet now. And the gram will cost you your ass.

Christine: Is that all girl? Shit, I'm down.

Melanie: You hussy! Lol, it's free gram day at my place today and today only!

Christine: really!?!? When can I come over?

Melanie was just about to type back when she felt a big black hand squeeze her arm tightly and stand her right off the bench causing her to drop her phone.

"WHAT THE FUCK DUDE?" Melanie screamed causing a young nearby surfer to turn and look.

"Go catch a wave, brah," Charlez glared at the young blonde kid.

Roberto stood in front of Melanie and unbuttoned her shorts. "You steal from me and you come to this stupid bench where you always get high, are you that dumb girl? You think I wasn't gonna notice that my shit was a little lighter after you left?"

"I didn't steal anything Roberto, I promise! Charlez, please let me go, you're hurting me." Fuck fuck fuck...

Roberto reached into her panties and pulled out the three baggies. "Didn't steal anything? What the fuck is this bitch? A coincidence?" He smacked Melanie on the forehead with the baggies. "Take a whiff of that Charlie," Roberto said as he placed the baggies under Charlez' nose.

"That smells real nice boss... Real fucking nice."

"Crystal letting you have a bachelor party Charlie?"

"Nah man, she said we don't have a budget for that right now."

"Isn't the best man supposed to throw the party for the groom?"

"I think that's how it works boss, but you know... You don't got to do that."

"No man, I want to. How about tonight? You don't have any plans right Charlie?"

"Not a damn thing."

"What about the crew? What they up to?"

"They're up to what you tell them to do jefe, you know that."

"Does that include drowning little black kitties that belong to thieving sluts?"

"NO! You wouldn't dare Roberto! Please, I'm so sorry. Don't hurt my cat. I'll never try anything like that

"Shut the fuck up bitch!" Charlez tightened his grip on Melanie.

"Charlez, toss this bitch in the Toyota. I'll grab her cruiser." Charlez put Melanie in the back seat and Roberto tossed her bike in the bed. He got in the drivers seat and started the engine.

Goddamn it Melanie, why did you do that? You fucked up bad this time... Maybe they just want to fuck? I'm so much hotter than the beast and Crystal... I'm sure that's all they want... Roberto said it himself that he couldn't hurt me... Fuck Melanie... You had your 1.7, fuck fuck fuck... Melanie frantically thought.

Roberto looked at the rearview mirror into Melanie's eyes. "Look at you sweating back there bitch, you should be. Remember when Billy-Boy tried to steal from me? You know Billy-Boy right? That white boy with the real bad limp? Come on, you remember... The guy who used to run real fast... The track star? Couldn't out run a truck, poor fuck."

"Yeah... I remember Roberto. Look, I'm so sorry. I'll make it up to you, I promise. Please don't hurt me."

"Oh you'll make it up... You're gonna do more than make it up girl. You're gonna make it right," Roberto said as he pulled into his drive way and walked into his house followed closely by Charlez, Melanie in tow.

"Charlez, tell the girls to go shopping for beer and chips 'n' shit. Then tell them to find something to do tonight. Tell them we're gonna have a poker game/meeting with dangerous people here and they can't be present," Roberto said slipping Charlez four hundred dollar bills to give the girls.

"What if they complain? You know how Jill alwa--"

"Tell her I'm serious."

"Alright man..." Charlez looked at Melanie, saw the fear in her eye and felt slightly sorry for the young naive girl before heading to the backyard to repeat Roberto's orders.

Roberto dragged Melanie into one of the bedrooms and tossed her on the bed. He slammed the door and began to explain exactly how she would make it up to him.

28 minutes later...

"I don't know if I can do that Roberto... That's really fucked up... I'm not sure if that will even work. I mean will it just go in the hole? I don't know."

"It'll work, even if it doesn't the closest party animal will win and you'll be forgiven but I won't forget. Be here at nine sharp tonight and I mean sharp. As sharp as the devil's razor blade. None of this bullshit you always pull. Be clean, be hot and fucking smile."

"I'll be here right at 9:00, not a minute later... What should I wear?"

"That's what I like to hear," Roberto smiled. "Just look like your sexy beach bunny self, now get the fuck outta here."

Melanie turned to look at Roberto as she walked out of the house. "I'm sorry jefe."

"Nine sharp. Don't make me come looking for you girl. I'm letting you off easy... Don't fucking test me."

"I'll be here, thank's for not fucking me up Roberto..." Melanie half smiled. Roberto stood in the doorway staring at her for several seconds before finally slamming his front door.

8:21 PM

Melanie applied a few more spritz of Juicy Couture and looked herself over in the mirror... You look hot... Just do what you got to do and it will all be over before you know it. It won't be so bad... Won't be the first or the last time you do some crazy shit... Melanie bent down and did another line of coke and headed to her kitchen to fill Jack's bowl.

"Catch a mouse for mommy tonight Jackie and I'll give you some milk when I get home," Melanie petted the black cat's head. She pulled up her knee high white socks, tied her white adidas sneakers, tucked her phone into her tiny green gym shorts and put on her silver necklace with a large 'SD' hanging from it. Bling bling, looking mean and clean... She put on her shiny black Adidas track jacket over her white and green floral bikini top and headed out into the warm San Diego night.

8:54 PM

Melanie arrived at Roberto's house and dropped her bike on the lawn... Fuck, there's a lot of cars here... Melanie slowly approached the front door and began to feel nervousness settle into the pit of her stomach. She felt a strong urge to hop on her bike and just ride away. As she got closer she could hear the beat of the music, the laughter, the pool balls banging against each other. She could see an orange glow coming from behind the curtains of nearly every window in the house. Jesus... How many guys did Roberto invite over? I better do another bump... Melanie pulled the small baggie out of her pocket, dug her nail in the coke and snorted it clean. She took a deep breath and turned the door knob.

Melanie slowly walked in, unnoticed at first. She saw four guys she didn't recognize watching a basketball game, smoking weed and drinking beer. Four more men watching Charlez and another of Roberto's thugs, Omar, playing pool. There were two more men standing outside smoking cigarettes by the tiki hut where Roberto was mixing drinks. Mandy tried to make it to the sliding door, leading to the back, undetected but was stopped by one of the men watching the basketball game.

"Hey baby, what's your name? I'm Frankie, where you going so fast?"

"Oh um... I'm Melanie, I'm just gonna go say hi to Roberto."

"Alright alright, no sweat..." Frankie said, looking Melanie over as he let her by.

She could feel everyone's eyes on her now and she didn't know if she felt scared or excited, it was an odd mix of feelings she had never felt. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. She noticed every look, ever whistle, every pause in conversation as she walked by.

"MELANIE! Get your fine ass over here!" Roberto called from the back corner of his yard, inside the tiki hut. Melanie snapped to and went to Roberto, almost hiding behind him.

"You look sexy but you're not smiling bitch. Grab these drinks and start passing them around. Take your jacket off too. Introduce yourself, be nice, be sexy. I told them they can touch so don't make a scene," Roberto whispered in Melanie's ear. She grabbed the tray of margaritas and offered the first couple to the two men standing outside. She smiled, she laughed, she flirted like she had done since she was a young teen. If there was one thing Melanie knew how to do, it was make men want her.

Roberto kept a close eye on her as she made her way around the party. He saw the men lose interest in what they were doing and begin to mull around Melanie. A small smile crept on his face as thoughts of what was to come flooded his mind.

9:56 PM

All the men were standing around the pool table vying for Melanie's attention when Roberto walked up and put his arm around her.

"I see you've all gotten a chance to meet one of my favorite girls in the world. But... I am sad to see the lack of gentleman in my circle of friends. My poor girl Mel here must be fiending for a bump..." Roberto pulled out a tiny cylinder shaped container, unscrewed the top, made a loose fist and poured a bump of cocaine on the top of his hand on the fleshy part between his thumb and pointer finger. He motioned Melanie with his eyes to take the hit. Melanie leaned in almost immediately and snorted up the small white mound.

"I expect all you fellas to be worthy of hanging out with this beautiful San Diego princess and keep her high and happy. Right baby-girl?"

Melanie's eyes lit up, she mustered a small smile and nodded. Roberto poured her another bump which she quickly snorted up again. She felt his hand slide behind her back and pull on the string of her bikini top... Oh my god! I can't do this... I gotta run... Fuck fuck fuck... Just calm down... Be sexy and it will be over soon... It might even be fun, most of these guys aren't bad looking... Hopefully Roberto or Charlez will win... You know they'll cheat to win... It will be over soon... Melanie's bikini strings flung forward as Roberto pulled them loose. He reached up and untied the top tie by her neck and the top fell to the ground. She heard the men holler and clang their drinks and beer together. Much to Melanie's surprise, she didn't feel as embarrassed as she thought she would. The fact that all these men were cheering because of her naked breasts actually began to make her feel really horny.

"Who wants a bump? They're on the house for the next twenty minutes cabrones!" Roberto placed his hand on the small of Melanie's back. "Careful girl, don't want to spill this shit." he motioned for her to lean back a bit and poured a couple of bumps on her nipples. The men, two at a time walked up to snort bump after bump off her light brown areolas. The men noticed her hardened nipples and gave them a pinch after each snort.

That last guy left, Omar, Roberto's tall tattooed thug walked up for his turn and slipped his hand between Melanie's legs and rubbed her pussy over her shorts as he took his turn. Melanie felt her juices start to flow almost immediately and rubbed her crotch into his hand. Omar snorted the bump of her nipple and gave it a hard suckle. Melanie moaned and rubbed her hands on his shaved head.

"Damn girl! That's the spirit!" Roberto laughed and smacked Melanie on the ass. "Who's ready to play everyone's favorite Mexican party game?" The crowd cheered and Roberto led Melanie over to the pool table. He bent her over the edge and instructed her not to move. Omar came out of one of the bedrooms holding a red paisley bandana, a bottle of Astro glide and a black butt-plug with a tail attached to the end of it. He walked up to the table and placed the items in front of Melanie's face. Fuck... That plug is kinda big... At least he has my favorite kind of lube... I doubt this will work anyway... I can't believe I'm so turned on right now, I'm so fucked up...

"Charlez, come do the honors big man. Congrats on the wedding, Crystal is one fine woman." Roberto said. "Where the fuck is Charlez?"

"Charlez walked back into the living room and noticed Roberto staring right at him.

"What the fuck you doing big man? Get over here and unwrap this ho for us. It's the grooms honor."

"You're more suited for it boss. The privilege should be yours," Charlez replied wearing a fake smile.

"What? What's wrong with you?" Roberto glared at Charlez, the awkwardness causing every other conversation to stop.

"Nothing jefe. It would be my honor," Charlez glanced over at Melanie noticing that she seemed to actually be enjoying herself. He walked over to her, placed his large fingers in her waistband and pulled her shorts and panties all the way down. Melanie stood up to kick the shorts off and was quickly pushed back down by Roberto. He leaned in close and whispered, "Don't move girl. The less you move the faster we'll have a winner and this will all be over." He gave her a peck on the head and grabbed the butt-plug by the tail and swung it around.

"Who's wants to be first to play pin the tail on the ho? Who's the drunkest?"

"Timmy is! Hommie's been drinking since six," Omar pointed out and laughed.

"Step right up Timmy, here are the rules. We're gonna blindfold you and spin you around three times, you're gonna walk forward and you have one try to put the tail on Melanie. You only get one try so no fucking around. And Timmy, that's a butt-plug so get it in the right hole," Roberto explained as Omar put the blindfold on Timmy. Roberto placed the plug in Timmy's hand and poured some lube on it. They spun him around and guided him in the right direction.

Holy shit, here it comes... Melanie relaxed her anal muscle against all her instincts and closed her eyes. Timmy stumbled forward slowly until he crashed into the pool table causing Melanie to jump.

"Not even close!" Yelled a guy.

"Your girl told me how you have trouble finding her hole man!" yelled another and they all erupted in laughter once again. 

"Fuck Timmy-boy, you alright?" Roberto laughed. "Who's next?"

"Let me see that shit! I got this bro!" Jeff, one of Roberto's weed pushing underlings stepped up.

"Alright white-boy, let's see what you got." Roberto and Omar prepared Jeff and sent him on his way. He slowly crept forward until hitting the table with the plug.

"Fuck! So close!" Jeff said and took off the blindfold.

"Motherfucker... You were like three feet off!" Yelled a face in the crowd.

"Goddamn bitch, you're so fine," Jeff put two fingers into Melanie's pussy, took them out and put them into her mouth, much to the approval of the crowd. Melanie sucked them clean and smiled.

The men continued to take turns, one by one crashing into the table, into Melanie, coming close but continuing to fail. After everyone had had their turn only Omar, Charlez and Roberto remained.

"I think the groom should take his turn," Omar stated sensing Charlez' apprehension all night.

"That's right, Charlez get your black ass over here!" Roberto demanded and placed the plug in Charlez' hand.

"You can't miss you bitch-made motherfucker..." Omar whispered in the big man's ear while tying the blindfold on him loose enough for him to see. Omar spun Charlez around several times and pushed him forward. Charlez walked up and got right behind Melanie. He saw her turn her head and looked her right in the eye. He reached in with the plug and hit her on the right cheek.

"Fuck, I was so close!" Charlez said in an over dramatized fashion as he removed his blindfold and gave Melanie a smack on the ass. "Maybe next time girl."

Omar glared at Charlez, walked over and snatched the plug out of his hand. "Give me that shit and tie that bandana on my head you big bitch." Charlez did as he was told and spun Omar around what seemed like ten times and pushed him toward Melanie, a little to the right. Omar slowly stumbled forward and outstretched his left hand feeling for Melanie's ass.

"There you go Omar, got a whole technique and everything," Roberto said as he snorted another bump.

Omar felt Melanie's ass with his fingertips and brought the butt plug close to where he imagined her asshole to be. He pushed into her, hit her crack about an inch above her anus and pushed causing the plug to slip down and into her tight hole... Oh fuck he got it... Fuck, be easy man... Fuck... Omar pushed into Melanie, causing her muscle to open up and swallow the plug.

"UUUMMFFF!" Melanie sighed as she felt herself get harshly filled with the large toy. Fuck... That thing feels so fucking big... I need another hit... I can't believe I'm doing this shit... Melanie placed her face in her hands and tried to adjust to the large butt-plug that had just invaded her ass.

"Looks like we have a winner! I knew I kept you around for a reason!" Roberto lifted Omar's arm into the air like he had just won a title fight. "Take her into a room, she's all yours playa."

"You know what? I think I'll have my fun here. You can watch what you're missing Charlez," Omar said as he got behind Melanie and unbuckled his pants.

Roberto walked up and handed Melanie his container of coke. "There's a couple bumps left in there girl." Roberto padded her head and plopped onto his futon. A couple of the guys went outside to smoke but the rest stuck around to enjoy the show. A few pulled out there phones to take some pictures and video. Melanie felt her world begin to spin out of control but all she could think to do was snort the coke and close her eyes.

Save me candy... Don't look at me Melanie, I didn't tell you to take me...

"I'm going to fuck the shit out of you ho. You've always turned me on parading those legs around here like you do." Omar lifted the tail with his hand moving the butt-plug up and down inside Melanie's ass causing her to squirm and moan. He rubbed the head of his dick along her slit and around her clit. He felt Melanie's juices flow and sank his cock into her warm pussy. He placed his hands on her hips with the butt-plug tail still between his right hand and her skin. The tail was so taut that it shot waves of pleasure into Melanie with each of Omar's thrusts. He fucked her with long steady strokes as the crowd cheered him on.

"Fuck that bitch man!"

"Get it champ!"

"Fuck that beach bunny!"

"This is going on Facebook!"

Melanie you slut... You're enjoying this aren't you? Your pussy is so wet... The way he's moving that butt-plug as he fucks your pussy with his big dick is driving you wild isn't it ho... What would your kitty think?!Shut up candy, leave my kitty out of this... Come here so I can snort your sexy ass... Melanie thought, snorting the last of the coke in the small container. She felt the coke enter her system at the same time her orgasm was steadily building. Melanie was pushing back into Omar as he sank his cock into her depths. She felt herself reaching that breaking point and released her orgasmic spasms.

"Fuck I'm cumming Omar... Fuck... Fuck... Fuck... YES!" Melanie panted as her orgasm rolled through her body. "Hold on a sec Omar... Damn..." Melanie laid on the pool table motionless except for the slight movements of her breathing.

"Goddamn Omar!"

"Maybe if you did that to your wife she wouldn't be so pissed all the time!"

"I'm gonna 'like' that shit when you post it on Facebook Justin!"

"I'm 'liking' that shit too! Hahahaha!"

Omar pulled his dick out along with the butt-plug and sank his cock deep in Melanie's ass. "I'm not finished with you yet bitch."

Oh fuck... Why does anal make every guy's dick feel like it's as thick ass a beer can... Damn candy, I'm getting fucked in my ass in front of a group of guys... I fucking hate this fucker Omar too... I got to get out of here... I hope he just cums already... Fuck this guy candy, he thinks he's so fucking good now cause he gave me an orgasm... What do you mean don't say anything candy, I'm not that high...

"Is that all you got Omar? I can hardly feel your dick up my ass!" Melanie said, turning her head, startling Omar. "Did you hear me, I can hardly feel your dick up my ass! If it wasn't for my clit rubbing on the edge of the pool table I doubt I woulda came."

"What bitch?" Omar paused.

"I think she is saying your dick is smal--"

"Shut the fuck up Jeff," Omar pulled his dick out and pulled Melanie up by her hair, turning her to face him. He brought his hand up and opened his palm. "You wanna feel something bitch?"

You should have kept your mouth shut Mel... Now you've really done it... You were almost home free... I was waiting for you at home too... Still one gram of me left... Now you've pissed off mighty Omar...

Omar snarled and began to bring his hand down with tremendous force. His hand was about to contact her face when he felt a large black hand grip his wrist and stop it cold.

"Thats enough Omar, she was just having some fun with you," Charlez said in a calm, collected voice.


"let go of her Omar."

"If you don't let me go I swear to God I will put your black ass in a dumpster... LET FUCKING GO OF ME NOW YOU FUC--"

"OMAR! CHARLEZ! What the fuck? We're brothers. EVERYONE GET THE FUCK OUT!" Roberto ordered. The guys grabbed there things and quickly exited the house leaving Omar grabbing Melanie, Charlez grabbing Omar and Roberto standing five feet away in front of the futon.

"Let go Omar and I'll let you go." Charlez repeated staring Omar right in the eye.

"You're gonna choose some puta over me?"

"You had your fun Omar... Let her go now, she's had enough," Roberto demanded. Omar stared at Charlez and mouthed something under his breath. He finally let go of Melanie and stormed outside to smoke a cigarette. He paced back and forth like a caged tiger, never taking his eyes off Charlez.

"Calm him down Jefe, I'll kill him if I have to," Charlez somberly said to Roberto.

"No no no... None of that Charlez, we all just got a little high and heated. Tomorrow we'll sit down and talk about this shit. You're a good man Charlie Brown. Get out of here for now. I'll calm homeboy down."

See Melanie... You need to learn to keep that mouth off yours shut... Shut up candy...

"Put your clothes on Melanie, I'm taking you home," Charlez instructed as he put on his black leather jacket and fished his car keys out of his pocket. He followed Melanie, after she got dressed, outside of the house and toward Charlez' burgundy 1988 Buick Regal.

"But my bike..."

"Don't worry about that piece of shit bike Mel, trust me."

Charlez started the engine and pulled out of the drive way, Bill Wither's 'use me' playing in the background.

"You've learned your lesson right Melanie?"

"Yeah... Yeah I have Charlez." No you haven't Melanie... You're lucky your black angel was watching over you tonight... He won't always be there, but I will... I always will...

"Good cause if you haven't, I can't give you what I have in my pocket. See this?" Charlez tossed a large bag full of pills toward Melanie. "That' 200 hits of ex girl, you do know what 200 hits of ex is worth right?"

"I do," Melanie stared in awe at the bag in her hand.

"You work for me now Melanie, so Omar or any of his vatos can't touch you. You dig?"

"I dig."

"Don't let me down Melanie. I really put my neck out for you tonight," Charlez pulled into 'the Palisades.' The shitty little beach apartments Melanie lived in and stopped the car.

You better thank him bitch... I mean really thank him... He just saved our face... I know, I know candy shut the fuck up...

"I know Charlez... You, you wanna come in?" Melanie looked into her guardian angel's dark eyes.

"It's late girl, Crystal is waiting for me. Maybe me and your fine ass... Maybe next lifetime. Be carful with that Mel. Always get the money up front and never put the whole stash in one place. You have any problems, you call me. We'll go 50/50. Go clean yourself up and rest now."

Charlez watched Melanie walk up her steps, pause and turn to look at him one more time. He looked into her eyes for a moment, put his Regal in reverse and disappeared into the night.


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