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Becky's New Daddy

Becky's New Daddy

Abandoned by her father at a young age, Becky finds a new "Daddy" in the next door neighbor!

"Mr. Wilson, can you come over 'n help me? Mama wants me to mow the grass and I can't get this dadgum lawnmower started! I been a tuggin' on it and tuggin' on it but it just won't start!" Becky Ann said one hot summer day. "I've done wore my arm out - I ain't got no more tug left in me!"

"Sure Becky I'll be right over," he said. Charlie Wilson got up from his easy chair and walked next door to where Becky Ann was waiting by the old lawnmower. "Let's see what you have here. Hmmm... have you been messing with these controls?" he asked.

"No, sir! I don't know what any of them do - I just left 'em alone!" she said.

"Okay, I see the problem, you've flooded the engine. Do you have a spark plug wrench here?" he asked.

"We got a toolkit. I'll go get it," she said, and she left to go bring the toolkit to him. "I don't know what a spark plug wrench is, but if we have one, it'll be in here."

He opened the toolkit and fished through the contents. "I need this... and this." He put the tool together and took out the spark plug. "Okay Becky, let the lawnmower sit for awhile and let all the gas in the cylinder evaporate. Then we'll put the plug back in and try to start it again."

"Okay. Gee, it sure is hot out here... wanna come in and I'll get us a glass of sweet tea while we wait?" she asked.

"That would be nice. Thank you, Becky," he said. Becky watched as Charlie struggled a bit to get up. He walked with a cane and had a little trouble getting started, but once on his feet, he got around all right. They went inside and Becky told him to sit on the couch while she got the tea. Sitting down next to him, she offered him a glass.

"So why aren't you out with your friends? In this heat, I figured you'd be down at the lake with the rest of the kids," he asked.

Becky looked down sadly,"I... don't have any friends," she said quietly.

"A pretty thing like you, I figured you'd be up to your neck in boys!" he said, smiling.

"No, none of the boys 'round here will talk to me," she said.

"Well, how about the girls? Surely you have girlfriends to hang around with?"

"No. The girls here hate me. They think I'm gonna take their boyfriends away from 'em. And the boys here are all scared to talk to me. I don't have anyone," she said, still looking into her lap.

"Well, Becky you are in a special situation. You are so pretty that the girls are worried you will take their boyfriends away so they don't want to associate with you. And the boys think that someone as pretty and sexy as you are has to have a boyfriend already, so they don't try. A lot of very beautiful movie stars and models have had the same problem. I guess there is such a thing as being too pretty!"

"Well it isn't fair!" she said, pouting a bit.

Charlie chuckled, "No, I suppose it isn't."

Becky sat there for a minute, thinking about what he had said. She didn't raise her head, but she looked at him as she spoke. "Mr. Wilson, do you really think I'm pretty... and sexy?"

Charlie choked a bit on his iced tea. "Well... I... um... yes, I think you are very pretty," he stammered. This conversation had taken a sudden unexpected and dangerous turn!

This was all Becky Ann needed. She jumped into his lap nearly spilling his tea. She wrapped her arms around his neck and before he could utter a word, she had her mouth firmly planted on his and was kissing him like she hadn't seen him in years. She pressed her body against his and wriggled on his lap as she sucked his soul from him.

"Becky Ann! What are you doing?" he said when he was able to peel her away from him for a moment.

"Charlie, everyone hereabouts knows how your wife treats you. They see it same as me. It ain't my place to say, but she henpecks you and talks bad about you in front of you and behind your back too. It's downright shameful. Just cause you got a banged up leg don't make it right."

"Yeah, I got in a car accident when I lived in New York and it messed up my leg. It never was right after that. The doctors at the time thought I would lose it, but I fought them on that. I may not be able to use it like normal, but it's still attached!" he said. "We had to move down here after the accident because I can't handle the cold anymore. All the screws and pins holding my leg together get too cold and it hurts when it's cold out."

"It's still no call to be putting you down all the time. Can't you work?" Becky asked.

"Well, I would have to find a desk job doing something. And Lake Park doesn't have a lot of desk jobs here. I'm just glad that Cindy found a job. It isn't anything like what we had in New York, but the cost of living isn't as high either, so it works out."

"Well Charlie, I'm glad you moved down here," she said, kissing him again.

"Becky, honey... we can't.... what about your mother?" he said, nervously.

"Mama went up to Atlanta to visit Grammy and Aunt Clara. She won't be back till this evening. I'm here all by myself," she said.

"Why didn't you go too?" he asked.

"I don't like going there too much. Grammy's house always smells like 'monnia!" she said, wrinkling her nose.

Charlie was on his own for a few hours as well. His wife, Cindy, was at work and wouldn't be home for several hours. And the young girl sitting on his lap did feel very good... so soft and warm...

"Becky, we shouldn't... you're too young," he said. Charlie could feel his willpower waning.

"I'm near 17 years old! I'm practically a woman!" she said, looking at him. Becky Ann was at that age where her age was an issue for her!

"But I'm old enough... to be your father!" he said.

"Oh, Charlie! You are a very sexy man. And I like older men anyway," she said.

"You do?"

"Yes, Charlie. You see, my dad left us when I was very little. I don't even really remember him. 'Cept what Mama has told me. So I kinda got a daddy thing... older men really turn me on!" she said.

Becky Ann stood up after she spoke and began untying and removing the short sleeve crop top she was wearing. She had changed clothes once her mother had left because she wouldn't have approved of her clothing choice. However, Charlie fully approved - as was evident by the growing bulge in his pants. She parted her top and slipped it off her shoulders. She pretended to hand her top to him, but just as he reached for it she "dropped it".

She bit her fingertip as if wondering what to do, then turned around and bent over to pick it up, showing Charlie her well-rounded and tight little ass, her tight blue jeans stretched nearly to the point of ripping in half. She picked up her top and handed it to him to hold as she started removing her jeans. She unfastened them and shimmied seductively out of them leaving her only in her panties.

"Do you like what you see, Daddy?" Becky purred as she took her place once more on his lap - this time, a lot less clothed.

Charlie gulped, the words getting caught in his throat for a moment. But he didn't need words. She pulled his head gently forward, closer to her young, but firm tits, and he knew exactly what she wanted. He took one of the tender buds into his mouth, sucking and licking the pink button as Becky softly mewled in delight.

As Charlie licked and sucked on her tit, Becky began wriggling on his lap. The hard bulge now found there was rubbing against her panty-clad pussy, and she was enjoying what she was doing to him. And conversely, what he was doing to her!

Charlie could feel the heat rising from this young teenager's pubescent pussy. He could feel the dampness and he smelled her musky aroma. It was intoxicating and her soft moans only added to the sensory experience.

"Oooh, that feels good... lick my titty just like that," she cooed. She pushed her firm globes together so he could easily alternate between the two hard nipples, sucking one then the other as she moved her upper body from side to side.

Charlie's hands, meanwhile, had moved around her slim waist and were now slipped under her panties in the back and mauling her tight creamy ass flesh. He sank his strong fingers into the tender meat and he squeezed large handfuls of butter-soft ass.

"Oh, God, Daddy, that feels wonderful!" Becky said as she relished what Charlie was doing for her. Charlie and Cindy didn't have any children of their own, Cindy wanting to concentrate on her career and her own life instead of being responsible for another. But Charlie was very much wanting to be a father. If this beautiful young woman wanted to call him Daddy, he was fine with that - he'd play along.

"Are you my little girl? Do you want to be my little girl, Becky Ann?" he asked, his voice taking on a deep lusty tone.

"OHHH, Yes Daddy! Please, please let me be your little girl!" she said excitedly. She leaned down and kissed him passionately, parting her lips and pushing her tongue out a bit to tease his tongue to come out and play. When it did, she sucked it into her mouth and gave him a preview of what she wanted to do to him.

Charlie pulled the girl closer and wrapped her in his strong embrace. His kiss deepened and Becky melted into his arms, moaning as he enveloped her. Charlie felt her surrender herself and he twisted on the sofa, laying her lengthwise on it and climbing her on top of her as he did. As he pressed himself down on her, holding himself up with his elbows on the arm of the sofa, she felt his hardness pressing against her soaked pussy.

"Ohhh Daddy... oh, I want your cock in my little pussy!" she moaned.

"In due time sweetheart, first Daddy wants to see your little pussy. Can Daddy see it?" he asked.

Becky smiled and pulled her panties down to her knees. Charlie helped her take them the rest of the way off, and then Becky spread her legs wide for him, dropping one off the front of the sofa and hooking the other one over the back. Charlie got down between her legs for a better view. He inhaled deeply her musky scent, taking note that her soft blonde fur was already matted with dampness.

"Mmmm, you have a very pretty pussy Becky, dear. Now, let Daddy see the inside, please. Pull your pussy lips apart and let Daddy see inside your pretty little pussy," he said.

Becky giggled girlishly and did as he requested. With two fingers she parted her swollen lips and Charlie saw the wet pink interior. He licked his lips as he saw all the sweet honey she had made for him.

Becky saw the look on his face and it turned her on even more. "Daddy, please lick my pussy, please?"

He looked up from his vantage point and saw the need in her eyes. Becky had given into her lusts and now lay glassy-eyed and panting gently. He knew this look, although for him it had been some time since his wife had worn it. He also knew what that look meant.

Charlie lowered his face into the young woman's crotch and took a long, slow lick the full length of her dripping slit using the flat of his tongue.

"OhhhhGAAWD!!" Becky squealed as she arched her back and grabbed at his head, forcing it deeper into her wet pussy. Charlie settled in between the girl's legs and began to eat the sweet peach she offered up. His tongue slipped between her full tender lips and snaked its way deeper into the warm pink tunnel, lapping up her juices wherever he could find them.

Becky squirmed and wriggled and twisted, moaning like she was possessed, as his tongue sought out every drop of her nectar. Becky threw her head back and forth, her long curly hair whipping around like a blonde tornado.

"DAAAADEEE!! Becky screamed out as her pussy erupted, filling his mouth with sweet pussy juices. Charlie lapped them up as fast as he could, but he couldn't keep up with what she was generating and the overflow spilled out around his furious tongue, staining the couch cushion under her. Becky writhed and twisted as her orgasm took hold of her, wringing her like an old dishrag. When it finally passed, Becky lay panting and trembling on the sofa, her pussy leaking the last of its juices onto the soaked cushion.

Charlie let her rest just long enough to catch her breath. He didn't want her to cool off too much, as his cock was eager to get into the game as well. While she rested, he took off his pants and when she was able to, he helped her climb onto his lap again, this time though it wasn't just to cuddle.

Becky took his cock in her hand and was about to slip it inside when Charlie stopped her. "Becky honey are you..."

"What Daddy?" she asked.

"Are you a virgin, sweetie?" he asked.

"No, Daddy. I have had sex before a couple times. And I'm on the pill too so no need to worry 'bout that either," she said. And then she pointed the tip of his cock at her opening and slowly eased it inside her. Becky slowly slid down his hard, thick cock, cooing and mewling her delight as she felt it fill her and stretch her tight pussy. She slid down further and further until she was sitting completely on his legs, his cock buried to the hilt inside the tight warm hole.

"Ohh, Daddy, you are so big in my little girl pussy!" she said.

"You like how Daddy feels inside you?" he asked.

"Mmmhmm..." she said. Becky started to rotate her hips and grind on his lap as she felt him moving around inside her.

"Want to go for a horsey ride sweetie?" he asked, wanting her to bounce up and down on his lap.

Becky knew exactly what he meant. "Horsey ride! Horsey ride!" she squealed, happily clapping her hands. She began to bounce up and down on his lap, his cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy. Becky closed her eyes and gave herself over to the feeling of Charlie's hard cock pumping in and out of her. He reached up and began playing with her tender nipples, rolling the hard little buds between his fingers and tugging playfully at them.

Becky moaned as she felt herself climbing Orgasm Mountain again. She reached down with one hand and toyed with her clit, rubbing the swollen button with her fingers as it brought her higher and higher.

"Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck my little pussy! Ohh, God, you feel so good..." she whimpered.

Becky's tight hole felt pretty damn good to him as well. Charlie had forgotten all about his bitch of a wife and the fact that Becky was half his age. All he knew now was this beautiful young woman wanted him and she felt so fucking good on his neglected cock!

Becky bounced up and down on his hard, happy cock until she once more felt herself about to cum. "Oh, Daddy! Fuck me! I'm gonna cum, Daddy, I'm gonna CUUUMMM... OHH GAAAWDD!!" Charlie felt the warm rush as she came all over his cock, her pussy walls clamping down even harder on him. She held his cock in her vise-like pussy as she kept bouncing, rubbing her walls on his cock and drawing out her delicious orgasm.

Charlie felt his own orgasm rising and just as hers passed, his took over. He pulled the young girl close, holding her tightly and pressing down on her, shoving his cock as deep as he could get it before exploding, pumping her full of his hot sticky cum. He pumped several large spurts into her - having not had sex in a long time, he had quite a load built up, which he gratefully gave her.

When he had finally emptied his balls into the young girl's welcoming pussy, he laid back against the back of the sofa exhausted. Becky smiled and slipped off his lap, kneeling before him and gently sucked the last drops of his cum from him, licking him clean afterward. When he was spotlessly clean, she crawled back into his lap and laid her head on his shoulder. Charlie wrapped his arms around her and she cuddled into his chest happily.

"Charlie, can I... um..." she started to say but stopped partway.

"What is it, Becky?" Charlie asked, encouraging her.

"Well, I was wondering... can I be your little girl all the time?" she said softly. She looked down as she spoke as if she was afraid of what he would say.

"You mean you want me to be your Daddy again?" he asked.

"Yes... I told you that since my father left us when I was little, I have had kind of a Daddy thing. I asked one of my boyfriends, but he thought I was weird or perverted or something. I just like being someone's little girl. I can't explain it but I..."

"I would be happy to be your Daddy Becky," he said, cutting her off in mid-sentence.

"Really? You would? Oh, Charlie... I mean Daddy!" she said, hugging him and kissing his face all over.

"One thing though, this is only between us - your mother can never know and Cindy can never know. This will just be our secret, okay? We can play when we are alone, but when your mother is home and Cindy is home we are just neighbors and friends, understand?" he said.

"Yes, Daddy. Oh, I am so happy!" she cried.

Charlie and Becky Ann kept their "relationship" a secret for the next two years. By then Charlie's marriage was all but over, and he and Cindy got an uncontested divorce. Cindy moved away and started a new life in another state, leaving Charlie to live in Lake Park by himself.

One day, Becky came over to Charlie's house in tears. "What is it, Becky? What's wrong?" he asked.

"It's my Grammy... she's really sick. Mama is going to see her, but... it doesn't look good. Oh, Charlie, I don't want to go see her like that! I want to remember her like the last time I saw her. Mama says I don't have to go, but I don't want to be alone!" she sobbed.

"Don't worry honey, you won't be alone. You can come stay here with me while your mom is gone," he said, holding her.

"I was hoping you would say that. Thank you, Charlie, Mama will feel better knowing that you are near as well - although she doesn't know about you and me, she still likes to have an adult around," Becky said.

"Well you are 19 years old now, Becky... that is an adult," he said.

"Not to Mama! To Mama, I won't be an adult until I'm 30 years old!" she said, smiling.

"Well, I can understand that... I don't want to think of you as an adult either - you will always be my little girl!" he said with a wink.

"I'm glad of that... Daddy," she said.

So Becky Ann's mom went to Atlanta and Becky came to stay with Charlie while she was gone. A couple weeks after she left, Becky got the phone call that she was dreading - her Grammy passed away and Becky's mama said she had to stay in Atlanta for a couple more weeks to help Aunt Clara with the arrangements. Becky was fine with that - she had her job and she had her "Daddy" to look after her. She was happy just staying in Lake Park with Charlie.

It was another three weeks before Becky's mom came home. And when she did, she brought an announcement with her. "Becky dear, we are moving to Atlanta to live with your Aunt Clara. The house is too much for her to care for alone and I don't like her being by herself anyway. So at the end of the month, we will be leaving Lake Park. You need to turn in your two-week notice at work and get your things packed. I will call the movers in a couple days to have them get ready to move us."

Becky was stunned. "But Mama, I can't move! I... I have a life and a good job here! I don't know anyone in Atlanta, and I would have to start all over! I don't want to move!" she said, alarmed.

"Becky, I can't leave you alone here in Lake Park. You have to come with me. You will make new friends and find a new job," her mama said.

"Mama, I... I have someone here. I don't want to go. I'm an adult now and I'm staying here. I love you Mama, but I am staying in Lake Park," Becky said.

"What do you mean you have someone? You mean a boyfriend? Who is he? Why haven't I met him?" she asked.

"Well, you kinda have met him. It's... it's Mr. Wilson. Charlie Wilson, next door," she said.

"WHAT?" mama said incredulously.

"That's right. We have been seeing each other for a long time and I love him. And he loves me too. So I am staying here and moving in with him," Becky said.

"Don't be ridiculous! He is twice your age!" she said.

"I don't care! I love him and he loves me. That's all that matters!" she said.

Becky and Mama argued and discussed the whole matter for a couple more hours. Mama wasn't real happy with the way things were between Becky and Charlie but she also knew her daughter was set on this. And Becky was her mother's daughter!

Finally, mama said "Okay, Becky. I know your mind is set on this. Bring Mr. Wilson over tonight after dinner. I want to talk to him directly about all this!"

That night, Becky called Charlie and asked him to come over. Mama had told her not to say anything about why he was coming over - she wanted to hit him square with this matter unawares to see his reaction. That way she would know the truth without any preparation and rehearsal.

Charlie came over and just as mama planned she dropped the news square in his lap. "Mr. Wilson, my daughter tells me that you and her have been seeing each other for some time now. I would like your side of the story," she said.

Charlie looked shocked when she dropped the bomb. He looked over to Becky, then looked back at her. "Ms. Andrews, it's true. Becky and I have been seeing each other. I won't deny it. It started out innocently - I came over to help her one day get your lawnmower started. This was back when you went to Atlanta the first time a couple years ago. I don't know... we just started talking and the next thing you know we were... well anyway, after that we just started seeing each other. I care for your daughter very much."

"Becky here says that she loves you," Ms. Andrews said.

"Well, I love her as well. Yes, our ages are a good stretch apart, but when two people care about each other, does age really matter so much? Isn't it enough that she loves me and I love her? Love is hard enough to find in this world as it is... we shouldn't make it harder by putting limits on it.

"Ms. Andrews, you have known me for a long time and you know that I am a good man. I have nothing but your daughter's best interests at heart. If I thought for a second that this would hurt her in any way, I would put a stop to it myself. My marriage to Cindy was not a good one - it hadn't been for a long time. But with Becky here, I found the love I had been missing with her. And she has found love with me as well. That is what we all want. To love and to be loved," he said, looking her straight in the eye.

Ms. Andrews listened and as he talked, her resolve on the issue softened. She did want Becky to be happy and this man - although considerably older than she would have liked - did seem to genuinely care about Becky. Ms. Andrews knew something about loss and love having had Becky's father run out on her. She didn't want Becky growing up alone like that.

"Mr. Wilson... Charlie... I understand what you are saying and I know how my Becky feels about you. It's not the way I wanted it to work out, but at least I know that she will be looked after and not by some screwball kid who will decide tomorrow that he wants to be a rock musician or something! She has a job that she loves, and you obviously have the means to provide for her. I guess if you two want to be together, I can't stand in the way. She is legally an adult and can make up her own mind," Ms. Andrews said.

"Thank you, Ms. Andrews," Charlie said.

"Becky, can you go see if I left my glasses in the bedroom, honey?" Ms. Andrews said. Becky went off to look for her glasses.

"Now that she's out of the room, Mr. Wilson, please, please don't hurt my little girl. She has been hurt enough by the men in her life. Her father leaving her alone and the couple of boys that she has tried to get close to. She does love you, I can see that in her. I just hope you love her that much in return," she said.

"Ms. Andrews, I swear to you, I do not now, nor in the future, ever plan on hurting your daughter. My feelings for Becky are real and are honest. She may be new to this whole love thing, but I am not. Becky has my whole heart for as long as she wants it. And I do not plan on letting you and her drift apart either. Atlanta is only three and a half hours away and we can drive up there and visit once in awhile so you two can see each other. I want to be a part of this family, not tear it apart," he said.

"Now that makes me feel a lot better, Charlie," she said, smiling.

And so the day came that Ms. Andrews got ready to move to Atlanta to live with her sister. Becky and her Mama said a tearful, but happy, goodbye and Charlie promised that they would come up and see her real soon. He kept his word too, as a couple months later they went up and made a weekend visit.

Charlie and Becky lived happily in Lake Park and continued their Daddy/little girl relationship, only now they didn't have to be so secretive. They didn't flaunt it in public, but they didn't have to sneak around either. They were happy and lived that way for many years to come.



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