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The True Adventures of "Those Four"

The True Adventures of "Those Four"

The schooldays' escapades of a young Marie and her friends.

These tales are actually based on myself and my three friends from my own schooldays. We were known by teaching staff as "those four", as in, "You need to keep an eye on those four." The four were Karen, Di, Sue and me.

Karen was slightly older, and she was the one who had seduced each of us, introducing us one at a time to lesbian sex and to bondage games. We hung out together as a foursome, although the usual pairings were Karen and me, and Di and Sue.

There was never any jealousy among the four of us, we all enjoyed each other, and treated it as fun, to be enjoyed. Tricks and practical jokes were common between us and ranged from innocent silliness, to near pornographic.

Such as, "Sue, Miss Johns wants to know where you put the hockey balls," as Sue was just coming out of the showers into the changing room.

"Where is she?" Sue asked.

"She just went into her room," Karen tells her.

This was a small room next to our changing rooms.Sue went out into the corridor wearing just a towel to knock at Miss Johns' door which was a waste of time because we knew she was out on the playing fields. We also knew the boys' football teams were just coming in.

So, there was a narrow corridor, around forty randy teenage boys, and a sexy sixteen-year-old girl in just a towel. This was a recipe for lots of touching, groping, and grabbing by the boys, and a lot of squealing and blushing and trying to hold on to her towel by Sue. Why did she not just come back into the changing rooms, you might ask? Because the three of us were behind the door stopping her opening it.

Then there was the time I was late getting my shower after a Games lesson, as I had been helping Miss Johns to put the equipment away, and I came out of the shower to find my skirt and knickers were missing, along with my gym shorts. The skirt had been replaced by another skirt hung neatly onto my peg, leaving me no alternative but to put it on.

It fit me, at least the three miscreants had allowed me that. The only problem was it had been shortened drastically, so it only just managed to cover my buttocks. Not the ideal length when you are not wearing anything under it.

This was just before lunch, so I had to get through lunch, plus the whole afternoon wearing the tiny skirt. It was just about bearable if I stood up and stayed still. Unfortunately, two of our lessons that afternoon were upstairs, and there was no lift. So walking upstairs in that skirt meant there were a fair few very happy boys who followed me up the stairs, and who enjoyed the sight of my naked bottom a few feet above and in front of them.

Once in class, it was just as bad. Because of our (totally undeserved) reputation, most teachers wanted the four of us on the front row in class. Remembering to keep your knees tightly closed for a forty-five-minute lesson is almost impossible, and our French teacher, Mister Buckley, had more than a few views of my naked pussy under the short skirt, as the desks had no "modesty panels" on them, just four wooden legs and a table-top.

Despite myself, I found it was turning me on, and it clearly turned my friends on too, because when Karen and I got back to her home that evening to "do our homework" as we usually did, she had me on the bed almost as soon as the door was closed, with my legs in the air, and her head between my spread thighs, eating and teasing me until I came helplessly for her. Then she wanted the same treatment from me until her horniness had eased enough.

Which meant it was quite a surprise that summer when my parents agreed to my request that I be allowed to go on a camping trip with my three friends. Whatever the reason, that was how four teenage girls, three who were sixteen and one a few months older and just turned seventeen, came to be in a tent, in the heart of Staffordshire, in a field behind a lovely old pub.

We had enjoyed a few days of lovely sunny weather and had spent much of the time sunbathing in the field, wearing just our bikinis. We noticed that the pub landlord came out quite often to make sure we were alright, never thinking for a moment that the opportunity to enjoy the sight of four half-naked young girls was responsible for his solicitude.

He even told us that we were welcome to use the Ladies' room in the pub whenever we wanted. Most of his regulars were elderly men, who also seemed happy to see us. We were kind of innocent in some ways back then, and I don't think they were used to seeing bikini-clad teenage girls wandering in and out.

Sadly, after the sunny days, we had rain. The dull dreary drizzle that England does so well. It was still warm, just damp as well. We could not buy alcohol from the pub, obviously, as he knew we were too young, but as we had found early in the week, the local supermarket was happy enough to sell it to us, especially when Karen asked so nicely when the young man was on the till. So we went into the nearby town one morning, and came back with a good supply of food and drink, including several bottles of wine.

None of us were used to alcohol at that age. The most we had ever had been an occasional glass of wine at weddings or at Christmas. So four girls, wearing bikinis in case it stopped raining, listening to music on the radio, and playing a silly Truth or Dare game while getting through a couple of bottles of wine in the afternoon, meant we were all somewhat giddy and silly.

It seemed quite logical that we played recklessly, choosing dares that grew more outrageous and sexy. Di had a dare involving running around the perimeter of the field naked, Sue had to kiss each of us while letting us fondle her, and then I accepted a dare to lie still while I was tickled.

Thinking logically while sober, I would know that this would be impossible for me as I am extremely ticklish, but in that tent, I accepted the dare without hesitation. It must have been all of three seconds before it became clear that I could not win that dare. So my forfeit, chosen by Karen, was that I should be tickled.

As I reacted too violently for them to do this, they sunk spare tent pegs deep into the ground and tied my wrists and ankles to them so I could not stop the three girls tickling me. It worked, as I found I could not move arms or legs at all, all I could do was squirm and wriggle.

Somehow during the wriggling and tickling, the ties on my bikini started coming loose. The girls decided they could not tickle me with the ties coming loose, so they undid them and slid the bikini off me, leaving me naked. Tickling was suddenly forgotten, and they decided that making me come would be more fun, so I had one either side of me nibbling neck and nipples, while one was between my legs using mouth, tongue, and fingers.

Then, one of them had the idea of using the handle of a hairbrush, nice and firm, smooth and a perfect shape for what they had in mind. A little lubricant and it worked perfectly, Karen bringing me to a screaming climax in moments, that left me sweat-covered and trembling.

This made the other two eager to take a turn, and each enjoyed making me writhe and scream for them. After that, the rest of the afternoon was with me untied and the four of us enjoying each other, thankful there were no other campers nearby to hear the screams of enjoyment coming from the tent.

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