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A Friend Who Needed Attention

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I was accepted to the local state college and was looking forward to trying out some college tail. After graduation, I spent the summer working for my dad and kicking around town in search of a piece of ass. This is the story of one of the times, the summer before college.

I worked hard for my dad and he knew it. He would let me out early on Fridays and I'd go searching for the weekend's entertainment.

One weekend I started searching my old high school town for girls I had known and one night I struck it rich, so to speak. This gal who I had befriended in school was a sweet gal. Not very pretty, but good looking enough. Slim with a cute ass and small tits, and the silkiest straight black hair I had ever seen. She was always teased and called a slut, even though she had only been with one guy once all through high school. It just happened that he was a football player and he spouted off about it all through school. Dick! I was always a friend and never tried anything with her. She was really a friend. I always liked to check out her ass and told her when she had on unflattering pants, which wasn’t very often. She would tell me when I needed a haircut or new “style” with my clothes. She kept me looking cool.

I saw her one night while cruising the sleepy little town. I was getting a burger and fries at the local burger joint and there she was. I asked her to join me and she did. I bought her a drink and we sat and I ate.

We talked about school and all. I finished up and asked if she needed a quick ride home. She lived just around the corner.

She said, “Screw that, let’s go running around.” She didn’t want to go home. Her parents and divorced sister, who had just moved back in, were there, sharing in their misery. She wanted an hour or so of peace. I obliged.

We cruised around for a bit. Went to the square and watched some of the school kids cruising and talked and drank Cokes for an hour or so. Then the subject turned to dating. I wanted some ass and was determined to get some. I asked her if she knew anyone who might want a quick release. She was a friend and she had set me up with my previous girlfriend, and she said she might. I knew she could help me.

She told me to get in the car and drive out to a road just south of town. I knew this road and could only remember one family out there and they had no daughter. I asked who she had in mind and she told me not to worry; I would like her. She told me to stop about halfway down the road at this house I knew about. Turns out, she had, shortly after school, met and started dating a guy who was a truck driver. He was out of town a lot. When he was home he drank and wasn’t very attentive. I told her I was sorry and I wished there was something I could do. I was very slow tonight for some reason. I couldn’t imagine my friend wanting to screw.

She told me, "There is something you can do." She leaned in and kissed me over the console. I had a 1980 Monza with the hatchback at this time. The back seats were always folded down so I could act like it was a two-seater. We made out over the console for a bit and then we started removing each other’s clothes as we could.

Now, remember her ass and me telling her about complementary pants? She wore some tight jeans tonight and I wanted to rub her pussy like she was rubbing my dick, but I just couldn’t fit my big hands down the front. She wriggled them down and I immediately smelled the musky aroma of an eager snatch. I ran my finger through her thick pubic hair and slipped it between her wet folds and began penetrating her hot wet pussy. I rubbed her clit with my finger laid against it while I fingered her hole to her first orgasm of the night. Then when she stopped convulsing I got out and asked her to get out as well.

I folded the seats forward and helped her out of her pants and into the back of the car. When she was situated I got my lanky frame inside on top of her. I slowly kissed my way into position over her and asked if she was sure she wanted to do this. She said yes, so I slowly slid my hard dick into her hot, wet, waiting pussy. She had a lot of pubic hair and it was thick, so it took a second to pierce the jungle before hitting the sweet spot. It was heavenly. Hot and slippery. I slowly stroked it in her as she moaned and rocked her hips upward. We were both enjoying this even though there wasn’t much room.

She started bucking more and I started thrusting harder. She was going off and I asked her where she wanted it. She said, "Keep fucking me," so I did. I kept stroking harder and faster. My little car's tires were surely hopping off the road. I gave a deep thrust and unloaded all I had and started slowly taking slow soft strokes to finish off. I was spent.

I let my weight down on her for a second and then slowly removed my cock from her cummy puss. She let it leak out on top of the carpet and I didn’t care. I crawled out and helped her out. I could hear her pussy, wet and squishing out all the cum as she climbed from the back of my car. We both snickered at the sounds and stood there naked and kissed under the moonlight between the car and the barbed wire fence next to the road.

I was still hard and tried to get her on the hood for round two, but she said this was as much fun as she’d had in a while, and she needed to get home and see to her sister. We kissed some more and held hands while driving. When we got close to her house she asked me to let her out a block down, so her parents and sis didn’t see her with another guy. I stopped and kissed her once more. I never saw her again, not at reunions or even around town.

I wonder if her ass is still as nice as it was then. I’m certainly believing it is.


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