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Prom Night

Chris stood outside the bedroom for a minute before he decided to knock on the door. He was greeted with a shriek from his stepsister inside.

“Is Brandon here already? I’m not ready!” Tory panicked as she scrambled to finish up her makeup.

Chris cracked open the door a little bit before stepping in, “Calm down! It’s just me,” he said then entered the cluttered room of his seventeen-year-old stepsister. Tory was sitting at her desk with a whole beauty store worth of makeup laid out in front of her.

“Fuck! Chris, you freaked me out!” Tory said as she turned back to her mirror and applied more mascara.

“Is this what you’re wearing to prom?” he asked pointing to her dress that laid across her unmade bed.

“Yes! Isn’t it hot!” Tory stated in reference to the short body-hugging red sequin dress.

“And your mom is okay with you wearing this out?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Um, yeah, obviously,” Tory said with a sigh. “What’s wrong with it?”

“Kind of slutty,” Chris said.

Tory turned to him and threw the first thing she could pick up at him. Turned out a cotton puff didn't have much of an impact, she added, “Fuck you!”

Chris just smiled. He liked getting Tory all riled up. It has been one of his favorite hobbies since he first met her in grade school, years ago. He remembered the numerous times he sat behind her in class. He always playfully poked her or pulled her long braids until she would turn around and yell at him, getting them both in trouble. In his mind at that time, any attention from Tory Woods was good attention. It wasn’t until high school when his hormones were in constant overdrive that he realized that he was attracted to her. By then it was too late to ask her out, his divorced dad and her single mom had started dating and later married making them step-siblings. Although Chris lived with his mother most of the time, he started visiting his dad and his new stepmom just to hang out with Tory.

“I wish,” he said as he plopped down on her bed.

Tory smiled, “You shouldn’t say that. You’re my brother.”

“Stepbrother and don’t you forget it,” he corrected her.

“Anyway,” Tory rolled her eyes. “What about your date? Annie? She’s cute. Heard she puts out, too. Maybe you’ll get a little head tonight,” Tory said then blotted her ruby red lipstick.

“Yeah, but I want you, Tory,” he said longingly.

Tory smiled. She’d known that Chris had a crush on her since freshman year. She remembered waiting patiently for months for him to get the balls to ask her out to the winter formal, but their parents got involved and everything changed. Tory had told him that he lost his chance of hooking up with her. Recently, as she thought about this being their last year in high school together she couldn’t deny that she still had feelings for him, too. Soon, he would be going off to college in New York while she was staying at home with their parents going to the in-state university. When she thought about how they would grow apart while in college, she realized that she would actually really miss him.

"Get off my dress! You're going to wrinkle it!" she yelled at him.

Chris jumped off the bed just as Tory's mom came into the room unannounced. "Tory, honey, need some help with your hair?" she said, then turned to Chris, "Shouldn't you be getting dressed, too? You have to go pick up your date."


The hotel ballroom was elegantly decorated with a disco ball, balloons, and streamers in the school colors of green and gold. A large banner was strung across the entrance welcoming the high schoolers to the Class of 2018 Glenlake High School Senior Prom. Tory arrived in a rented limo with her boyfriend, Brandon, along with some friends that they picked up along the way. Chris and his date, Annie, arrived in his own car.

Tory enjoyed showing off her dress to her friends and classmates. She stood out among the other girls with floor length poofy tulle and satin dresses. She liked her dress. It was more of her personality, fiery red, sparkly, and if she had to confess, kind of slutty.

She noticed Chris staring at her from across the room. She had to admit he looked good in his black tuxedo. His deep blue eyes and dimpled chin were in contrast to his dark hair. He also wore a peach-colored boutonniere on the lapel of his jacket to match Annie’s peach dress, or as a reminder that he was taken, as Tory liked to think of it.

Chris Williams was one of the hottest guys in their school and he knew it. Something about his quiet brooding attitude and good looks made him quite the heartthrob and heartbreaker as he pined away for the only girl he couldn't really have. Tory thought that maybe she could change that tonight.

“Where’s your boyfriend?” Chris asked when Tory walked over to him with a playful smile on her face.

“Somewhere with his boys getting drunk or stoned,” Tory said, “Where’s your girlfriend?”

“Who? Annie? She’s not my girlfriend, you know that,” he said.

Tory just shrugged and added, “So, where is she?”

“I think she went to the bathroom or something.”

“So, you wanna dance or what?” she grabbed his hand and before he had a chance to respond she had him out on the middle of the crowded dance floor.

The music was a fast-paced hip-hop song that had Tory popping her ass to the beat. Chris danced next to her, unable to keep his eyes off of her even if he had to keep his hands off.

“Come on! Get it!” Tory said as she backed her ass up to Chris, then laughed.

Chris leaned into her and whispered, “What are you trying to do?”

“I’m just having fun, Chris. Lighten up!” Tory giggled as her red sequined dress rode up her thighs as she danced to the music.

The dance floor was packed with everyone dancing and having a great time. Chris doubted that anyone would notice if he took a risk. He placed his hand on her hips and pulled her closer to him. He held her ass against him as he grinded to the music. Over the years, he had watched as she developed into a curvy vixen and it was quite the stuff of his midnight fantasies. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t jerk off regularly to the thought of her thick chocolate round ass. Now, as he watched her round ass bouncing against him, he tried his best to keep his cool.

“See, I know you got moves,” Tory teased him.

Chris slid his hands up to her waist and held her tighter against him. He was getting aroused and didn’t want the dance to end just yet. He knew Tory felt his hard-on as she continued to rub her ass against him. When the song ended, a slower pace song came on and Chris pulled away from Tory. He didn't want to be caught slow dancing with his stepsister as the dance floor cleared away.

Tory laughed, “So, you're just going to walk around like that for the rest of the night, huh?”

“Yeah, unless you want to do something about it.”

“Didn’t your dad give you his credit card for the night?” she asked.

“Yeah, so?”

“What do you think about getting a hotel room?” she said as a mischievous smile spread across her face and Chris knew he was done in.



Once they were inside the hotel room, Chris went to sit on the bed as Tory walked over to the mini-bar and picked up a menu.

“We should order room service,” she said as she looked over the offerings.

“My dad will kill me when he gets the bill,” Chris warned her.

“You used to like getting in trouble with me," Tory reminded him. "Besides, he won’t care that much. He’ll probably get mad, but then my mom will calm him down. Maybe give him a handjob, too.”

“Gross!” Chris grimaced.

“What? You don’t think our parents fuck?” she said as she picked up the phone and ordered chicken fingers, fries, and a Coke.

“Order me a burger, okay?” Chris said as he walked up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her slender brown neck.

Tory playfully pushed him away as she added his request to the order.

After she hung up the phone, he spun her around in his arms and placed his lips against hers. It was the first time he’d ever kissed her and he realized he didn’t want to stop. He took her lips between his as he hungrily sucked on them.

Tory gave in, draping an arm around his neck as she kissed him back. She deepened the kiss, pushing her tongue between his lips until she met his tongue and swirled together. They kissed for a while before she suddenly pulled away and stepped away from him.

“Tory,” Chris called for her. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, um, I just, I have to go to the bathroom,” she said as she went into the hotel bathroom closing the door behind her. She leaned against the door as she caught her breath. She didn’t realize how turned on she would get with kissing Chris. She thought it would feel weird kissing her brother, or stepbrother, as Chris so often reminded her. He was a great kisser, better than Brandon. She smiled as she wondered what else he was better at than Brandon.

When Tory emerged from the bathroom, Chris had taken his tux jacket off. She thought he looked really handsome, sexy even, in his white dress shirt, but she would never tell him that. He already had an ego. She just smiled as she walked over to him.

“Okay, I’m good.”

“Good,” Chris smiled back.

“We should put some music on,” she said as she went to her phone and opened a music app. A hip-hop song came on and she started dancing. “Hey! Remember this?” she said as she shook her ass against him.

“How could I forget,” he said. “You know you have the best ass. I mean, like, dayum!”

Tory giggled as she pushed against him, “You can spank it, you know.”

Chris didn’t have to be told twice as he laid two whacks across each cheek and watched her ass jiggle. “You like that, huh?”

“Yeah, makes me wet,” she giggled again.

Chris sat back on the edge of the bed as she backed up and sat on his lap. She felt his cock stiffen as she rolled her hips to the music, rocking her ass in his lap. Chris turned her face to him as he kissed her, again. She continued dry humping him, feeling his cock thicken as she stroked it with her ass.

A knock on their door interrupted their make-out session, causing them to pull away abruptly.

“Room service!” the attendant announced from the other side of the door.

Chris hurriedly dashed to the door. After tipping the guy, he brought the tray of food into the room. Tory was now laying on her stomach across the bed, twirling her red heels in the air.

“Food is here,” Chris said.

“Come here,” Tory grinned beckoning him with her manicured finger as she licked her red lips.

“What?” Chris smiled.

“Just come here,” she said as he walked over to her. He stood over her before leaning over and stealing a kiss. Tory started undoing his belt and unzipped his pants.

Chris liked that she wasn’t shy about getting him undressed. He stood before her with just his white dress shirt on and his tux pants pooled down around his ankles as she stroked his cock in her hands. He watched as she opened her mouth and brought the tip of her tongue to his head, licking him like an ice cream cone. As she moved her mouth up and down the thick vein running down his shaft, her red sequin dress bunched up over her hips. Chris saw the black lacy thong that she wore did nothing to cover her round ass. He groaned. Just the sight of her bare ass and he almost came in her hands.

“Are you going to come?” Tory asked.

“Not yet,” he promised as he leaned over to spank her ass.

Tory giggled as she wiggled her ass and returned his cock to her mouth. She sucked him before taking him to the back of her throat.

“Oh, my God! Yes!” he encouraged her as he continued to spank her ass. "How wet are you now?"

"Very wet," she moaned.

Chris wanted to see for himself, so he slipped the crotch of her thong aside and slid a finger into her cunt. As he pushed into her tight hole, she moaned louder and bobbed her head up and down on his cock. She was right, he thought, she was very wet and slick as he slid his finger back and forward into her pussy. When he added another finger, he heard her breath quicken and she tensed up. She was tight, but he knew she wasn’t a virgin because her mom had her on birth control.

"Relax," he said softly. He felt her tension slip away as he picked up the pace, thrusting his fingers deep and fast inside her pussy until her juices flowed. Her moans grew into pleading whimpers as he brought her to an orgasm.

After Tory caught her breath, she pulled Chris down onto the bed next to her. They hurriedly removed their remaining clothes until they laid next to each other skin to skin. Tory grinned as she pushed him back and straddled his cock. She rubbed her wet pussy against his hard length.

“Are you going to fuck me or tease me?” Chris asked then gave her a firm slap across the ass.

“I’m going to fuck you,” Tory said as she pushed against the thick head of his cock. His dick was bigger than she expected, Tory thought as she slowly eased down on his shaft. She looked at him surprised as he arched up plunging into her deeper.

Chris watched as his steel hard cock stretched her pink pussy open and it took all of his might not to explode in the tight hole right away. After so many years of wishing, he couldn't believe he was finally fucking the girl he wanted more than anything else. It was everything he imagined. Tory was just the right kind of sluttiness that he liked. He just had to keep it together long enough to give her his best.

He watched as she began to slide up and down his length, raising her hips until she was just riding the tip then pushing down, taking him deeper before grinding her clit against him. Tory riding his cock was the most beautiful sight, he thought, as he ran his hands up her smooth thighs and around her plump ass.

As Tory rode his dick picking up momentum, she leaned forward and teased him by shaking her tits in his face.

“You like that?” she smiled.

“You know I do,” Chris smiled back before he pulled her lips to his. He kissed her, loving how the taste of her made him want her even more. He held her steady as he raised his hips and thrust into her rapidly.

"Oh, yes! Right there! Yes! Fuck my pussy!" Tory cried out as Chris hammered deep inside her. She grabbed onto the headboard as she grew weak from an approaching climax. “Oh, my God! I’m going to come!” she cried out as Chris pounded her unrelenting.

Chris pulled out and told her to get on her knees. He knelt behind her as he rubbed the tip of his cock along her drenched slit before pushing in deep.

“Ah, baby, yeah,” he moaned as he grabbed her ass.

He slapped her a few times on the ass. Each time he felt her cunt tighten around his cock and he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.

"I'm going to come. Fuck! I’m going to come!” he groaned as his balls tightened. He pulled out, wrapped his fist around his cock and gave it a few rough strokes before he sprayed his spunk across her brown ass.

Tory shook her ass and giggled as he released his load on her ass.

“Keep shaking that ass like that and you’re going to get another load,” Chris said.

“Mmm, yes!” Tory smiled.



When Tory came back from the shower, she wore one of the hotel’s white fluffy robes. Chris was lounged across the bed digging into the hamburger that they ordered earlier. Tory smiled as she laid next to him and picked at the fries.

“You know what we should do?” Chris asked.

“What?” Tory asked, curious and with piqued interest.


“Let’s run away together. Somewhere far away from here where no one knows us. Just me and you. Then we can lay in bed and fuck all day and no one would care,” Chris said.

Tory smiled, “Nice fantasy, bro. Not going to happen”

“Why not? You know I’ve had a crush on you since like fifth grade, Tory. I’ve always imagined us being together like this.”

“Then why didn't you ever ask me out?”

“Because you were intimidating as fuck, and mean and a kind of a bitch,” Chris admitted.

Tory gave him a hard shove, “Fuck you! You were always a jerk and still are.”

Chris pulled her onto his lap as he apologized, “I’m sorry I’m a jerk, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve always wanted you, Tory,” he ran his hand up her arm then inside the robe as he massaged her dark brown nipples until they hardened.

Tory smiled, caressing his face, “You know we can’t make this a thing, right? It’s just a one time hook up.”

“I know. I just wish…” he was cut off as Tory leaned forward and kissed him.

“Just be happy knowing you were the best fuck I’ve ever had,” she smiled as she kissed him again. The kiss led to one more round of fucking as Chris slid his cock into her welcoming cunt.



When they returned to the prom downstairs, everyone was still dancing and celebrating. Chris found Annie and apologized for ditching her. Annie shrugged him off to hang out with her consoling friends.

From across the ballroom, Chris saw Tory dancing with Brandon and their friends. Her red sequined dress sparkled as the light appeared to shine especially brighter on her as she swayed her hips to the music. Chris couldn’t help smiling to himself thinking about her shaking her ass just from him. He had been with the girl he wanted most, no one else compared so he decided to call it an early night as he headed home.




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