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Pastor Love

Pastor Love

The new Pastor takes on an assistant in the office

My name is Will Kane, and I'm a Minister by trade. I happened upon this job shortly after my wife of seven years decided to leave me. Why exactly, I was never told, but I suspect her affair with the wife of a church elder had a lot to do with it. Normally, the candidate for a small town pastorship would have a wife, perhaps a couple of kids and maybe, even a pet beagle. But not me. The fact that I even got a second look surprised even myself. I don't know exactly what I said or did to the members of the search committee, but, whatever it was, it landed me the job as the Minister of the First Reformed Church of Hadleyville. It wasn't a very challenging job, but I needed the work, so I took to it right away and had gained the trust of the regular attendees.

Janie's parents came to me with a problem last May. That problem being their rebellious daughter. They had lost control of their eighteen year old and came to me, their Pastor, for advice, a solution, anything that would help smoothe their relationship with the young redhead. I agreed to talk to her, but promised nothing. They seemed so relieved, intent on believing that I, a mere mortal man, could drive the devil from within poor Janie, delivering her back to her parents, all virginal and innocent. 

After a Sunday service, I approached the girl, asking how she had enjoyed the sermon, knowing full well that she had all but nodded off. "I guess it was OK." she said, sensing that I knew damned well she hadn't heard more that five words.

"Is there anything I could do to make my sermons a little more relevant, do you think.?"

"Ummm, I...I... don't know," she stammered.

"Think on it, will you?" I said. "You can stop by my office anytime, and we can talk about it."


Two days later, I was at the local Food Lion, picking up some groceries. After all, a man's got to eat and the refrigerator won't fill itself.  I saw Janie over by the frozen foods. She appeared to be waiting for somebody. As I approached, a young man walked up to her. She threw her arms around him and laid a big, wet, sloppy, lingering kiss on him. He kissed back, just as ardently, his hands cupping her behind, pulling her tight against him. Janie responded by rubbing herself against the boy. I watched as this public display of affection went on for a short while. This must have something to do with her parents loss of control, I thought. I assumed that they didn't approve of this particular lad and didn't want him corrupting their virgin daughter.

I continued my approach. "Hello Janie!" I said, casually.

Breaking their clench, quite embarrassed at getting caught, Janie turned, blushing, as her 'boyfriend' retreated. "Oh...hello Reverend."

"I was wondering if you could stop by on Thursday. I'd like to get your feelings about my sermons. See you then. Okay?"

"" she stammered.

Smiling, I repeated, "See you Thursday," adding, "He's just around the corner." I gave her a conspiratorial wink and went on my way.


Janie showed up Thursday just shy of lunchtime. I invited her into my study, asking her to sit opposite my desk.

"The reason I asked you here, Janie, has absolutely nothing to do with sermons.. You see, your parents asked me to talk to you. I'll save my sermons for Sunday. Truth is, Mrs. Macklin is retiring, and I need someone to run the office."

"Well, I don't have any experience. Why me?"

"Why not you. The work isn't rocket science. How about it?"

"I guess so."

"Great. Can you start tomorrow?"

"Well, sure!"

"Now, getting back to your parents concerns, I assume it has to do with the young man I saw you with at the grocery store."

"I guess. They don't like him."

"And why is that?" I asked, as I stood up, walking behind her chair.

"They don't think he's right for me."

"Again, why?"

"He's not good enough!  As my dad says, he works with his hands, not his brain. Plus, they think he's gonna corrupt me."

"And is he?" I asked. "Please be honest. Anything we do or say won't go beyond these walls."

She looked up, smiling nervously, and answered, "Too late!"

I smiled back as my hands dropped to her shoulders. "Relax, Janie. I'm not here to judge you." I started to massage her shoulders. "How far have you gone with him?"

"Well, I...I ...don't know if I should say."

My hands gently kneaded her shoilders. "I assume you are well past the copping a feel stage. Judging from the clench I witnessed the day before yesterday."

"Well, umm....I guess so."

"I take it, you are no longer a virgin." No answer, just a Mona Lisa smile. "Did he, at least make you cum?" She looked up at me, surprised at the bluntness of  my question. "Sex is a two way street, Janie. You should get as good as you give. Does he, at least give you some pleasure?""

"I....I....never thought of it like that. Yeah, I guess he does. Sometimes."

"But not like you give him?" Before she could answer, I lifted my hands from her shoulders. "Well, thanks for stopping by. See you tomorrow. 9 to 5."


9 AM sharp, Janie walked into the office wearing a white blouse and a conservative skirt that fell below her knees. We went over her duties: answering the phone, keeping my calendar, filing. Like I had said,  it wasn't rocket science.  She picked it up rather quickly, deftly handling the phone duties and the filing. In between, we had several conversations, some personal, some, not. But it seemed to create a bond between us. I had to admit, it was nice having young eye candy around, even if I was a church official. More than once, I caught myself staring at her while she worked, wondering what she looked like under her proper clothes. I scolded myself on more than one occasion for my 'impure thoughts'. The rest of the week went by in a flash. Friday at 5 arrived and Janie got up from her desk.

"See you Sunday, Reverend."

"See you Sunday, Janie. And, here in the office, call me Will. Out in public, Rev. works just fine."

With a conspiratorial wink, she replied, "Okay Rev."


Monday came and Janie showed up right on time, but her normally chipper demeanor was obviously missing. "Janie, what's wrong?"

"I broke up with Rob. My parents are gonna be thrilled, and I'm miserable."

"So, tell me what happened.?"

"I caught him out with another girl. When I confronted him, he told me that she was more willing and able to satisfy his 'needs' than I was."

Sensing there was more to the story, I said, "Go on..."

"When I asked him about my 'needs', he just laughed. I told him what you said, you know, about sex being a two way street. Give and take, you know? He said I was right, I give, he takes."

She was on the verge of tears, so I gave her a hug, enfolding her in my arms, feeling her breasts against my chest. I could swear she was also pressing her pelvis against mine!

"It's OK Janie. Better you find out how much of a schmuck he is now, than after you've invested a lot of time, effort and emotion in a losing battle." I pulled away slightly, afraid that my raging hard-on would be felt. Too late! Janie grabbed my tie and pulled me back to her, planting a wet kiss on my mouth. "Janie! What the..."

She interrupted, "I have needs!" She had that Mona Lisa smile on her face, but her eyes were smoldering. "Can you satisfy them?" She pulled on the tie again, kissing me hungrily, while her free hand cupped my trouser covered erection. "I'll bet you do too! And I think I can satisfy them!"

For the moment, I forgot my position in the community. It had been several months since I'd been with a woman and my primal urges took over. I started to unbutton her blouse, kissing my way down from her lips to her chin, to her neck, to her exposed teenage cleavage. She cradled my head in her hands as I kissed the swell of her breasts uncovered by her bra. She reached around behind and unsnapped the bra clasps, uncovering her small, but full breasts. "They're kind of small. Sorry," she whispered, shrugging her blouse and bra off with one quick motion.

"Don't apologize," I said as I kissed her left nipple, "They're perfect!"

I kissed the other one, rolling my tongue around in ever widening circles.She let out a moan as I sucked the nipple deeper into my mouth, my teeth gently grazing the sensitive nub. Cupping my hands under her butt cheeks. I lifted her onto my desk. Kneeling in front of her, looking up her skirt, I separated her thighs.

"What... what are you doing Reverend?" she asked. I flipped up her skirt and pushed my face into the warm cotton panties, rubbing her through the material with my nose.

"I'm about to satisfy your needs, Janie." I pulled her panties aside and licked.

She gasped, opening her legs wider. "No one has ever done that before! Oooh! That feels good!"

Drilling my tongue deep into the folds of her young cunt, I tasted her for the first time.

She clamped her thighs around my head, rocking her hips, her hands grabbing fists full of my hair. "Ohhhh! Fuuuck!" Realizing what she had just said, she apologized.

Lifting my juice soaked face, I said, "You can say anything that you want, as long as it isn't 'stop'."

Pulling my head back into her, she answered, "No chance of that!"

I flicked my tongue over her clit as my nose combed through her wild red bush, taking in her scent. Her grip on my head tightened "Oh Fuck! Oh shit! Feels so good!" she moaned. "I think...I think I'm gonna....cum!"

My  left hand reached between her thighs, finding its way to her entrance. The other went directly for her breasts, caressing, cupping, lightly pinching and pulling. My middle finger found her slit like a magnet to steel, sliding in easily. I twisted my palm upward, curling my finger against the warm, wet spongy flesh of her teenage cunt. Between my fingers and my tongue, I had her thrashing on my desk, papers flying every which way. I was determined to get her off! Suddenly, she went rigid, her fingers digging into my scalp, her heels pushing into my back. her back arched, trying to feed me more of her spasming pussy. Just as suddenly, she relaxed before trying to push me away.

"Too much! Too much!"

I relaxed my grip on her breast as I pulled away from her ravaged cunt, replacing her panties as I stood over her."Did I satisfy your needs, Janie?"

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