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Teenage Hormones Take Control

Sometimes, you just need to be naughty to get what you want.


I could feel my breath coming in fast short gasps. This was the moment that Lucy’s hand would come firmly down on my backside. Fuck, I wanted this so badly.



It had all started about two weeks ago. I had never been an unruly child, but I was never that innocent either. Every day, or so it seemed, I would do something that would upset my closest friend, Lucy. Something would piss her off, whether it was a snide remark or physical abuse. I would do something that would cause her to ‘have a word,' as she put it.

Perhaps it was my age. At seventeen, things were happening to me, hormones, sexuality, life, it was probably all these things put together. Then one day Lucy turned to me and matter-of-factly said that if I pissed her off again she would take me into the changing rooms of the gym and put me over her knee.

It was all too much, I had just finished the most boring English lesson ever and as it happened we were walking past the gymnasium, on our way home. My foot extended, accidently like, and tripped her up. I laughed as she fell over but it was a necessary evil, I needed some release. Lucy shouted at me muttering something, but for all her talk, I wanted her actions more than anything.

Once she got to her feet, I taunted her about spanking me. She grabbed me by the hair and marched me through the double doors of the gymnasium and into the changing rooms at the back. She immediately told me to strip as we entered the room. I was intent on doing far more than just stripping for her. I shed my top, tie and bra, my short skirt fell to the floor as soon as I unzipped it and my shoes were kicked off in the direction of the showers. I sat down onto one of the benches with just my knickers and the cotton socks on my feet. I lifted my bum off the bench and hooked my thumbs into my knickers. In seconds they were thrown to the edge of the room and my hand was on my pussy. I touched myself for a while with the palm of my hand. Fuck, it felt wonderful. I love my pussy when it’s nice and hot; most of all though, I was on the equivalent of a drug-induced high at the thought of her spanking me.

I never took my eyes off Lucy. The look on her face was a picture. I then closed my eyes and started to circle my clit with my finger.  My lips parted and a sigh left my mouth. Images flashed into my mind. I saw myself draped across her legs and I saw her spank me. My heart raced and I felt myself sighing and moaning at the thought. I watched my mind play the video as her hand came down hard on my backside. My fingers circled my clit. My eyes closed. I rubbed and pushed my fingers into my pussy as hand after hand made contact with my bare bum.

I wanted Lucy to spank me so badly, and I had great hopes that she was not bluffing and would actually do it.

My eyes suddenly flew open. I was gasping loudly as my orgasm ripped through me, and my body was convulsing on the bench. I looked down to see my legs splayed wide and my fingers pumping into my pussy. I wasn’t even aware that I had pushed them so far inside me. I slowly stopped my onslaught and smiled broadly at my friend. My orgasm was so intense and so pleasurable. Hell, it was downright fucking naughty and wrong to do that in front of her, but I loved it. I got up from the bench staring at her all the time, but she wasn’t making a move at all.

I started telling her that she wasn’t much of a friend to threaten me and to then just stand there and watch me masturbate. I told her that she was all mouth and no fucking action. I told her that she couldn’t spank a peanut out of its shell. I pushed her as far as I could.

I could see her temper rise. I could see that she was taking it all in as she shook her head from side to side. I rose up from the bench and started to make a move to gather my clothes from around the room. She snapped when I told her that Sam was a better friend than she was. This was it, I thought to myself. She stepped towards me and dragged me by my wrist. I followed her, pulling back every now and then to try and make it harder for her; to show her I was an unwilling partner.

Like fuck I was. I relished at the thought of her dominating me; pulling me around naked, making me do naughty and nasty things to please her and making me squirm under her hand.


This was it, right here and now. I was draped across my friends legs and her hand was about to make contact. I was going to be punished for misbehaving, for mouthing off at her, for being spiteful. In fact, as she pushed me over her knee, I may well have moaned out loud as my engorged clit dragged against the harshness of her cotton fabric dress.

I smiled briefly, unseen by her furious dark eyes as I squirmed, faking protest. This had to be it, I thought to myself.

I felt her gaze caress my naked body, raising goosebumps all over my sensitive skin I could feel her breathing as her stomach pushed forward against my hips; I came to the conclusion that she must have been as excited as me. My bare bottom was open to her stare and my exposed lips, wet as fuck from the residue of my masturbation session. My tongue slipped out and curled to touch my upper lip as I waited.

Every now and then I would twist my body in an attempt to slide off her; making her pull me back onto her lap with a firm hand on my neck pushing my head downwards. Every move enticed me, pushed me further towards complete exhilaration.

Her lilting voice was low as she chastised me, sending shivers of pleasure rippling down my spine; as if she were writing the words on my back in breath like ink. I heard her telling me that I shouldn’t be this bad, especially with her, and how it was all too embarrassing for her to let this one go by. After all I had said about her; demeaning her.

All I wanted was the impact of her hand; to experience the moment when the sound of the resulting smack would echo throughout the empty changing room. The moment that would make me smile broadly and the moment that would cause a moan of pleasure to leave my lips and slip into the air and a wonderful glow of satisfaction engulf me.

I felt my heart rate quicken. My breathing was erratic. I closed my eyes. Please God, please, I pleaded over and over inside my head.

I felt her hand squeeze the cheek of my bare bottom and then release it.


The first smack of her hand hit my bum. I felt the flesh ripple; I felt the intense sting, and then I felt the immense pleasure in my pussy as a warm glow spread over my cheeks. It was the same pleasure that I had felt every night for the last two weeks as I masturbated to the thought of her spanking me while using my wooden ruler on my own backside as best I could.

Thwack…the second smack. It was just as pleasurable. This time I screamed. I wanted to power her fury with my words. I called her a bitch just to make sure that she wouldn’t let me down. I wanted her to believe it was hurting so that she wouldn‘t stop. But it wasn’t, every smack was wonderful.

Thwack…Thwack…Thwack… my bum stung with the contact of flesh on flesh and every time I yelped out loud. I was now moaning, just as loudly between smacks as I was yelping when she contacted my bottom.

As I wiggled on her lap, my bum cheeks spread open. As she smacked me I could feel her fingers fold around my sex and touch my pussy with a glancing stroke of her fingertips before her hand was raised again.

I must have wriggled too far because her left hand left my neck and roughly gathered up my hair. Lucy pulled my hair backwards lifting my head unceremoniously into the air.

I gasped at the sudden movement but had no time to adjust before her hand came down on me once more.


My eyes were closing with intense pleasure. My heart rate could not have been any higher and my breathing was more of a moan than anything else. My stomach was convulsing involuntarily and I kicked my legs out every now and then. Every time she smacked me I could feel her fingers wrap around my bum.

I started to hold my breath, wanting her to do more to me. I had a red-hot bottom that was on fire, lust had permeated my very core. The spanking was above and beyond what I expected from Lucy. She must have been enjoying it though as she never let up, not once.

“Finger my pussy…” I told her.

I suddenly opened my eyes, gasping. The smacking had stopped. Then I realised what had come out of my mouth. I looked straight ahead, breathing slowly; my head still pulled backwards. I waited for her response. Maybe I had gone too far with that last comment, but I hoped to hell I hadn’t. She was too good a friend to lose; but she would have been the best friend in the world if she did it.

Thwack…her hand came down hard for what was to be the last time.

My head was pulled back a little more and I could feel her breath on my neck. Lucy whispered observations about my general behaviour into my ear, then a few obscenities and then a suggestion.

There was only one answer I could give. “Yes, yes please.”

Her fingers slipped around my bum, and entered my soaking wet pussy. Two of her fingers slipped right in. She wiggled them inside me before pulling them out and pushing them back in again. I started to push my bum backwards, meeting her gentle thrusts. Her spare hand had released my hair and she pushed my head back down when I tried to raise it. I could feel her lift her bum off the bench as if fucking me in unison to her thrusting fingers.

My eyes started to close again as my orgasm built up. I could feel her thigh push into my belly. Her fingers fucked me into a stupor as I writhed and convulsed over her knees.

Fuck, did I come hard. It was the most pleasurable orgasm I had ever experienced.

As her fingers retracted from my pussy and her hand lifted from my neck, I slid myself off her lap and rolled to the floor; I lifted myself just enough to kneel in front of her. I looked at the lust in my friend’s eyes. We must have stared at each other for what seemed like ages; both of us breathing heavily and both of us knowing that what we had done would be irreversible.

I was panting and I know she was waiting for me to act. I knew that what I was about to do would ruin us as friends or seal our ongoing relationship. I know it was what I wanted, but I didn’t know whether Lucy felt the same.

I slowly stopped gasping, closed my mouth and reached out under her school uniform and grabbed her knickers; watching her eyes all the while looking for that hint of regret or uncertainty. I quickly pulled them down before she could complain or realise that perhaps we had overstepped the mark, though she did help a little by raising her bum off the bench. When they were around her ankles she stepped out of them and I pushed her thighs apart. I was in there like a shot. I wanted to know what she tasted like and for the first time in my life – I licked someone else’s pussy.

In my head, I had rehearsed this a million times before, pouring over my emotions and how I would feel and what I wanted from it; in reality, it was even better.

I don’t know if she wanted to be spanked but I reckoned we would find that out soon enough. Right now, my tongue was a happy little muscle and her taste was so wonderful, her scent was heaven and when I briefly looked into her eyes, I found them closed; her head swooning from left to right as I flicked my tongue.

I nearly died and went to heaven when the silky wetness engulfed me. Her bum was half off the bench and my hands were almost lying flat over her thighs and my neck just sunk downwards in order to get as much of my tongue in her as I could.

I couldn’t stop myself, it was so nice and she was responsive. She was going to come on my tongue. I knew it.

It was a shock to me when she grasped the back of my head and thrust her pussy forcibly into my mouth and cried out, but to my credit, I didn’t stop licking her. Somehow my tongue made it onto her clit and she hit the roof. Not literally just metaphorically. It was a few seconds later that she was pushing me away as she bucked her body on the wooden bench.

I knelt and looked into her eyes once more. Neither of us said anything.

We panted, we stared, we smiled.

Too afraid to say anything more, I looked around the room for my clothes and eventually collected them and got dressed.

We left the gym to a few sly glances at each other, the odd smile and biting of the lips. Half way to the door her hand slipped into mine. Our fingers entwined. She tightened her grip and spun me around to face her.

We kissed.

Oh! What a kiss that was. My first lesbian teenage kiss, maybe her very first lesbian kiss, I won’t know until I ask her.

The door to the gymnasium closed behind us and we slipped out into the cold afternoon air.

“Disobedience, from you – stops – here,” Lucy announced, the last two words were accompanied by a small slap of her hand on my bottom.

I looked at her in disbelief.

“Otherwise, you get what’s coming to you, understand!” she smiled.

I understood alright. I lowered my head and smirked to myself. When I next looked up at her, all I could see were her pouting lips.

“Sorry,” I said.

“Sorry, what?”

“Sorry, Miss.”

“That’s better.”

We headed to the bus stop to catch a much later bus home than usual. I couldn’t believe it, in the long queue that had formed, I could see Samantha waiting with her friends.

I became worried as I looked at the growing smile that Lucy was developing on her face. She pushed me forward towards Samantha.

“Go on, tell her,” she ordered me.

“Tell her what?”

“Tell her that’s she no longer your best friend and that I own you now.”

“Fuck, Lucy, you mad!”

“Not mad, no.”

I stared at her unmoving eyes. I knew she was pushing me, and pushing me in the direction I already wanted to go. I just wasn’t sure I wanted the whole school to know.

“I don’t think I can do it, not yet,” I pleaded with her.

“Okay, it’ll be your problem the next time we meet,” she said matter-of-factly.

I smiled at her. My hand reached out to lift a curl of her hair from her face and hook it behind her ear. With just a little trepidation, I looked behind me to check that Samantha was watching us.

I slipped my hand around Lucy and kissed her full on the lips. Tongues lashed in the confines of our mouths and I sank into her warm embrace. I broke the kiss for what seemed a microsecond before diving back in again. Lust was building up inside me once more. My pussy was pulsing with all those electrical signals my brain was sending it. A new and raw sexual heat was emanating from both of us.

Lucy once more pulled my hair back to break our embrace. Breathing heavily, she looked over my shoulder to the girls in the distance.

“That’s seems to have done it,” she announced. “Samantha’s face is a picture of shock.”

“Really!” I exclaimed, a little out of breath myself.

“You’re still going to get spanked for being disobedient in the first place,” her eyes glared into mine reflecting the fury of her words.

“Thank fuck for that, I thought I had blown it then.”

With that, we laughed, turned and headed up to the bus stop to join the queue of gossiping teenagers. I could see them, heads huddled, eyes furtively glancing sideways every now and then. I knew the words they were using:

‘I tell you, she kissed her, full on.’


‘They must be carpet munchers or summat.’

‘Fucking hell, Lucy Spencer and that swot Jenny Fisher.’

I don’t think anyone would have uttered the words I was thinking:

‘Lucky bastards.’

‘Bet she tastes nice.”

‘Wonder if their pussies are smooth.’

‘Wouldn’t mind licking Lucy or Jenny myself.’

‘Bet she likes to be spanked as well.’

Or if they were, they were silent expressions of a deeper need.

I just hoped that I, no we, would weather the storm that was to come. I don’t know why but Lucy seemed to be a lot braver than me.

I was glad it was her, really glad.

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