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Boy's School Dormitory Delight

Boy's School Dormitory Delight

A long-cherished fantasy is made real in a boy's boarding school dormitory.

It had taken some effort to set up, but the adventure was all arranged for that very night. I was nervous as the car drove through the English countryside towards what I hoped would be the achievement of a long-cherished fantasy. I had dreamed of this, fantasized over this, for many years. Now, at the age of fifty, I was hoping to make it real. I just hoped I was not too old for it.

We arrived at Saint Barnaby's School for Boys in the late afternoon, while the boys were all still at lessons. The teacher who was helping us met us in the car park and hurried us inside the school and into his office. Basically, we had bribed him. I had told him what I wanted, and he had agreed to help in return for an hour with me once I had finished. Naturally, I had agreed.

"Do you not think I may be too old," I asked him, almost afraid of the answer, "after all, I am fifty. The boys are seventeen or eighteen."

"Marie," he told me, "I am having trouble accepting you as fifty, you do not look it."

Oh, I liked this man. I tried to look suitably modest.

"I do not think either you or they will have any problem regarding your age," he went on, "besides which, as I recall from my own youth, at that age any sexy female looks fantastic."

I was not sure if that lessened the earlier compliment.

"Now, if you follow me," he said, standing and going to the door, "I will show you to the boys' dormitory."

We followed him. I say "we", I neglected to mention them. I had two friends helping me set it up, two brothers, Colin and Brian, with whom I had enjoyed many sexy threesomes over the years. They brought up the rear as we mounted the stairs, carrying the bags with the equipment.

Once in the dorm, we looked around. A long room, eight beds along each wall, with gaps between the beds and bedside cabinets and lockers against the wall taking up space in the gaps. I chose two beds halfway along one wall, and we cleared the locker and cabinet from between them and moved the two beds together.

Colin found a suitable beam on the ceiling and fitted a small object to it, hidden in the shadows. Then he moved around, fitting similar objects to two other spots on the ceiling and stuck a couple of devices to the wall behind the beds.

"The boys will be going to dinner soon," the teacher, James, told me, "after that, they get two hours of prep, followed by free time in their common rooms until bedtime."

I looked at James, slightly confused.

"Prep?" I asked, "what is that?"

"Of course, sorry," James apologized, "Prep is preparatory work, what would be termed as homework if you like."

"And are they allowed in here at any time," I asked, "I would rather nobody know until the right time."

"Quite, There is no need to worry," he assured me, "it is strictly forbidden for any boys to be in here until bedtime. Once they come up, I give them fifteen minutes to get in bed, then do my room checks to make sure everyone is settled down for the night. Tonight, of course, my room check will be somewhat perfunctory."

He laughed, and I joined in.

"So if I get back here for around eight-thirty, I will have plenty of time to get ready?" I asked him.

"Oh certainly," he assured me, "the boys in this room, indeed in this wing, are among the older ones, most are seventeen. They come up at ten."

"Then we have plenty of time to go grab a decent meal," I told the brothers, "hungry?"

"Only if you are paying," Colin laughed.

As it was, we were back around eight-forty, and again, James led us up to the dorm. I went to the bathroom, while the brothers put new king-sized sheets onto the bed, along with a large mattress cover to give a more comfortable surface without that annoying gap between the two single mattresses.

Soft cords were attached to the four corners of the beds, and pillows were placed strategically, along with a selection of vibes, and even large feathers for tickling. When I came from the bathroom I was carrying my clothes, wearing a bathrobe to cover me.

With fifteen minutes to go, I was on the bed, wearing just a tiny bikini, with briefs fastened with a clip each side and halter-neck top with ribbon straps, The brothers tied my wrists and ankles as wide apart as they could, and I was finally ready to see if reality matched my favorite fantasy.

Colin told me, "We got three web-cams set up and two microphones, so anytime you want out, just yell my name and I will be here in moments. If you can't yell, nod or wave a hand at the camera up there."

I nodded my understanding, and after slipping a blindfold over my eyes, the two of them left. From the corridor outside the room, I could hear James addressing the group of boys when they came up the stairs.

"Boys, can I have your attention please?" he called, "tonight I am rather occupied, so I will not bother with the usual room check. I am sure I can trust you all to be quiet and to stay in the dorm, yes?"

"Yes, Sir," the boys chorused, "good night, Sir."

"Good night. boys," he told them, "and remember, keep quiet."

The boys started to come in, one of them saying, "Funny old bugger, what was all that about keeping quiet?"

The footsteps stopped suddenly as the boys in front saw me. Then I heard them coming forward slowly, shocked into silence.

"Oh wow," one exclaimed, "just look at that."

"God, that is so fuckable," another said, "you think old Wallace knew?"

"Of course he did, stupid," someone laughed, "why else tell us all that about keeping quiet?"

"Well, fuck knows what we did to deserve it, " one voice stated, "but tonight I aim to fuck my brains out with this gorgeous cunt. As for those tits, Oh God, they are perfect."

So much for my worries about being too old. From the comments, I was more than just acceptable. It was a while before any of them had the courage to actually touch me. Even then, it was all tentative, and not touching the areas covered by the bikini.

Finally, somebody said, "It is kind of like Christmas. We have a present that needs unwrapping before we can play with it." Murmurs of assent and the ribbon-ties were pulled loose, the tiny bikini top being slid from me. Then they found the clips at the sides of the briefs, and they were undone, and the flimsy scrap of fabric pulled away, letting the boys see their present, naked and spread out for them to enjoy.

Eventually, I felt a hand stroke my tits, teasing the nipple. I moaned softly to encourage them, and a mouth touched the tit, sucking the nipple before biting gently, forcing more moans from me.

"Hang on chaps," somebody called, "I just found this instruction sheet on the wall. 'For the use of all in this dormitory, to enjoy as they wish. No biting, no physical damage, condoms to be used-see bedside cabinet. Have fun. Signed, Marie.' That is all it says."

 "Well, thank you so much, Marie," somebody said, "what a dream come true."

Someone kissed me, hand wandering over me.

"So, Marie," he asked, "what are we allowed to do?"

 I smiled, "Anything you want," I told him, "I am not really in any position to stop you, am I?"

"What is with the blindfold?" he asked, "do you need it?"

"I thought it would help you at first if I was not watching you," I told him, "some of them might be shy until they get used to playing with me. It can come off when you think the time is right. You decide."

"Thanks, Marie," he murmured, "I am Richard, by the way. God, you are so sexy. Why are you doing this?"

"I have always wondered what it would be like to be helpless and enjoyed by a group of boys with maybe not a lot of sex experience," I admitted, "and to give you a wonderful memory for when you get old, like me."

"You are not old, you are stunning. I better go join in if I want my share of enjoying you," he laughed.

By now hands were wandering up my legs, teasing inside my thighs, but still avoiding my already wet pussy. Finally, one of them found the vibes that had been laid out for them to use.

"What are these for?" one asked, "where do they go?"

"In there, Dimmock," came the scathing reply, "between her legs."

I heard the buzz as one was turned on, then felt it being inexpertly applied to the wet slit. I squirmed, trying to get it more centered but could not move far enough.

"Is that hurting?" Richard asked quietly in my ear.

"No," I told them, "but they can either go inside me, and you slide it in and out, or you rub with it,  Anywhere on the body is nice, but it works best if you rub my clit with it. The clit is that little love button just at the top of the slit, see it?"

"Cool, thanks," he said, and the vibe stopped.

Moments later it started again, and this time slid smoothly into me. Oh God, that felt so good. I squirmed with pleasure, moaning softly to let them know I was enjoying it. Then the second vibe started buzzing and was being used to gently rub the erect clit. For novices, they were doing pretty good, the pressure was perfect, not too hard to hurt, but enough to really arouse me.

Together with the one pumping in and out of me, I was well on the way to a climax, and all the hands still touching and teasing me, with a lot of attention being paid to my nipples, were helping me get there even faster. Sure enough, I came for them, head back and screaming as quietly as I could as it hit me, then sinking back onto the bed, smiling ear to ear with satisfaction.

All movement from the boys had stopped as they watched me come. After a few moments, Richard was near my head again.

"Some want to know if you are okay," he informed me, "they never saw anything like that before."

I raised my voice so everyone could hear me. "That, boys, was a woman having a climax, some call it coming, like you do when you shoot your load," I told them, feeling like I was a teacher, "when you get it right, and the woman is stimulated in the right places, that is what happens, and the woman finds it just incredible, like I did just now."

More whispers, then Richard telling me, "They say does this mean you have finished now?"

I laughed softly. "No, lads, unlike men, women can come and come as often as they need to, or want to," I informed them, "so if you did that to me again, or even made love to me and made me come that way, I am not going to run out of climaxes, and will enjoy as many as I am given."

"Sounds like men got the shitty end of the stick," someone said.

I laughed again. "Wait until you know about periods, cramps, pregnancy and hormones before deciding that," I told him. "Now, is anyone going to enjoy me, or have you had enough?"

This provoked a few calls of denial, and I soon had three or four of them lying around me, all stroking, and teasing, watching how their touches made me react.

"So how would a man eat a woman?" Richard whispered in my ear, "I always wanted to try that."

"You get between my legs, and use your tongue to tease the clit, or nibble it but very gently. You can also probe inside with the tongue," I told him, "but always remember the clit is the most sensitive part, treat it gently but firmly."

A kiss on my cheek and a murmured, "Thanks. By the way, I think we can get rid of this now," and the blindfold was slipped off.

Once he had gone, someone else was there, nuzzling my ear, then moving down to nibble my neck, something that always turns me on incredibly. Someone else had been watching, because I had another set of teeth tormenting the other side of my neck, and they were driving me wild.

 A sensation across the soles of my feet told me somebody was trying out the feathers, and the little sods had immediately found one of my most ticklish parts.

"No boys," I called, "I am ticklish, I admit it. You don't need to prove it."

Needless to say, I was ignored, and the feathers tormented me, finding inside my legs were particularly sensitive, making me laugh helplessly. Not content with this, some others were exploring the rest of my body, and they quickly discovered how sensitive my ribs were, along with my inner thighs and under my arms. Apart from those teasing my feet, I soon had about eight pairs of hands torturing every sensitive area, and I was nearly hysterical with laughter, tears rolling down my face.

My whole body felt ultra-sensitive, so when somebody got between my legs and started to try out the pussy-eating technique that I had so recently told to Richard, it had an incredible effect on me. It was not hard to guess who it had to be, and he had clearly listened well, because he was turning me inside out with his tongue, and he was using fingers to tease the clit while he nuzzled and tongue-stroked my slit.

I was still laughing helplessly, my sides aching from laughing so hard, but he made me forget all that as he tongued me to another climax that had me screaming my enjoyment, and at least caused the ticklers to stop and watch me coming. Richard moved back to my head.

"That was fun," he told me, "I enjoyed that. And you look fantastic when you are coming."

"Richard, darling, you are never going to be short of girlfriends with that technique," I told him, "as for how I looked, wait until you see the view when I come while you are inside me, you will love how that feels."

He smiled broadly. "I will look forward to that."

One of them had found the condoms, pulling one onto his erect cock. I had to admit, considering his youth, he looked pretty impressive and my pussy twitched at the thought that it was going to be inside me very soon. The first of many I hoped. As he got between my legs, I felt something touch my cheek and turned to see Richard stood there, his erect cock near my face.

"Do you mind?" he asked, "I heard about this, always wondered if it was as good as they said."

"Richard, you don't need to ask," I told him, "I am yours to enjoy any way you want."

He smiled as I opened my mouth, letting his erection slide in, while at the other end my pussy was happily being filled with a nice solid cock. That one started lunging in and out fast. I shook my head, and Richard pulled out of my mouth.

"Boys," I called, "slowly, fast is not as good, take it nice and slow."

The cock between my legs resumed at a much better speed, and I turned back to Richard.

"Sorry, darling," I told him, "carry on."

He started again, and I gave him the attention he deserved as I was being fucked very nicely by the cock in my slit. I could see Richard trying to hold off coming, but I was merciless, and he could not stop himself shooting off into my mouth. I swallowed quickly, only losing a little that dripped out onto my chin. I carried on sucking Richard clean, as he stood trembling. Then he pulled away, bending to kiss me.

 "Thank you," he murmured, "You are incredible."

By now I was getting close, as my ravisher was pushing harder and faster, and I thrust up to meet his lunges. One of the boys was nibbling my nipples, and others were back at my neck, and I was coming, feeling the boy inside me stiffen, his cock twitching as he came deep inside me.

He collapsed on me, squirming his way up my body to kiss me.

"You are fucking awesome," he told me.

I smiled at the compliment, looking around and seeing others waiting with condoms in their hands and others stood near my head, hoping for oral sex. Very soon, both holes were filled again. Others had realized my hands were available and empty, so I had a cock in each hand, squeezing and wanking them to full hardness while they waited for their turn inside me. Once the ice had been broken, and the boys had watched me being fucked and face fucked, they all wanted to enjoy it.

Those waiting their turn amused themselves teasing and nibbling my tits, stroking my bottom and thighs, and basically touching anywhere they could reach, while mouth and pussy, as well as hands, welcomed a never-ending procession of eager erect cocks, all wanting to experience sex, and competing to see who could make me come loudest and longest.

By the time the last one had used me, the early participants were ready for second helpings, and I really was near to being fucked senseless. It was six in the morning when James came to see how things had gone and to untie me. The boys all insisted on giving me goodbye kisses, along with groping my boobs or bum, and James covered me in his Master's gown before leading me away.

Once in his rooms, he sat me in an armchair and offered me tea or coffee, an offer I gladly accepted. I used the bathroom while he was making the drinks, taking the time for a quick shower and going back to his room clad in just a towel that just managed to cover from my boobs to my bum.

He seemed to like what was still showing. The hot drink did much to revive me, so when he dropped broad hints about his "payment", I was ready to oblige him.

"As you enjoyed a long-cherished fantasy Marie," he said hesitantly, "I wonder if you would mind helping me to achieve one of mine, in a way?"

"How do you mean, James," I asked, "I will be happy to help you any way I can."

"It is a little embarrassing," he confessed, "but is that not the way with most fantasies?"

I nodded, not sure where this was going, but happy to wait until he got up the courage to tell me. He went to a cupboard, coming back with some clothes. He handed them to me.

"Would you mind wearing these for me?" he asked, blushing, "I know it is silly, but please?" I looked at them, seeing it was a naughty schoolgirl outfit. I slipped into the bathroom and put it on. A white school blouse cut short and just covering the boobs, a very short school skirt that almost reached my buttocks and white knee socks. A school tie completed the outfit.

I rejoined James, and his eyes almost popped out of his head as he saw how I looked.

"Oh My God!" he exclaimed, "I had no idea it would look so erotic, so...."

"Pornographic?" I suggested, laughing, "oh it does feel so very wicked."

I wriggled sensuously for him, feeling so naughty.

"How would you like me?" I asked, "anything special? I would imagine if you have had this fantasy for so long that you have had time to really add special extras to it."

He nodded guiltily, looking somewhat ashamed.

"That is fine, I told him, kissing him gently, "I added so much over the years to some of my fantasy scenarios, you would not believe it."

He looked relieved at my admission. He went to a small table covered with a long tablecloth, took the books off it, and removed the tablecloth, to reveal a typical old-fashioned school desk, but with some extras. He showed it off to me proudly yet almost as if expecting ridicule.

"It is very solid, and quite heavy," he explained, "I added some padding to the top, and straps low on each leg, as you can see."

 I looked at it carefully and smiled understandingly.

"So you want the naughty schoolgirl over the desk?" I asked, "it must be difficult having this fantasy but being at a boys' school, with no chance of achieving the fantasy."

He nodded, relieved that I seemed to understand.

 "That is exactly it," he admitted, "I am so glad you are willing to help me."

I bent over the desk, arms down one side, so he could fasten my wrists in the leather straps. Then stood with legs apart while my ankles were strapped in place. I knew the skirt had ridden up to expose my naked backside. As he stood from fastening me in place, his hands wandered over my bum, and I could feel him trembling as he stroked me.

"How are you with being spanked, Marie?" he asked diffidently, "is it allowed?"

I wriggled my bum. "I am not really in a position to refuse, am I?" I asked, laughing, "but thank you for asking. Yes, that is fine with me."

He went back to the cupboard, bringing out a broad leather paddle. Very nice, the wide ones spread the impact, sounding worse than they are but still stinging. He brought it down sharply on my bare bum, forcing a squeal of shock and some pain from me. He rubbed the bum cheeks gently, then smacked again. Another yell, and more soft caresses.

He was not holding back that much, and after eight smacks, I could feel my bottom tingling. The smacks and the caresses had started the wetness between my legs, and James rubbed a finger along my slit, feeling the moisture. He stood behind me, and I heard him undo his zip, then a pause.

"Just putting a condom on," he told me, "out of practice."

Then a cock slid smoothly into my soaking slit, hands reaching round to grab my tits as he plunged into me. Between the sexy costume, the spanking and the caressing of my bum, I was already so worked up, and he fucked me so smoothly and expertly that I was coming for him so quickly, enjoying his roughness as he impaled me fully, and waited while I trembled and twitched helplessly.

When he pulled out, I thought he had finished, but he was just changing targets, and I felt his cock covered in my own love-juices slide smoothly into my tight bum-hole. One hand moved to tease my clit, while he butt-fucked me hard and steadily to another climax.

This time, instead of stopping, he carried on, ignoring my trembling and squirming, taking me higher, and then really banging into me, giving me a real rough-fucking until I was screaming with pleasure, over and over until I felt his cock stop, twitching deep inside as he emptied himself into the condom.

I lay across the desk, wondering if I had ever felt so completely fucked as I did then. After I was untied and had changed into a bathrobe belonging to James, He told me that I was welcome to come back anytime I wanted to enjoy my fantasy again, or for help with any other fantasies, come to that. I might just take him up on that actually.

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