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A First Time for Everything

A stressed out girl gets a very special suprise from her boyfriend.
It was a stressful evening, to say the least. I was studying for the college final for the next day. The test would begin at noon time, and I did not feel at all prepared for it. I sighed with frustration as I stared at my notes. How am I going to pass this damned thing, I thought. I bit my lip and glanced over to my phone. Maybe I should call my boyfriend. He’ll know what to do! A smile formed on my face as I thought about calling him. I picked up the phone, dialed his number, and waited.

“Hello?” He sounded as if he had just waken up, the poor thing!

“Hey, it’s me…look, I’ve been stressing lately, about this fucking test and I feel that I just need to have a chat with you, you know, to ease my mind and all that.” I was hoping that he would give me some kind of encouragement, or at least some advice!

“Babe, I know what will ease your mind.” There was a light, knowing tone in his voice. What was he up to? I was curious to know. “Go into your dresser. I believe there is something in there that will be useful, for now.”

“Hmm ok…” I walked over to my dresser, opened it, and fumbled around in it, until I caught hold of a rectangular object. I took it out and looked to see what it was. When I realized exactly what the object was, I gasped and shook my head. “How did you get this?!” It was a packaged rabbit toy. The shaft looked about six inches long. There were buttons at the base for the vibrating portion and the rotating portion of the toy. “How exactly is this going to help me?” I sighed. I was not in the mood for such things!

All my boyfriend did was laugh. “Patience, hun! Just…do as I say.” Now his voice was somewhat comforting to me. “Trust me on this, it will help you relax…now, first…I want you to take off your pants.”

I shook my head, although he could not see this. “Yeah…I think you are just being a pervert. How is thi-”

“Come on, just do it…for me,” he coaxed.

I rolled my eyes. “Ok..” I set the phone down for a minute, and took off my pants in one swift motion. My legs were shaven, and I felt the coolness of the air on them. I shivered slightly and picked up the phone. “They’re off. Now what?”

“Your knickers, hun…oh, and while you’re at it, take off your shirt and bra. You will not be needing those.” He sounded gentle, yet somewhat a little commanding. I liked this.

“Ok.” Once again, I set the phone down on the bed. I threw my shirt to the ground, and unhooked my bra. There I stood, naked in my room. I glanced down to look at my breasts and saw that my nipples were already starting to get hard. I felt cold, and wrapped my hands around my naked body for a minute before once again, picking up the phone. “That task is done, hun. Now what do you want me to do?” To my surprise, I found myself getting a little turned on by him talking to me like this. I was looking forward to what he had in store for me!

“Take the toy out of the package. When you are done with that, lay on the bed with your legs spread apart…are you liking this hun?” Oh damn, his voice sounded husky and sexy.

“Yes,” I answered softly. I did as he told me, and took the toy out of the package. I laid on the bed with my legs spread apart. I could feel the air teasing my pussy lips. I was getting a little wet by the strange sensation, and took a slow, deep breath. “H-hun now what?”

“Start playing with yourself, a little. Get your fingers on your clit and start rubbing.”

My left hand slowly slid down toward my sex. I place an index finger on my clit and started to rub. I squirmed a bit and let out a light gasp of pleasure as I felt myself tingle. I bit my lip and arched my back a little. These feelings were wonderful and somewhat new to me. I never did anything like this before. So far, I was loving it! “M-more…tell me more,” I breathed.

“Oh baby, you sound so sexy,” my boyfriend commented huskily. Was he stroking his dick? “Keeping rubbing that clit of yours, hun.”

I continued playing with my pleasure button and let out a moan. I felt a great sensation building inside me, almost as if as I was going to burst into a heap of ecstasy. “B-babe,” I gasped.

“Cum for me,” he hissed.

I could feel excitement building up all over my body. I rubbed harder and closed my eyes tightly. I felt my body shake and writhe with pure pleasure. I let out a moan as I let the amazing feelings take control of me. “Oh yes,” I breathed. I sighed and laid in silence for at least a minute or two, enjoying the feeling of happiness and peace wash over me. “Hun did I just..?” My voice was a mere whisper.

“Yes…yes, you did,” he said quietly. “We are not done with you yet though. There is one more thing I would like for you to try…do you have your toy?”

“My toy..,? Oh, yes I do!” I grabbed the funny looking contraption with my hand. “What do you want me to do with it?” I was looking forward to what he was going to command me to do next. I wanted to feel more of this…pleasure!

“Put the toy between your legs.” It was a simple command, although somewhat stern.

I marveled at how turned on I was getting just at the mere sound and tone of his voice. I did as he directed me too and almost shivered in anticipation. “What now?” I sounded almost too excited.

“Stick it in you now.”

Without hesitation, I shoved the rabbit toy inside me. To my suprise, I felt a slight pain, and winced a little. “T-That hurt,” I hissed, and bit my lip. I could feel my pussy clenching on the shaft. The toy felt almost perfect, and full in there. “Now what? Can I turn it on?” I wanted to see what new and strange sensations the toy would give me!

“No, not yet! I want you to fuck yourself with it first, baby. Do it now hun…for me.” I could have sworn he was stroking himself, and it was turning me on.

I started to fuck myself with the toy, going slow at first. I quickly started to get used to the feeling of the motions. I wanted more. I wanted to turn the toy on. I could feel my cunt getting wetter, and felt myself getting aroused. “I want to turn it on…”

“Keep fucking yourself baby,” he cooed.

I moaned in response and kept on with the in and out motions. The toy was getting slick with my juices. I gasped and arched my back. “M-m-more hun…please,” I begged.

“Turn on the vibrating feature first.”

I fumbled around with the toy, trying to find the button for it. I accidentally pressed the wrong one, and felt the shaft rotating inside me. To my delight, I gasped and groaned, enjoying the feeling. I fumbled with it some more until I found the button that makes the prong on the toy vibrate. The vibrations were directly on my clit, tickling it, and teasing it. “Oh g-g-god,” I managed to say with excitement. My voice sounded almost dark, and husky sounding. “Th-this feels so….good!” I moaned once again and writhed on the bed with pleasure.

“That’s it baby,” my boyfriend hissed. I could almost hear him stroking his dick! God, I wanted that dick inside me now!

“I want you,” I whispered and gasped. I arched my back once more. The sensations were all so much! The vibrations on my clit was great, and the rotation of the shaft in my pussy felt amazing to me. I needed some release! I could feel the pleasure building up inside of me. I almost felt my heart beating out of my chest. My body felt as if it was tingling all over the place. It was all too great. I was going to burst! In a fit of orgasm, I came once again, and gasped with excitement. At the same time, I could hear my boyfriend’s own gasp of release.

Once I was done, I sighed and closed my eyes. I did not want this feeling to end. I felt…completely relaxed, and at ease. I felt…stress free! “That was…amazing,” I managed to say, after five minutes of silence.

“You did good baby,” my boyfriend whispered over the phone. He then chuckled. “You see, I told you that the toy would help you relax. You see, there is nothing to worry about…now get to sleep..”

I smiled at his voice and sighed. “Mmm yes you were right…not stressed at all. I could sleep like a baby…” I frowned slightly. “Hey hun?”

“Yes baby?” He sounded very tired now, and almost drained.

“I love you, and I miss you…”

“I love and miss you too, baby…goodnight, hun.”

“Goodnight, babe.” And with that, I hung up the phone and fell into a deep slumber.

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