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Yes, Sir!

She's sexually depraved at a military boot camp with few males around
Somehow the words "no sex" had not been mentioned in the green pamphlet for the academy. It had featured pictures of young women preparing themselves for battle and included texts about what went down in the area .But no, not once had it said "no sex".

I'm Milla Jones, a 19 year old girl who was stupid enough to get her sexual debut right before she left for an All Girls military academy, the only males around here were some of the officers and Sergeants who taught us combat and self defense. They were strictly off limits. There was a silent rule saying that no matter how much the teachers' arm muscles bulged from the black or white tank tops or however much you could see the outline of their cocks through their army pants - you just didn't think of them that way.

Now that would have been fine and dandy if it hadn't been for the gloriously hot Sergeant Garlan Bravo that now and again would teach us self defense. He had been involved in the military every since he was a baby because his family had been in it for generations. He knew everything there was to know about anything. Now he was 26 and had the most incredible body I had ever seen. On his right arm he had a scar running from his elbow to his wrist, while off in duty he had been injured by an explosion and been sent home for a temporary leave, which was my pleasure.
"Private Jones!"
"Yes, Sir!" I responded and brought my hand to my head. My back snapped as I straightened it. It used to be a lot worse before I started doing it regularly.

"Step forward and be the dummy." Some of the other girls giggled. We'd been in here for more than six months but they still couldn't control their faces.
"Girls, no laughing," the sergeant said with the hint of a smile that exposed two dimples on the sides of his full lips. Sergeant Garlan Bravo sure was a babe with that twinkle of youth in his green eyes.

I aligned in front of him, standing straight as I waited for him to give me some directions. He instantly popped up and brought his leg in between mine and put a hand on my shoulder.

"Let's say you get into it eye to eye," he said and looked up on the other girls. "If someone attacks you like this... what do you do?" There was no response from the others and I was too hypnotised by his wonderfully rough face with the marked jawline to think of an answer. "You use their own force against them. You will want to play on your opponents weakness - and that is often their weight."

He looked at me. "Jones, if you were ever confronted in this manner by a man running towards you, would you try to flip them over your head?"

Oh, I'd love to flip you.

"That would be wrong, you want to twist my arm when you're in this position."

Oh, please twist me!

My sex-weak body was responding to his leg between my legs and my pussy was throbbing harsh. I really hoped he couldn't feel it and I was begging my soaked underwear not to stain him.

"Take a step back from my leg, grab my arm and pull it up on my back."
"Um... are you sure Sergeant?"
"Yes, I'll show you how to get out of it and use it against the enemy."
"Ok." I tentatively did as he said. "Private Jones...?" He looked at me with a taunting look that made me want to ravish him. "Just do it."

"Ok... here it goes." I gruffed as I did what he explained and raised his arm so that I could twist it around, but before I had got the chance to do so he turned it against me. My back lurched forward arched and my eyes started to watered.

"See girls, whatever happens to you it can always be turned around... most of the times."

Against my bottom I could feel Sergeant Bravo's groin and I had to stop myself from pressing backwards onto the outline of his cock

I had actually glimpsed it before. The first few days at the academy the girls and I had spent our time playing pranks on each other and I had been dared to go over the teachers' showers. I hadn't expected anyone to be there but he had been in the nude. I had been so mortally scared of being seen that I just ran back to the girls' joint bedroom hall - I hadn't seen much but now the memory made my cheeks flush.

"Good show, Private." He tapped my ass with his palm a tad too hard to be meant as a "get up" - or at least I hoped so. That flicker of hope soon turned into a flutter of horniness. I hadn't had sex in a while - the only guy I'd ever had it with was my ex-boyfriend, Allan, back at home. He wasn't even especially good at it so I took that as an excuse to not feel guilty over the fact that I was making fun of him in my mind while thinking about my Sergeant's juicy cock between my pussy lips.

"Sir... I could really use a bathroom break," I hadn't touched myself properly in good while either. It was kind of hard when other girls were constantly around.
"There are no breaks in war."
I really didn't want to sound disrespectful, but damn. I really needed to let my finger sliver down my stomach and caress my throbbing clit while no one was around and I could think about Sergeant's groin against my ass.
"Hurry up, Private."

"Thank you, Sir!" I spurted off, trying to do the jog they'd been trying to teach us. The jog that always hurt like hell on my knees but had toned up my thighs a bit.

I could feel his gaze on my neck as I disappeared between two barracks and ran towards the bathroom. My swollen clit was rubbing up against my underwear and made me shiver all over. I pulled up the door and closed it hard behind me.

The toilets at the academy were sparkling clean. Well, of course they were! We were the ones to clean them and it was a mutual agreement that they were to be kept neat. That's why I never thought twice about tossing myself on the floor and squigling out of my army pants that were hugging my hips and groin.

"Ok," I huffed to myself and squirmed around. I unbuttoned the pants and slid them down to my knees. "Here we go..."

Images of Sergeant Garlan Bravo instantly came to mind; I thought about the first time I'd seen him att call-up. He'd been a God in full lips, dark hair and twinkling eyes.

I moaned and caressed my chest through my shirt.

The third day came to mind and I thought about when he was in command of the stamina exercises and he was yelling out commands to us girls and making us sweat as we jogged after him. He'd been laughing at us as he easily jogged up the mountain facing us. We'd been groaning and trying to keep up with no success.

"Mmm... Sergeant," I moaned and pinched my nipples. There was something hot and forbidden about him and that only made me want to caress his dick with my tongue, swirl it over the shaft and put pressure on the veins running on the sides of it.

My hand finally found it's way down to my green underwear, the crotch was soaked with my hotness and I ran my fingers through the soft tangle of hair,we weren't allowed to use razors here, and dipped my fingers in my juices that smelt sweetly of my sex.

I found myself wondering what the Sergeant smelt like. During self defense his skin was usually slightly sticky from the hot and humid weather and he smelt like a mixture of freshly showered skin and sweat. In other words I could just devour him and his delicious scent. Hopefully he tasted the same. I imagined he did.

My hips writhed and squirmed and bucked upwards as I played with myself. I ran my fingers between my lips and gently dipped into my entrance, then I pulled back as to tease myself. I parted my moist lips with two fingers and I ferociously wished that I'd had a vibrator. I'd never had one but some of the girls that had brought one with them had gotten them confiscated.

With one finger I put some pressure on my clit and gently rubbed it around, I pulled back the swollen mound and played with it directly. My fingers were glistening with shiny juice and my back arched up and my pussy got raised in to the air as I was about to cum.

"Mmm... Gar..."

"Private Jones, are you alright?" The door was shoved open and I scrambled to hide myself as my heart raced in my chest. My eyes were wide with shock and my fingers were still deep in my panties.

Why wasn't the door locked?!

"Ahh... Sergeant Bravo!" I called, my cheeks turning a bright red while I tried to pull up my pants with my non-wet hand. "I'm so sorry, Sergeant I didn't think I was taking that long." With my eyes I begged for him to close the door. He did, but he certainly wasn't outside of the bathroom.

Sergeant Bravo took two steps towards me, his boots squeaking against the floor and his presence making my heart pound harder. He sank down beside me and let his green eyes wander from my boots to my soaked underwear to my embarrassed face. A smirk found his lips.

"I heard my name."
"No you didn't, Sir!" I said quickly.
"I distinctly heard someone say Garlan, or at least half of the name and I'm guessing you don't know many Garlans?" I watched his face as he slowly put one hand on my thigh. "I like your skin," he said, commenting on my lightly tan body. "And you look nice in short hair." I'd been forced to cut of my dark brown curls when I joined. "All in all you're a good private," he spoke as if we were having a conversation, not as if his hand had just founds its way down my panties.

He was rubbing my clit with his fingers and squeezing it gently, every now and again a finger would slip into my opening and I tried not to move while he explored me.

"Sergeant... Sergeant stop!" I moaned and felt my breath pick up. "Sergeant I'm going to cuuuu...!" I gasped for air and felt my muscles closing on his finger. I tried to hide my face with my hands but he kept them down.

"Was that what you wanted, Private?" I wanted to shake my head but my body felt oddly weak.

"Would you like some more?" he got out of his squat and pulled down my panties with both of his hands, then he lowered his face and made my chest heave. My ex had never gone down on me and it wasn't until I felt Sergeant Bravo's flickering tongue on my most sensetive parts that I knew what I had missed out on.

He licked around my clit and then gently sucked on it while he parted my lips with his fingers. He burrowed deep inside of me with his tongue and made my body slither like a snake underneath him.

"Sergeant..." I moaned loudly but he hushed at me so I put a hand over my lips. I never used to moan before I met him. I didn't even bother to with my now-insufficient ex, Allan.

I had to close my eyes hard when I felt the orgasm rolling over my body; it made me twitch.

He pulled up my panties and then my pants. Then he leaned over me and kissed me on the lips, gently grinding on me. "Come over at midnight and I'll show you some combat moves. I think you'll like it."
I was up long past our bedtime at 9pm. I waited until 11.30 when I knew they'd stop patrolling the area and then I silently unlocked the door and started running towards the housing of the Sergeant. It was thrilling doing something against the rules and the training came in well. I hid in the shadows close to the buildings and then took one risk running across the yard, knocking on the Sergeant's door.

He opened the door and pulled me in swiftly, smacking my back against the wall. Before I knew it I had his lips locked on my neck and his leg was between my legs forcing me to grind on him.

"Private Jones," he said softly. "Milla." I stiffled a moan at the very sound of his voice saying my name. "You're not allowed to have any sexual activities with others while you're here," he reminded me. "I guess you'll have to be punished for our little escapade earlier." I nodded. "You know I'm allowed to have sex, but who am I supposed to get off on? I haven't made love to any one in quite a while." It sounded so sweet when he said "made love". "I'm a little frustrated. I couldn't have sex during my mission and then it was a little hard with the bomb pieces in my arm..." He stroked my neck with his full lips. "But I'm all better now and I'm a man." I could feel his hard dick through the fabric of our clothes. "And you're a woman."

My hands locked around his neck and he kissed me, making shivers find their way through my body.

We stumbled over the floor and then sank down before we hit the bed, the pressure of his body felt so good on mine. I wanted him so badly I was already wet. I rolled around and put my hands on his stiff cock, it was growing bigger by the second and when I pulled down his pants the fabric was tight around it.

I rubbed my hand on the crotch of it before I pulled the boxers down and his cock sprang out, bigger than I'd imagined, way bigger than the one other dick I'd ever seen up close. It even seemed a bit too big to fit inside of me.

I reached down into my underwear and felt. I was dripping wet. When I pulled out my fingers they were soaked. I used it as lube and started pumping his dick while he put his hands beneath his head and watched me sway my hips in an attempt to still my hunger for sex and instead give him a handjob.

"Mm," he groaned. I bent down and licked the tip of his dick, it tasted of precum and my secretion and I slowly started to swirl my lips around it, feeling the bulge of the veins and the slickness of his skin.

"I'm going to cum," he informed after a while and scrunched his nose forming cute wrinkles on it and causing the hint of a dimple to form on his right cheek.
I dipped my head lower and took in more of his cock in my mouth. A hot shot of semen flooded my mouth, most of it slid down my troath but part of it drizzled out again.

He pushed me back a bit and started to push up his upper body so his semi-hard cock was between us.

"I don't need any foreplay," I said as he kissed me. "I'm plenty wet, trust me."

He chuckled and I got up and started to undo my pants, they slid down - underneath I wore the same green panties and he laughed at the text on the back of them. "Booty Camp" it said.

"Come back."

"Yes, Sir!"

"I want to make you moan my name just like you did before."

"Garlan," I said as I got back down on him, feeling his cock press on my hot pussy.

The Sergeant grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up, he grabbed a hold of the training bra at the same time and tossed it to the side. I was straddling him buck naked, not even the least bit embarrassed over my juices that dripped onto him.

I pulled his tank top over his head and sighed at the sight of his rippling muscles underneath his shirt. I kissed his neck and gently licked just to get a taste of him. He tasted sweetly.

"Come on, I haven't been fucked in ages," I said grabbing his dick from behind and started rubbing it with my hand. It instantly became hard again.

I pressed the head of his cock against my longing pussy and slowly lowered myself. It felt really big and stretched my muscles as it started to pump into me. I tried to accommodate my rhythm to his and swayed my hips a bit.

"Garlan," I moaned as I started to ride him faster and faster, my tits bouncing as he thrust upwards into my pussy. I clenched my hands over his chest and raised my ass just to lower it again. His hands rested on my hips.

The raw sexuality he emitted was enough to drive me insane, with his cock inside me my body started to tense up and I could see my vision going blurry as the most indrecible orgasm as a mix of deprivation on horniness rolled over me.

I slumped down onto him and breathed hard. The Sergeant raised his body and smoothly got over me so that I was on my back. He raised both of my legs up to his shoulders as he pumped my yearning pussy with his manhood and slapped my ass with his balls. The veins on his cock tickled extra nice and everytime he hit the base of my pussy I was sent into a whole new world with lovely pain and insane pleasure.

"Ahh... Garlan!" I moaned loudly and felt myself go into spasm after spasm of delight.

"That's right," he huffed and thrust slower but harder. I could feel his cock jerk inside of me before he cummed. He pulled out and gently rubbed on my already sensitive clit, then he exchanged it with his hand while he caught his breath.

"Give me a minute...," he said and exhaled. "I'm going to fuck you so hard."

"Yes, Sir!"

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