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You Learn the Damnedest Things at School

The faithful dad learns that being back in school can be fun...
It’s just another business trip with one exception: if the far away city is found to be the perfect spot to live, my family and I will be moving away from everything and everyone we’ve ever known. The wife’s work, since it’s all done online, has given her the latitude to live wherever she pleases. And, at least when it comes to location, she really doesn’t have a strong opinion. This is probably the only thing she doesn’t have an opinion about. Since she’s not a people person and isn’t particularly close to her family or mine, she doesn’t really care if we move. One place is as good as the next in her eyes. So it’s up to me, I thought, as I land alone thousands of miles away from my California home.

It seems a bit odd that I’m even considering a move but I sure feel like a new start is just what the doctor ordered. No, I don’t have any physical problems. My body’s in great shape. It was my counselor who has recommended it. He knows I’m kind of stuck in a bad marriage and, what with the awesome responsibility I have of raising three kids almost by myself, thought a change of scenery might be a good idea, kind of a fresh start. He also knew it would not be the cure-all given the less than warm hearted spouse I’m married to.

I had scheduled an interview at a very promising firm for Tuesday morning. I’m an independent financial consultant. I mostly work with CFOs and CEOs of medium to large corporations one on one for stints lasting anywhere from two weeks to two months. In California, finding such gigs is fairly easy for a person with my experience. I’m finding that in most other parts, unless you want to live in Chicago or NYC, the opportunities are pretty rare. In fact, this may very well be the reason we don’t make a move: my own pride and independent spirit. I may not be able to yield to a position that straps me down to one office and at the same time gives me a fraction of the compensation I used to demand. The interview went fine and I fully expect to get an offer but, in effect, it seems making a move here will do just what I feared: I’ll be taking a drastic compensation cut and work in an environment that will be stifling to me. Oh well, strike one!

Right after the meeting I see a realtor and spend the rest of the day with her. I had done my homework on the net long before arriving so I had a pretty good sense of what was out there and the pricing of the market. I must say that you do get a lot of house for the money out here, at least in comparison to California values. But, in spite of liking what I see, I just can’t get away from the fact that there will be no more beach trips, at least not on a frequent basis. The kids and I would spend at least several days every month from late April through mid October hanging out there. We all loved to body surf and swim and the boys and I were becoming pretty decent surfers too. I’m finding it hard to imagine living anywhere that doesn’t include a nearby shoreline. Unfortunately this just might be strike two.

Along with checking on the job market I took it upon myself to check out the schools in the area. The job, the housing and now the education system are the keys as to whether we should make a move. In spite of how important the first two things are, the third may be the most important. My kids mean the world to me and I definitely want what’s best for them. So first thing Wednesday morning I’m out and about continuing my investigation.

The high school that Christina would attend seems perfect. The campus is fairly new and the principle and teachers are great. The next stop is the middle school a mile away. Josh and Jeremy would be entering the seventh and eighth grades respectively come fall and so I called ahead and asked the principle if I could look in on those classes and meet the prospective teachers. I told him I was kind of interviewing them to see if this move would be a good fit for us. Before I arrived he shared with the teachers why I was coming and was more than happy to accommodate me.

I arrive at about 9:00 am and find that there are four classrooms for each grade level and all eight of the teachers are female. And what amazing examples of womanhood they are. As I inwardly gawk at each new beauty I’m introduced to, I quickly come to the conclusion that it looks like Principle Barker is running a harem or a modeling agency instead of a school. It seems like I’m watching a Charlie’s Angels movie, only there are eight exceptionally beautiful and fit women instead of three. I like what I see a lot but it still begs the question: they’re beautiful, but can they teach? I had figured I would spend an hour at the school but it looks like I’ll spend the rest of the day here. Damn, what torture!!!

I sit in on all of the classes and stay for at least 15 minutes each time. By 2:00 I feel like I have a pretty good handle on the level of education my boys would receive here. I am impressed. Seven of the eight instructors are exceptional and the other one is still pretty good.

If Barker will give me my choice, I’ll pick Leslie as the eighth grade teacher. She is a gorgeous brunette with captivating eyes. She seems to hold the kids’ attention best and is by far the most articulate of that class’s options. She seems warm and inviting as we shake hands and I think that if my boy has any problems I can probably reason with her best.

Seventh isn’t quite so easy. Josh is the kind of kid who is easily distracted. Even though my boy is young, he has his daddy’s genes. We are both easily diverted from the task at hand. If I could arrange it I’d have him attend an all boy’s school with all male teachers. That would be the best scenario for him but I know he wouldn’t go for that.

Though Becky seems like the most experienced teacher and probably kept the best control of her class, I sense there could be a problem with her. Well the problem’s not really with her. While they are all very good looking women, Becky takes the prize. And there’s the rub. I’m sitting in the back of the room and watching her as she stands in front of the class. She leans forward as her hands rest on top of the desk. As she speaks to her students the deep valley of her cleavage is putting on quite the show. As she walks briskly up and down the aisles, with an animation and excitement that’s a good indicator of just how much she enjoys her job, her full breasts bounce in rhythm to her gate. When she turns away from the students and aggressively erases the chalk board, her luscious ass jiggles beneath her mid-length skirt to the movements of her toned arm waving the black velvet brick. She reaches high on the board, standing up on her tip toes, and her wonderful legs are driving me nuts. I’m dying as I sit here. How in the world will my boy learn a thing if he’s watching this all day long? I understand that she’s the cheerleader coach as well and it makes perfect sense. She is amazing. I’m harder than a rock as I silently think this whole thing through. She’s not only beautiful, she’s caring, gentle, hot, attentive, looks you in the eye when she speaks, is hot, is very articulate like Leslie, is really hot, and, did I mention, she’s extremely hot!?

“Mr. Monroe, would you mind if I call you Mike?” she asks. Class is over now and the kids are quickly exiting the room.

“Sure, that would be great,” I say as I walk up to the front to meet her at her desk.

“Well thanks Mike. Is there anything else you’d like me to show you before you call it a day?” she says as she leans down low again to clean up her desk. Fall out, fall out I begin to pray. Her bountiful breasts look like they’re on the verge of escaping. I bet the physicist would claim her now hardened nipples are enough to catch the weight and hold her glorious globes from slipping over the top of her scooped neckline. Damn I’m getting so fucking hot now. This is what I fear for Josh. He’ll never learn a thing in here but the wonders of the female anatomy! She just looks at me, smiling, while she waits for my answer. I get the distinct feeling that she knows exactly how much she’s killing me.

“Well um” - the educator is making the smooth talking consultant sound like an idiot - “I can’t really think of anything else unless. That is, not unless you think there’s some sort of value in taking a look at the gym or cafeteria. What do you think?” I ask, finally regrouping enough to sound as if I’ve actually completed the seventh grade myself.

“Well let me think,” she says as I follow her to the back of the room. She opens the large set of closet doors and scans the interior looking for something. As she looks up I can tell she’s found what she’s been seeking. “I’m not so sure that it’ll serve the purposes you had lined out for today Mike, unless there is something specific you’d like to see or ask me about.”

“No,” I reply, “I think you’re right. I probably have all I need to make a decision.”

“So you’re married I see,” looking down at my ring-clad hand. “Happily?” she asks.

I think for a moment and reply candidly, “Well I guess you’d have to use the word committed rather than the word happily.

“I gethcha,” she says as she leans forward and toward the wall. She’s on her tip toes again, amongst all the stuff scattered on the floor, and she’s reaching up for an item on the top shelf. Her ass is amazing. I can’t keep my eyes off of it. I’m just staring as her fleshy cheeks flow back and forth with the bouncing of her feet as she tries to stretch for the box.

“Can you give me a hand?” she says, in kind of an exasperated tone.

I can take it no longer.

“You want a hand?” I mumble under my breath. “You’re just begging for it aren’t you, you little tease. I’ll give you a hand!” This entire dialog is going on, of course, quietly inside my own head. Her body and teasing is driving me nuts.

I take a step closer and I’m mere inches away from her skirt-covered ass. One last time she wiggles it back and forth and I receive her invitation loud and clear. I place my right hand on her right hip and her movements don’t change. I half expect her to smack my hand away but she does absolutely nothing. It’s as if I’ve done the most normal thing in the world when the truth is I have placed my hand on a total stranger as she stands in a compromising position here in the closet. As she stretches before me I allow my hand to slide around her and slowly move to her taut belly. I hear a faint moan. No words are spoken. Her desire for me has been non-verbal to this point and I will honor that request. As my right hand moves up and reaches her breast I move my torso forward. I know she can feel the outline of my blood-filled member as it presses against her backside. My left hand is now on her other hip as the right one finds her globe of bare skin beneath her bra. I roll her eraser-like nipple between my thumb and index finger and pinch it firmly. Another moan escapes her lips.

I reach for Becky’s hand. It is still flailing above her, reaching for the damn box. My hand is on top of her forearm now as I gently pull it down and have her rest her hand on the back wall. Soon it is my hand that is reaching for a box. As my right hand pushes her bra above both her tits and switches its attention to her other breast, I’m immediately diverted by her lovely aroma. A fragrance of floral and citrus fills my wide nostrils as I take a deep breath, just wanting to inhale her. Damn she smells good! My dick practically splits its own skin in response. Meanwhile my left hand has found its way to her thigh and is hiking her dark skirt up to her waist. She isn’t wearing any nylons and her leg feels devilishly smooth. Perceiving that I can use some help, my new found friend has taken her skirt into her right hand and is holding it up for me. Soon my hand is moving beneath her skimpy little boy shorts, over her smooth mons and hard little nub and right into her hot, shaved slit. Two fingers slide inside of her steamy folds rather easily. Another low moan pierces my ears. She is so excited that my digits are thoroughly soaked with her clear warm nectar as they move in and out. The sensation of my fingers inside makes her involuntarily push her butt back into my crotch. The gasping sound she’s making as I finger fuck her is almost enough to cause me to drop a load right into my slacks.

“Are you good babe?” I coo, my fingers picking up the pace just a bit as I lean forward and suck the bottom of her ear into my mouth. I lap it tenderly a couple of times as my fingers continue to plunge in and out of her pussy. You can tell she loves it as I bite down on her lobe.

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” is all she says as her body gives way to her first come. Her hips keep moving back and forth in time with my fingers, fucking herself to new heights. She is one of those long comers, continuing to grind on me for minutes after I feel the first convulsion of her tight body.

“Damn you’re hot,” I say as I remove my fingers and suck them into my mouth. I release her breasts from my clutch and kneel down, my face positioned at her ass. “Do I need to lock the door?” I ask. She shakes her head no and moves both hands now to the wall for balance, leaning against it, inviting me to do as I will. I grab her ankle and guide her to lift one leg and then the other onto the lunch pails that have been cluttering up the floor. She’s now some four inches taller and the impossible has happened. Now her ass looks even hotter!

“That’s it honey, raise that luscious ass for me. Stick it out!” I command. She doesn’t really move. I unclasp her skirt and slide it down her legs as I hear her sexy, heavy breathing. Next I take down her silky blue panties as I help her negotiate her weight on the platforms. Damn, her ass is even better than I thought, and I had already imagined a perfect ass. I slap her butt hard a couple of times and say firmly, “I asked you to stick it out!”

She kind of sucks her tummy inward and her greatest asset juts out. It’s enough to take my breath away. I move forward, burying my nose between the deep crevasse of her cheeks. It is warm, musky smelling and very intoxicating. I extend my tongue, probing for her dewy flesh. Her ass is so deep and thickly muscled from years of athletics and cheering that I can’t quite reach her pussy. This isn’t going to do. As I retreat I inadvertently give her a bit of a surprise. Just as I planned my tongue swipes the inside of her ass crack as I back out, but the last flick or two sweeps squarely over her rosebud, bathing her little hole. Her squirming and loud gasps say two things to me: that it’s a new experience for her and that, though she’s extremely reluctant, she would be open to try something new. I figure what the hell. I move forward again and just point the tip at the center of her tight hole and wiggle playfully on it, bathing her with my saliva. She’s feeling it and starts to push back on me a bit. I wish I could linger a bit longer here. I’ll need to re-visit that again soon I think to myself as I pull away and hear a desperate moan as I do.

“Can you balance yourself there Becky? If you don’t mind, I feel like drinking from your honey well!”

I move around and kneel in front of her. I look up at her treasure and, spreading her legs first, I use my fingers to then spread her sweet, glistening lips. She is dripping wet. She trembles as my tongue slowly crawls from the base of her slit up to her button and then I suck it inside my mouth, tonguing it furiously. Again and again I lap at this beauty and with each pass I hear deep-seeded erotic moans being muttered from her lips. I think she likes it and loves the fact that Mikey will eat anything! I love the taste and scent of a woman lost in her own need to come. I could do this for hours if we had the time. Soon I sense that she is close to coming again. I remove my tongue and stand up, aggressively covering her mouth while grabbing the sides of her head and sliding my tongue past her lips.

“Don’t worry babe, you’ll be coming again in a second!” I say as I move behind her and lower my slacks and boxer briefs. My cock springs from my waistband and actually slaps the bottom of her ass cheek, dotting her lovely flesh with my pre-cum.

“Not there, my little man!” I say, looking down at my rigid member. “I want her pussy!” I look for Becky’s reaction and her head moves down and begins to nod in the affirmative. I’m not one to just take from a woman so I am pleased to see we are on the same page. Great minds think alike I thought. I move my feet forward another few inches and place them inside of hers. I take my throbbing tool in hand, preparing to do some real damage. I flick the circumcised head over her clit and she moans louder than ever. She is ready; she is so ready for me!

I move the head down an inch or two and with one hard thrust I slide between her velvety folds. I consciously wonder in this moment if this is heaven. Within seconds I’ve bottomed out into her and am dynamically pounding her tight wet cunt. The sound of my thighs slapping her backside and the sound of her moist lips sucking my dick inside of her has filled the room. She shifts a hand on the wall so that it is aligned with the center of her body and the other one drops down to her needy clit. Within seconds she is coming and I am soon to follow. I shoot several streams of my hot, thick man milk up into her snatch as we fuck each other hard. The feeling is indescribably good. I just keep fucking her until my failing cock slips from inside her body and falls out. I can feel the sensation of the cool air as it hits my slick shaft. She quickly turns and kneels in front of me, and her dainty hand takes my cock and feeds it into her hungry mouth. She is so damn sexy! She sucks me tenderly, draining the cum from my slit. She licks my shaft and balls clean before standing up and kissing me passionately. What a fucking great and unexpected encounter! My eyes are closed as our bodies press together and our mouths explore one another...



“MR. MONROE!!!” she almost screams. “Can you give me a hand or not?”

Earth to Mike, earth to Mike! What the hell? As she turns and looks me square in the eyes I know that she is either confused or troubled.

“Two questions for you buddy,” she says, a bit exasperated, her hands now on her hips. “First off, where in the hell did you go? You’ve been standing there for minutes now with this ‘nobody’s home’ look in your eyes. Secondly, I need to know something and I want you to tell me the truth. Were you checking out my ass?”

I don’t know how to respond. I can’t believe this was a day dream. It felt so fucking real! Though I’m pretty good at reading people, for the life of me I can’t tell if she’s amused by all of this or is completely pissed off at me.

“May I take a look at your ring?” she finally asks, breaking the tension. I extend my left hand into hers. She looks down as if to study it. Then, taking her right hand, she grabs my ring between her fingers and begins to twirl it around.

“Good!” she says emphatically.

“Good? What’s good?” I ask. Now I’m the one who is confused. She’s still got a hold of my ring.

“Well I’m married too Mike, and, by the looks of it, mine is about as satisfying of a relationship as yours is. But there’s good news too,” she says as she turns and pulls on my ring a little. “As easy as these things go on a finger they come off!” And with that she removes my ring and drops it in the pocket of my blue oxford shirt. I don’t know what to say, but I do know my cock heard what she said loud and clear. If she were to look down just a little bit my boner would be poking straight at her.

“I hope our time together has helped to clarify all that the area has to offer you Mike,” she says with the most beautifully wicked smile I’ve ever seen. She gently squeezes my hand, pats my pocket-covered chest and rubs my hard cock through my pants. “I think you’ll be very happy if you decide to come here!”

Holy fuck! I think to myself...We’re moving!!!

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