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Going to Prom With Kelly

Kelly is the belle of the ball and a fuck queen afterwards.

It was May of 1976. Kelly and I were going to prom, our first formal dance together.

From a sexual standpoint, the seventies were perhaps the greatest time in recent history to be a teenager. The pill existed, AIDS did not, women had burned their bras, the counterculture had loosened the nation’s morals, the drinking age was eighteen, cars were still large enough to fuck in, there was no such thing as a helicopter parent, and cops and parents alike believed that “they’re just being kids” was good enough reasoning to excuse nearly anyone caught in a sexual situation. It was a time when hormones could rage and you didn’t have to feel like the world was working against you.

One of the worst things about the mid-seventies was a dress designer (Jessica McClintock) who had a line of dresses called Gunne Sax. They were inspired by Victorian designs and were the hottest ticket in girls formal wear for a couple of years. They were all full-length dresses, many had high necklines, most had long sleeves. I will admit that the dresses were beautiful (and nearly every girl at prom for two years running wore one) but they did not score points for being sexy.

A month before prom, Kelly had made clear she was not available on the upcoming Saturday as she and her girlfriends were going dress shopping. What was most clear was that I was neither invited nor allowed to join them. Oh well. I resigned myself to knowing she would be wearing a pack-approved dress.

I do have to acknowledge from Kelly’s perspective, though, that she would be stuck with a lifetime of having to view photographs that included a tall skinny guy in a God-forsaken tux with a hideous powder-blue jacket and color-tipped ruffles down the front of the shirt.

Kelly and I made our very much not-of-today non-elaborate plans for prom: I bought tickets, made dinner reservations and ordered her flowers. She picked out my tux, bought shoes and bought a dress along with The Gang of Six. Kelly, Yvonne, Becca, Donna, Debbie, and Linda had been running as a pack for a number of years and they were pretty tight. Kelly and I were the first ones to be serious-dating and Kelly was the first to lose her virginity. As a result, the Pack, who generally liked me, kept a close eye on me to ensure I wouldn’t hurt a member of the sisterhood.

The day of prom arrived and I was on my way to pick up Kelly, suffer through a few photographs and then head to dinner. Let me just say upfront that Kelly’s mom was the living embodiment of a cool mom. She answered the door and invited me in, even though by that time, I was under orders to let myself in and act as though I was at home. Her brother was there. He grunted at me and then headed out to do what he always did: smoke pot with his gang of losers.

I heard Kelly clicking high heels down the hallway and she stepped into the small living room. Her mom was watching me watching Kelly and had a great laugh as my jaw literally dropped. Yes, it was a Gunne Sax dress. Yes, it was full-length and yes, it had long sleeves (although see-through). It also had a very low-cut scoop neckline which was split down the middle to the waist. The opening had some sort backing going up a few inches blocking the view but was then open for several inches to the top except for laces going back and forth. Kelly had very large boobs. She was wearing a 32DD bra back then. There was very much a boob show going on here and she looked amazing! I put flowers on Kelly’s wrist, she pinned a boutonniere on me, we took some quick pictures and I escorted her to the car.

As soon as we pulled away, she asked if I liked the dress (she had been listening to my grumbling about Gunne Sax weeks before. I knew better than to open my mouth after she had bought a dress). I told her the truth that I loved it and it was sexy as hell! Kelly shared that she wasn’t wearing a bra (which was not a surprise to me). None of their typical dresses would fit her boobs and she was thrilled to have found one that could hold hers. It also laced up in back and with a lot of help from her mom they figured out how to make it hold her boobs up high, show lots of cleavage down the open cut in the middle, and keep everything tight enough that it didn't look like she was obviously braless with tits flying everywhere when she would dance. I knew right then that her mom really did love me!

We had a party of twelve for dinner at an upscale restaurant in a neighboring town. All six couples drove separately. That was the normal thing to do. Every guy had plans for what would hopefully go on in his car later and no one wanted it goofed up by having to transport another couple. Kelly was immediately the center of attention. She was the prettiest of the gang. The other guys couldn’t stop drooling. Kelly was a petite five-feet-two inches and about a hundred and five pounds. Her dishwater blonde hair hung to her waist and she and her mom had spent hours putting it into long large and loose spirals. The dress was yellow and it made her blue eyes stand out even more. She looked like a sexy-as-hell princess. I was beaming.

We enjoyed a great meal and a couple glasses of wine (underage drinking for Prom was the original don’t ask, don’t tell in Wisconsin). On the drive to the school (yes, actual gymnasiums were where dances were held in the stone age), Kelly hiked her dress up to nearly her waist. I got to see her sexy high heels, her amazingly long legs, a sexy yellow garter on each thigh; very high on her leg just inches from her pussy. Hell, I nearly wrecked the car taking in the view. Then the point of her show, she slid her panties to the floor, stepped out of them and stored them in the glove box. My cock was so hard it ached. Kelly gave me a quick glimpse of her twat and I could see she had really trimmed her pussy hair. It was maybe just a quarter inch long. She pulled her dress back down and gave me the most devilish look I’d ever seen.

I must say that, without question, Kelly had the sexiest Gunne Sax dress of them all and our school was huge. There were nearly three hundred of us at the dance. From the very beginning of our relationship, I found other guys looking at Kelly to be a turn-on, not something to cause jealousy. It was the opposite for me, it caused pride that I was with her. Kelly and I had quickly got to a solid place in our relationship and she was also able to enjoy the attention without worry.

I was prepared for the other guys to be drooling at the sight of her boobs. What knocked me a bit, though, was the chaperones, male teachers and dads, that were also clearly and without embarrassment enjoying her boobs. My dick was at half-staff all evening. Nearly every guy had a flask in his pocket. I had been discreetly adding vodka to our punch glasses all evening.

Another one of our traditions was the girls wearing a garter and the guys getting their garter from them and then hanging it from your car’s rearview mirror. I planned to claim mine later while having fun in the back seat. But I also wasn’t clear why Kelly had worn two? I also knew better than to have asked.

We were taking a break sitting high up in the bleachers, where it was dark as night. It was getting close to the end of the dance. A buddy of mine, Mark, had brought a date mostly because he was a senior and had never been to a dance before and he really wanted to not leave school without that experience. Somehow, he had made a comment about not getting a garter that night. It was two people sharing a favor of going to the dance together but they didn’t share any feelings toward each other.

Kelly said, “you’ll never get a garter if you don’t go looking.”

Mark was sitting one bleacher below us and Kelly put her foot on his shoulder. Mark’s a puppy and looked confused. Kelly wiggled her foot. He tentatively put one hand on her ankle.

Kelly said, “I don’t keep them down there.”

He started to quickly reach toward her knee. Kelly yanked her leg back.

“Hey, I’m not giving them away. You gotta work for it!”

Mark turned around and sat facing her. Kelly placed her heel on his chest. He used two hands and slowly massaged her leg, working up a couple inches and then back to her ankle. A few minutes into it and Kelly asked him to remove her shoe and give her foot some love too. Kelly was really, really enjoying this. It was so dark and her dress was so full, I really had no idea what was going on under that dress. Neither of them was making any noise and the band was loud as hell. Mark had moved to sit right between her legs facing her from the lower bleacher and had removed her other shoe and had successfully massaged both legs to about mid-thigh and still hadn’t found a garter. Kelly had spread her knees. Mark worked further up her thigh. Kelly thought maybe he thought he was going to call her bluff and announce she wasn’t wearing a garter.

Every time Kelly had visited the ladies’ room that night, she hiked her garters right up into the creases between leg and torso. She didn’t have a plan for Mark, but she had a plan for her pussy. Just then he found one of her garters and inadvertently slipped the tips of several fingers into her dripping wet, steaming hot pussy. Mark yanked his hand back. Kelly waited. He eventually moved it back up. As his fingertips hit the same spot she pulled up a knee, spreading her gash wide open and clearly inviting him in. He slipped two then three fingers into her cunt and stroked her. Kelly came just a minute later. She had bit her hand to suppress her sounds. Mark used both hands to pull down a garter and proudly claimed his prize. Kelly gave him a big hug and a hot kiss as we headed down from the bleachers.

One of the best things about prom at our school was that they had an all-night party afterward and the party was not on lockdown. Breakfast was served at six a.m. and you could come and go as you pleased through the night. There was an hour or so between the end of prom and the start of the after-party. The thought was that you’d go home to change. Many, many folks brought their clothes with them and said they were changing at school (which was a real option as they had the locker rooms open).

Kelly and I had taken off in my huge Impala. There was a roadside park a few miles away that had a parking lot hidden from the road. There were three or four other cars already there. Everyone’s windows were fogged up. Kelly and I attacked each other with pure lust and were kissing away. I had slid to the middle of the seat and she had climbed onto my lap. Kelly was very tipsy and was a happy drunk. And when she was in that zone, she was horny as all hell. We took a quick break from kissing. I wanted those tits! And Kelly wanted them sucked on! She showed me how to help her unlace the front of the dress, she tugged the dress down and she hiked her boobs above the neckline. I was sucking them aggressively and Kelly was moaning away so much that it sounded like she might cum. She worked her arms out of the sleeves and had me open the back of the dress. She was naked from the waist up. Another car pulled in tp the parking lot. This dumbass had his headlights on and he fully lit up Kelly’s naked back.

Kelly hollered out loud, “Enjoy the view!”

After they parked Kelly sat in her seat and worked her way out of her dress. I was getting stripped down as fast as I could. Damn, there is a whole lot of crap to deal with getting out of a tux! I was naked except for my shirt. Kelly was naked. Another idiot with the headlights on rolled in. They had a pretty amazing view of Kelly and her tits. Especially since Kelly had hefted them up, bounced them around and again hollered, “Enjoy the view!” Of course, my car windows were rolled up, but that wasn’t the point.

Kelly then hopped into the back seat. I hopped onto Kelly! She was laying down on the seat, wearing nothing but a garter on her thigh. She lifted her knees as I laid on her. My cock was so hard it really did ache. It had been semi-hard for most of the past four or five hours that night. Kelly grabbed my dick and aimed it at her wet hole. Her pussy had been dripping all evening. I plunged in and the amazing feeling of being in her took my breath away for a moment. It didn’t take long to bring Kelly to orgasm. After she came, she asked me to roll over. Of course, I complied and Kelly sat down on me cowgirl style. She wasn’t bouncing on me like she normally would. She was just sitting there enjoying my cock in her. We had a moment and told each other how much we loved each other and how much we enjoyed being able to express that love physically.

We did not want that moment to end and we prolonged our fucking. Eventually, though, the naughty bits always take over and that tender moment ended with me slamming my ass up and down off of the seat into her cunt as hard as I could while she screamed out orgasm after orgasm. I hadn’t cum in days and I filled her with an absolute flood of cum. Kelly usually plays catch and release with my load. She had one hand holding a gallon of cum in her twat as best she could while she pulled the door handle with the other and jumped out of the car and squatted. She ejected my load and then pissed a river in the gravel.

Kelly was loaded enough that she didn’t notice the guy from the car next to us was also out of his car and had been peeing, standing back by his trunk. After he finished he stayed put and watched Kelly do her business from the rear view. Once she stood up, he came around the car, making some noise in the gravel so as to not startle her. Kelly turned and looked at him. He was also buck naked. They just stood there for a moment each enjoying the view. Kelly said he was good looking and his cock was limp when they first locked eyes but it grew fast.

He whispered to Kelly, “Fuck, you’re beautiful!”

“Thank you!” was her standard reply for compliments.

They were on their own little planet. I’m sure he had been drinking as well. Kelly cupped her boobs for him. His cock was fully hard and aiming upward. They had each taken a half-step toward each other. My car door was open and I could see the whole thing. I got up on my elbows for a better view. Kelly bobbled her boobs at him, inviting him to suck them and he complied. I heard her moan. She moaned again when he put a hand on her mound and moved into her slit with a finger. He moaned when Kelly grasped his cock and started to slowly stroke him.

Kelly had a moment of sanity and she asked him about his presumed girlfriend in the car.

“She’s drunk and passed out. She passed out on the drive here.”

“You poor boy!” said Kelly.

He slipped more fingers into her cunt and held her tight as he fingered her to an orgasm. Kelly dropped to a squatting position and deep-throated his cock. She didn’t let up for even a heartbeat. Five minutes later, his hands were wrapped around her head and he held her face tight to his groin cumming deep into her throat. When he let loose of her Kelly was sputtering. He helped her to stand up.

“Fuck! That’s the best blow job I’ve ever had!” he exclaimed.

Then more quietly he asked if she was involved. Kelly shared that yes, she was, he had been incredibly lucky, and he needed to find a new girlfriend that knew how to suck a cock. He expressed doubts of ever finding one as good as her. They had a full body naked hug that lasted way too long with a sloppy French kiss and hands crawling all over each other’s body.

He nibbled her ear and asked if he could bend her over the trunk and fuck her. Kelly had to take a deep breath. She was drunk, horny and fucking another cock sounded very, very tempting. But she made the decision to tell him that that wasn’t the night. He climbed into his car and Kelly climbed into ours and closed our car door. She was thrilled to see my cock standing at full attention and climbed right on top of me and sat on it.

She apologized for blowing that guy. Her story was that he was pretty good looking and his cock was hard and he sucked her nipples and then he made her cum and she felt like she needed to return a favor and his girl was passed out and she was sure, just like me, he had been needing to cum all night and she couldn’t send him away with his nuts so full that he may go crazy, but she didn’t think it would be right to fuck him and his cock looked really, really nice and was kind of long and she wanted to feel it in her mouth and he tasted pretty good and then he held her head down on his dick and came in her throat and she could hardly breathe but she loves taking a load that way, and… Kelly could really get going sometimes! I assured her that, under the circumstances, she did the right thing.

I moved Kelly and she was on all fours on the bench seat as I fucked her from behind. She loved that position and came quickly and loudly. There was a rap on the window Kelly was facing. We were confused and kept fucking. Then a second, louder rap. I stopped fucking and Kelly rolled down the window. It was the guy she blew. Okay, I was about to get pissed.

He said, “My girlfriend is awake and I couldn’t get it up for her, so I had to tell her what happened. I fucked up and said that you were the best BJ ever. Now we’re into a whole thing about what is she doing wrong and she’s drunk and crying her eyes out and I don’t want to break up with her. I really do love her. So, she says she wants to talk to you to find out what you do so she can get better. Can she come to talk to you?”

My brain said, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? And then I heard Kelly say, “Sure, send her over.”

Kelly popped her ass into my groin. I pulled out and sat down. Kelly sat next to me and this sobbing girl climbed in next to us. She was still wearing her prom dress. My cock was stiff, throbbing and slicked with Kelly’s juices. Kelly looked at the dude, who was standing outside of our car, and said, “Go away.” He closed the door and did as he was told. Kelly got this chick to calm down and then asked what is it that she wanted? “I want to be better at sucking his thing” was her response.

For the next ten minutes, Kelly talks to this girl trying to find out what she can do and how she does it. It’s a hard topic to just talk about. Out of frustration, Kelly told me to trade places with her and then told the chick to bend over and suck my cock. The girl started to freak out. Kelly said if want to be better you have to prove you can do it. She looked at me with a faint smile, bent over and sucked my limp cock into her mouth.

Over the next twenty minutes, Kelly and I walked this girl through how to suck a cock. The biggest hurdle was Kelly getting her to understand how to open her throat. Once she got that down it was a cake walk. By then my cock was aching again. Kelly said, “final lesson, make him cum and swallow all of it.” By now she was really into it and proud of what she learned. I had to say, she wasn’t Kelly, but she was no slouch either. She sucked me and stroked me and played with my balls and deep-throated me and took me over the finish line. I knew her boyfriend would hold her head down, so I did the same and then let loose in her throat. She sat up, opened her mouth and showed us my load then swallowed it down. She gave each of us a kiss and skittered off to her car.

Kelly and I just looked at each other like “Did that actually just happen?” I pulled on jeans and a T-shirt and climbed into the front seat. Kelly had one of her pairs of worn out bell-bottom hippie jeans that were covered in patches and had plenty more places that needed them. On top, she had a dark blue T-shirt with a generic athletic number on it. She figured with a dark color she could get away without wearing a bra. She asked for her panties from the glovebox. Jeans without panties didn’t work for her. Her slit is too open and jeans rubbing her clit actually hurts after a couple of minutes.

We headed for the auditorium to watch the movie, Bullitt. Greatest chase scene ever filmed! There was no one within a half-dozen seats from us so I had my hand under Kelly’s shirt working over her nipples. When the movie was over and we headed out her nipples were trying to bust through her T-shirt and could've been seen by anyone who looked. Although she was not at all the only girl in that situation. Probably one out of four girls were without a bra that night. Several girls (with smaller boobs) were wearing 1970’s tube tops showing off their nipples and you could see faint areolae showing through. It was a regular high beam show at the party and I loved it!

We were walking along a hallway when a girl came out of the classroom where they were playing games of some sort. She let out a little squeal and hugged Kelly. It was her blowjob student. She thanked us again and said, “He was very happy with what I gave him.” She went back to her games. I had to pee and as I walked into the restroom, a guy walked out who I was pretty sure was the guy who had gotten blown twice so far that night. When I came out he was talking to Kelly and skittered away when I arrived. He thanked Kelly for him getting blown that night. He said his girlfriend was much better than before, but no comparison to Kelly and was there any way in the world that they could slip away for a fuck? Kelly turned him down again, for then. His fantasy was fulfilled months later.

We hung out in the cafeteria and Kelly got caught up with the Gang of Six. I heard the group of them shriek loudly and I figured Kelly was giving them all of the details. We had breakfast soon after that and I had her home by six-thirty.

We knew her folks wouldn’t be up until at least eight so we quietly let ourselves in and sat on the couch. Kelly pulled off her T-shirt, unzipped me and sucked my cock as I played with her boobs. She literally had a mouthful of cock as her brother wandered down the hall and went into the bathroom for a thunderous piss. Neither of us had heard him come upstairs. He had his back to us heading to the bathroom, but would have a full view as he came back down the hall. Kelly was attacking my dick and I was so close. I heard the toilet flush and the door open. I don’t think Kelly had heard him, nor had any idea he was upstairs. I had hit that special feeling seconds ago. There was nothing to do at that point. My cum was working its way up my shaft and into his sister’s mouth.

At first, he was surprised to see me. Then he saw his sister’s head in my crotch and did the quick math. Again, he stopped and watched for a moment. I let out a soft groan as the first stream exploded out. Kelly didn’t know he was watching and after I finished had popped her head up to show me a mouthful of cum. I gave her the eye glance to look that way. She turned with her mouth still open and saw her brother. She gulped down my load. He stared at her tits. “How was prom?” he asked. My hard cock was still dripping cum. Kelly told him that we had a lot of fun. “Yeah, it looks like you did.” He watched her boobs for a few more seconds then went downstairs. She had sat upright as she spoke to him. The net effect was giving him a perfect view of her tits. I couldn’t help but notice how hard Kelly’s nipples were as he walked away.

Her brother had caught us mid-fuck a few weeks ago when he came home stoned and stopped and stared right at our junk as we fucked. We were too close to cumming when he walked in and didn’t stop fucking or try to cover up. He just stood and watched his sister’s cunt being nailed for far too long. It was almost like a standoff of who would come to their senses first. He finally decided to move on. He wasn’t but ten feet away, just stepping into the kitchen when Kelly and I both came hard. She bit her lip and let out a deep moan. After we finished our orgasms we heard him then head down the stairs. Weeks later Kelly found out that he had shared excruciating details describing her cunt and orgasm to his stoner buddies.

I was truly exhausted and needed to go home and sleep. Kelly and I got dressed and kissed goodnight. As I was driving home it dawned on me that when her brother caught us fucking Kelly was laying back on my chest and her tits were laying off to the sides of her torso, part of the hell of huge natural boobs. He had described her cunt to his buddies but not her boobs because he really didn’t have a good look. Sitting up as she was that morning was his first perfect look at how big her boobs really were. I was sure that by that night his stoner buddies would have a detailed description of her boobs and hard nipples too.




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